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Alcott. See Allcott.

Alden (Ebenezer, m. d.) Memoir and correspondence of mrs. Mary Ann Odiorne Clark. 226 pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. s. s. society, 1837.

Alden (Joseph, d. d.) The aged pilgrim. 108 pp. 18°. Boston, Mass. s. s. society, 1846.

— The cardinal flower, and other tales.

108 pp. 18°. Boston, B. Perkins & co. 1845.

The departed sister, and other tales.

178 pp. sq. 18°. New York, Gates $ Stedman, 1847.

— Hand-book for simday-scbool teachers. 222 pp. 16°. New York, Nelson <f Phillips, 1872.

The light-hearfced girl; a tale for children. 108 pp. 18°. Boston, B. Perkins $ co. 1845.

__ xhe lost lamb, and other tales. 108

PX^. 18°. Boston, B. Perkins $ co. 1846.

The old revolutionary soldier. 152 pp.

5 pL sq. 18°. New York, Gates if Stedman, 1848.

Alden (Miriam). Bashie's service: or where 7s a will, there ;s a way. 1 ill. title, 224 pp. 3 pi. 16°. Boston, Warren, Broughton $ Wyman, [1872].

Aldine (The), a typographic art journal. [Monthly]. Jan, to dec. 1872. v. 5. fol. New York, J. Sutton $- co. 1873.

Alene i London, 1870. See Smith (Hannah).

Alex, [pseudon.'] As she would have it. By "Alex." [The woman question]. 105 pp. 12°. Philadelphiaj J. B. Lippincoit cf co. 1873.

Alexander (Archibald, d. d.) Thoughts on religious experience. 311 pp. portrait. 12°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1841.

The same. 3d ed. 397 pp. portrait.

12°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, 1844.

The same.

397 pp. portrait. 12°. Philadelphia, Presbyterian board of publication, [1868].

Alexander (James Waddell, d. d.) Consolation: in discourses on select topics, addressed to the suffering people of God. 448 pp. 8°. New-York, C. Scribner, 1853.

— Discourses on common topics of christian faith and practice. 463 pp. 8°. New York, C, Scribner, 1858.

Alexander (J. W. d. (?.)—coulinucd.

The life of Archibald Alexander, d. d.

3d thousand, xi, 700 pp. portrait. 8°.

New-York, C. Scribner, 1854. ———- The same, xi, 563 pp. portrait.

12°. . New York, C. Scribner, 1856. Alexander (John Henry). Catena domini

ca. 1 p. 1. v, 177 pp. 12°. Philadelphia,

H. Hooker, 1855. Alexander (Samuel Davies). Princeton

college during the eighteenth century.

xvii, 326 pp. 8°. New York, A. D. F.

Randolph fy co. [1872]. Alexander (William, of Menstrie, afterwards

earl of Stirling or Sterline). [The monarch

icke tragedies. Croesus, Darius, the Alexandrian, Julius Ciesar]. 3 p. 1. 253 pp.

fol. [London, 1637].

[Imperfect: title-page wanting. Probably v. 1 of an edition entitled .Recreations with the inuses].

Alexander (William, of Philadelphia, bom 1808). The poetical works of W. Alexander; including his Christiad, dramas, and minor poems, with dissertations on poetry, and a sketch of his life. xv, 263 pp. portrait. 8°. Philadelphia, J.B. Lippincott <?• co. 1847.

Alexander (William D. S.) The hermit of the Pyrenees and other miscellaneous poems. From London ed. xi, 126 pp. 16°. London, Longman, [etc.] 1859.

Alford (Henry). The poetical works of Henry Afford. 1 p. 1. 424 pp. 12°. Boston, Ticknor, Beed <$- Fields, 1853.

Alfredus. [pseudon.'] The needle-woman. ByAlfredus. 155 pp. 8°. [Boston, 1871].

Alger (Horatio, jr.) Bertha's Christmas vision; an autumn sheaf, viii, 248 pp.

1 pi. 16°. Boston, Brown, Bazin $• co. 1856.

Frank's campaign; or, what boys

can do on the farm for the camp. 296 pp.

