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Simons (Nicholas)—continued.

The same, 1850-1852. New series.

With some cases reported by C. Stewart
D re wry. With notes and references to
english and american decisions by J. L.
Hanes and Nathan Howard, jr. 2 v. 8°.
Neiv York, Banks $ brothers, 1864-65.

and Btuart(John). Reports of cases

decided in the high court of chancery, by the right lion, sir John Leach, 1822-1826. With notes and references to english and american decisions, by John A. Dunlap. 2 v. 8°. New York, Gould, Banks $ eo. 1843. Skene (Sir John). De verborum significatione. The exposition of the terrues and difficill wordes conteined in the foure buikes of regiam majestatein, and uthers. 157 pp. 8°. [Edinburgh, J. Anderson, 1808].

[With Bell (R.) Dictionary of the law of Scot-
land, v. 2, ed. Edinburgh, 1807-08].

Sloper (William). Trial, 1738. Set Cibber
(Theophilns) vs. Sloper (William).

Smith (Abram D.) Reports of cases argued
and determined in the supreme court of
the state of Wisconsin, 1857-1858. v. 6.
Revised and annotated by William F. Vilas
and Edwin E. Bryant. [v. 6, Wisconsin
reports]. 8°. Chicago, Callaghan Sf eo.

Smith (John William). A selection of leading cases, on various branches of the law: with notes. American editors, J. I. Clark Hare and H. B. Wallace. 7th am. from the last eng. ed. With additional notes, I and references to american decisions, by j J. I. Clark Hare and J. W. Wallace. 2 v.! in 3. 8°. Philadelphia, T. § J. TV. Johnson \ Sr co. 1872.;

Smith (P. FrMzer). A complete collection; of forms of procedure in the several courts of Pennsylvania. 2d ed. 3 p. 1. 791 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Kay $ brother, 1872.

Smith (William). Laws of New York, 1691- j
1751. See New "York (Colony of). \

South Carolina (State of). Supreme court. \
Reports of cases, 1783-1795. See Bay
(Elihu Hall).

— 'Phe same. v. 2, new series,

1870-1871. See Richardson (J. S. G.)

Southern (The) law review and chart of the southern law and collection union. Edited by Frank T. Reid, Neill S. Brown, jr. [Quarterly]. Jan.-oct. 1872. v. 1. 8°. Nashville, Roberts $ Purvis, 1872.

Spain. Coleccion legislativa de Espana. (Continuacion dela coleccion de decretos). 1871. v. 106-107. 8°. Madrid, ministerio de gracia y justicia, 1871.

Spalding (Hugh Mortimer). A treatise on
the law relating to the powers ancl duties
of justices of the peace aud constables,
in the state of Kansas; with practical
forms. Containing the general principles
of various titles of the law, the laws in
force January 1, 1872, etc. 781 pp. 8°.
Topelca, Crane cf Byron, 1872.

Speed (James, attorney general of the U. S.)
Official opinions, 1864 - 1866. See United
States. Department of justice, (Attorney

Spence (Thomas). A manual for english
bar-students, xi, 465 pp. 12°. London,
Dunn tf Duncan, 1864.

Spence (William). Copyright of designs, as distinguished from patentable invention. 32 pp. 8°. London, V. cf B. Stevens $ G.S. Norton, 1847.

Spencer (William A.) Reports of cases argued and determined in the supreme court of the state of Minnesota, [1870-1871]. v. 7. [v. 16, Minnesota reports]. 8°. St. Paul, Bamaley, Chancy $ co. 1872.

Spike (Edward). The law of master and
servant, in regard to clerks, artizans, do-
mestic servants, and labourers in hus-
bandry. 3d ed. by Charles Hamilton
Bromby. xxvii, 120 pp. 12°. London,
Shaw cj- sons, 1872.

