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Apocalypse (The) unveiled—continued, their conversion to Christ as their niessiah. [anon.] 2 v. 396 pp ; 329 pp. 12°. New York, E. French, 1853.

Apocryphal (The) new testanienfc. See Bible. (English). New testament. Apocryphal books.

Apology addressed to the traveller's club, 1825. See Rose (William S.)

Applegate (Bev. Thomas). The evening twilight, and the glorious dawning. 4 p. 1. 172,135 pp. 12°. Wethersfielcl springs, N. Y, L. W. Applegate, 1873.

Palestine, Egypt and Scotland. 3

parts in 1 v. ix, 83,63, 47 pp. 12°. Wetliersfield springs, N. Y., L. W. Applegate, 1873.

The precious gift. 1 p. 1. 98 pp. 12°.

Geneva, N. Y., L. W. Applegate, 1872.

Appleton (D. $ co.) Appleton's companion hand-book of travel, 1860. See Richards (T. Addison).

Appleton's journal of literature, science and art. [Weekly]. Jan. 7, 1871, to dec. 28, 1872, v. 5-8. 8°. New York, D. Appleton 4' co. [1871-72].

Apx>leton's northern and eastern traveller's guide: likewise, a complete guide to the middle states, Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia [etc.] By W.Williams. 313 pp. 28 maps. 16°. New York, D. Appleton cf co. 1850.

Appleton's railroad and steamboat

companion, 1857. See Williams (W.)

Appleton (John H.) An introduction to qualitative chemical analysis. 2d ed. 68 pp. 12°. Providence, [_B. /.] Hammond, Angell <f co. 1872.

— An introduction to quantitive chemical analysis, vi, 96 pp. 12°. Providence, IB. J.] Hammond, Angell $ co. 1872.

Arabia. Comprising its geography, history, and topography, \anon.~] iv, 340 pp. 3 pi. 1 map folded. 16°. Philadelphia, T. Wardie, 1833.

Arabian nights' entertainments. The oriental moralist, or the beauties of the Arabian nights' entertainments. With reflections by the rev. mr. Cooper. 6 p. 1. 262 pp. 7 pi. 12°. London, E. Neivbery, [about 1800].

Arabs (The) in Spain. [_anon.~\ v. 1-2, [to a. d. 1031]. 1 p. 1. 299 pp; 1 p. 1. 336 pp. 12°. London, E. Churton, 1840. Note.—No more published.

Arago (Dominique Francois Jean). Astron

Arago (D. F. J.)—continued.

omy for schools; upon the basis of [his]

lectures at the royal observatory of Paris;

with an appendix. By R. W. Haskins, a.

m. 324 pp. 12°. New York, Bobinson,

Pratt cf co. 1841. The same. The comet. Scientific

notices of comets in general, and in particular of the comet of 1832, whose revolution is of six years and three quarters7 duration. Translated from the french by colouel Charles Gold, xii, 124 pp. 16°. London, Baldwin 4' Cradock, 1833.

Aran (F. A.) Practical manual of the diseases of the heart and great vessels. Translated from the french, by Wm. A. Harris, m. cl. 296 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, E. Barrington Sf G. D. Haswell, 1843.

Arbroath or Aberbrothoc (Abbey of). Liber s. Thome de Aberbrothoc. Registrorum abbacie de Aberbrothoc. 2 v. [Edited by Cosmo Innes and Patrick Chalmers], xl, xxiv, 383 pp. 1 pi. 4 facs; 45 p. 1. 628 pp. 2 pi. 1 map. 4°. Edinburgi, {Bannatyne club], 1848-56. s.

[bannatyne club publications, no..86, v. 1-2].


Pars prior. Uegistrum vetus munrmentaque eidem coetanea complectens. 1178-1329. 1848.

Pars altera. Registrum nigrum necnon libros cartarum recentiores complectens. 1329-1536. 1856.

Archiv fur pathologische anatomie undphysiologieund furklinische medicin. Herausgegeben von Rudolf Virchow. v. 9-56. 8°. Berlin, G. Beimer, 1857-72. s.

