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Helmont (Franciscus Mercurius van). Two hundred queries moderately propounded concerning the doctrine of the revolution of humane souls, and its conformity to the truths of Christianity, [anon.] 3 p. 1. 166 pp. 18°. London, E. Kettleioell, 1684.

Help (A) in acquiring a knowledge of the english language, designed for the benefit of those in this country [Hindoostan] who wish to study the english language and science 160 pp. 8°. Bombay, Mission press, 1831.

Help (The) of christians; a manual of instructions and prayers. Compiled from approved sources by the sisters of mercy. 1 p. 1. xxxviii, 959 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Cincinnati, E. Morgan fy sons, 1864.

Helpe (A) to discovrse: or more merriment mixt with serious matters. Consisting of witty philosophical!, grammatical^ physicall, astronomicall questions and answers, [etc.] Together with the country-mans counsellor, and his yearely oracle and prognostication, etc. \_anon.~\ 13th ed. 3 p. 1. 389 pp. 18°. London, N. Vavasour, 1638.

Helps (Sir Arthur). Brevia: short essays and aphorisms. By the author of " Friends in council." \_anon.~\ 4 p. 1. 208 pp. 12°. London, Bell ty Daldy, 1871.

The life of Hernando Cortes. 2 v.

xiv, 277 pp; vii, 307 pp. 12°. London, Bell $ Daldy, 1871.'

Helsingfors. Finska litteratiir-sdllskapet. Suomalaisen kirjallisunden seuran toimituksia. 20. osa. 4°. Helsingissa, 185657.

CONTENTS. v. 20. Forteckning ofver i tryck utgifna skrifter pa Finska. [Yon F. "VV. Pipping].

Hemans (Felicia Dorothea). The poetical works of Felicia Hemans. With a memoir, by mrs. L. H. Sigourney. A new ed. from the last Lond. ed. with all the introductory notes. Engd. tit. 1 p. 1. 19-691 pp. 6 pi. portrait. 8°. Boston, Phillips, Sampson $ co. 1853.

Heming (T.) An enquiry into the progressive colonization of the earth, and the origin of nations; illustrated by a map of the geography of ecclesiastical and ancient civil history. 2 p. 1. xi, 168 pp. 1 map. 8°. London, W. Phillips, 1816.

Hempel (Charles Julius). A grammar of the german language, arranged into a new system on the principle of induction.

Hempel (Charles Julius)—continued.

[v. 1]. xiv, 214 pp. 12°. New-York, G. A.

Neivman, 1842. The same. v. 2. 192 pp. 12°. New

York, 1842.

Note.—Title-page of v. 2 wanting.

Henderson (Julia Putnam). Miss Mary and her scholars; or, the lord's prayer explaiued and illustrated. By Theta. Ipseudon."] 122 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Bichmond, Presbyterian committee of publication, [1871].

Hendryx (Warren B.) The teacher, the class, and the book: a series of fifty-two Sunday school lessons, v. 1. 190 pp. 16°. Cincinnati, Bosworth, Chase fy Nail, 1872.

Henkle (W. D.) A test spelling-book: for the use of advanced classes. 144 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Wilson, NinMe $• co. [1872].

Henman (Charles, jr.) Illvstrations of the mediaeval antiqvities in the covnty of Dvrham. See Perry (J. T.) and Henman.

Hennequin (Pierre). Cours de litte"rature

ancienne et moderne, contenant un trait6

complet de po6tique, extrait des meilleurs

critiques et commentateurs; enrichi de

700 [900] notices sur les poetes les plus

celebres de tous les temps et de toutes le3

nations. 4 v. 8°. Moscou, A. Semen,


Note.—L'auteur n'avais promis d'abord que trois volumes, c'est ce qui fait qu'on lit sur le titre 700 notices, tandis qu'il s'eu trouve 900 dans les quatre.

Hennequin (Victor Antoine). Sauvons le genre humain. 3e 6d. xxxi, 256 pp. 12°. Paris, E. Dentu, 1853.

Hennet (Albin Joseph Ulpien). Po6tique anglaise. 3 v. 8°. Paris, T. Barroisfils, 1806.

