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Packard {Mrs, E. P. W.)—continued.

the marriage union, v. 1. Written under the inspection of dr. M'Farland, superintendent of insane asylum, Jacksonville.

157 pp. portrait, 1 pi. 8°. Chicago, Pelleliean cf Baynor, 1864.

Modern persecution, or insane asylums unveiled, as demonstrated by the report of the investigating committee of the Illinois legislature. 2 v. 402 pp. 8 pi; 406 pp. 8 pi. 8°. New York, Pellehean tf Baynor, for authoress, 1873. Note.—v. 2 is entitled "Modern persecution, or married woman's liabilities."

Packard (Frederic Adolphus). The daily public school in the United States. [anon.']

158 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, J. B. Lippincott $ co. 1866.

[miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 471].

Packard (S. $.) Bryant & Stratton's national book-keeping. See Bryant (II. B.) Stratton (H. D.) and Packard.

Padilla (Lorenzo de). Cronica de Felipe I,

llamado el hermoso, con una coleccion de

sus cartas. 420 pp. 8°. Madrid', Calero,


[coleccion de docmnentos ineditos para la historia de Espafia, v. 8].

Page (Clark D.) Drawings, specifications,

and directions for constructing and using

C. D. Page's patent perpetual draw lime kilns, both for wood and coal. 44 pp. 16°. Rochester, Benton fy Andrews, 1866.

Page (David). Rudiments of geology. With notes and other improvements, by

D. M. Reese, m. d. 288 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Sorin cf* Ball, 1846.

[chambers's educational course. Dr. Reese's improved ed. no. 6],

The same. Elements of geology.

Edited by D. M. Reese, m. cl. 332 pp. 1

chart. 12°. Neiv-York, A.S. Barnes $ co.


[chambers's educational course, no. 7].

Paget (Bev. Francis E.) Sermons on duties of daily life. 398 pp. 12°. New York, J. A. Sparks, 1844.

Paige (Bev, Lucius R.) Questions on select portions of the gospels. [For universalists]. 162 pp. 18°. Boston, T. Whitlemore, 1838.

Pailliet (Jean Baptiste Joseph). Droit public francais, ou histoire des institutions politiques. 1. Des Gaulois, avant la conquete des Romains et sous leur puissance; 2. des Francais, depuis leur 6tablissement dans les Ganles jusqu'a Fouver

Pailliet (Jean Baptiste Joseph)—continued, ture des e'tats-ge'ne'raux en 1789, et depuis cette derniere (Spoque jusqu'au mois^de mai 1822, etc. 3 v. 8°. Paris, Kleffer, 1822.

Paine (Thomas). The american crisis. 293 pp. 8°. London, D. L Baton, [1796]. [duane pamphlets, v. 14].

Rights of man; being an answer to

mr. Burke's attack on the french revolution. 5th ed. 171 pp. 8°. London, J. S. Jordan,1791. [miscellaneous pamphlets, v. 199].

Die theologischen werke von Thomas

Paine. Herausgegeben von einem vereine freidenkender manner, viii, 428 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, F. W. Thomas, 1847.

Painter (The), gilder, and varnisher's companion, [anon.'] 189 pp. 12°. Philadel phia, H. C. Baird, 1850.

I Pajon (Henri). Histoire du prince Soly, surnommd Prenany, et de la princesse Fel6e.

[g-arnier (C. Gr. T.) Voyages imaginaires, [etc.] 8°. Amsterdam cfi Paris, 1788. v. 26, pp. 1-222J.

Palacky (Frantisek). Wiirdigung der alten bohmischen geschichtschreiber< xxiv, 308 pp. 2 pi. 8°. Pray, A. Borrosch, 1830. s.

Paleario or dalla Paglia (Aonio). The benefit of Christ's death; or, the glorious riches of God's free grace, [etc.] Originally written in italian, and now reprinted from an aucient english translation. With an introduction, by rev. John Ayer. 160 pp. 16°. Boston, Gould tj- Lincoln, 1860.

The same. Originally written in

italian, and attributed to Aonio Paleario;
now reprinted from an ancient english
translation. With an historical sketch of
the book and its writer. 131 pp. 18°.
Philadelphia, Presbyterian publication com-
mittee, [I860].
[Superscribed Beneficium Christi].