Note.—v. 1-8 wanting; also v. 50, no. 3; v. 51, no. 3.

Archiv skandinavischer beitrage zur naturgeschichte. Herausgegeben von C. F. Hornschuch. 2 v. 8°. Greifsivald, C.A. Koch, 1845-50. s.

Note.—No more published.

Archives of ophthalmology and otology. Edited and published simultaneously in english and germ an by H. Knapp, m. d. and S. Moos, m. cl. v. 1-2. 8°. New York, W. Wood cf co. 1869-72.

Archivio storico italiano, fondato da G. P. Vieusseux, e continuato a cura della r. deputazione di storia patria per le provincie della Toscana, dell7 Umbria e delle Marche. Serie iii. v. 10. part 1-2. 1869. 8°. Firenze, G. P. Vieusseux, 1869.

Aretins Felinus. [pseudon.~\ See Bncer (Martin).

Argens (Jean Baptiste de Boyer, marquis d?). Lettres juives, ou correspondance philosophique, historique et critique, entre un ARGENS.


Argens (J. B. de B. marquis W)—continued, juif voyageur á Paris, et ses correspondans en divers endroits. Nouv éd. [anon.] 7 v. 16°. Lausanne, M. M. Bousquet, 1750.

Argentine confederation, or the United States of the Rio de la Plata. Cámara de senadores. Sesiones de 1867-68. 2 v. sm. fol. Buenos Aires, imprenta del Orden, 1868-70. s.

Documentos relativos á la negociación

del empréstito estérior de 30,000,000 de pesos fuertes, 1871-1872. Presentados al senado en junio de 1872. 8o. Buenos Aires, Mayo,l872.' s.

Informe y documentos sobre la intervención en la provincia de San Juan en 1868-1869. Publicación ordenada por el senado nacional. 140 pp. sm.fol. Buenos Aires, imprenta del Orden, 1869. s.

Departamento de guerra y marina. Memoria presentada por el ministro de estado en el departamento de guerra y marina al congreso nacional de 1864. 8o. Buenos Aires, [imprenta del comercio del Plata, 1864]. s.

Memoria del ministerio de

guerra y marina, 1872. 8o. Buenos Aires, imprenta de la "Union," 1872. s.

Departamento de hacienda. Estadística

de las aduanas de la República Argentina, 1870. Año Io. Publicación oficial, sm. fol. Buenos Aires, imprenta de El nacional, 1870. s.

- Informe presentado por el poder

ejecutivo nacional al congreso nacional sobre la deuda pública reconocida hasta el 31 de marzo de 1869-70. 2 v. sm. fol. Buenos Aires, 1869-70. s. Departamento del interior. Memoria,

presentada al congreso nacional en las sesiones de 1869, 1870, 1871. 2 v. 8o. Buenos Aires, imp. argentina de (-Fl nacional," 1869-71.

Departamento de justicia, culto, y instrucción pública. Colección de leyes y decretos, sobre justicia nacional. Publicación oficial. 8o. . Buenos Aires, imprenta de la u Nación argentina," 1868. s.

Departamento de relaciones esteriores.

Documentos relativos á la declaración de guerra del gobierno argentina al del Paraguay. Publicación oficial. 42 pp. 8o. Buenos Aires, imprenta de la Nación argentina, 1864. s.

Memoria del ministerio de relaciones

Argentine confederation—continued.

esteriores presentada al congreso nacional.

1860,1865, 1868-72. 7 v. 8o. Buenos

Aires, 1860-72.

Dirección general de correos. An ario

de correos de la República Argentina presentado al gobierno nacional por el director general. 14no publicación. [1872]. 8o. Buenos Aires, imprenta del Porvenir,

1872. s.

Superintendente del censo. Primer

censer de la Repitblica Argentina. Yerificado en los dias 15, 16 y 17 de setiembre de 1869. Bajo la dirección de Diego G. de la Fuente, superintendente del censo, fol. Buenos Aires, imp. del Porvenir, 1872.

