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Atanagi (Dionigi)—continued.

auttori non piu date in luce. [anon. 4a ed.] 8 p. 1.768 pp. 16°. Venetia, Comin da Trino, 1561.

Athenaeum (The) journal of literature, science, the fine arts, music, and the drama. [Weekly]. Jan. 6 to dec. 28, 1872. 2 v. 4°. London, J. Francis, 1872.

Atheneum (The); or, spirit of the english magazines. [1st series], april, 1817, to april, 1824. 14 v. 8°. Boston, Munroe $ Francis, 1817-24. [Imperfect; wanting v. 10].

The same. 2d series. April, 1814, to

oct. 1828. 9 v. 8°. Boston, Munroe f Francis, $ J. Cotton, 1824-28. [Imperfect; wanting v. 6].

The same. 3d series. Oct, 1828, to

april, 1829. v. 1. 8°. Boston, J. Cotton, 1829.

Athern (Anna). Here and hereafter: or, the two altars, iv, 376 pp. 12°. Boston, Crosby, Nichols cf co. 1858.

Katherine Morris: an autobiography.

By the author of "Step by step," [etc. anon.] 1 p. 1.353 pp. 12°. Boston, Walker, Wise cf co. 1860.

Atkin (Francis F.) Atkin's pocket compass of the harbors, ports, lighthouses, and buoys of lake Ontario and river St. Lawrence. 91 pp. 2 tables, sq. 18°. Oswego, N. Y., Advertiser power press office, 1871.

Atkins (M. A.) Must; or, Ann Holbrookes girlhood. By the author of "Ellis Amory," [etc. anon.'] 328 pp. 2 pi. 18°. Boston, Mass. s. s. society, [1864].

Atkinson (Mary Ellen). The architect of Cologne, and other poems. 101 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Boston, D. Lothrop $ co. [1873].

Rose and Millie. By the author of

"Hester's happy summer." [anon.] 266 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, D. Lothrop fy co. 1872.

Atlantic (The) almanac, 1873. 8°. Boston, J. 11. Osgood cf co. [1872].

Atlantic (The) monthly. A magazine of literature, science, art, and politics. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 29-30. 8°. Boston, J. B. Osgood cf co. 1872.

Atlee (Washington L. m. d.) General and differential diagnosis of ovarian tumours, with special reference to the operation of ovariotomy. 482 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott Sf co. 1873.

Atwood (Moses G.) The american definition spelling book, improved. Revised

Atwood (Moses G.)—continued.

and adapted to Walker's principles of english orthoepy, with progressive reading lessons. 180 pp. 18°. Concord, N. JL., LLoag $- Atwood, 1830.

Auborn (A. d'). The french convert: a true relation of the happy conversion of a noble french lady, from popery, to the reformed religion. [Followed by Maria: or, the ever-blooming flower]. 144 pp. 1 pi. 18°. New York, G. G. Sickels, 1830.

Aubrey (John). Wiltshire. The topographical collections of J. Aubrey, a. d. 1659-70, with illustrations. Corrected and enlarged by John Edward Jackson, xiii, 492 pp; 3 tab. 46 pi. Devizes, [Fug.] Wiltshire archwological and natural history society, 1862. s.

Aubry (Jean Francois). Les oracles de Cos. Nouv. 6d. suivie d'uue Introduction a la tkcrapeutique de Cos. viii, 686 pp. 8°. Montpellier, J. G. Tournel, 1810.

Auburn (N. Y.) Boyd's Auburn directory: 1872-73. [Also], business directory of Union Springs, Aurora, Cayuga, and villages on the Southern central railway, with a list of farmers of Cayuga county. Compiled by Andrew Boyd. 8°. Auburn, F. Allen, [1872].

Augenstein (Moritz). Augenstein's manual of instruction, with tables for brewers and distillers, xlvii, 169 pp. 8°. Washington, D. C, Judd tj'- Bettveiler, 1872.

Auger (Hippolyte Nicolas Just). La femme du monde et la femme artiste. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 342 pp; 1 p. 1. 365 pp. 8°. Paris, A. Dupont, 1837.