Stanbery (Henry, attorney general of the V. S.)
Official opinions, 1888-1868. See United
States. Department of justice. (Attorney

Stanton (Edwin M. attorney general of the
U.S.) Official opinions, 1861. See United
States. Department of justice. (Attorney

Stiles (Edward H.) Reports of cases in law
and equity determined in the supreme
court of the state of Iowa, [1870-1871].
v. 9-11. Being v. 30-32 of the series. 8°.
Ottumwa, the reporter, 1872.

Stockett (J. Shaaff). Reports of cases argued and determined in the court of appeals of Maryland, 1871-1872. v.9. [v. 35, Maryland reports]. 8°. Baltimore, J. Murphy $ co. 1872.

Stone (William). A practical treatise on benefit buildiug societies, xiv, 312 pp.

i 12°. London, W. Maxwell, 1851.

Story (Joseph, 11. d.) Commentaries on the conflict of laws, foreign and domestic, in regard to contracts, rights, and remedies, and especially in regard to marriages, divorces, wills, successions, and judgments. 7th ed. By Edmund H. Bennett, lvi, 823 pp. 8°. Boston, Little, Brown, cf co. 1872.

Stuart (John). Chancery reports, 18221826. See Simons (Nicholas) and Stuart.

Swabey (Maurice Charles Merttins). The act to amend the law relating to divorce and matrimonial causes in England, with an introduction and notes. 3d ed. viii, 209 pp. 7 1. 8°. London, Shaw cf sons, 1859.

Swan (Joseph R.) and Plum (P. B.) A new treatise on the law relating to the powers and duties of justices of the peace and constables in the state of Kansas, with practical forms, etc. Revised to conform to the statutes in force, 1872. xvi, 683 pp. 8°. Cincinnati, B. Clarice #• co. 1872.

Table analy tique et alphab6tique du Journal des notaires et des avocats et du Dictionnaire du notariat. Par les notaires et jurisconsultes, redacteurs du Journal des notaires. 1808-1865. 4e eU 8°. Paris, . Journal des notaires, 1866.

Tallack (William). The dignity and efficacy of english law as diminished by the capital penalty. 16 pp. 8°. London, Howard association, 1871. s.

Tamiyn (John). Reports of cases decided in the high court of chancery, by the right hon. sir John Leach, [1829-18.30]. With notes and references to english and anieriCiin decisions, 03^ Thos. W. Waterman. 8°.: New York, Banks <.}'■ brothers, 1865.

Tejedor (Carlos). . Curso de derecho crimi- j nal. 2 v. 374 pp; 244 pp. 8°. Buenos \ Aires, <'El national" 1860. s. 1


Parte i. Leyes de fondo. j

Parte ii. Leyes de forma.

Tennessee (State of). Supreme court, Re- i

ports of cases, 1868-1869. See Coldwell!

(Thomas H.) j

Terraggio (Giovanni). Dovere del' uomo

verso dei bruti, con note delF autore. 160

pp. 16°. Novara, Busconi, 1855. Texas (State of). Supreme court. Digest of

decisions, 1872. See Paschal (George

Washington). — Reports of cases, v. 33, 1870.

See Wheelock (E. M.)

Themis, oil bibliotheque du jurisconsulte; par une reunion de magistrats, de professeurs etd'avocats, [1819-1831]. 10 v. 8°. Paris, Baudouin freres, 1819-31.

Thomas (Robert S.) and Williams (George W.) A statement of the trial of Isaac B. Desha • indicted for the murder of Francis Baker, late of Natchez, Miss, held at Cynthiana, Kentucky, before the hon. George Shannon, [1824-1825]. 224 pp. 8°. Lexington, [Ky.] T. T. Bradford, 1825.

Thompson (Isaac Grant). The american reports : containing all decisions of general interest decided in the courts of last resort of the several states, with notes and references, [1864-1871]. v. 2-6. 8°. Albany, J. D. Parsons, jr. 1871-72.

