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reaching in its influence. The interests of the entire coast are one. The spirit of fraternity, however, between the educational people of the Greater West is in spirit only. While it might not be well to organize a permanent association of the western educators at this time, yet no one will doubt the wisdom of holding at least one great meeting to bring the educational people in closer touch with each other. We hope this suggestion will be taken up by the various state associations, and that in the year of 1901 or 'o2 there will be a grand union meeting either at Portland, Seattle, San Francisco or some other available point.


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San Francisco has a woman's club, known as the California Club, which has been devoting its efforts to the promotion of matters pertaining to public interests. One of its successful achievements is tbe traveling library system, an outgrowth of a recognized need of good reading matter in localities where public libraries have not yet been established. Several places have had the advantage of these libraries during the past year and others may have it for the asking. County superintendents of schools may find it profitable to convey this information to their districts, so that any wishing to avail themselves of this opportunity may do so. For information as to conditions, communications may be addressed to Mrs. A. M. Burns, 1506 Washington Street, San Francisco.

* * There is certainly a healthy educational atmosphere on this coast from Vancouver to San Diego. The increase of students at the universities of Washington, Oregon, the University of California, and Stanford University, is but an indication of the great trend of desire for education in the young men and young women of to-day. The normal school, the high school, the upper grammar grades in the elementary schools are crowded as never before in the history of the West. This means much. It places a greater responsibility also upon the men and the women who are leading our educational forces. There must be more careful consideration than ever before to imparting that knowiedge which is most worth. Degrees and credentials cannot win when classed with power to do things.




The institute season is ripe. About forty counties of California will hold the annual institute during September, October, November and December. The programs will show no novelties The superintendents have tried round tables, section work, grade work, discussions by local teachers, instruction by business and professional men outside of the teaching profession, university professors, inspirational speakers, humorists, the professional institute lecturer, normal school teachers, preachers, etc. The programs will show the following names: Hon. T. J. Kirk, Superintendent Edward Hyait, T. L. Heaton, Dr. B. F. Dresslar, Professor Ellwood P. Cubberley, Dr. E. E. Brown, D. R. Augsburg, Professor Edwin Starbuck, Harr Wagner, A. J. Waterhouse, Agnes Stowell, Frederic Burk, T. H. Kirk, Professor Edwards, President Jordan, President Wheeler, H. W. Fairbanks, Elizabeth Sargent Wilson and others. The ideal institute is where the instruction is in close touch with the class work of the teacher, and where the evening sessions are both entertaining and instructive.

Hoadley's Brief Course in Physics is a book; 110 pages, with full and free discusmost excellent contribution to the litera- sion of every important topic in American ture of the schoolroom. It is a text-book history, with full reference to historical that can be completed in one year of acade- text. Professor Howard of Stanford Unimic work. Published by American Book versity, has written an excellent introducCompany. Price, $1.20.

tion to the work. The second book is “A Houghton, Mifflin & Co. have just issued Topical Discussion of Geography,” with an "History of England," by J. N. Larned.

introductory note by Prof. Ellwood P. CubTbis book, like all recent history, is full of

berley. This is a most excellent teachers' explanatory maps and pictures. It is writ

help. In fact, progressive teachers will be ten for use in public schools and academies.

delighted with the book. These books are

sold as follows: Topical Discussion of HisThere are full topical analysis, research questions, and notes.

tory, 75 cents and $1.00; Topical Discus

sion of Geography, 25 cents. The books The American Book Company have issued

are published by the Whitaker & Ray Com"Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene for

pany. High Schools," by Henry E. Hewes of Harvard. It is endorsed by Mary H. Hunt. It

Notes. is very thoro, up-to-date as to microbes, the

The Whitaker & Ray Company have importance of the study of the body from

in press

“ Stories of Oregon," by Mary A. the standpoint of food, etc.

Dye, and “Poems for Memorizing," selected

from the list recommended by Prof. Ellwood D. C. Heath & Co. have issued America's Cubberley, edited by Alice Ř. Power of the Story for America's Children, by Mara L.

San Francisco School Department. Pratt. It is the first of a series of a history

Herbert Bashford, author of “Nature

Stories of the Northwest,” has written a series. The book is beautifully illus

story for boys. trated and written in the clear, interesting A. H. Yoder is the editor of "The Journal style with which the readers of Miss Pratt's of Adolescence," published at Oak Park, stories are familiar.