Argoli (Andrea). De diebvs criticis et segrorvm decvbitv libri dvo. Ab auctore denuo recogniti, ac altera parte auctiores, pseneque noui. 4 p. 1. 8, 371 pp. 6 1. 4°. Patavii, apud P. Framboitum, 1652.

Exactissimíe secvndorvm mobilivm

tabvlae, iuxta Tychonis Brahe, & auctoris mixtas hypotheses, aecuratasque e ccelo deducías, & ex tota Europa vndique sumptas nouiter obseruationes. [16411700]. 3 v. 4o. Patavii, typis P. Frambotii, 1648-50. Pandosion sphsericvin. In quo singula in elementaribus regionibus, atque setherea, mathematice pertractantur. Ed. 2a emendatior. 12 p. 1. 354 pp. 1 pi. 4°. Patavii, typis P. Frambotti, 1653.

Primi mobilis tab vise. 2 v. Engd.

tit. 5 p. 1. inc. portrait, 95, 757 pp; 996 pp. 4°. Patavii, typis P. Frambotti, 1644. Argosy (The). [A monthly magazine]. Edited by mrs. Henry Wood. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 13-14. 8°. London, B, Bentley cf son, [1872].

Arguments of Celsus, Porphyry, and the emperor Julian, against the christians; also, extracts from Diodorus Siculus, Josephus and Tacitus, relating to the jews. With an appeudix; containing the oration of Libanius in defence of the temples of the heathens, translated by dr. Lardner. [anon.'] xiv, 116 pp. 18°. London, T. Bodd, 1830.

Argus; the house-dog at Eadlip. Memoirs in a family correspondence, by the author of Constance and the Pharos, [anon.] 3 v. 16°. London, T. Hoolcliam, 1789.

Ariel, [pseudon.] See Payne (Buckner H.) ARIOSTO.


Ariosto (Ludovioo). Orlando fvrioso. Con gli argomenti in ottaua rinaa di m. Lodouieo Dolce, et con le allegorie a ciascun can to, di Tornaso Porcacchi. 462 pp. 1 1. 16°. Venezia,H. Lovisa, 1713.

Aristophanes. The clouds of Aristophanes, with notes. [Gr.] By C. C. Felton. xii, 194 pp. 12°. Cambridge, \_Mass.'} J. Owen, 1841.

The same. 4th ed. xx, 228 pp. 12°.

Cambridge, [Mass.] J. Bartlett, 1852.

Comedies of Aristophanes. Translated into english: with notes, xii, 500 pp. 1 pi. 8°. London, A. J. Yalpy, for Lackington, Allen $- co. 1812.

The clouds. Translated by E. Cumberland. Phitus, a comedy: with large notes, explanatory

and critical. Translated by Henry Melding and

the rev. mr. Young. The fi-ogs. Translated by C. Dnnster. The birds. Translated with notes. By a member

of one of the universities.

Theatre d'Aristophane, avec les frag

ment de Menandreet de Philemon ; traduit en francais, par m. Poinsinet de Sivry. Nonv. 6d. v. 2. 416 pp. 8°. Paris, Desray, 1790.

Arlot (—). A complete guide for coach painters. Translated from the french by A. A. Fesquet. To which is added an appendix, containing information respecting the materials and the practice of coach aud car painting and varnishing in the United States and Great Britain. 173 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, H. C. Baird, 1871.

Armor (William C.) Lives of the governors of Pennsylvania, with the incidental history of the state, from 1609 to 1872. 528 pp. 29 portraits. 8°. Philadelphia, J. K. Simon, 1872.

Armroyd (George). A connected view of the whole internal navigation of the United States, natural and artificial; present and prospective. [anon.'] 192 pp. 10 maps. 8°. Philadelphia, H. C. Carey cf I. Lea, 1826.

Armstrong; (George D. d. d.) The theology of christian experience, designed as an exposition of the "common faith" of the church of God. 342 pp. 12°. New York, C. Scribner, 1858.