2 pi. 16°. Boston, Boring, 1864.

Luck and pluck series. 16°. [Bos

ton, Lor in g, 1872].


Strive and succeed; or, the progress of Walter Conrad. Engd. tit. 355 pp. 4 pi.

Tattered Tom series. 1st series in

4 v. 16°. Boston, Boring, [1871-72].


1. Tattered Tom; or, the story of a street Arab.

28-2 pp. 3 pi. [1871].

2. Paul, the pedlar; or, the adventures of a young

street merchant. 281pp. 3^1. [1871 J.

3. Phil, the fiddler; or, the story of a young street

musician. 265 pp. 3 pi. [1872].

4. Slow and sure; or, from the street to the shop.

280 pp. 3 pi. [1872].



Ali ben Abi Taleb (the 4th caliph). Carmina. Aral>ice et latine. Edidit et notis illustravit Gerardus Kuypers. 4 p. 1. 195 pp. 18 1. 8°. Lugduni Batavorum, J. Hasebroek 4" B. Jougelyn, 1745.

Alice and Bessie; or growth in grace. [anon.] 160 pp. 18°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, [1853].

Alice Clifford, and her day-dreams, [anon.'] 208 pp. 4 pi. 18°. Philadelphia, American s. s. union, [1854].

Alida; or, miscellaneous sketches of occurrences during the late americau war. Founded on fact. By an unknown author. [anon.] vii, 223 pp. 18°. New York, author, 1841.

Alison (Bev. Archibald). Essays on the nature and principles of taste. With corrections and improvements by Abraham Mills. 461 pp. 12°. New York, Harper 4 brothers, 1844.

Sermons, chiefly on particular occasions. 2 v. xvi, 488 pp; xii, 483 pp. 8°. Edinburgh, A. Constable 4 co. 1815-17. Note.—v. 1, Gth eel; v. 2, 2d ed.

— The same. 3d americau ed. 296 pp.

12°. Georgetown, Col., W. A. Hind 4 co. 1815.

Alison (Archibald, 11. d. son of preceding). History of Europe from the commencement of the french revolution in 1789, to the restoration of the Bourbons in 1815. Abridged from the last London ed. By Edward S. Gould, xxiv, 494 pp. 8°. New York, J. Winchester, 1843.

All the children's library. 4 v. sq. 16°. Boston, Walker, Wise 4' co. 1860.


Bessie Grant's treasure. By auut Dora, [pseudon.] Modesty and merit; or, the Gray-bird's story of

little May-Rose and John, [anon.] Noisy Herbert, and other stories, [anon.] Summer (A) with the little Grays, [anon.]

Allardyce (Alexander). An address to the proprietors of the bank of England. 3d ed. with additions. [Entitled, Postscript to an address, etc; with an appendix, and a continuation of the postscript], 32, 156 pp. 4°. London, W. J. 4 J* Bichardson, 1798.

Allcott (William W.) Allcott's produce tables, showing the value of any quantity of grain, estimated at sixty pounds to the bushel. 65 1. unp. 16°. Rochester, [N. Y.] Marshall 8f Dean3 1831.

Allebach (J. C.) and Hunsberger (I. E.) Readable notes for the sunday-school, heing a very choice collection of hymns and tunes, in the seven character notes. 160 pp. sq. 16°. Philadelphia, S. C. Collins, [1872].

The temple harp: being a very choice

collection of sacred music, comprising the most popular psalm and hymn tunes, anthems, &c. in J. B. Aiken's seven character notes. 384 pp. obi. 8°. Philadelphia, S. C. Collins, [1872]. Alleine (Joseph). Earail dhurachdach do pheacaich neo-iompaichte: le I. Alleine, eadar-theangaichte o'n bheurla, le I. Smith, d. d. a nis air a leasachadh. 180 pp. 18°. Glasgow, D. Macvean, 1839. [A translation from the abridgment of Thornton, entitled "Alleine's admonition"].

Allen (Chester G.) The coronation, 1872. See Seward (T. F.) and Allen.

Allen (Elizabeth [Akers] ). Forest buds, from the woods of Maine. By Florence Percy, [pseudon.] 207 pp. 12°. Boston, Brown, Basin 4~ co. 1856.