Chicago, Ill., at $1.00 per year. Professor

Yoder has made a special study of youths, Eoglish Composition and Literature, by and his journal will unquestionably be a W. F. Webster, Houghton, Miffin & Co.,

valuable contribution to educational litera

ture. publishers, is one of the most practical books on the subject published. It is far in

Superintendent Currier of Skagit County,

Superintendent Henry of Thurston, and advance of any book of the kind we bave

Superintendent Spencer of Lewis, all of seen. The treatment of the subject is logi- Washington. issue interesting and helpful cal. The book is arranged for a four years'

school papers. course of study of the subject.

The "Inland Educator," of Terra Haute,

Ind., has been consolidated with the “ InLessons in Language Work, for fifth diana School Journal," and sixth grades, by Isabel Frazee, The Whitaker & Ray Company, publishers, is a Fisk Teachers' Agencies practical work on language for the lower BOYNTON & ESTERLY, Managere. grades. Miss Frazee has taught every part

PACIFIC coast (525 Stimson Block, Los Angeles of the book. The suggestions have been

420 Parrott Building, San Francisco tried. The book is original, praktical and usable.

Boston. Washington. New York. Toronto. Chicago.

Minneapolis. Deuver.

Manual Free. Call or write for full particulars. Superintendent Doub of Kern County is a student and worker. He is a man of Summer School The Illinois Medical College

Summer School extraordinary mental energy. His mind is

Medicine, Pharmacy Med. School, 4 yrs. 9 mo. each, onder good discipline, and as a result his




and Dentistry Jan. Ist to Oct. 1st. Dental School, work finds expression in permanent form.

4 yrs. 6 mio. each, March 1st to Sept.

1st. Pharmacy School, 2 yrs. 6 mo. each, April 1st to Two new books, fresh and even damp from Oct. 1st. Laboratories view and complete. Clinics large.

For circulars of information, address the Secretary. the press, are before us. Topical Discussion

DR. HEMAN H. BROWN of American History is a carefully arranged

College 61 Austin Avenue


Educational Associations and Teachers' Institutes.

The California Teachers' Association, San
Francisco, December 26, 27, 28, 1900. J. W.
McClymonds, President; Mrs. M. M. Fitz-
Gerald, Secretary.

Northern California Teachers' Association,
Marysville, November 1, 2, 3. F. S. Reager,

The San Joaquin Valley Teachers' Association will hold its annual session at Fresno, December 20th, 21st. Prof. C. J. Walker, Tulare, President.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction will probably call the Educational Commission together about October 15, 1900.

The Contra Costa Institute will be held at Martinez the 24th to 28th of September, A. M. Phalin, Supt.

The Modoc County Institute will be held October 2d to 5th, Anna L. Williams, Sup't.

The Siskiyou County Institute will be held at Etna, October 8th to 12th, Effie Persons, Sup't.

The Monterey County Institute will be beld October 8th to 12th, Mrs. J. E. Chope, Sup’t.

The Plumas County Institute will be held from October 16th to 19th, M. P. Donnelly, Sup't.

The Napa County Institute will be held October 15th to 19th, J. A. Imrie, Sup't.

Butte, Tehama, Shasta, Yuba, Sutter, and Glenn County Institutes will be beld the 29th, 30th and 31st of October.

Superintendents Ramsay, Graham, Crookshanks, and Doub have decided to hold their institutes the week beginning Monday, December 17th.

An adjourned meeting of the Joint Board of Normal School Trustees will be beld in the normal school building at San Jose, September 20th.

The Humboldt County Institute, Sup't. J.
B. Brown, will be held September 17th to
21st, at Eureka,

The Lassen County Institute will be held
September 25th, 26th and 27th, at Bieber, 0.
M. Doyle, Sup't.

The Solano County Institute will be held September 24th to 28th, at Benicia, Dan. H. White, Supit.

Western School News.

Orvis Ring, Superintendent of Public In- year. One hundred and sixty-five were emstruction of Nevada, has been visiting in ployed last year, and there is an increase of California.

pine hundred and fifty census children, Manual training will be taught more

which will require the extra teachers. thoroughly in the Los Angeles schools than

Clarence Leininger, graduate of the Chico ever before during the coming season.