Augusta (Ga.) Directory of the city of Augusta, and business advertiser for 1859. 8°. Augusta, B. A. Watkins, 1859.

Augustinus (Aurelius, sanctus). The two hundred and one and thirtieth sermon of st. Augustine, De tempore, of shunning drunkennesse. [Also], the second sermon of st. Augustine: of avoiding drunkennesse. Sermon 232. [Translated by Matthew Scrivener].

[In Scrivener (Matthew). A treatise against drunkenness. l(i°. London, 1685. pp. 157-193].

Aunt Abbie. See Abbie {Aunt).

Aunt Betsy's rule, and how it worked, 1863.

See O'Brien (H.) Aunt Grace's home; or, early days in New

Hampshire, [anon.] 144 pp. 1 pi. 18°.

Boston, Mass. s. s. society, [1855].



Aunt Margaret's twelve stories, to illustrate and impress important truths. [anon.] 126 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, American s.-s. union, [1856].

Aunt Ruth, or persecuted not forsaken. By the author of Ella Clinton. [anon.] 237 pp. 2 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian hoard of publication, 1857.

Aurelius Antoninus (Marcus). See Antoninus imperator (Marcus Aurelius).

Aurora (III.) Aurora census report and statistical review, embracing a complete directory of the city. By Richard Edwards. 8°. Aurora, Fox river printing co. 1872.

Austin (George Lowell). The life of Franz Schubert. 163 pp. portrait. 16°. Boston, SJwpard $ Gill, 1873.

Austin (Eev. John Mather). Golden steps to respectability, usefulness, and happiness. Lectures to youth, on character, principles, associates, amusements, religion, and marriage. Engd. tifc. 243 pp. 12°. Auburn, Derby, Miller 4- co. 1850.

A voice to youth, addressed to young

men and young ladies, vii, 390 pp. 18°. Utica, [Neio YorJe], Grosh 8? Hutchinson, 1838.

Austin (Texas). Mercantile and general city directory of Austin, Texas, 1872-73. By Gray & Moore. 8°. Austin, S. A. Gray, 1872.

Austro-hungarian empire. (Statistische central-commission). Ausweise über den auswärtigen handel der österreichisch-ungarischen monarchie im sonnen-jähre 1870. xxxi Jahrgang. 4°. Wien, K. Je. hof- und staatsdruckerei, 1872. s.

Bevölkerung und viehstand

der im reichsrathe vertretenen königreiche und länder. Nach der Zählung vom 31 dec. 1869. v. 5-6. 4°. Wien, E. Je. Jwf- und staats-drucJeerei, 1872. s.


Y. 5. Erläuterungen zu den bevölkerungs-ergeb

nissen. v. 6. "Wohnorte. Erläuterungen zu den vieh


Die eisenbahnen der österreichisch-ungarischen monarchie und ihr betrieb im jähre 1869. 4°. Wien, K. Je. Jwfund siaatsdrueleerei, 1872. s.

Mittheilungen ans dem gebiete

der Statistik. 18te Jahrgang, iii-iv lieft; 19te Jahrgang, i-ii heft. 8°. Wien, K. Je, Jwf- und staatsdruckerei, 1871-72. s.


v. 18, iii lieft. Die zunähme der verbrechen [etc.] von 1857 hi8 1869. Die hoch- und mitt'el

Austro-hungarian empire—continued.

schulen der im reichsrathe vertretenen königreiche und länder von 185 L bis 1870.

iv heft. Der bergwerks-betrieb, 1870. v. 19, i heft. Bewegung im besitz- und lastenstande der realitaten im jähre 1870.

ii lieft. Verhandlungen der k. k. statistischen central-commission im jähre 1871.

Statistisches Jahrbuch für 1870.

8°. Wien, K. Je. Jwf- und staatsdruckerei, 1872. s.

Authentic (Au) narrative of the russian expedition against the Turks by sea and land, [anon.] 160 pp. 5 1. 8°. London, S. Hooper, 1772.

Authentic papers relating to the expedition against Carthagena, [1740] containing original letters between the admiral [Edward Vernon] and the general [Wentworth], etc. 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 100 pp. 12°. London, L. Raymond, 1744.