Thompson (John). The law and practice of benefit building societies, terminating and permanent, and of freehold land societies, x, 258 pp. 12°. London, J. Crockford, 1850.

Thompson (R. Augustus). Reports of cases determined in the supreme court of the state of California, 1870-1871. v. 2. [v. 40, California reports]. 8°. Sacramento, [5. Whitney, ete.~] 1872.

Tidswell (Richard Thomas) and Littler (Ralph Daniel Makinson). The practice and evidence in cases of divorce and other matrimonial causes. [362] pp. 12°. London, W. Banning $ son, [etc.'] I860.

Tourgee (Albion W.) North Caroliua code, 1868. See North Carolina (State of).

Townshend (John). A treatise on the wrongs called'slancler and libel, and on the remedy by civil action for those wrongs. 2d ed. 708 pp. 8°. New York, Baker, Voorhis $- co. 1872.

Tribune (La) judiciaire: reoueil des plaidoyers et des requisitoires les plus remarquables des tribunaux francais et dtrangers; par J. Sabbatier, [1855-1862]. 10 v. 8°. Paris, Borrani <f Droz, \_etc.'] 1855-61.

The same, [1861-1864]. 2e serie, v.

1-2. 8°. Paris, A. Durand, 1862-63.

Tryal (A) of witches, at the assizes held at Bury St. Edmonds for the county of Suffolk, on the tenth day of march, 1664; before sir Matthew Hale. Reprinted verbatim from the original edition of 1682. With an appendix by C. Clark. 28 pp. 8°. London, J. 11. Smith, 1838.

Turner (George) and Russell (James). Reports of cases argued and determined in the high court of chancery, during the time of lord chancellor Eldon, 1822-1824. 8°. New York, Banks $> brothers, 1865.

Tuttle (Charles A.) Reports of cases determined in the supreme court of the state of California, [1863]. v. 1. 2d ed. with notes and references to subsequent decisions, by RobertDesty. [v. 23, California reports]. 8°. San Francisco, S. Whitney, [efc] 1872.

Tyrwhitt (Robert Philip). An analytical index to the new edition of the reports of sir Edward Coke, knt. and to the notes of the editors, J. H. Thomas and J. F. Fraser. 2 p. 1. 306 pp. 2 1. 8°. London, J. Butterworth 4' son, 1827.

A summary of the law of modern j

pleading incident to the rules of hilary j term, 1834: with decisions on practice, i evidence and costs, and analyses of the | cases and pleadings, xliii, 792, clxix pp. j 12°. London, S. Sweet, [etc. ) 1846.

Ulman (H. Charles). Lawyer's record and:
official register of the United States. With \
a digest of the laws of the several states,!
touching subjects of commercial law; with j
laws relating to descent of property. Pub-1
lished biennially. 1872. 1143 pp. 8°.;
New York, A. S. Barnes $ co. [1872].

United States. Bounty laws, 1872. See
Rapp (Samuel A.)

Circuit court. 2d circuit. Reports of

cases, 1867-1872. See Blatchford (Samuel).

4th circuit. Proceedings in Ku

Klux trials, at Columbia, S. C. 1871. See
Ku Kluk trials.

8th circuit. Reports of cases,

1870-1871. See Dillon (John F.)

Circuit courts. Reports of patent cases,

1855-1871. See Fisher (Samuel S.)

Circuit courts of Oregon. Reports of

cases, 1867-1872. See Wilson (Joseph G.)

■—— Circuit and district courts of southern Ohio. Reports of cases, 1856-1871. See Bond (Lewis H.)

Department of justice. {Attorney general). Official opinions of the attorneys general of the United States, advising the president and heads of departments in relation to their official duties. Edited by J HubleyAshton. [1861-1869]. v. 10-12.

United States—continued.