Armstrong (John, general). A treatise on agriculture; [etc. Also], a dissertation on the kitchen and fruit garden. With notes hy J. Buel. 282 pp. 18°. New-York, Harper $ brothers, 1839.

Armstrong (John M.) The voice of melody: a choice collection of hymn tunes. 160 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Lee $• Walker, 1860.

Armstrong (Pev. Lebbeus). Allegorical dialogue between a professed messenger from heaven, and an old man, on the assumption by the messenger, that immersion is an essential condition of salvation. 408 pp. 12°. New York, author, 1851.

Armstrong (W. C.) The life and adventures of captain John Smith: an account of his travels in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. Also, the early history of Virginia and New England. 264 pp. inc. portrait. 12°. Hartford, (Conn.) Andrus cf son, 1855.

Armstrong (William Jessup, d. d.) Memoir and sermons. .Edited by rev. Hollis Kead. 411 pp. 12°. New York, M. W. Dodd, 1853.

Army life, or incidents from the prayer meeting and the field, [anon.] 179 pp. 4 pi. 18°. New York, Board of publication of the reformed protestant dutch church, 1863. [Superscribed, "triumphs of grace,— Fulton street prayer meeting "J.

Arnaud (Francois Thomas Marie Baculard cV). Memoirs of the count of Comminge. From the french. 181 pp. 16°. London, G. Kearsly, 1774.

Arnaud (—). The history of count Gleichen, a gcrman nobleman, who received permission from pope Gregory IX. to have two wives at the same time. Translated from the french of Arnaud. [pseudonf] 2 p. 1. 220 pp. 16°. London, T. Hookham, 1786.

Arnault (Emile). Pinney and Arnault's french grammar, 1861. See Pinney (Norman) and Arnault.

Arndt (Johann). True Christianity: a treatise on sincere repentance, true faith, the holy walk of the true christian, etc. Originally translated into english by rev. A. W. Bcehm. A new american edition, revised from the original german, with introduction, by Charles F. Schaeffer, d. d xliii, 500 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lutheran book store, 1868.

Arnold (George) and Cahill (Frank). Parlor theatricals; or, winter evenings' entertainment. By the author of'" The rnagicion's own book," [etc. anon.] 171 pp. 12°. New York, Hick $ Fitzgerald, [1859].

Arnold (Mrs. Harriet S.) Birthday gift: consisting of original poems, and original ARNOLD.


Arnold (Mrs. Harriet S.)—continued.

and selected prose. 128 pp. 18°. DedJiam, [Mass.] H. A. Mann, 1853.

Arnold (Dr. Johann Franz). Praktische graniinatik der engliscken sprache. Nach dern originale auf's neue bearbeitet mid mit vielen zusatzen vermehrt von W. H. Furness, d. d. ix, 348 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J.-Weik, 1849.

Arnold (R. Arthur). From the Levant, the Black sea, and the Danube. 2 v. xi, 330 pp; viii, 312 pp. 12°. London, Chapman cf Hall, 1868.

Arnold (Thomas Kerchever). First greek lessons. Re-arranged and corrected by rev. J. A. Spencer. From the 3d Lond. ed. 232 pp. 12°. New - York, D. Appleton cf co. 1846.

• Greek reading book, for the use of

schools: containing the substance of The practical introduction to greek construing, and a treatise on the greek particles. And a copious selection from greek authors, with english notes, and a lexicon, by rev. J. A. Spencer. 618 pp. 12°. New-York, D. Appleton f co. 1848.

■ A first latin book. Revised and corrected by rev. J. A. Spencer. From the 5th Lond. ed. 333 pp. 12°. New York, D. Appleton cf co. 1846.

The same. Arnold's first latin book;

remodelled and rewritten, and adapted to the Ollendorff method of instruction. By A. Harkness. xii, 302 pp. 12°. New-York, D. Appleton cf co. 1851.

A practical introduction to greek

prose composition. Revised ed. with reference to Kuhner's greek grammar, viii, 196 pp. 12°. Boston, J. Munroe cf co. 1845.