Allen (Rev. Joseph Henry). Greek reader. Selections. With notes. 1871. See Goodwin (William W.) and Allen.

—— Latin primer: a first book in latin for

boys and girls, viii, 127,27 pp. 10 1. 12°. Boston, Ginn brothers 4 co. 1870.

and Greenough (James Bradstreet).

A latin grammar for schools and colleges, founded on comparative grammar, xv, 252 pp. 12°. Boston, Ginn brothers, 1872. Allen (Lewis F.) History of the short-horn cattle: their origin, progress and present condition. 266 pp. 10 pi. 8°. Buffalo, author, 1872.

Allen (Richard L. m.d.) Domestic animals. History and description of the horse, mule, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry and farmdogs. Also, their diseases, and remedies. 227 £p. 12°. New York, author, 1848.

Hand-hook of Saratoga, and stran

gers7 guide. 131pp. 4 pi. 12°. New-York, W. H. Arthur 4 co. 1859.

Allen (William, d.d.) Wunnissoo, or the vale of Hoosatunnuk, a poem, with notes. 237 pp. portrait. 12°. Boston, J. P. Jewett 4 co. 1856.

Allgemeine zeitung. [Augsburg tiigliche]. 1 januar bis 31 dec. 1872. 4 v. 4°. Stuttgart 4 Augsburg, J. G. Coita, 1872.



Allison (Joy, pseudon f) Kate Jameson and her friends. 308 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Boston, Congregational pub Malting society, [ 1872 ].

Allix (Peter). Dissertationes tres. i. De sanguine d. n. Iesu Christ!, ad epist. 146 s. Augustini. ii. De conciliorurn quorumvis definitionibus expendendis. iii. De Tertulliani vita & scriptis. 3 parts in 1 v. 12°. Lutetiw Parisiorum, apud A. Cellier, 1680. Allman (George James, on. d.) A monograph of the gymnoblastic or tubularian hydroids. Conclusion of part 1, and part 2, containing descriptions of the genera and species of the gyrnnoblastea. 3 p. 1. 155-450 pp. 111. 11 pi. fol. London, 1872. [bay society],

Allston (Emma F.) The jewel; a holiday gift for hoys and girls. 160 pp. 10 pi. 18°. New York, J. Winchester, 1844.

Allwood (Rev. Philip). A key to the revelation of st. John, the divine; being an analysis of those parts of that book which relate to the general state of the christian church through all the times since it was written, [etc.] 1 v. in 2. xxvi, 984 pp. 1 table. 8°. London, C. J. G. cf F. Rivington, 1829.

Almanac for the use of navigators. See United States. (Navy department). Nautical almanac office.

Almanach de Funiversite royale de France, et des divers 6tablissements destruction publique, 1846-48. 3 v. 8°. Paris, L. JSaehette $• cie. 1846-48.

Almanach. de la conr, de la ville et des departments. Pour l'annee 1810. [anon.'] 17 p. 1. 220 pp. 32°. Pans, Janet, [1809].

Almindelige (Den) danske landmandsforsamling. Den ellevte danske landmandsforsamling i Kjobenhavn 6te~10de juli 1869. Beretning om moderne, forhandlingerne og foredragene, dyrsknet og ovrige udstillinger. Udgiven af D. Dessau. 8°. Ejobenhavn, J. H. Schnltz, 1870. s.

Almon (John). A collection of treaties of peace, commerce and alliance, between Great-Britain and other powers, from the year 1619 to 1734. [With] a discourse on the conduct of the government of GreatBritain to neutral nations. By C. Jenkinson. [anon.] iv, 156 pp. 8°. London, J. Almon cj- J. Delrett, 1781.

— [Areviewofmr.Pitt's administration].

Die staats-verwaltung des herrn William Pitt, in und ausser Grossbritannien, vor

Almon (John)—continued, und wahrend seinem staats-secretariat, unpartheyisch erzahlet und beurtheilet. Aus dem englischen originale. [anon.] 326 pp. portrait. 16°. Berlin, F. TV. Birnstiel, 1763.