8°. Washington, W. H. cf 0. H. Morrison,



v. 10. The opinions of hon. Edwin M. Stanton, lion. Edward Bates, and lion. Titian J. Coffey, acting attorney general.

v. 11. The opinions of hon. Edward Bates, lion. James Speed, and lion. J. Hubley Ashton, acting attorney general.

v. 12. The opinions of lion. Henry Stanbery, hon. O. II. Browning, and hon. William M. Evarts; also, the opinions of hon. J. Hubley Ashton, and hon. John M. Bineldey, acting attorneys general.

Digest of internal revenue and excise laws, 1863 and 1865. See Westcott (Thompson).

District court of Massachusetts. Reports of cases, 1865-1871. See Lowell (John).

District courts, 2d circuit. Reports of

cases, 1869-1871. See Benedict (Robert D.)

Federal courts. Reports of prize cases,

1812-1813. See Fisher (Redwood).

——Patent laws, 1870. 40 pp. I Washington, Government printing office^, 1870.

Supreme court. Reports of cases, 1870

1871. See Wallace (John William). — War Department. {Ordnanceoffice). A

compilation of the laws of the United States relating to and affecting the ordnance department, 1794-1872. By Wm. A. DeCaindry. 120 pp. 8°. Washington, Government printing office, 1872.

United States digest, 1870-1871. New series, v. 1-2. See Abbott (Benjamin Vanghan).

Digest of reports and statutes, 1868

1872. See Abbott (Benjamin Vaughan).
Note.—Known as Abbott's national digest.

United States (The) jurist. [Monthly].
Edited by James Schouler. Jan .-dec.
1871. v. 1. 4°. Washington, W. H. $ O.
H. Morrison, 1871.

The same. A quarterly law magazine. Jan.-dec. 1872. v. 2. 8°. Washington, W. H. cf O. H. Morrison, 1872.

United States law association and collection union chart: containing the names of the members of the association throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. 31pp. obi. 8°. [NeivYoi>k']yl872.

United States monthly law magazine and
examiner. Feb. 1852. v. 5, no. 2. 8°. New
York, J. Livingston, 1852.

Upham (Timothy) vs. Hill (Horatio) and
Barton (Cyrus). Report of the case of

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Upliam (Timothy) etc.—continued.

Timothy Upliam against Hill and Barton.

publishers of the New Hampshire patriot,

for alleged libels, at the court of common

pleas, Rockingham co. march and October

terms, 1830. 159 pp. 21. fac-sim. ms. 8°.

Dover, G. W. Ela, 1830.

[moore pamphlets, v. 127J. The same. October term, 1830. With

an appendix. 98, 24 pp. Concord, Hill 4'

Barton, 1831.

[moore pamphlets, v. 127].

Ure (Andrew) vs. Ure (Catharine). The whole of the proceedings, duly authenticated, in the case of divorce of Andrew Ure, m. d. v. Catharine Ure, for adultery with Granville Sharpe Pattison. Tried in the consistory court at Edinburgh, 30th jan. 1819. [With a preface and analysis byN. Chapman]. 2 p. 1. ix, 39, ii-viii pp. 8°. [Philadelphia, W. Fry, 1821].

Varlet. Recueil des loi et reglements, en vigour en Belgique, sur les brevets d'invention, avec des annotations. 2 p. 1. iii, 312 pp. 8°. Bruxelles, H. llemy, 1838.

Veazey (Wheelock G.) Reports of cases argued and determined in the supreme court of the state of Vermont, [1870-1872]. v. 9. [v. 44,Vermont reports]. 8°. Montpelier, J. 8r J. M. Poland, 1872.

Vermont (State of). The acts and resolves

passed by the general assembly, oct. 1854.

8°. Montpelier, E. P. Walton,jr. 1854. Supreme court. Reports of cases, v.

44,1870-1872. See Veazey (Wheelock G.) Vienne (A. F. Couturier de). See Couturier de Vienne (A. F.) Villargues (Jean Joseph Francois de Rol

land). See Holland de Villargues (Jean

Joseph Francois). Viner (Charles). A general abridgment of

law and equity, v. 13-14 and 16-22. fol.