Palestine exploration fund. Our work in Palestine; being an account of the different expeditions sent out to the holy land by the committee of the Palestine exploration fund since the establishment of the fund in 1865. vi, 344 pp. inc. 6 pi. 10 maps. 12°. New York, Scribner, Welford $- Armstrong, 1873.

Paley (William, d. d.) Paley's moral and political philosophy. As condensed by A. J. Yalpy. To which are added notes from popular authors; embracing j) resent PALEY.


Paley (William, d.d.)—continued, opinions in ethical science, and an exposition of our own political institutions. By Richard W. Green. 293 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, U. Hunt, 1835.

— Paley's natural theology, with selections from the illustrative notes, and the supplementary dissertations, of sir Charles Bell, and lord Brougham. The whole newly arranged, and edited by Elisha Bartlett, m. d. With wood cuts, and a life and portrait of the author. 2 v. 1 p. 1. 365 pp. portrait; 454 pp. 12°. Boston, Marsh, Capen, Lyon cf Webb, 1839.

• The same. Illustrated by the plates

and by a selection from the notes of James Paxton. With additional notes, [etc.] By John Ware, m. d. iv, 304 pp. 20 1. 39 pi. 12°. Boston, Gould cf Lincoln, 1854. ■ The principles of moral and political

philosophy. Adapted to the use of female seminaries. With questions for the examination of students. By John Frost. [1830] Boston school ed. 3 v. in 1. 18°. Boston, N. R. WhitaUr, 1832. A view of the evidences of christian

Palgrave (William Gifford). Essays on eastern questions. 1 p. 1. vii, 349 pp. 8C. London, Macmillan cf Go. 1872.

Pall Mall (The) gazette. An evening newspaper and review. [Daily]. Jan. 1 to dec. 30, 1872. v. 15-16 in 4 v. fol. London, [F. Enoch], 1872.

Palladius Rutilius Taurus iEmilianus. De re rustica libri xiv. 12°. [ Venetiis, T. Bettinelli, 1784]. s.

[In Scriptores rci rustics vcteres latini, ed. 1783, v. 4 J. The same. Palladius on'husbondrie.

ity. 12th ed. 2 v. xii, 362 pp; vii, 396 pp. 8°. London, for B. Faulder, 1807.

The same. 310 pp. 12°. New-Yorlc,

J. Eastbum cf co. 1817.

The same. Conveniently arranged

for a text-book. 372 pp. 12°. Brunswick, [m] J. Griffin, 1847.

Palfrey (John Gorham). A compendious history of New England from the discovery by Europeans to the first general congress of the anglo-american colonies, [1765]. 4v. 12°. Boston, R. G. Shepard, 1873.

■ - The same. [v. 1-3]. A compendious

history of the first century of New England. 3v. 12°. Boston, R.C. Shepard,1872.

— The same. [v. 3]. A compendious

history of New England from the revolution of the seventeenth century to the death of king George the first, xii, 469 pp. 12°. Boston, R. C. Shepard, 1872.

The same. [v. 4]. A compendious his

tory of New England, from the accession of king George the second, to the first general congress of the anglo-american colonies. [1728-65. With an additional chapter on the last ten years of colonial dependence], xii, 439 pp. 12°. Boston, R. C. Shepard, 1873.

Edited from the unique ms. of about 1420 in Colchester castle. By the rev. Barton Lodge. [Part 1]. 2 p. 1. 220 pp. 8°. London, JV". Triibner cf co. 1873. [early englisli test society publications, no. 52]. Pallas (Peter Simon, m. d.) Dierkundig mengelwerk, [Miscellanea zoologica], in het welke de nieuwe of nog duistere zoorten van dieren, door naauwkeurige af beeldingen, beschry vingen en verhandelingen opgehelderd worden. Iu het latyu beschreeven. Vertaald en met aanmerkingen voorzien door P[ieter] Boddaert, m. d. 6 stukken (in 1 v.) vi, [195pp.]. 10 col. pi.