— The same. Anhang zu der Staatsverwaltung des herrn William Pitt, [etc.] Aus dem englischen des verfassers der beurtheilung gedachter staats-verwaltung. [anon.] 96 pp. 16°. Berlin, F. W. Birnstiel, 1764. [ With the preceding].

Alpers (W.) The Beethoven collection of sacred music, 1855; also, 1857. See Ives, (E. jr.) Alpers (W.) and Timm (H. C.)

Althea. {anon.'] 152 pp. 18°. New York, Carlton $ Porter, [1862].

Alvarez (Francisco, chaplain to Manuel, king of Portugal, 1515). Ho preste loam das Indias. Verdadera informacam das terras do preste loam segundo vio y escreveo ho padre Francisco Alvarez. Agora novamente impresso. b.l. 1361.51. unp. fol. [ Coimbra, L. Rodriguez'], 1540. Note.—Imperfect; wanting title-page and last page, and numerous leaves, which are, however, supplied in ins. In rude gothic type, 42 lines on a page.

Alvarez (Raphael) and G-rediaga (Isidor G.) Guia de Nueva York, para uso de los Espanoles 6 Hispanoamericanos. 166 pp. 38 pi. 1 map. 12°. Nueva York, J. A. Gray, 1863.

Alvergnat (Victor). The modern class hook of french pronunciation. With an appendix in which the conjugation of the most difficult verhs is given, etc. 12°. iv, 173 pp. Boston, Shonhof^' M oiler, 1872.

Amaranth (The), a literary and religious offering, designed as a Christmas and new year's present. Edited by J. H. Buckingham. 180 pp. 1 pi. 16°. Newburyport, C. Whipple, [1831].

Amaranth (The); or token of remembrance. A Christmas and new year's gift for 1848. 12°. Boston, N C. Barton, 1848.

-Thesame. For 1850. 12°. New-York,

Gates, Siedman $- co. 1850.

Amateur (The). A repository of music, literature, and art. [Monthly]. Anthony O. Busch, editor. Sept. 1870, to aug. 1872. v. 1-2. 4°. Philadelphia, Lee 4' Wallcer, [1870-72].

Amateurs' (The) guide for 1872. A complete book of reference, relative to the amateur editors, authors, printers and publishers of AMATEURS.


Amateurs' (The) guide for 1872—continued.

America. Written and compiled by Fred.

K. Morrill. 88 pp. 10 pi. 18°. Chicago,

Amateur publishing co. 1872,

Ambrose (Rev. Isaac). War with devils.

228 pp. 12°. Benvick, W. Phorson, 1797. American agricultural annual. A farmers' year-book, exhibiting recent progress in agricultural theory and practice, and a guide to present and future labors, 1871. [v. 5]. 16°. New York, 0. Judd $ co. 1871. American (The) agriculturist. For the farm, garden and household. [A monthly magazine]. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 31. 4°. New York, 0. Jiidd $ co. [ 1872]. ■ The same. Der amerikanische agriculturist, gewidmet dor belehrung aller klassen, welche inder bodencultur betheiligt sind, darin begriffen der farmer, glirtner, etc. Januar bis dez. 1872. v. 31. 4°. New York, 0. Judd $ co. [1872]. American annals of the deaf and dumb. Edited by Lewellyn Pratt and Edward A. Fay. Jan. 1870, to oct. 1872. v. 15-17. 8°. Washington, Convention am. instructors deaf <and dumb, 1870-72. American (The) bee journal. [Monthly]. Edited by Samuel Wagner. July, 1871, to June, 1872. v. 7. 8°. Washington, S. Wagner, 1872. American (The) bibliopolist. [Monthly]. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 4. 8°. New York, J. Sabin $ sons, 1872. American (The) bookseller's guide. Monthly. Jan. 1 to dec. 1,1872. v. 4. 8°. New York, American news company, 1872. American colonization society. See African (The) repository. American (The) commonplace book of

prose. See Cheever (G. B.) American eclectic medical review. [Monthly]. Editors: Robert S. Newton, m. d. Alexander Wilder, m. d. and E. S. McClellan, m. d. July, 1871, to June, 1872. v. 7. 8°. New York, Lange, Little fy Hillman, 1872. American (The) educational monthly. A magazine of popular instruction and literature. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 9. 8°. New York, J. W. Schermerhorn fy co. 1872. American /The) exchange and review. A miscellany of useful knowledge and general literature. Especially devoted to finance, mining and metallurgy, insurance, [etc. Monthly]. March, 1872, to

American (The) exchange, etc.—continued, feb. 1873. v. 21-22. 8°. Philadelphia, Review publishing $* printing co. 1872-73.