Autobiography of a reformed drunkard: or letters and recollections, by an inmate of the alms-house, [anon.'] 4 p. 1. 13-159 pp. 6 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, Griffith $ Simon, 1845.

Auvergne-Corret (La Tour d'). See La Tour D'Auvergne-Corret.

Auxilio escriturario: dispuesto para facilitar con utilidad la lectura cle la biblia. lanon.'] 2p.l. 102 pp. 18°. Londres, J. Davis, 1838.

Avery (James). Old Jim Avery's own farrier and recipe book, a cheaper, safer, and surer method of farriery than any before offered to the world; disclosing the whole secret of training and educating the horse, with hints on breeding and surgery. [With] a biography of the author, by a friend. 340 pp. 5 pi. portrait. 12°. Albany, Munsell cf Rowland, 1859.

Avery (Samuel P.) The book of 1000 comical stories j an endless repast of fun. By the author of "Mrs. Partington's carpetbag of fun." [Also, Laughing gas: an encyclopaedia of wit, wisdom, and wind, anon.] 2 v. in 1. 120 pp; 156 pp. 12°. New York, Dick tf Fitzgerald, 1859.

Avventure d7un giovane cavaliere fino a stabilirsi, in un vero ma raro modo, felicemente nel secolo: date altra volta alia luce col titolo di Veritä mascherata, ora ricorrette dalF editore [p. d. Carlo Barbieri. anon.] 2 v. xii, 288 pp j 300 pp. 18°. Verona, A. Andreoni, 1752.



Aydelott (Bev. B. P. m. d.) An account of

the destruction of Jerusalem, establishing

the divine origin of Christianity.

[In Watts (Isaac, d. d.) A short view of the whole scripture history. 18°. Philadelphia, WCarty & Davis, 1832. pp. 275-338].

Ayguals de Izco (Wenceslao). Marie FEspagnole, ou la victime d'un moine. Histoire de Madrid. Prec6de*e d? une introduction par m. Eugene Sue. 2 v. in 1. xi, 420 pp; 2 p. 1. 392 pp. portrait. 8°. Paris, Dutertre, 1846.

Ay res (George B.) New descriptive handhook of the Pennsylvania railroad, and traveler's guide to the great west! 116 pp. 12°. Pittsburgh, W. S. Haven, [1859].

Ayres de Cazal or Casal (Manuel). Corografia brazilica, ou relagao historicogeogranca do reino do Brazil. 2 v. 6 p. 1. 420 pp j 2 p. 1. 379 pp. 2 1. 8°. Bio de Janeiro, impressdo regia, 1817.

Azeglio (Massimo Taparelli, marchese tf). Niceolo de7 Lapi ovvero i palleschi e i piagnoni. viii, 442 pp. 16°. Leipzig, F. A. Broclchaus, 1866.

The same. Florence hetrayed; or,

the last days of the repuhlic. Translated from the italian, by a lady, xii, 529 pp. 8°. Boston, W. V. Spencer, 1856.

B. (G.) 1st. Narrative of a private soldier in his majesty's 92d regiment of foot. Written by himself, [anon.] Detailing many circumstances relative to the iusurrection in Ireland in 1798; the expedition to Holland in 1799; and the expedition to Egypt in 1801. With a preface by the rev. Ealph Wardlaw, d. d. 1st am. ed. 216 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, United foreign missionary society, 1822.

B. (G.) 2d. The american metrical psalter. 284 pp. 16°. New York, F. J. Muntmgton, 1864.

B. (J. H.) Wie kaun ich selig werden? oder: der siinder zu Jesu gewiesen. Von J. H. B. [anon.] 117 pp. 18c. St Louis, J. TV. Mclntyre, 1867.

B. (J. K.) See Bloomfield (J. K.)

B. (J. V.) See Blake (James Vila).

B. (L.) The duchess Rene'e and her court. [anon.'] 200 pp. 18°. Neio Torlc, American tract society, [1872].

B. (M. E.) The queer people, and other stories. By M. E. B. [anon.] 279 pp. 16°. New York, Warren, Brougliton § Wyman, [1872],

B. (M. G.) Petite anthologie poe~tique, ou choix de poesies a Fusage de la jeunesse tirees des meilleurs auteurs modernes. 4 p. 1. iii, 168 pp. 12°. Nottingham, G. Simons, [1837].