■ The same. Revised by rev. J. A.

Spencer. From the 5th Lond. ed. 237 pp. 12°. New-York, D. Appleton f co. 1847.

The same. Part ii. (The particles).

1st am. ed. [By rev. J. A. Spencer], vi, 248 pp. 12°. New York, D. Appleton cf co. 1852.

■ A practical introduction to latin prose

composition. Revised and corrected by rev. J. A. Spencer. From the 6th Lond. ed. 340 pp. 12°. New- York, D. Appleton f co. 1846. Arnold Zulig, a Swiss story. By the author of Constance, Pharos, and Argus, \_anon.~\ 2 p. 1. 281 pp. 16°. London, T. Hookham, 1790.

Arnot (Eev. William). Laws from heaven for life on earth. Illustrations of the book of Proverbs. 2d series. 412 pp. 12°. London, T. Nelson cf sons, 1858.

Arnott (Neil, m. d.) Elements of physics; or, natural philosophy, general and medical. In five parts. 1st. Somatology, statics, and dynamics. 2d. Mechanics. 3d. Pneumatics, hydraulics, and acoustics. 4th. Heat and light. 5th. Animal and medical physics. New ed. revised from the last eng. ed. with additions, by Isaac Hays, m. d. xx, 25-520 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea cf Blanchard, 1841.

Arpe (Peter Friederich). De prodigiosis naturae et artis operibus talismanes et amuleta dictis cum recensione. scriptorum huius argumenti liber singularis. 3 p. 1. 184 pp. 8 1. 1 pi. 12°. Hamburgi, apud C. IAebezeit, 1717.

Arrington (A. W.) The rangers and regulators of the Tan aha: or life among the lawless. A tale of the republic of Texas. By Charles Sumnierfield. \_pseudon.'\ 397 pp. 1 pi. 12°. New York, P. M. D. Witt, [1856].

Arsenius, archbishop of Monembasia. 7atto(j)Oeyfiara (j)c?\JoGO(j)G)v nat Grparriyov, p?]ropcov re Kcli Ttol7]to)v. Pmeclara dicta philosophorum, imperatorum, oratorumq3, & poetarum, ab Arsenio archiepiscopo MonembasitB collecta. 1 p. 1. 1141. 8°. [Pome, about 1521].

Note.—The second part, under the title, Dicta poetarum, is wanting-. This volume has twenty lines on a page, and is without pagination or catch-words.

Art (The) of speaking, 1795. See Burgh

(James). Artemidorus, daldianus. De soixmiorvm

interpretatione libri qvinqve. A Iano

Cornario medico physico francofordiensi

latina lingua conscripti. 296 pp. 16°.

Lvgdvni, apvd S. Gryphivm, 1546. Arthur (Timothy Shay). The angel and the

demon: a tale of modern spiritualism.

311 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley,

1858. Cast adrift. 364 pp. 8 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, J. M. Stoddart cf co. 1873. Cedardale; or, the peacemakers. A

story of village life. Engd. tit. 208 pp.

5 pi. 8°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo

f co. 1852. The hand but not the heart; or, the

life-trials of Jessie Loring. 317 pp. 12°.

New York, Derby f Jackson, 1858.


Arthur (Timothy Shay)—continued.

Haven't-time and Don't-be-in-a-hurry,

and other stories. 153 pp. 5 pi. 16°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo fy co. 1852. • Lessons in life, for all who will read


them. 215 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Lippin

coil, Grambo cf co. 1851. The pitcher of cool water, and other

stories. 177 pp. 1 pi. 18°. New York,

National temperance society and publication

house, 1870. Stories for young housekeepers. 212

pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Lippincott, Grambo

$ co. 1851. Temperance tales. 2 v. in 1. 2 p. 1.

9-196 pp. 1 pi; 195pp. 12°. Philadelphia,

E. Ferreti cf co. 1844.

■ Twenty years ago, and now. 312 pp.

12°. Philadelphia, J. W. Bradley, 1860

Arthur Singleton, or what lack I yet? By the author of "Broken cisterns." [anon.'] 249 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1859].