1 1. 4°. Utrecht, A. v. Faddenburg cf J. v. Schoonhoven, 1770.

Palliser (Mrs. Bury). Brittany & its byways: some account of its inhabitants and its antiquities; during a residence in that country, x, 314 pp. inc. 9 pi. 8°. London, J. Murray, 1889.

Palma, Italy, (Miinicipio di). Palma e suo distretto. 194 pp. 3 pi. 1 map. 8°. Udine, G. Seitz, 1869. s.

Palmer (A. B. m. d.) and others, editors. See Peninsular (The) and independent medical journal, 1858-59.

Palmer (Charlotte). It is, and it is not a novel. 2 v. x, 5-337 pp; 376 pp. 16°. London, Roolcham cf Carpenter, 1792.

Palmer (Edward Henry). The desert of the exodus: journeys on foot in the wilderness of the forty years' wanderings; undertaken in connexion with the ordnance survey of Sinai, and Palestine exploration fund.

2 v. xx, 280 pp. 5 pi. 3 maps; 3 p. 1. 283576 pp. 11 pi. 2 maps. 8°. Cambridge, [Eng.] Deighton, Bell cf co. 1871.

Palmer (H. R.) The standard, [music, 1872]. See Emerson (L. O.) and Palmer.

Palmer (John William, m. d.) The golden Dagon; or, up and down the Irrawaddi. Being passages of adventure in the burPALMER.


Palmer (John William, m. d.)—continued, man empire, xii, 311 pp. inc. engd. tit. 12°. New Yo?% Dix, Edwards $ co. 1856.

The same. Up and down the Irra

waddi; or the golden Dagon. New and rev. ed. 1 p. 1. xi, 311 pp. 1 pi. 12°. Nexo York, Budd cj- Carleton, 1859.

Palmer (Lynde, pseudon.) See Peebles (Mrs. Mary L.)

Palmer (Ray, d.d.) Home; or, the unlost paradise. 131 pp. sm. 4°. New Yorlc, A. D. F. Randolph $ co. [1872].

Palmer (Shirley, m. d.) Popular illustrations of medicine, xvi, 396 pp. 8°. London, Baldwin f Cradoch, 1829.

Palmer (Thomas H.) The moral instructor; or culture of the heart, affections, and intellect, while learning to read. Parts 2, 3, & 4. 3 v. 12°. Boston, The normal school society, 1842-43. [Part 1 wanting].

Note.—Part 2 was published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & co. of Philadelphia, 1843. Part 4 has a second half-title, viz: "The yankee boy; or incidents in the life of Frank Reed."

Palmerin de Oliva. L'histoire de Palmerin d'Olive, filz dv roy Florendos de Macedone, & de la belle Griane, fille de Rernicius empereur de Constantinople: discours plaisant & de singulière récréation, traduit jadis par vn auteur incertain de castillan en françoys, mis en lumière & en son entier, selon nostre vulgaire, par Ian Maugin, dit le petit Angeuin. Reueu &, émendé par le mesme auteur. \_anon.~\ 8 p. 1. 223 1. unp. sm. 4°. Anvers, I. Waesberghe, 1572.

Palmieri (Luigi). The eruption of Vesuvius in 1872. With notes, and an introductory sketch of the present state of knowledge of terrestrial vulcanicity. By Robert Mallet. 2 p. 1. 148 pp. 8 pi. 8°. London, Aslxer cf co. 1873.

Palomares (Francisco Xavier de Santiago). El maestro de leer. Conversaciones ortologicas, y nuevas cartillas para la verdadera uniforme ensenanza de las primeras letras. 2 v. xl, 373 pp; 4 p. 1. 575 pp. 11. sm. 4°. Madrid, A. de Sancha, 1786.

Pancoast (Seth, m. d.) The ladies' medical guide and marriage friend. 584 pp. 5 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, author, [1859].

Onanism.—Spermatorrhoea. Porneio

kalogynomia-pathology. Boyhood's perils and manhood's curse. 225 pp. 9 pi. 12°. Philadelphia, [author], 1858.