B. (R.) See Bolton {Bev. Robert).

B. (R. L.) See Storer (Harriet G.)

B. (S. B.) Willie and Nellie: or stories about my canaries. By cousin Sarah. [anon.]. 212 pp. 4 pi. sq. 24°. Philadelphia, W. S. $ A. Martien, 1859.

B. (T. A.) Trials and trust. A story of the french revolution, [anon.] 190 pp. 3 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1872].

Babad (P. d. d.) A Portuguese and english grammar, compiled from those of Lobato, Durham, Sane and Vieyra. viii, 13-230 pp. 12°. Baltimore, author, 1820.

Babcock (Rufus, d. d.) Tales of truth, for the young; or, waters from the living fountain, flowing at all seasons. 144 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, G. W. Donohue, 1839.

Babcock (Sarah A.) Hidden treasure; or, the secret of success in life. 264 pp. inc. 4 pi. 16°. New York, Carlton cf Porter, [1859].

Babcock (Bev. William R.) Sacred melodies: a collection of hymns and spiritual songs, etc. 128 pp. 36°. Dansville, A. B. Knox, 1845.

Babylon and Jerusalem, 1851. See Abeken (Hem rich).

Bacci (Pietro Giacomo). The life of saint

Philip Neri, apostle of Rome, and founder

of the congregation of the oratory. [From

the enlarged roman ed. of 1837]. 4 p. 1.

414 pp. portrait. 12°. Neio York, E. Dmvi

gan, 1847.

Note.—Superscribed The saints and servants of

Bache (Mrs. Anna). The fire-screen, or domestic sketches. 191 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, W. J. cf J. K. Simon, 1841.

Bacheler (Bev. O. R.) Hinduism and Christianity in Orissa: and an account of the operations of the American freewill baptist mission in northern Orissa. 214 pp. 11. 16°. Boston, C. Waite, 1853.

Bacher (Wilhelm). Nizami's leben und werke. Beitrage zur geschichte der persischen literatur und der alexandersage. See Yusuf ben Mowayyed el-Kinjewi, known as Nitzami.

Bachi (Pietro). Conversazione italiana, or a collection of phrases and familiar cliaBACHI.


Bachi (Pietro)—continued, logues in italian and english. viii, 224 pp. 2 1. 12°. Cambridge, [Mass.] J. Munroe f co. 1835. [Corso di studio italiano, part 6J.

Raccolta di favole morale, or a collection of italian fables in prose and verse, with interlinear translations and explanation of idioms.' xi, 156 pp. 12°. Cambridge, [Mass.] J. Munroe <f co. 1836. [Corso di studio italiano, part 2].

Back {Sir George). Narrative of the Arctic land expedition to the mouth of the Great Fish river, and along the shores of the Arctic ocean, 1833-35. viii, 338 pp. 1 map. 8°. Paris, A. Sf W. Galignani <f co. 1836.

Backus {Rev, Isaac). A discourse shewing the nature and necessity of an internal call to preach the everlasting gospel. [Also], the experiences and dying testimony of mr. Nathaniel Shepherd. 116 pp. 12°. Boston, Fowle, 1754.

Bacon (Albert M.) A manual of gesture; embracing a complete system of notation, with the principles of interpretation and selections for practice. 260 pp. 12°. Chicago, S. C. Griggs cf co. 1873.

Bacon (David Francis). Lives of the apostles of Jesus Christ, [anon.'] 608 pp. 16 pi. 8°. New Haven, L. H. Young, 1836.

The same. 650 pp. 16 pi. 8°. New

Haven, Young cf Uhlhorn, [1883].

Bacon {Mrs. Eliza Ann Munroe). Memoir of rev. Henry Bacon. 361 pp. portrait. 12°. Boston, A. Tompkins, 1857.

Bacon (Leonard, d. d.) Additional hymns, designed as a supplement to [Timothy] Dwight's psalms & hymns. 1 p. 1.509-634 pp. 32°. New Haven, Durrie cf Peck, 1833.