Henry (James, Jr.) The family and school monitor, and educational catechism. 176 pp. sq. 16°. New York, G. Savage, 1852.

Henry (James P.) Kesources of the state of Arkansas, with description of counties, railroads, mines, and the city of Little Kock. 2d ed. 152 pp. 1 map. 8°. Little Bock, Price $ MClure, 1872.

Henry (Louis). Only ask; or, avenue and alley. 318 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Graves $ Ellis, 1872.

Henry, the minstrel, or Blind Harry. The history of the life and adventures, and heroic actions of the renow^ned sir William Wallace. [Done in modern scots verse, by William Hamilton, 1721. With] the life and martial achievements of that valiant HENRY.


Henry, the minstrel—continued.

hero, Robert Bruce. By John Harvey. 234 pp. 1 pi; 1 p. 1.107 pp. 18°. Air, J. cf P. Wilson, 1799.

Hentz (Nicholas Marcellus). A classical french reader, selected from the best writers of that language, in prose and poetry. 2 parts in 1 v. 264 pp. 12°. Boston, Bichardson ty Lord, 1825.

Hepburn (J. C. m. d., II. d.) A japaneseenglish and english-Japanese dictionary. 2d ed. 2 parts in 1 v. xxxi; 632 pp j 1 p. 1. 201 pp. 8°. Shanghai, Am. presbyterian mission press, 1872.

Hering (C. m.d.) Homoopathischer hausarzt. Flir die deutschen "burger der Vereinigten Staaten nach den besten vaterlandischen werken undeignen erfahrungen bearbeitet. viii, 352 pp. 12°. Allentaun an der Lecha, J. Behlert, 1837.

Herkern or Herkeren. The forms of Herkern, corrected from a variety of manuscripts, supplied with the distinguishing marks of construction, and translated into english: with an index of arabic words explained, and arranged under their proper roots. By Francis Balfour, m. d. A new ed. [Arabic and english]. xii, 232 pp. 8°. London, S. Bousseau, 1804.

Hermann von Lehninn. [psGiidon.~] Extrait

d'un manuscrit relatif a la propk^tie du

frere Hermann de Lehninn. Titre de

ce manuscrit: Merveilleuse prophe'tie du

frere Hermann de Lehninn, concernant

les destin6es du monastere de Lehninn;

celles de lamaison de Brandebourg ; [etc.]

Avec des notes explicatives, par Louis de

Bouverot. 314 pp. 18°. Bruxelles, C.

Vogler, 1848.

Note.—Accordingto Jocher, Hermann von Lehninn never existed, and the above is probably tbe work of the burgomaster von Seidel, written in his youth.

Hermes {Br. Karl Heinrich). Die entdekkung von America durch die Islander im zehnten und eilften jahrhunderte. 1 p. 1. v, 134 pp. 1 pi. 8°. Braunschweig, F. Vieiveg cf Sohn, 1844.

Hermit (The) in the country. See Burr (Thomas S.)

Hermit (The) in London; or sketches of english manners. See Surr (Thomas S.)

Hermogenes iarsensis. ''Ep/noyevovg rexvi]


[In PORTUS (F.) 'Ot ev T7) prjToptKT} re^v?? Kopv(f)aioL. v. 1. 16°. [Genevae], anchora I. Crispini, 1570. pp. 49-443].

Herodotus. 'Hpodorov laropiQv 7ioyoi 6.— Herodotus, from the text of Schweighaeuser: with english notes. Edited by C. S. Wheeler. 2 v. xix, 440 pp. 1 map; 2 p. 1. 420 pp. 12°. Boston, J. Munroe fy Go. 1842.■

The same. Histoire d'He'rodote.

[Jusqu'a Tan 479 avant J. C. Traduite du grec, par P. H. Larcher].

[In Buchon (J. A. C.) Choix des historiens grecs. 8°. Paris, A. Desrez, 1838. pp. 1-336J.

Vie d'Homere. [Spurious].

[In Buchon (J. A. C.) Choix des historiens grecs. 8°. Paris, A. Desrez, 1838. pp. 337-345].