Panizzi (Antonio). Stories from italian writers, with a literal interlinear trans

Panizzi (Antonio)—continued, lation, on Locke's plan of classical instruction. Illustrated with notes. 1st am. from last Lond. ed. With additional translations and notes by F. Mancinelli. 169 pp. 16°. Philadelphia, Carey cj- Lea, 1832.

Paoli (Pasquale de'). Lefctere, 1755-1807, con una cronachetta delle cose di Corsica, 1737-41, illustrate con note e proemio di N. Tommaseo. ccvii, 632 pp. 2 1. 8°. Firenze, G-. T. Vieusseux, 1846. [arciiivio storico italiano, v. 11].

Papenbroeck (Daniel van). Conatus chronico-historicus ad catalogum romanonim pontificum. Cum prsevio ad eundem apparatu Godefridi Henschenii atque Petri Possini a s. Petro usque ad Paschalem ii. Pars i, ii. Subjunguntur paralipomena addendorum, mutandorum, aut corrigendorum in conatu. fol. Parisiis et Bomœ, V. Palmé, 1868.

[acta sanctorum, (propylaoum), v. 13]. Note.—Inserted at appropriate places are about eighty dissertations on points of historical interest.

Papers relative to the negotiation with France, presented by his majesty's command to both houses of parliament, 22d december, 1806. In french and english. 2d ed. xv, 254 pp. 8°. London, J. Bidgeway, 1807. [bailey pamphlets, v. 6].

Papini (Niccola). La storiadi s. Francesco di Assisi. 2 v. 262 pp. 2 1; 260 pp. 1 1. 4°. Fidigno, G. Tomassini, 1825-27.

Papon (Louis). Œvvres dv chanoine Loys Papon, poète forésien dv xvie siècle, imprimées pour la première fois sur les manuscrits originaux, par les soins et avx frais de N. Yemeniz. Précédées d'une notice sur la vie & les œuvres de Loys Papon, par Guy de la Grye. li, 258 pp. 8°. Lyon, L. Perrin, 1857.


Discovrs à mademoyzelle Panfîle, pp. 1-58; env

blêmes et devises d'amour, pp. 59-97. Monbri

son, 1581. Pastorelle svr la victoire obtenve contre les ale

mands reytres tasqvenets sovyses et françois

rebelles à Dieu & au roy très chrestien l'an 1587.

xix, 1-140 pp. Meslanges, pp. 141-159. La novvelle recognoissance dv prievr de Marcilly.

Escrite, & illuminée de la propre main de L.

Papon, 1596. pp. 161-167, inc. 2 tail-pieces.

The same. Supplément aux oeuvres

du chanoine Loys Papon, publié pour la première fois sur les manuscrits originaux. Précédé d'une notice sur cette nouvelle PAPON.


Papon (Louis)—continued.

publication par Guy de la Grye. 8°. Lyon, L. Perrin, 1860. [With the preceding].


Hymne apriricesse Marg. de Valoisreine do France.

'G-ovtelas en forest, P. Marsilhy, [1597]. 36 pp.

La Constance. [Emblemes de Constance.] xi, 36,

111 pp. inc. orn. title and tail-piece. Note.—Private copy. Edition not for sale.

Paradies-gartlein (Das), ein andachtsbuch fur katholische christen, [anon], 320 pp. 24°. New York, E. Dunigan $• bruder, 1850.

Pardon (George Frederick). Backgammon: its theory and practice. With something of its history. By captain Crawley. [pseudon.'] Illustrated by Kenny Meadows. 5 p. 1. Ill pp. 18°. London, C. H. Clarice, 1860.

• Whist; its theory and practice: with

chapters on loo and cribbage. 3d ed. x, 170 pp. 18°. London, C. H. Clarice, 1859.

Farenteaux-Desgranges (Jacques). Revelations a la patrie; hommage a la ve"rite"; precis historique des 6v6nemens les plus remarquables survenus depuis la rentre'e de Russie jusqu'au passage du Rhin ; tableau des h6pitaux militaires pendant la derniere guerre; description therapeutique et traitement pr6servatif de la maladie contagieuse de 1813 et 1814. 1 p. 1. viii, 159 pp. 8°. Paris, Croohard, [etc. 1814]. [napoleon pamphlets, v. 14].