Alder shot, the author, 1742-45. Virgin (William Wirt). Reports of cases in

law and equity determined by the supreme

judicial court of Maine, [1871]. v. 8, [v.

59, Maine reports]. 8°. Portland, Loring,

Short fy Harmon, 1872. Virginia (Colony of). Acts of assembly now

in force in Virginia, 1748. 58 pp. fol.

Note.—Imperfect at end (?). —-— Acts of assembly passed feb. 1752;

nov. 1753; feb. 1754; oct. 1754; may 1755;

ang. 1755; oct. 1755; march 1756; april

1757 ; sep. 1758; nov. 1758; feb. 1759; nov.

Virginia (Colony of)—continued.

1759; march 1760; may 1760; oct. 1760; march 1761; nov. 1762; may 1763; Jan. 1764 & nov. 1766. 20 v. fol. [Williamsburg, W. Hunter, 1752-66]?

Ordinances passed at a convention

held in the city of Williamsburg, on friday the 1st of dec. 1775. 34 pp. 4°. Williamsburg, A. Pur die, [1775]?

Virginia (State of). Acts passed at a general assembly held at Richmond, 1st march 1781. 8 pp. 1 1. 4°. Bichmond, J. Dixon $ T. Nicholson, [1781]?

The same. Held at Richmond 15th

oct. 1787. 47 pp. 1 1. 4°. Bichmond, J. Dixon, A. Davis $ T. Nicholson, [1787] ?The same. Passed at the regular

session held dec. 2nd, 1861, [and] at the extra session, dec. 4th, 1862. [Restored loyal government. With joint resolutions]. 8°. Wheeling, Daily press office, [etc.-] 1862-63.

- The same. Acts and joint resolutions

passed by the general assembly, at its session, 1871-72. 8°. Bichmond, sup't of public printing, 1872. Supreme court. Reports of cases, 1870

1872. See Grattan (Peachy R.) Vorontsof or Vorontzov. See Woron

zow. Vraye (M.) Du remboursement des offices

ministeriels et de la suppression de leur

venalite. 2 p. 1. 318 pp. 8°. Compiegne,

Breton, [etc.'] 1860. "Wagner (David). The statutes of the state

of Missouri, 3d ed. 1872. See Missouri

(State of). Wait (William). The practice at law, in

equity, and in special proceedings, in all

the courts of record in the state of New

York; with appropriate forms, v. 1. 8°.

Albany, W. Gould $ sons, 1872. A table of cases affirmed, reversed or

cited in any of the volumes of the reports of the state of New York. This table includes all the reported cases from the origin of the state to the year 1872. vi, 732 pp. 8°. Albany, W. Gould cj- son, 1872.

Walker (M.) Collection complete, par ordre chronologique, des lois, e"dits, trait6s de paix, ordonnances, declarations, et re*glemens d'interet general anterieurs a 1789, rest6s en vigeur, avec des renvois a la legislation nouvelle et a la jurisprudence de

Walker (M.)^—continued, la cour de cassation, des cours royales et du conseil- d'etat. Destine" a servir de prole'gomenes a toutes les collections de lois qui commencent a 1789. 5 v. 8°« Paris, Moessard § Jousset, [etc.~\ 1835-37.

Wallace (John William). Cases argued and adjudged in the supreme court of the United States, dec. term, 1870—dec. term, 1871. v. 12-13. 8°. Washington, W.H.f O. H. Morrison, 1872.

Washington {City of). Acts of the corporation of the city of Washington. [From 1st to 9th council, 1802-1811, inclusive]. 8°. Washington, 1803-11.

The same. [From 1st to 36th council, 1802-1839, inclusive]. 4v. 8°. Washington, 1803-39.

Note.—v. 3 contains, also, a digested index of the laws of the corporation to the 26th council inclusive, prepared by David A. Hall.

