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the desert :-returns to Galilee :-calls Peter, Andrew, and the two sons of Zebedee :-gives intimation to the people of the reign of Godi-performs miraculous cures. Page 51

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Who are happy:--the disciples of Jesus bound to be exemplary:

he came to ratify the divine luw, much impaired by the tra-
ditions of the Pharisees :-I. in respect of extent :exemplified
in what concerns ; 1. murder, 2. adultery, 3. divorce, 4.
oaths, 5. retaliation, 6. the love of our neighbour :-II, in
respect of motive :-where the end is applause, the virtue is
destroyed :-exemplified, 1. in almsgiving, 2. in prayer, 3. in
fasting.--Did we estimate the stability of the things in heaven
compared with the things on earth, we should pursue the for.
mer with ardour, and prove superior to all anxiety about the
latter :--the service of Mammon incompatible with the service
of God:admonitions to charitableness in judging others;
to impartiality in judging ourselves ;-to discretion in dispens-
ing religious benefits ;-to assiduity in pursuing spiritual
good;-to humanity and equity in our behaviour to all :-cau-
tion against the seducing influence of the multitude, commonly
in the wrong :-warning against false teachers, who are best
known by their actions :the wisdom of adding practice to
knowledge :--the insignificancy of the latter without the for-



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The cure of a leper,---of a centurion's servant,--of Peter's wife's mother,--of some demoniacs, and others :-those who follow Jesus must do it at all hazards, and without delay :—the stilling of a tempest on the sea: the cure of two furious demoniacs ,—of a paralytic carried on a bed :-Matthew called :the reason why Jesus associated with sinners ;-why his disciples did not fast :-a woman cured of a bloody issue :ruler's daughter restored to life :--the cure of two blind men, and of a dumb demoniac.

Page 64

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CHAPTERS IX. 35, &c. X. XI. 1.

Jesus selects twelve whom he names apostles : -commissions them

to announce the reign of heaven to his countrymën the Jews, empowering them to perform miraculous cures :- to secure them against solicitude, he assures them of the care of Pro. vidence, and of the illuminations of the Spirit: he warns then by his own example of what they may expect from men, against the dread of whom he fortifies them by the consideration of the omnipotence of God:-his cause will occasion divi. sions in families :-by all genuine disciples he will be preferred to every other object :—the smallest services performed from love to him, shall not be unrewarded.


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John's message to Jesus :the testimony of Jesus concerning

John :--the people's opinion of both :--the aggravated guilt of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum, who had enjoyed the ministry of Jesus, and seen his miracles, yet remained impenitent:~the wisdom of God in adapting his new dispensation to the simple and unlearned, who are invited by Jesus to come under his guidance :-the doctrine of the Pharisees concerning the sabbath confuted, 1. from Scripture, 2. from reason, 3. from their own practice :--the manner wherein they account for his expelling demons exposed :-the danger of de. tracting from the Holy Spirit :-miracles not intended for gratifying curiosity or captiousness :-the obduracy and folly of the age strongly condemned by the repentance of the Ninevites, and the zeal for wisdom manifested by the queen of Sheba: --the misimprovement of benefits begets insensibility who are considered by Jesus as his nearest relatives.

Page 74

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The parable of the sower :--the reason why Jesus tuught in .

rables:~the explanation of the parables :---the parable of the darnel ;-of the grain of mustard seed ;-of the leaven :-the explanation of the parable of the darnel ;-the parable of the hidden treasure ;of the precious pearl ;-of the sweep net, with its explanation.


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Jesus despised by his fellow-citizens on account of his parentage;

is informed how John the Baptist was killed by Herod ;retires to a desert; is followed by more than 5000 persons whom he there feeds miraculously ;-makes his disciples embark for the other side of the lake ;-follows them in the night, walking on the water ;-entering the bark, stills the storm ; -many, in the country of Gennesaret, cured by touching his garment;-his disciples vindicated from the charge brought by the Pharisees, who, bij their traditions, annulled the law of God:-moral pollution proceeds only from vice :

-a demon expelled from the daughter of a woman who, though a Gentile, showed extraordinary faith in a mountain, near the sea of Gulilee, many cures performed, and upwards of 4000 mira. culously fed :-a sign, such as they demanded, refused to both Pharisees and Sadducees :—the disciples cautioned against their doctrine under the name of leaven, which they, interpret. ing literally, misunderstood.

Page 85

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The opinions of the people concerning Jesus :-Peter avows him to be the Messiah :

-Jesus asserts the perpetuity of his church soon to be erected :-foretells his own death :-rebukes Peter, who was scandalized at hearing it mentioned:-all who would be followers warned to prepare for sufferings and death :

Jesus transfigured in the presence of Peter, James, and John: lets them know who the Elijah was that should come first : masserts the power of faith : to avoid giving offence, pays the tribute, though entitled to exemption :-humility the road to eminence in the reign of heaven :--the meanest disciple not to be despised:-snares and offences to be avoided :--the method of reclaiming an offending brother:- personal injuries, though often repeated, still to be forgiven :--the implacable not to expect forgiveness from God: the parable of the king who rec. koned with his servants.

Page 93

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What it is that justifies divorce :-who they are that should ab

stain from marriage :-the people encouraged to bring children to Jesus ; what must be done to obtain eternal life ;-how far endeavours after perfection will carry us :-riches a great obstruction to our admission into the kingdom in the reward of those who abandon any thing for Jesus :-God gives gratuia tously much beyond his promise ;-illustrated by the parable of the labourers in the vineyard.


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CHAPTERS XX. 17, &c. XXI. XXII. 1-14.

Jesus travelling to Jerusalem, foretells his sufferings and resur

rection :--the application of Zebedee's wife in behalf of her sons :-Jesus asserts the necessity of humility in all who would obtain admission into his kingdom ;--gives sight to two blind men ;-rides into Jerusalem on un ass, attended by a multitude

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