Fareus (David Wangler de). Irenicum, sive de unione et synodo evangelicorvm coucilianda liber votivus paci ecclesirc, & desiderijs pacificorum dicatus, 8 p. 1. 346 pp. 6 1. sm. 4°. Heidelbergai, impensis Jliosce, 1615.

Parfitt (Thomas, d. d.) Gospel harmony, a sacred poem, of four parts. 6 p. 1. 250 pp. 12°. London, Eoake cf Varty, 1837.

Paris (Rev. John). History of the methodist protestant church: giving a general view of the-causes and events that led to the organization of that church; and a more particular account of transactions in North Carolina, never before published. With an appendix. 411 pp. 12°. Baltimore, Sherwood cf co. 1849.

Paris (John Ayrton, m. d.) Pkamiacologia; or the history of medicinal substances, with a yiew to establish the art of prescribing and of composing extemporaneous formulae upon fixed and scientific principles; illustrated by formulae. Fiom

Paris (John Ayrton, m. d.)—continued, the last Lond. ed. 428 pp. 8°. New York, F. cf JR. Lockwood, 1822.

The same. Pharmacologia; compre

hending the art of prescribing upon fixed and scientific principles; with the history of medicinal substances. 2d am. from 5th Lond. ed. With additions and illustrations of the materia medica of the U. S. by Ansel W. Ives, m. d. 2 v. 324 pp; 375 pp. 8°. New-York, F. $ 11. Lockwood, 1824. The same. From the 9th Lond. ed.

With notes, by Charles' A. Lee, in. cl. xiv

1.353 pp. 8°. New York, Harper § brothers,

1844. Paris (Paulin, editor). Les historiettes. 6

v. 16°. Paris, 1862. See Tallemant des

Reaux (G.) Paris (Raimbert de). See Raimbert de

Paris. Paris. Soeiete d'''etudes pour la colonisation de

la Gmjane francaise. Publications. 8°.

Paris, JJethune, 1844.


Nouvion (V. de). Extraits des auteurs et voyageurs qui out ecrit sur la Guyane, etc. [No. 4],

Park (Edwards Amasa, d. d. editor). The atonement. Discourses and treatises by [Jonathan] Edwards, [J.] Smalhyy, [J.] Maxcy,.[N.] Emmons, [E. D.] Griffin, [C] Burge, and [W. R.] Weeks. With an introductory essay, by Edwards A. Park, lxxx, 596 pp. 8°. Boston, Congregational board of publication, 1859.

The preacher and pastor, by Fe"n61on,

Herbert, Baxter, Campbell. Edited and accompanied with an introductory essay by E. A. Park. 468 pp. 12°. Andover, [Mass.] Allen, Morrill cj- War dwell, 1845.

Phelps (Austin), and Mason (Lowell). The sabbath hymn book; for the service of song in the house of the lord. 941 pp. 16°. New York, Mason brothers, [1858].

Parke (Uriah). Parke's series, no. 2. The farmers' and mechanics' practical arithmetic, revised and improved. 179 pp. 12°. Zanesville, (O.) A. Lippitt, 1839.

The same. Stewart's new ed. Parke's

farmers', merchants', and mechanics' practical arithmetic, with additions. 20th ed. 179 pp. 12°. Hagerstown, Md. W. Stewart, 1847.

The same. 20th ed. 179 pp. 12°.

Hagerstown, Md. W. Stewart, 1848.

— The same. Parke's series, no. 4.

Lectures on the philosophy of numbers, PARKE.


Parke (Uriah)—continued.

and the adaptation of arithmetic to the business purposes of life. 8, 13-340 pp. 12°. Zanesville, 0., U. P. Bennett, 1842.

Parker (Benjamin). A journey thro' the world: in a view of the several stages of human life. 2d ed. 176 pp. 8°. Birmingham, author, 1738. [ With his Philosophical meditations].

Philosophical dissertations, with

proper reflections, [etc.] 2d ed. 32 pp. 8°. Birmingham, author, 1738. [ With his Philosophical meditations].