Hersey (John). The identity of the two apocalyptic witnesses, their character, death and resurrection, as connected with the introduction of the millennium. [Also], pious reflections. 297 pp. 18c. Baltimore, Armstrong ty Berry, 1857.

Hervas y Panduro (Lorenzo, s.j.) Cata^ logo de las lenguas de las naciones conocidas, y numeracion, division, y clases de estas segun la diversidad de sus idiomas y dialectos. 6 v. sm. 4°. Madrid, imprenta de la administraeion del real arhitrio de beneficencia, 1800-05.

Hervey-Baint-Denys (Marie-Jean-L6oa, marquis d'). Histoire de la revolution dans les Deux-Siciles depuis 1793. viii, 411 pp. 8°. Paris, Amyot, 1856.

Hewing (James M.) Hints concerning church music, the liturgy, and kindred subjects. 180 pp. 12°. Boston, Lde $ Button, 1856.

Hewitt (S. C.) Messages from the superior state; communicated by John Murray, through John M. Spear, in the summer of 1852. 167 pp. 12°. Boston, B. Marsh, 1852.

Hewlett (Bev. J. Gr.igg). Thoughts upon thought. For young men. In four parts. 6th ed. 181 pp. 16°. London, SimpMn, Marshall cj- co. [1862].

Hewlett (Bev. J. T.) The Penscellwood papers. Comprising essays on capital punishments; on the evangelical alliance; on the endowment of the protestant and roman catholic churches of Ireland; and on the education of the people. By the author of "Dr. Hookwell," [etc. anon.'] 2 v. in 1. xxii, 288 pp; 2 p. 1. 333 pp. 8°. London, B. Bentley, 1853.

Hewson (Addinell, m. d.) Earth as a topical application in surgery. Being a full HEWSON.


Hewson (Addinell, m. d.)—continued, exposition of its use in all the cases requiring topical applications admitted in the men's and women's surgical wards of the Pennsylvania hospital during a period of six months in 1869. xx, 25-309 pp. 4 photographic pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Lindsay fy Blakiston, 1872.

Hewson (William). Principles and practice of embanking lands from river-floods, as applied to "levees" of the Mississippi. [1st ed.] 171 pp. 8°. New Tori, J. J. Meed, 1859.

Hexamer (Ernest). Insurance maps of the city of Philadelphia surveyed and drawn by [him]. Revised ed. v. 2-3. fol. Philadelphia, E. Hexamer, 1872.

Heydenreich (Eev. L. W.) Elementary german reader, on the plan of Jacobs' greek reader; with a full vocabulary. 164 pp. 12°. New-York, D. Appleton cf co. 1858.

Hiatt (James M.) The political manual, comprising numerous important documents connected with the political history of America, compiled from official records, with biographical sketches and comments. 239 pp. 12°. Indianapolis, AsJier § Adams, 1864.

The test of loyalty. 180 pp. 12°.

Indianapolis, Merrill $ Smith, 1864.

Hibbard (Eev. Freeborn Garretson). Palestine: its geography and bible history. Edited by D. P. Kidder, xix, 13-354 pp. 22 maps. 12°. New-York, Lane $ Scott,IQ51.

The religion of childhood; or, children in their relation to native depravity, to the atonement, to the family, and to the church. 411 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Foe $• Hitchcock, 1864.

Hibberd (Shirley). Rustic adornments for homes of taste. A new ed. corrected, and enlarged, with wood engravings, vii, 402 pp. 9 col. pi. Sdj, 4°. London, Groombridge fy sons, 1870.

Hiebl (Charles). Hand- unci reisebuch fiir die Ver. Staaten, 1873. See Miller (Bernhard).

Hieronymus Sophronins. D. Hieronymi epistola ad Nepotianum, de vita clericorum & monachorum; cum notis J. Martiansei. [In Bennet (Thomas, d. d.) Directions for studying [divinity]. 8°. London, 1727. pp. 169-189].

Higden (Ralph). Polychronicon Ranulphi

Higden monachi cestrensis^ together with

- the english translations of John Trevisa

and of an unknown writer of the fifteenth

Higden (Ralph)—continued, century. Edited by rev. Joseph R. Lumby. v. 4. 2 p. 1. xlix, 480 pp. 8°. London, Longman $ co. 1872.

