The Life and Strange Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Parte3

Houghton Mifflin, 1908

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Página 128 - hunt them up and down; for as they were too nimble of foot for our men, when they found them single, so our men durst not go abroad single, for fear of being surrounded with their numbers. The best was, they had no weapons; for though they had bows, they had no
Página 80 - place demolished, they would conclude the savages had killed us all, and we were gone; and so our supply would go too. But as to their corn and cattle, they agreed to remove them into the valley where my cave was, where the land was as proper for both, and where, indeed, there was land enough:
Página 43 - if they could; but that they belonged to the Isle de Trinidad, which lay farther north, in the latitude of ten and eleven degrees. Thus coasting from one island to another, sometimes with the ship, sometimes with the Frenchmen's shallop, which we had found a convenient boat, and therefore kept her with
Página 158 - of Israel, one Achan in the camp removed God's blessing from them, and turned his hand so against them that six-andthirty of them, though not concerned in the crime, were the objects of divine vengeance, and bore the weight of that punishment." I was sensibly touched with his discourse, and told him his
Página 128 - underfoot, tore up the vines and grapes, being just then almost ripe, and did our men an inestimable damage, though to themselves not one farthing's worth of service. Though our men were able to fight them upon all occasions, yet they were in no condition to pursue
Página 192 - other to break; that otherwise, order and justice could not be maintained, and men would run from their wives, and abandon their children, mix confusedly with one another, and neither families be kept entire, nor inheritances be settled by legal descent." RC "You talk like a civilian, Will. Could you make her understand what you meant by
Página 148 - willing and desirous of living in terms of entire friendship and union with them, and would do anything that lay in his power to convince them of it: and as for going to England, he cared not if he did not go thither these twenty years. The Spaniards said they had, indeed, at
Página 128 - them, they all ran screaming and yelling away, with a kind of howling noise, which our men did not understand, and had never heard before: and thus they ran up the hills into the country. At first our men had much rather the weather had been
Página 159 - enmity with their Maker as possible, especially if you give me leave to meddle so far in your circuit." I could not yet imagine what he aimed at, and told him I granted all he had said, and thanked him that he would so far concern himself for us; and begged
Página 179 - and my wife will be an undeniable evidence against me, that I have lived as if I had never heard of a God or future state, or anything about it; and to talk of my repenting, alas ! [and with that he fetched a deep sigh, and I could see that the tears stood in his eyes]

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