— Philosophical meditations, with divine inferences. 2d ed. 2 v. in 1. 88 pp; 88 pp. 8°. Birmingham, author, 1738.

Parker (Daniel). Parker's improved arithmetic. [Also], a practical system of hookkeeping. 252 pp. 16°. New York, B. Bartlett tf S. Raynor, 1833.

Parker (Mrs. Helen F.) Blind Florette. 318 pp. 2 pi. 16°. Boston, Congregational publishing society, [1871].

Sunrise and sunset: a true tale. 220

pp. 16°. Auburn, Derby $ Miller, 1854.

Parker (Hiram, m.d.) The harmony of the ages: a thesis on the relations between the conditions of man and the character of God. xi, 368 pp. 12°. Boston, J. P. Jewett $ co. 1856.

Parker (Richard Green). National school series.—Introductory lessons in reading and elocution. Part 1. Lessons in reading, by R. G. Parker. Part 2. Lessons in elocution, by J. C. Zachos. 195 pp. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes § co. 1852.

■ National series of selections for reading. Part 1-4. 4v. 18°, 16°, & 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes cj- co. 1851. s.


Part 1. Parker's first reader. 20 pp. 18°.
Part 2. Parker's second reader. 204 pp. 1(3°.
Part 3. Parker's third reader. 236 pp. 12°.
Part 4. Parker's fourth reader. 360 pp. 12°.

and Watson (James Madison). National series, nos. 3-5, etc. 4 v. 12°. New York, A. S. Barnes $• co. 1857-58.

CONTENTS. No. 3. The national third reader. 240 pp. 1857. No. 4. The national fourth reader. 405 pp. 1858. No. 5. The national fifth reader. 600 pp. 1858. - The national pronouncing speller. 188 pp. 1857.

Parker (S. E.) Logic, or the art of reason-
ing simplified. 328 pp. 8°. Philadelphia,
R. Davis, 1837.
Note.—The "analysis of the work" (pp. 325-328)

is interposed between the preface (pp. 3-23) and

introduction (pp. 25, etc.)

Parker (Rev. Theodore). A discourse of matters pertaining to religion. 4th ed. xi, 466 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown $ co. 1856.

Life and correspondence, 1864. Sec

Weiss (Rev. John). Sermons of theism, atheism, and the

popular theology. lxvi, 417 pp. 12°.

Boston, Little, Brown tf co. 1853. The same. 2d ed. lxxv, 365 pp. 8°.

Boston, Little, Brown tf co. 1856. Theodore Parker's experience as a

minister, with some account of his early life, and education for the ministry. Contained in a letter. 182 pp. 12°. Boston, B. Leighton, jr. 1859.

Parker (William Henry). A grammar of the english language, based upon . an analysis of the english sentence. 384 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, Eldredge $• brother, 1866.

Parkes. See Parks or Parkes (Mrs. Fanny).

Parkhurst (John, 1728-97). A greek and english lexicon to the new testament. [With] a plain and easy greek grammar. 3d ed. xi, iv, 89, 759 pp. 1 tah.l pi. 8°. London, J. Davis, for G. G. $f J. Robinson, 1798.

An hehrew and english lexicon, without points. [With] an hebrew and a chaldee grammar, without points. 4th ed. xxx, 28, 16, 799 pp. 1 tab. 1 pi. 8°. London, J. Davis, for G. G. cj- J. Robinson, 1799.

Parkinson (Richard). Of turnips and pea fallows, with a design of a rotation in crops. 296 pp. 12°. Washington, C. Cist, 1801.

Parkinson (Sydney). A journal of a voyage to the south seas, in his majesty's ship the Endeavour. To which is now added, Remarks on the preface, by the late John Fothergill, and an appendix, containing an account of the voyages of commodore Byron, captain Wallis, captain Carteret, monsieur Bougainville, captain Cook, and captain Gierke. 1 p. 1. xxiii, [436] pp. 1 1. 3 maps, 27 pi. 4°. London, C. Dilly, 1784.

Parkman (Francis, d. d.) An offering of sympathy to the afflicted; especially to bereaved parents. New ed. xx, 259 pp. 16°. Boston and Cambridge, J. Munroe cf co. 1854.

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