[great Britain. Record office. Iteruni hritannicarum medii Levi scrip tores].

High (The) school book. Being a selection of lessons for reading and speaking. By an experienced teacher, [anon.'] 252 pp. 12°. New-Haven, L.H. Young,[ 1835].

Hilbourne (Mrs. Charlotte S.) Effie and I; or, seven years in a cotton mill. A story of the spindle city, xii, 276 pp. 12°. Cambridge, [Mass.] Allen fy Farnham, 1863.

Hildebrandt (C.) Winter in Spitzbergen. A book for youth. From the german. By E. Goodrich Smith. 300 pp. 16°. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1852.

Hill (B. L. m. d.) Illustrated midwifery: or lectures on obstetrics, and the diseases of women and children. Revised by S. S. Oslin, m. d. 300 pp. 46 pi. 8°. Cincinnati, J. W. Sewell $ co. 1860.

Hill (George Canning). American biography. 2 v. 12°. Boston, E. O. Libby $ co. 1858.


Benedict Arnold. Eugd. tit. 295 pp. 9 pi. G-en. Israel Putnam. ("Old Put.") 270 pp. inc engd. tit. 7 pi.

Benjamin Franklin. A biography.

333 pp. 8 pi. portrait. 16°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott fy co. 1865.

Hill (Henry F.) The saints' inheritance; or, the world to come. 247 pp. 12°. New York, B. T. Young, 1852.

Hill (O'Dell Travers). English monasticism: its rise and inflnence [a. d. 63-1539]. viii, 540 pp. 8°. London, Jackson, Watford cf Hodder, 1867.

Hillard (George Stillman). [Hillard's class readers]. 4 v. 12°. Boston, Hickling, Swan $- co. 1856-57.


1. A first class reader. 504 pp. 1856.

2. A second class reader, lviii, 278 pp. 1857.

3. A third class reader, slvi, 182 pp. 1857.

4. A fourth class reader, xl, 152 pp. 1857.

The political duties of the educated

classes. A discourse delivered before the Phi beta kappa society of Amherst college. 1866. 48 pp. 8°. Boston, Ticknortf Fields, 1866.

Hillern (Wilhelmine von). By his own might. From the german. 1 p. 1. 5-397 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott 4'co. 1872.



jEIillman (Joseph). The revivalist r a collection of choice revival hymns and tunes, original and selected. Rev. L. Hartsough, musical editor. Revised and enlarged ed. 335 pp. 12°. Troy, N. Y., J. Hillman, [1872].

— The same. Additional hymns, tunes

and choruses to The revivalist. 161. 16°. Albany, [Ar. Y.] Van Benthuysen printing hmtse, 1873.

Hinde (John Hodgson). A history of Northumberland, in three parts. [By John Hodgson]. Part I containing the general history of the county. With a narrative of events from the norman conquest to the accession of the house of Hanover. Undertaken by the Society of antiquaries of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [Compiled by J. H. Hinde]. x, 400 pp. 3 pi. 4°. Newcastle, T. $ J. Pigg, 1858.

[hodgson (J.) A history of Northumberland, v.l].

Hinrichs (Johann Conrad). Verzeichniss der blicher, landkarten, &c. welche vom januar bis zum december 1872 neu erschienen oder neu aufgelegt worden sind. 2 v. in 1. 12°. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs, 1872.

Hinsdale (Eev. B.A..) The genuineness and authenticity of the gospels; an argument conducted on historical and critical grounds. 276 pp. 12°. Cincinnati, Bosworth, Chase $ Hall, 1872.

Hippocrates. Traduction des ceuvres me*dicales d'Hippocrate, sur le texte grec, d'apres l'edition de Foes. 4 v. 8°. Toulouse, Fages, Meilhac $- cie. 1801.

Hirsch (A.) Longitude, etc. See Plantamour (E.) .and Hirsch.

Hirsch (Theodor), and others, editors. See Scriptores rerum prussicarum.