As it is, 1860. See Smith (William R.)

Asbaje. See Juana Inez de la cruz.

Asbury (Francis, bishop of them. e. church). The character and career of Francis Asbury, illustrated by selections from his journal. By rev. Edwin L.Janes. 615 pp. portrait. 12°. New York, Carlton $ Lanahan, 1872.

Asensio y Mezorada (Francois). Floresta espafiola. See Santa Cruz de Duefias (Melchior de) and Asensio y Mezorada.

Ash (Edward, m. d.) Four lectures on the apocalypse, delivered in Bristol, in the spring of 1848. 2 p. 1. 116 pp. 16°. Norwich, [Eng.] J. Fletcher, 1848.

Ashe (Rev. Simeon). Primitive divinity; a treatise on divine contentment. Published, with notes, by Stephen Gerrish. 216 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, 1823. Note.—The 15th eng. ed. was published in 1793.

Asher (John E.) and Adams ^George H.) Asher & Adams' new commercial, topographical, and statistical atlas and gazetteer of the United States: with maps showing the Dominion of Canada, Europe and the world. [735] pp. 5 1. 29 col. maps, fol. New York, Asher cf Adams, [1872].

Ashley (.Ret?. R. K.) Glances over the field of faith and reason: or Christianity in its idea and development; its connection with human progress and unity. 430 pp. 12°. Boston, Crocker $ Brewster, 1855.

Ashmand (J. M.) Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos, etc. 1822. See Ptolemaeus (Claudius).

Ashwell (Samuel, m. d.) A practical treatise on the diseases peculiar to women, illustrated by cases, derived from hospital and private practice. 1st complete am. from the last Loud. ed. With notes, by Paul B. Goddard, m. d. xvi, 13-520 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Lea cj- Blanchard, 1845.

Association (The) for the improvement of juvenile books. The remembrancer; or, fragments for leisure hours. 216 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, T. E. Chapman, 1840,

• Second reading-book. 180 pp. 18°.

Philadelphia, T. E. Chapman, 1837.

Association monthly. Richard C. Morse,
editor. Jan. to dec. 1871. v. 2. 4°. New
York, Young men's christian associations of
United States and British provinces, 1871.

Assoucy or Dassoucy (Charles Coypeau
d'). Aventures burlesques de Dassoucy.
Nouv. del. avec preface et notes, par iCmile
Colombey. xxviii, 468 pp. portrait. 16".
Paris, A. Delahays, 1858.
[Bibliotheque gauloise].

Astrand (J. J. director of Bergen observatory). Lommebog ved kjob og salg, hvorved man hurtigt kan finde hvormeget 1,2, 3, o. s. v. indtil 13,000 stykkes, alert, tonder, potter m. m. koster fra £ skill, til de hoieste priser, tilligemed rentetabeller for hver halv fra 4 til 9 procent. Samt forklaring over inden- og udenlandske pengemynter, saaledes som de modtages i told-oppeborslerne. 360 pp. 24°. Bergen, N. Nielsen, 1869. s.

Astrologer (The) of the nineteenth century;

or, compendium of astrology, geomancy,

and occult philosophy. By the members

of the Mercurii, the editor of the Prophetic

almanack, and other celebrated astrologers.

[anon.~\ 6th ed. xvi, 350 pp. 8°. London,

W. C. Wright, 1825.

Note.—Published originally in weekly numbers under the title of "The ^straggling astrologer," from June 5, 1824 (no. 1), to oct. 30,1824 (no. 22).

At Jesus'feet. [anon.~\ 372 pp. 16°. New York, Prot. episcopal society for the promotion of evangelical knowledge, [1871].

Atanagi (Dionigi). Lettere di xiii. hvomini illvstri. Nelle qvali sono dve libri di diversi altri avttori, et il fiore di qvante belle lettere, che fin' hora si sono vedute; con molte del Bembo, del Nauagero, del Fracastoro, del Manutio, & di altri famosi

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