Normal, bas been elected principal of the Prof. T. A. Hayes of Stanford University Weaverville Public Schools. has been elected to a position in the Ashland, Oregon, State Normal School.

Superintendent Robert Furlong delivered

a lecture to the students in Dr. Dresslar's James C. Bryant of Palo Alto has been

classes at the university on school law, Frielected as principal of the Sherman Heights | day, August 31th. School, San Diego,to succeed J. H. Freeman.

A new Union High School will be estabDr. C. H. Chapman, formerly President

lished in Fruitvale. A vote was taken of the University of Oregon, has become the

recently, in which there were 253 votes for President of the Central Normal School of

and 99 against it. Dansville, Ind.

Miss Anna J. Neale of San Diego, who Prof. R. J. Young, who was elected prin

has been appointed as one of the teachers to cipal of the Merced Grammar School, has

go the Philippines, is a graduate of the resigned to accept it place in the Berkeley

State University and the San Diego High High School.

School. She also taught for a number of Fifteen new teachers will be needed in tne years in the rural schools of San Diego Anaconda, Montana, schools for the coming County.

The city of San Diego has lengthened the George L. Farnham, an old-time educator, noon hour so that the children have a recess died recently at Riverside, California. Prodow from 12 m. to 1:30 P. M., instead of 1. fessor Farnbam was born seventy-six years Prof. J. H. Orcutt of Hawarden, Oregon,

ago, and was a graduate of the Albany has been elected president of the Central

Normal School. He was superintendent of Normal School at Drain, Oregon.

schools of Syracuse and principal of the

State Normal School at Nebraska. He was D. II. Arnold of Pomona College, has ac.

the author of " Thought and Sentence cepted the Chair of Higher Mathematics in Method in Reading.” the Normal University at Las Vegas, New Mexico.

How's This? Mrs. Goodell, who has been elected as

We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for teacher of music in the San Jose Normal

any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by School, is the wife of ex-County Superin.

Hall's Catarrh Cure. tendent Goodell of Stockton.

F. J. CHENEY & Co , Toledo, O. Superintendent F. J. Browne, of Wash- We, the undersigned, have khown F. J. ing, was re-nominated for Superintendent

Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe of Public Instruction by acclamation. R.

him perfectly honorable in all business

transactions and financially able to carry B. Bryan, who served as Superintendent of

out any obligations made by their firm. Public Instruction from January, '91, to WEST & TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, ToDecember 31, '95, was his opponent.

ledo, O.

WALDING, KINNAN & MARVIN, Wholesale W. F. Bliss, of Santa Barbara, has been

Druggists, Toledo, O. selected as the successor of Professor Bar- Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, rows in the State Normal School at San

acting directly upon the blood and mucous Diego. The salary is $1600. Mr. Bliss has

surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent

free. Price, 75c. per bottle. Sold by all made a special study of history, and in ad- Druggists. dition has had a wide and successful ex- Hall's Family Pills are the best. perience as a teacher.

The eastern division of the State Teachers' Association of Oregon held a meeting September 5th at Baker City. Among the notable speakers were J. M. Greenwood of

Best Quality. Kansas City, Dr. Penrose of Whitman Col- STONE SLATE. Standard Widthe. lege, Superintendent Rigler, Portland, and

Standard Lengths. Dr. Frank Strong, of the State University.

Any length up to 12 ft

COMPO-SLATE. 3 34 & 4 foot widths. Stanislaus County is making rapid strides

| Slate surface. educationally. Oakdale is to have a twentysix-thousand-dollar school building and HYLOPLATE. Green or Black. Modesto is to have one of the finest in the state. Superintendent J. A. Wagener re

We Carry All of the Above. ports a wideawake interest in all educational matters upon the part of trustees,

Send for Samples and Special Prices. teachers and people.

THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY The trustees of Canal District, Merced County, have built a fine addition to their

San Francisco, Cal. schoolhouse - a nice large room and en

THE A. VANDER NAILLEN trance, surmounted by a belfry, which contains a bell. The house resembles the one

School of Practical, Mining, Civil, Mechanical on page 28, July number of JOURNAL. The Electrical Engiueering, Metallurgy, Cyanide Pro

cess, etc. Surveying, Architecture, Drawing and grounds are also improved some every year, Assaying. (Incorporated ) and soon the building and grounds will be a

933 Market Street, San Francisco, Cal,

Assaying of Ores, $25; Bullion and Chlorination Assay; sight to gladden th eyes of all who pass. $25; Blowpipe Assay, $10; Full Course of Assaying, $50, Mrs. W. G. Hayes is elected principal.

