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Santa Fe Route

Now in course of construction. Plans prepared by

Louis S. Stone.

Class Rooms

Assembly Hall

Seating 600
Mechanical System - Heating and Ventilating.

Material - Brick, Stone, and Terra Cotta. SPECIAL ATTENTION given to the HEATING and


Only line with its own tracks from S Francisco to Chicago. Trains as follot 9:00 A. M. DAILY SAN FRANCISCO

CHICAGO. Palace and Tourist Sleepers Through Kansas City and Chicago Without Chan 4:10 P. M. DAILY STOCKTON TR Via Point Richmond, San Pablo, Pino Muir and Antioch. 8:00 P. M. DAILY FRESNO AND

BAKERSFIE Palace Sleepers for both Fresno and Bake field.

Personally conducted Excursions throu to Chicago, Boston and intermediate poir Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

THE CALIFORNIA LIMITED. This superb train, which has heretofore run caly tween Los Angeles and Chicago in the winter, will November 11th, make its first trip, San Francisco Chicago, and thereafter it will run every day on appre mately the following schedule:

LEAVE SAN FRANCISCO: 9:00 A. M., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Se

LEAVE SAN DIEGO: 2:00 P. M., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat

LEAVE LOS ANGELES : 6:00 P. M., Sun., Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Set

ARRIVE DENVER; 5:00 P. M., Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun., M

ARRIVE KANSAS CITY. 2:00 A. M., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon., TI

ARRIVE CHICAGO: 2:15 P. M., Wed., Thurs,, Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon., Tu

ARRIVE *NEW YORK: 6:30 P. M., Thurs., Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon., Tues, F

*By connecting trains.

77 HOURS San Francisco to Chicago; 68 hours 1 Angeles to Chicago.

This is not only a fast train, but it is most comfortal there is no change of cars, and with the excellent vision in the dining, smoking, and observation a one can pass the three days in as restful a manners! an hotel. Ticket offices at 641 Market Street and at Ferry De

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55.000 now in use.

Endorsed by all users. No. 5, $40.00

No. 7, $50.00 GEO.C. BORNEMANN & CO

Pacific Coast General Agents 117 Sutter Street, San Francisco, Cal. PRACTICAL PSYCHOLOGY, AR MAGAZINE) 25 cents paid for returned copies No. 1 and 10 cents for No. 2. Sample

copy November issue mailed free. Latest number on sale at all uews stands-Price 10 cents. HVPNOTISM and Magnetism taught privately as practically applied to medicine, educational, business and social affairs. Well illustrated 112 page book, 50 cents. WM. A. RARNES, 505 Mass. Ave., Boston, Mass.

A new device for classifying

and filing newspaper clippings, notes, and references to books and magazines. Most convenient literary file ever made. Price, carriage free, ONE DOLLAR. Circulars sent on request by CLIPPING-FILE CO., Clevels

WE DESIRE to employ AT ONCE & strie first-class SALESMAN, who is familiar wi school supplies, books and furniture. To right party we can offer a permanent & lucrative position. Address, THE WHITAKER & RAY CO..

San Francis



K and Seventh Sts., SACRAMENTO, First-class in every respect; 'bus at every tri

C. L. GRAY, Proprietor


are published in America. The best in America are published by the American Book Company.

No other publishers issue such a variety of texts for every grade of school and for every demand of every grade. No other publishers issue their books at prices so uniformly reasonable.

No text-books are more in accordance with the best educational methods and none are more up-to-date in every particular. No text-books are so workmanlike and none show the same artistic finish in printing, binding, and illustration.

Personal visits and correspondence receive prompt, intelligent, and courteous attention. Descriptive circulars and full information regarding these text-books sent on request.

85 Vols. of Choice Supplementary Reading

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Correspondence invited. Copies sent postpaid on receipt of price.


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Milton Bradley Company

Carries a Large Stock of





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School Furniture and Supplies, Hyloplate Blackboards, Maps, Charts,

Globes, Organs, Etc.

Child's Desk and Chair for Home use. Usefuly Holiday Gifts

Library Globes, Toy Black Boards

All sizes, at lowest prices.


Also at

North West School Furniture Co.

291 Yamhill Street, PORTLAND, Or.

Send for Catalog

Home Black! Boards.

[blocks in formation]

Break down the door, oh ! thou white new Year!
Break down the door, "the holy door"
That never was struck with mace before,
Brave priest, you have not of sin nor fear,-
But pass you in in reverence prone, -
Lo! Truth stands naked there alone.
Look once and die, for so it is writ,-
But the door you open and out of it

The light of her face will shine
Till the morning stars sball sing again
Peace on earth, good will to men.

- Madge Morris.

Art in Language. ”

BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER. Great as is the mystery of printer's ink, it does not make literature; neither does pagination or imprint, nor covers, however garish or however limp. We live in an age when there is much putting of things in black and white. Stenographers flit hither and thither, and the click of the typewriter is abroad in the land ; the issue whereof is much blackening of much good white paper with many needless words, and more needless paragraphs and sections. How sadly we are missing the restringent and demulcent influences of the old quill pen! We might spare chirography from the list of fine arts, leaving that to China ; but in another generation we shall forget how to spell as well as to write, leaving that to the specialists in spelling, the duly initiated and installed knights of the typewriter. Still, all this we can overlook, so far as our subject is concerned; for, after all, literature is neither chirography nor orthography. Yet we shall have to recover a little from the megalitis with which for the time the typewriter and stenographer have infected us.

It is a good old rule to be sure one has something to say before undertaking to write. Lack of precision in expression is undoubtedly due in large measure to murkiness of thought. On the other hand, it is true that the formulation of thought into language is, in ordinary experience, the surest method of clarifying one's ideas. Talking or writing one's self into clearness is therefore often good policy, but it cannot in fairness be done at the expense of the hearing and reading public.

Good literature presupposes substance,- ideas, knowledge, convictions, or profound impressions. Yet neither of these, nor all of these together, will make literature. Clearness in either or all will not do it. Good timber fitly framed will make a house, but not necessarily architecture. An auctioneer's catalogue conveys information, is clearly analyzed and perfectly ex. plicit, but it is not literature. Literature is art, and art is more, infinitely more, than the best of intelligence can make out of the best of material.

Concerning the rationalizing intelligence of man, it may still be said that it knows in part, it prophesies in part, it sees in a glass darkly ; concerning art, it must be said that it seeks unto the vision which is " face to face.”

Poetry is profounder than psychology, architecture than engineering, painting than the physics of color, literature than philology, faith than criticism ; and though these sterner disciplines of the intelligence purge and chasten and correct, they are guideboards, and not the way; they are precepts, not the truth; they are body, not the life.

Art implies beauty, whose laws have set their judgment seat behind the veil. The laws with which the sciences of metre, grammar and physics

*Extract from article in December number of the "Atlantic Monthly."

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