American (The) gift-book; or military souvenir. [Incidents in the mexican war. anon.-] 262 pp. 20 pi. 12°. New-York, D. Appleton 4' co. 1848.

American (The) grainers' hand-book, 1872. See Masury (J. W.)

American (The) historical record, and repertory of notes and queries concerning the history and antiquities of America and biography of Americans. Edited by Benson J. Lossing, 11. d. [Monthly]. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 1. sm. 4°. Philadelphia, Chase cf Town, 1872.

American horticultural annual. A yearbook of horticultural progress for the professional and amateur gardener, fruitgrower, and florist. 1871. [v. 5]. 16°. New York, 0. Judd $ co. 1871.

American institute of homoeopathy. Transactions of the twenty-second session, held in Boston, June 8-11, 1869. New series. v. 1. 8°. Boston, A. Mudgetf son, 1870.

The same. Transactions of the twen

ty-fourth session, held in Philadelphia, june 6-9,1871. New series. 8°. Chicago, Lakeside press, 1872. American institute of instruction. The lectures delivered before the American institute of instruction, in Boston [and elsewhere], including the journal of proceedings, and a list of the officers. [For the years 1831, 1844-45, 1850, 1852, 1858-61, 1863]. 8° & 12°. Boston, W. D. Ticknor 4- co. 1832-64.


Abbott (Jacob). On moral education. 1831. Alcott (W. A.) Prize essay on the construction

of school-houses. 1831. Adams (F. A.) On intellectual arithmetic. 1845. Adams (T. D.) The hearings of popular education

upon civilization. 1861. Bates (J. jr.) On dr. Thomas Arnold. 1852. Bellows (J". N.) The duty of the american

teacher. 1844. Brooks (C.) On the introduction of natural history as a regular classic in our seminaries. 1844. Brooks (W. H.) On the education of the five

senses. 1831. Brown (G-.) On grammar. 1831. Brown (M. T.) The.necessity of education in a

free state. I860. Butler (J. D.) Incentives to mental culture

among teachers. 1852. Calthrop (S. R.) Physical development. 1858. Chase (C. C.) God's plan for educating men. 1850. Durgin (C.) On natural history, as a branch of

common education. 1831. Emerson (G. B.) On the education of females.

1831. Felton (C. C.) The schools of modern Greece.

1860. Foster (John). Modern notions of a practical

education. 1858.



American institute of instruction—cont'd.

Fowle ("W. B.) On the best method of teachinggeography. 1845.

Fowler (W". C.) Influence of academies and high schools on common schools. 1831.

G-alloup (D. P.) Some of the dangers of teachers. 1844.

G-reene (S. S.) On methods of teaching to read. 1844.

Gulliver (J. P.) The school the ally of the pulpit. 1859.

Hale (J.) On school discipline. 1844.

Hawes («T.) Address on the formation and excellence of the female character, 1845.

Dignity of the teacher's office. 1845.

Hillard (Gr. S.) On the connection between geography and history. 1845.

Jarvis (E.) On the necessity of the study of physiology. 1845.

Jenn'er (S.) On the importance of early training. 1850.

Johnson (A. N.) On vocal music in common schools. 1845.

Mckeen (J.) The school-system of the state of New York. 1852.

Mann (H.) The necessity of education in a republican government. 1844.

Northend (C.) On some of the obstacles to the greater success of common schools. 1844.

Olmsted (D.) On the beau ideal of the perfect teacher. 1845.

Parkhurst (J. L.) On the means which may be employed to stimulate the student without the aid of emulation. 1831.