Prospector's Course, $15. Established 1864. Open ali year. Send for Catalog.



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The Borden-Wallace Number Board. school books will prove of sufficient impor

tance to induce some enterprising citizen The Borden-Wallace number board is

to open a book store devoted to the sale of designed for use in the first five grades of

school books and stationery.-Hopolulu, H. the public schools. The purpose of the

I., Republican, July 14th. board is to arouse the interest of the child, to furnish suitable drillwork for classes in

Report of Institutes. the four fundamental operations, to save the time of the busy teacher and to facili- Sup't. R. E. Friars, of Snohomish County, tate the blackboard space. There are six Washington, held his institute August 20th endless tapes, on which the figures are

to 25th. Amung bis instructors were present printed. Tape No. 1 contains the figures to 4, No. 2 contains the figures to 6, No. 3 con

F. P. Graves, of the University of Washingtains the figures to 8, no. 4 contains the ton; Prof. Waller, of Pullman, Washington; figures to 11, No. 5 to 14, and No. 6 to 18. Mrs. Thornton, of Everett; Dr. Colgrove, The board carries four tape, any one of which may be removed and another sub

University of Washington; B. W. Britpall, stituted.

editor of Northwest Journal of Education: USES-(1) Column addition: Four grades

Harr Wagner, of California, and others. or classes may add at once - the teacher Sup't. Friars arranged his institute so as giving each class the column suitable for its to emphasize the work of the now course of grade. THE KEY: For this work answers to each

study, new text-books, etc. The teachers column have been placed on each tape in

took a very active interest in the institute. small letters. The small number above the Over 120 were enrolled. top figure is the (total) sum of that columo.

Supt. Miss S. L. Currier called her insti(2) Between each tape are strips of blackboard. Upon these may be placed the

tuto to meet at Mt. Vernon, Wash., dugust numeral signs in cbalk. The class may

20th to 25th. She secured as instructors H, then work across the board from left to H. Johnson, in music; Prof. E. S. Meany, in right, or from right to left.

history; Prof. Priest, in language and comThe tape moves on two sets of rollers. By moving each roller, other numbers pass

position; Harr Wagner, for evening lecture before the signs on the strip of blackboard, and geography; Dr. Colgrove, on memory thus changing the combinations and form- and evolution, beside a number of others. ing new examples.

The teachers responded actively to every de(3) Strap No. 1 may represent unit's place,

mand upon them, and took a very prominent strap No. 2, ten's place; strap No. 3, hundred's place; strap No. 4, thousand's place.

part in the discussions and exercises. Skagit Examples in addition, subtraction, and County, under the leadersbip of Miss Curmultiplication may be formed by adding rier, has become quite noted as an educato the number at the top each of the suc

tional center. One of the most important ceeding numbers, The teacher may use numbers of two, three, or four places.

events that has taken place in any institute Uee top numbers as minuend and each of was the formation of a circulating schooi lithose following from it.

brary association. This was presented to (4) The board may be used in fractions. the teachers by E. A. Creuger. Mr. Davis, Let the red figures represent the numerators ; the black number, denominators, or

formerly County Superintendent of the vice versa.

county, was elected president, and arrangeFor further particulars, address BORDEN ments were completed for fully carrying out & WALLACE, Minturn, Cal.

the idea of maintaining a circulating library

for tbe county. In order to further the work Inquiries made of Inspector Townsend forty-four teachers contributed forty-four show that the Board of Education will not dollars as a preliminary fund. probably furnish school books to pupils after the present contract with the Ameri- Sup't. Henry, of Thurston County, Washcan Book Company, of New York, expires, ington, held his institute August 27th to 31-t. next February. The present system, which He secured an excellent corps of instruc:ors, is condemned by a majority, if not all, of

and held a successful institute. the commissioners, was forced on the Board by the refusal of local merchants to take up Sup’t. Dewey, of Pierce County, held his and handle the saie of books. With the institute August 27th to 31st, in Tacoma. present development of Honolulu and the

Over three hundred teachers were present. increase of school attendance sure to follow under the territory, the persons in charge

The institute was divided into sections, and of the department believe that the sale of the instructors taught along practical lines.

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