Hirzel (Hans Kaspar). The rural Socrates;

or an account of a celebrated philosophical

farmer, lately living in Switzerland, and

known by the name of Kliyogg. xv, 203,

xiii pp. 8°. Hallowell {Maine), E. Edes,


Note.—Translated from the french, and edited by Arthur Young. Eeprinted from the eng. ed. The work was originally published in german.

Histoire de ce qvi s'est pass6 en l^thiopie, Malabar, Brasil, et e"s Indes Orientales. See Lett ere annve d'Ethiopia, Malabar, Brasil et Goa.

Histoire (L') de Palmerin d'Olive. See Palmerin de Oliva.

Histoire des intrigues galantes de la reine Christine de Suede et de sa cour, pendant son sejour a Rome, [anon.'] 2 p. 1. 300 pp. portrait. 16°. Amsterdam, J.Henri, 1697.

Histoire du stadhouderat, 1750. See Raynal (Abbe Guillaume T. F.)

Historical and literary tour of a foreigner in England and Scotland, 1825. See Pichot (Ame'de'e).

Historical collections, or a brief account, of the most remarkable transactions of the two last parliaments held and dissolved at Westminster and Oxford, [anon.'] 3 p. 1. 302 pp. 1 pi. 16°. London, S. Neale, 1681.

Historical (The) magazine, and notes and queries, concerning the antiquities, history and biography of America. Jan. 1870, to June, 1871. 2d series, v. 7-9; [complete series, v. 17-19]. 8°. Morrisania, (JST.Y.) H. B. Dawson, 1870-71.

Historical sketches of the old painters, 1841. See Sedgwick (Catharine M.)

History of american missions to the heathen, from their commencement to the present time, [anon.] 724 pp. 8°. Worcester, Spooner # Hoivland, 1840.


1. History of the American hoard of commission

ers for foreign missions, by rev. Joseph Tracy, pp. 9-346.

2. History of the missions of the baptist general

convention. Prepared under the superintendence of Solomon Peck. pp. 353-620*, 1 map.

3. History of the missions of the methodist epis

copal church. By rev. Enoch Mudge. pp. 529-562.

4. Missionary efforts of the protestant episcopal

church in the United States. By William Cutter, pp. 563-594.

5. History of the Free-will baptist foreign mission

society. By Enoch Mack. pp. 595-615.

6. History of the Board of foreign missions of the

general assembly of the presbyterian church in the United States of America, and of its missions. By Joseph Tracy, pp. 709-724.

History (The) of Christ, 1854. See Wilbur

(Asa). History (The) of Eliza Warwick, [anon.]

2d ed. 2 v. v, 268 pp; 1 p. 1. 252 pp.

16°. London, J. Waller, 1791. History (The) of Emily Montague. See

Brooke (Mrs. Frances Moore). History (The) of Georgina Neville; or, the

disinterested orphan. A novel, [anon.]

2ded. 2 v. 5-252 pp; 1 p. 1. 247 pp. 16°.

London,printed for the authoress; and sold

by T. HooJcham cf J. Carpenter, 1792.

[Imperfect: title of v. 1 wanting; v. 2, pp. 149150 imperfect).

History (The) of lady Julia Mandeville.

See Brooke (Mrs. Frances Moore).



History (The) of sir George Warrington;
or the political Quixote. By the author
of the benevolent Quixote, etc. [anon."]
v. 1, 3. 16°. London, J. Bell, 1797.

[v. 2 wanting].

Note.—-Wrongly ascribed to Charlotte Lennox.

History (The) of the civil war in America.
By an officer of the hritish army. See
Mall (Captain John).

History of the great conflagration j or, Bos-
ton and its destruction. Embracing a
brief history of [the city]: with a full ac-
count of its destruction by fire nov. 1872.
[anon.'] 142 pp. 1 map. 8°. Philadelphia,
W. Flint $ co. 1872.

History (A) of the holy catholic inquisi-
tion, compiled from various authors. With
an introduction, by the rev. C. Mason.
[anon.'] xi, 192 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Philadel-
phia, H. Perkins, 1835.
[maekoe pamphlets, v. 8].