The same. Laws of the corporation

of the city of Washington [general and special], passed by the 57th-Glst councils, [1859-1864. With reports of the register and of the trustees of public schools]. 5 v. 8°. Washington, P. A. Waters, [etc.'] 1860-64.

General laws of the corporation of

the city of Washington, passed since the first of June 1853, embracing the 51st-62d councils, [1853-1865]. 2 v. 144 pp j 139 pp. 8°. Washington, E. A. Waters, 1860-65.

Waterman (Thomas W.) A treatise on the law of set-off, recoupment, and counter claim. 2d ed. lx, 776 pp. 8°. New York, Baker, Voorhis $• co. 1872.

Watts (Thomas H.) and others. Alabama compendium of legal and business forms; comprising all necessary forms for circuit, city, probate, chancery and justices courts, and all civil officers. Title, 240 pp. 8°. Montgomery, Gibson $• Storrs, 1871.

Webb (W. G.) Reports of cases argued and determined in the supreme court of the state of Kansas, 1870-1871. v. 1-2. [v. 6-7, Kansas reports], 8°. Topeka, S. S. Prouty, [etc.] 1872.

Weekly (The) notes: for the year 1871. 4°. London, W. Clowes $ sons, [1871].


Part 1. Notes of cases heard and determined by the house of lords, the superior courts of equity and common law, the courts of probate and divorce, the chief judge in bankruptcy, and the admiralty and ecclesiastical courts.

Part 2. Rules and orders of the courts, the ga

Weekly (The) notes—continued.

zettes, cause lists, legal appointments and promotions, and miscellaneous legal information.

The same: for the year 1872. 4°.

London, W. Clowes cf sons, [1872].

Wells (John). Probate forms of Massachusetts, 1862. See Massachusetts (State of).

Western (The) jurist. [Monthly]. 18691872. v. 3-6. 8°. Des Moines, Mills <?• co. 1869-72.

Wharton (Mrs. Elizabeth G.) Trial of mrs. Elizabeth G. Wharton, on the charge of poisoning general W. S. Ketchum. Tried at Annapolis, Md. 1871-1872. 1 p. 1. 172 pp. 8°. [Baltimore'], the Baltimore gazette, [1872].

Wharton (Francis, 11. d.) A treatise on the conflict of laws, or private international law, including a comparative view of anglo-americau, roman, german, and french jurisprudence, xxxii, 758 pp. 8°. Philadelphia, Kay §• brothers, 1872.

Wheelock (E. M.) Reports of cases argued and decided in the supreme court of the state of Texas,1870. v. 2. [v. 33, Texas reports]. 8°. Austin, Siemering $ co. 1872.

Whishaw (James). A synopsis of the members of the english bar. xxiv, 284 pp. 12°. London, Stevens $- sons, [etc.] 1835.

Whiting (Samuel). The Connecticut town officer. 288 pp. 16°. Banbury, [Conn.-] N L. Skinner, 1814.

Wigram (Sir James). A treatise on extrinsic evidence in aid of the interpretation of wills. With extensive additions to the text, and copious references to american cases, by John P. O'Hara. 2d am. from the last London ed. xiv, 7-314 pp. 8°. New York, Baker, Voorhis <J% co. 1872.

Wilkins (David). Leges in Anglia condit-SB regnantibus Jutis, Anglis, Saxonibus, Danis. Accedunt leges normannorum regum Guilielmi conquestoris, et Henrici I. et magna charta libertatum Angliae edita regnante Johanne. Collegit, cum codicibus contulit, latine vertit, notis et glossario illustravit D. Wilkinsius.

[In Canciani (P.) Leges barbaroruin. fol. Venetiis, S. Coleti, 1789. "v. 4, pp. 209-460].

Williams (George W.) A statement of the trial of Isaac B. Desha, 1824-1825. See Thomas (Robert S.) and Williams.

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