A manual for young church-members.

216 pp. 16°. New-Haven, S. Cooke, 1833.

Bacon (Thomas). First impressions and studies from nature in Hindostan; embracing an outline of the voyage to Calcutta, and five years' residence in Bengal and the Doab. 2 v. xx, 406 pp. 11 pi; xv, 436 pp. 16 pi. 8°. London, W. H Allen cf co. 1837.

Bacon {Rev. William). ^Esthetic piety, or, the beauty and loveliness of the christian religion. 243 pp. 16°. Auburn, 1861.

Salvation made sure. With remarks

on the nature of spiritual darkness, etc. vi, 154 pp. 16°. Ithaca, Mack f Andrus, 1826.

Bacon (William J.) The champion song and dance book. 205 pp. 24°. New York, Fisher cf Denison, [1872].

Bacon (William Thompson). Poems. 134 pp. 12°. Boston, Weeks, Jordan cf co. 1837.

Bacon-Tacon (Pierre Jean Jacques). Eecherches sur les origines celtiques, principalement sur celles du Bugey, conside're' comme berceau du delta celtique. [2e publication]. 2 v. 2 p. 1. 572 pp. 2 pi; 479 pp. 7 pi. 12°. Paris, A. Bertrand, 1808.

Badeau (Adam). The vagabond. 368 pp. 12°, New York, Rudd cf Carleton, 1859.

Badeker (Carl). The Ehine and northern Germany. Handbook for travellers. 4th ed. xxii, 444 pp. 23 maps, 38 plans. 16°. Coblenz, C. Bwdeker, 1870.

Baden (Frances Henshaw). The artist's love. See Southworth (E. D. E. N.) and Baden.

Baden {Grand duchy of). Justizministerium. Uebersicht der biirgerlichen rechtspflege wahrend 1869. 4°. Carlsruhe, C. F. Miiller'sche hofbuchhandlung, 1870. s.

Grand ducal commission. Exposition

universelle de 1867 a Paris. Les exposants du grand-duche* de Bade et leur produits. Publication de la commission grandducale. xviii, 132 pp. 12°. Carlsruhe, F. Miiller, 1867.

Baden-Powell (Warington). See Powell.

Badger (Catharine N.) The teacher's last lesson; a memoir of Martha Whiting, late of the Charleston female seminary, con-, sisting chiefly of extracts from her journal. 284 pp. portrait. 12°. Boston, Gould cf Lincoln, 1855.

Badois (Charles). Grammaire anglaise d'apres le systeme d'Ollendorff, a Pusage des Francais. 2 parts in 1 v. 179 pp; 103 pp. 12°. New York, L>. Appleton cf co. 1852.

Baer (Karl Ernst von). Nachrichten liber [seinem] leben und schriften, mitgetheilt von ihm selbst. Veroffentlicht bei gelegenheit seines fiinfzigjahrigen doctorjubilaums am 29 aug. 1864, von der ritterschaft Ehstlands. vi, 674 pp. portrait. 8°. St. Petersburg, buchdruckerei der Kaiserlichen akademie der wissenschaften, 1865.

Baer (Warren). Carmine; or, the trader at the fort. [anon.'] Engd. tit. 140 pp. 12°. Galveston, Advocate publishing co. 1872.



Bagatelles morales, [anon.'] 249 pp. 16°.

Paris, Duchesne, 1754. Bage (Robert). Man as be is. A novel.

[anon.] 4 v. 16°. London, W. Lane,

1792. Bagehot (Walter). Pbysics and politics;

or, tbougbts on tbe application of the

principles of "natural selection" and

"inheritance" to political society. 2 p. 1.

224 pp. 12°. New York, D. Appleton $ co.


[International scientific series, v. 2].

Bagshaw (Edward). Tbe life and death of mr. [Robert] Bolton.

[InBolton (Robert). Mr. Bolton's last and learned worke. sin. 4°. London, G. Miller, 16.13. pp. 6-26].

Bahn (Rachel). Poems. 200 pp. 12°. Tori', Pa., H. C. Adams $ co. 1869.