Philbrick (J. D.) Characteristics of the true teacher. 1850.

Phillips (S. C.) On the usefulness of lyceums. 1831.

Putnam (B. W.) Drawing as a branch of education. 1858.

Quint (A. H.) Province of legislation in regard to education. 1860.

Russell (W.) Female education. 1844.

Sanborn (E. D.) Aids to the study of the classics. 1859.

The duties of examining committees. 1845.

Sawyer (JEL E.) Privileges and pleasures of teachers. 1861.

Smyth (A.) Christian culture in public schools. 1861.

Stowe (C. E.) The religious element in education. 1844.

Town (S.) On county teachers' institutes. 1845.

Valentine (T. W.) Words fitly spoken. 1858.

Walker (A.) Political economy as a study for common schools. 1850.

Walker (J.) Introductory lecture. 1831.

Weld (A. H.) On classical instruction. 1844.

Wells (W. H.) Self-reliance. 1852.

Wetherell (L.) The liberal education of woman, 1861.

Wheeler (C. H.) Essential elements in american education. 1852.

Whitaker (W. J.) Drawing as a means of education. 1852.

Woodbridge (W.) On the size and ventilation of school-rooms. 1831.

Wyman (E.) The influence of the social relations in the schools. 1850.

Youmans (E. L.) The masquerade of the elements. 1860.

-—— The papers read before the American institute of instruction, at Lewiston, Me. august, 1872, with the journal of proceedings, including the constitution. 198 pp. 12°. Springfieldj Mass., C. W. Bryan <$> Go. 1873.

American (The) journal of the medical sciences. [Quarterly]. Edited by Isaac Hays, m. d. July and October, 1872. New series,Y.64. 8Q. Philadelphia, H.C.Lea,l872.

American (The) journal of science and arts. [Monthly]. Editors, James D. Dana and B. Silliman [and others]. Jan. to dec. 1872-. 3d series, v. 3-4; [complete series, v. 103-104]. 8°. New Haven, editors, 1872.

American (The) journal of syphilography and dermatology. Devoted to the consideration and treatment of venereal and skin diseases. Edited by M. H. Henry, m. d. Quarterly. Jan. to oct. 1872. v. 3. 8°. New Yorlc, F. W. Christem, 1872.

American literary gazette and publishers' circular. [Semi-monthly]. Nov. 1, 1871, to jan. 15, 1872. 8vo series, v. 18. Philadelphia, a. W. Childs, [1871-72]. iVbte.—Discontinued and united with the PubLishers' and stationers' weekly trade circular.

American (The) medical almanac, for 1848: containing statistics of the -various medical colleges, hospitals, dispensaries, etc. of the United States. 18°. Philadelphia, Lindsay $ Blaltiston, [1847].

American (The) monthly magazine. New series, v. 1-2, 8°. Boston, Otis, Broaders, cf co. 1836.

American (The) musical directory, 1861. [anon.] 260 pp. 18°. New York, J. Hutchinson, 1861.

American (The) naturalist, an illustrated magazine of natural history. [Monthly]. Edited by A. S: Packard, jr. and F. W. Putnam. Jan. to dec. 1872. v. 6. Salem, Mass., Peabody academy of science, 1872.

American normal school and National teachers' associations. Addresses and journal of proceedings, at Cleveland, Ohio, 1870. 272 pp. 8°. Washington, J. H. Holmes, 1871.

American philosophical society. Proceedings. vol.1. 1838-1840. 8°. Philadelphia, society, 1840.

]\Tote.—The title-page, and nos. 1-4, 11, and 12, are reprints; the rest, of the original edition.

Transactions. New series, v. 13-14.

4°. Philadelphia, society, 1869-71.

American (The) practical cookery-book j or, housekeeping made easy, pleasant and economical in all its departments. By a practical housekeeper, lanon.'] 319 pp. 12°. Philadelphia, G. G. Evans, 1859.

American (The) primary class-book; or, lessons in reading, for younger classes of children. [anon.~] 144 pp. 16°. Providence, Cory, {etc.'] 1830.

American (The) publisher. [Monthly]. Editor, Orion Clemens. April, 1871, to dec.

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