History (The) of the life and adventures of
don Alphonso Blass de Lirias, son of the
celebrated Gil Bias of Santillane: from
the Spanish original, [anon.] 3 p. 1. 294
pp. 12°. London, J. Hodges, 1742.

Hitchcock (Edward, d. d. and Edward, jr.
m. d.) Elementary anatomy and physi-
ology. Revised ed. 443 pp. 12°. New
York, Lvison, Phinney tf co. 1860.

Hitchins (Fortescue). . The sea shore, with
other poems. 11 p. 1. 175 pp. 12°. Sher-
borne, for author, 1810.

Hitopadesa ou Pinstruction utile. Recueil
d'apologues et de contes traduit du San-
scrit avec des notes historiques et litte"-
raires, et un appendice contenant Vindica-
tions des sources et des imitations par
in. iSdouard Lancereau. xi, 288 pp. 16°.
Paris, P. Jannet, 1855.
[Bibliotheque elzevirienne].

Hoard or Hord (Samuel). God's love to
mankind, manifested by disproving his ab-
solute decree for their damnation. 2 p. 1.
220 pp. 16°. London, J. Clark, 1673.

Hobart (Rev. Noah). A second address to
the members of the episcopal separation
in New-England. Occasioned by the ex-
ceptions made to the former, by dr. John-
son [and others]. 172 pp. 8°. Boston,
D. Foicle, 1751.
[moore pamphlets, v. 12-2].

Hobbs (Isaac H. and son). Hobbs' archi-
tecture: containing designs and ground
plans for villas, cottages, and other edi-

Hobbs (Isaac H. a/nd son)-— continued,
fices, both suburban and rural, adapted to
the United States. 189 pp. 8°. Phila-
delphia, J. B. Lippincoit $• co. 1873.

Hobbs (Capt. James). Wild life in the far
west; personal adventures of a border
mountain man. Illustrated. 488 pp. 17
pi. 8°. Hartford, Wiley, Waterman §
Eaton, 1872.

Hodder (George). Memories of my time;
including personal reminiscences of emi-
nent men. xx, 420 pp. 8°. London,
Tinsley brothers, 1870.

Hoddick (F. organist). Hie sammtlichen
urmelodien zu dem gemeinschaftlichen
gesangbuch zum gottesclienstlichen ge-
brauch der lutherischen und reformirten
gemeinden in Nord-Ainerika. 39 pp. 18°.
New-York, Koch $ co. 1850.
[ With Neuestes gemeinsckaftliches gesangbuch].

Hodge (Charles, d. d.) The constitutional
history of the presbyterian church in the
United States. 1705-1788. 2 v. 256 pp;
516 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, W. S. Martien,

Proceedings connected with the semi-

centennial commemoration of the profes-
sorship of rev. Charles Hodge, in the theo-
logical seminary at Princeton, N. J. april
24, 1872. 128 pp. 8°. New York, A. D.
F. Randolph, [1872].

— Systematic theology, v. 3. viii, 880

pp. 8°. New York, Scribner, Armstrong
$ co. 1873.

——- The same. Index to systematic the-
ology. 1 p. 1. 81 pp. 8°. New York, Scrib-
ner, Armstrong §• co. 1873.

The way of life. 343 pp. 18°. Phila-
delphia, Am. s. s. union, [1841].

Hodge (Hugh L. m. d.) On diseases pecul-
iar to women, including displacements of
the uterus, xx, 17-469 pp. 8°. Phila-
delphia, Blanchard fy Lea, 1860.

— The principles and practice of obstet-
rics, xxiv, 17-550 pp. 22 pi. 4°. Phila-
delphia, Blanchard fy Lea, 1864.

Hodges (John Tyler). Hodges' new bank
note safe-guard; giving fac simile descrip-
tions of upwards of ten thousand bank
notes, embracing every genuine note
issued in the United States & Canada.
4th quarterly ed. 2 p. 1. 353 pp. fol.
New York, J. T. Llodges, 1858.

Hodges (Richard M. m. d.) The excision
of the joints, viii, 204 pp. 8°. Boston,

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