Bahr (Carl Christian W. F.) The books of the kings, 1872. See Bible. (English). A commentary on the holy scriptures. By J. P. Lange. v. 6 of the old testament.

Bailey (Ebenezer). First lessons in algebra, xi, 228 pp. 12°. Boston, Carter, Sendee $• co. 1833.

-Thesame. Improveded. 252pp. 12°.

Boston, Carter, Sendee fy co. 1834.

■ The same. Revised eel. 254 pp. 12°.

Boston, Melding, Swan .Sf Brewer, I860. • The young ladies' class book; a selec

tion of lessons for reading, in prose and verse. 408 pp. 12°. Boston, Lincoln $Edmands, 1831.

Bailey (Nathan). A complete english dictionary, oder vollstiindiges englisch-deut

• sches worteibach, 1783. See Klausing (Anton E.)

-———An universal- etymological english dictionary. 24th ed. 472 1. 8°. London, B. Ware, [etc.] 1776.

Bailey (Mrs. Una Locke). Dr. Plassid's patients. 286 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, D.

Lothrop $ co. 1872.

Baird (E. Thompson, d. d. editor). Hymns of the voice of praise. 285 pp. 32°. Bichmond, [Presbyterian committee of publication, 1872].

and Reden (Karl), pseudon. for Converse (Charles Crozat). The voice of praise: a election of hymns and tunes. 216 pp. obi. 16°. Bichmond, [Presbyterian committee of publication, 1872].

Baird (Robert). Memoir of the rev. Joseph Sanford. vi, 268 pp. portrait. 12°. Philadelphia, H. Perkins, 1836.

Baird (Samuel J. d. d.) The church of Christ: its constitution and order. 144 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1864].

Baird (Spencer Fullerton). See Annual record of science and industry for 1871-72.

Baker (B. F.) and Southard (L. H.) The Haydn collection of church music. 352 pp. obi. 8°. Boston, C. H. Peirce, 1850. 8.

— Johnson (A. 1ST.) and Osgood (Jo

siah). Melodia sacra; a collection of church music. 416 p}). obi. 8°. Boston, A. N.Johnson, [1852]. s.

Baker (George M.) A baker's dozen. Original humorous dialogues. 137 pp. 16°. Boston, Lee <$- Shepard, 1872.

— The drawing-room stage: a series of

original dramas, [etc.] Illustrated. Engd. tit. 274 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Lee ^ Shepard, 1873.

Baker (Harriet Newell Woods). Happy home stories for boys. By aunt Hattie. [pseudon.] 6 v. 18°. Boston, II. A. Young 4' co. 1871.


v. 1. Diligent Dick; or, the yonng fanner. 107

pp. 4 pi. v. 2. Cousin Willie. 104 pp. 4 pi. v. 3. Lazy Robert; or, tlie colonel's servant. 100

pp. 4 pi. v. 4. Little Fritz. 106 pp. 4 pi. v. 5. The new buggy. 109 pp. 4 pi. v. 6. Bertie and his'sisters. 104 pp. 4 pi.

-——- I'll try; or, the young housekeeper. By mrs. Madeline Leslie, [pseudon.] 232 pp. inc. 2 pfc 16°. Boston, Shepard, Clark cf Brown, 1859.

— Jack the chimney sweeper, and other

stories for children. By mrs. Madeline Leslie, [-pseudon.] 245 pp. inc. 4 pi. 16°. Boston, Shepard, Clark $• Brown, 1859. ——- Mrs. Leslie's juvenile series. 16°.

Boston, Shepard, Clark $' Brown, 1858-59.


v. 2. Play and study. Engd. tit. 260 pp. 3 pi.

1858. v. 3. Howard and his teacher, and other stories.

Engd. tit. 244. pp. 3 pi. 1859. v. 4. Trying to be useful. Engd. tit. 256 pp. 2 pi.


Baker (James Loring). Men and things; or, short essays on various subjects, including free trade. 287 pp. 12°. Boston, Crosby, Nichols $ co. 1858.

Baker (Bev. P.) The devout communicant; or, pious meditations and aspirations, for three days before and three days after receiving the holy eucharist. Revised. 320 pp. 2 pi. 32°. Baltimore, F. Lucas, jun. [1832].

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