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added to the school fund, making in all a school fund nearly four millions of dollars. In view of a result so ardently desired by every patriotic citizen, I cannot too strongly urge upon your consideration the adoption of all necessary means for its effectuation.



Of Gov. Brown, raising the three first Regiments of Tennessee

Volunteers for the Mexican War, May, 1846.

WHEREAS, I have received the following communication from the Department of War at Washington:



WASHINGTON, May 16, 1846. SIR : I have the honor to enclose a copy of an act of Congress, entitled “An act providing for the prosecution of the existing war between the United States and the republic of Mexico,” which authorizes the President to accept the services of volunteers.

It will be perceived that all the officers, with volunteers, taken into the service of the United States under this act, are to be appointed and commissioned, or such as have been appointed and commissioned in accordance with the laws of the State from whence they are taken, and that the volunteers received into the service of the United States, are to have the organization of the army of the United States. For this exact organization, 80 far as relates to companies and regiments, please see the memorandum appended to the law herewith, to both of which particular attention is requested; but, under the discretion allowed him, the President has decided that the number of privates in all volunteer companies shall be limited to eighty.

On the part of the President, I have to request your Excellency to cause to be organized, at the earliest practicable period, the following corps of volunteers :

One regiment of cavalry, or mounted men, and two regiments of infantry, or riflemen.

Your Excellency is requested to designate, and to communicate promptly to this Department, some convenient place of rendezvous for moving to wards Mexico, for the several companies, as fast as they shall be organized, where they will be further organized into regiments.

The several corps will be inspected and mustered into the service of the United States, as far as practicable, by an officer or officers of the United States Army. When this cannot be done, you are requested to designate the inspecting and mustering officer, who will in every case be instructed to receive no man under the rank of commissioned officers, who is in years apparently over forty-five or under eighteen, or who is not in physical strength and vigor; nor the horse of any volunteer not apparently sound and effective, with the necessary horse equipments or furniture.

It is respectfully suggested that public notice of these requirements of law, may prevent much disappointment to the zealous and patriotic citizens of your State, multitudes of whom the President cannot doubt will be eager to volunteer.

Should there be any difficulty or considerable delay in obtaining the amount and description of the force proposed to be received from your State, you will give the earliest notice of these to this Department, that proper steps may be taken to receive them from other sections of the country. Memphis is suggested as the place of rendezvous for the mounted regiment, and Nashville for the regiments of infantry or rifle. Very respectfully, your ob't serv't,

W. L. MARCY, Sec'y of War. His Ex'cy A. V. Brown, Gov. of Tenn.

In compliance with the communication aforesaid, I have caused the requisition therein made to be apportioned amongst the military divisions of this State in the following manner:

To the first division, (East Tennessee, seven companies, four of which to be infantry or riflemen, and three to be cavalry or mounted men.

To the second division, eight companies, six of infantry or riflemen, and two of cavalry or mounted men.

To the third division, nine companies, six of infantry or riflemen, and three of cavalry or mounted men.

To the fourth division, (Western District,) six companies, four of infantry or riflemen, and two of cavalry or mounted men.

An infantry company, according to the directions of the Secretary of War, accompanying said requisition, will consist of one captain, one first lieutenant, one second lieutenant, four sergeants, four corporals, two musicians, and NOT MORE than eighty privates—the minimum is not mentioned by him, but I will add, NOT LESS than sixty-four rank and file. A company of cavalry or mounted men will consist of one captain, one first lieutenant, one second lieutenant, four sergeants, four corporals, two buglers, one farrier and blacksmith, and not more than eighty privates, and not less than sixty-four rank and file.

The Major Generals commanding said Divisions are hereby required to furnish the quota of volunteer companies above specified, and according to the organization aforesaid.

In raising said volunteer companies, the Major Generals will duly observe the 44th section of the militia laws of this State, passed in the year 1840, which is in the following words, viz: “Be it enacted, that each volunteer company which shall receive the arms of the State, shall be held in readiness and subject to the FIRST call for service of the State or of the United States."

Under this act all volunteer companies which have received the arms of the State since the passage of said act, and which have not returned the same to the State, and continued their existence until the receipt of the requisition aforesaid, viz: the 22d day of May, 1846, will, on application, be entitled to priority. Next to these, all old companies which have been revived, and new ones which have been formed since the date of order No. 1, issued by R. B. Turner, Adjutant General of the State, viz: since the 13th instant, and up to the date of this proclamation, and which have been reported to me or to the Adjutant General, including all cases in which reports may have been started by mail or private conveyance, whether the same have yet come to hand or not,) shall be entitled to priority over companies formed since the date of this proclamation.

If a greater number of companies formed between the periods aforesaid shall tender themselves to any of the Major Generals, than will fill up the requisition on their divisions, it shall be the duty of such Major General forthwith to determine fairly by ballot, which shall be received, (holding separate ballotings for infantry and cavalry,) and notify such companies,

as possible, in their respective neighborhoods; and said companies, on learning such acceptance, shall take up their march in time to reach the place of rendezvous as hereinafter stated. And where a sufficient number of the two last described class of companies shall not be presented, any vol

as soon

unteer company, formed since the date of this proclamation aforesaid, viz: the 24th instant, may be received, unless so many of such companies shall apply as shall make it necessary to resort to a ballot, in order to determine between them.

In no case is it expected that any volunteer company shall leave its neighborhood until it shall have received notice of its acceptance or successful ballot, and thereupon it will be expected to repair to the place of rendezvous hereafter mentioned.

All volunteer companies in the first division, (East Tennessee,) will report themselves as soon as possible after seeing this proclamation, to Major General Brazelton, at Knoxville, who is hereby requested to make that place his head quarters, for the purpose of giving greater dispatch to the service. When he shall have waited ten days from the receipt of this proclamation for volunteer companies to tender their services, he shall make his acceptance, or determine by ballot, (when too many companies are presented,) and notify by express, when necessary, the companies accepted, and order the cavalry companies to repair forthwith to the general rendezvous at Memphis. All infantry companies to be ordered by the most approved route to the same place, unless he shall find it practicable and expedient to cause them to be transported on the Tennessee river from any point thereof to Memphis as aforesaid; and he is hereby directed and authorized to make all suitable and reasonable contracts for such mode of transportation, and to appoint an agent to act as Quarter Master and Commissary for the purchase of supplies, and to draw on any disbursing officer of the United States sent to this State, or on the Executive Department of this State. If, after the expiration of fifteen days from the receipt of this proclamation, he shall not be able to furnish the number of companies required from his division, he will report the deficiency to the Executive, that the same may be received from some other division of the State.

Volunteer companies from the second division, will make return and report forthwith after this date to Major General Campbell, who is requested to make his head quarters at Nashville, for the greater convenience of the companies of his di

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