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80. It is much easier to ruin a man of principle than a man of none, for he may be ruined through his scruples.Colton.

81. Physic, for the most part, is nothing else but the substitute of exercise and temperance.--Addison.

82. People who are always taking care of their health are like misers, who are hoarding up a treasure which they have never spirit enough to enjoy.-Sterne.

83. A man must first govern himself, ere he be fit to govern a family; and his family, ere he be fit to bear the government in the commonwealth.—Sir Walter Raleigh.

84. Possession is eleven points in the law.—Cibber.

85. If Heaven had looked upon riches to be a valuable thing, it would not have given them to such a scoundrel.Swift.

86. He who covets what belongs to another deservedly loses his own.Phædrus.

87. It matters not how long you live, but how well.-Publius Syrus.

88. The manly part is to do with might and main what you can do.Emerson.

89. We do not count a man's years until he has nothing else to count.-Emerson.

90. Necessity is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.-Pitt.



4. gap

6. gate 7. geese


D 1. a in all 1. balk 1. dawn 1. fall

1. gaudy 2. a in ask 2. bask 2. dance 2. fast

2. glance 3. a in air 3. bare 3. dare 3. fair 3. glare 4. a in at 4. bat 4. dab 4. fat 5. a in alms 5. balm 5. dark 5. father 5. guard 6. a in pale 6. babe 6. date 6. fade 7. e in cede 7. beet 7. deed 17. feed 8. e in earn

8. bird

8. dirge 8. fern 8. girl 9. u in urn 9. burn 9. durst 9. fur 9. gurgle 10. e in net 10. bet 10. debt 10. fed

10. get 11. i in tide 11. bide 11. dine 11. fine 11. guide 12. i in did 12, bit 12. din 12. fit

12. gill 13. o in mode 13. bode 13. dote 13. foal

13. goat 14. o in odd 14. boss 14. dot

14. fop 14. got 15. u in cute 15. abuse 15. duke 15. few

15. gewgaw 16. u in cut 16. but 16. duck 16. fun 17. oo in cool 17. boot 17. doom 17. fool 18. 00 in hook 18. book 18. took 18. full

18. good 19. ow in owl 19. bow 19. doubt 19. fowl 19. gout 20. oi in oil 20. boil 20. doily 20. foil 20. goiter

16. gun 17. goose


In the preceding Vowel Table utter alternately the sounds in: 1 and 5 2 and 5 4 and 10 7 and 12 10 and 12 16 and 9 1 and 2 2 and 4 4 and 12 8 and 9 15 and 17 17 and 16 1 and 14 2 and 14 4 and 5 10 and 6 14 and 9 17 and 18 1 and 19 3 and 6 5 and 14 10 and 3 14 and 16 18 and 16


1. p as in peep 2. b as in bib 3. t as in tot 4. d as in did 5. ch as in church 6. j as in judge 7. k as in kick 8. g as in gig 9. f as in fife 10. v as in vivid 11. th as in thin 12. th as in then

13. s as in sauce
14. Z as in zone
* 15. sh as in show
16. zh as in azure
17. l as in lull
18. m as in mum
19. n as in none
20. ng as in ring
21. r as in roar
22. w as in we
23. wh as in why

24. y as in yet
25. h as in hat


Utter distinctly, giving a quick, decisive accent to first syllable:

1. (Lips). Peepuh, beebuh; feefuh, veevuh; wewuh, wheewhuh; kweekwuh; meemuh.

2. (Tongue). Teetuh, deeduh; thethuh, theethuh; seesuh, zeezuh; reeruh; sheeshuh, zheezhuh; neenuh; cheechuh, jeejuh, leeluh.

3. (Jaw). Yeeyuh; keekuh, geeguh. 4. (Abdominal muscles). Heehuh.

5. Practice 1, 2, 3 and 4 of above, using ah and õ in place of “ee,” as—pahpuh, bahbuh, etc.; põpuh, bõbuh, etc.


T, Th, D.

tas in toot.
th as in thick, myth.
th as in though, smooth.

das in did.

Errors in Pronunciation:

t sometimes incorrectly sounded like d in dun and fad. d sometimes incorrectly sounded like t in tin and fit.

th in thick and myth sometimes incorrectly sounded like th in smooth and though.

th in though and smooth sometimes incorrectly sounded like th in thick and myth. Distinction Drill: (a) sooth, soothe; bath, bathe; both, booth; breath, breathe.

thank, than; think, then; thatch, that.

tin, din; ten, den; tot, dot; tart, dart. Utter the following vigorously:

(b) thin, tin, din than, tan, Dan thank, tank, dank those, toes, doze thread, tread, dread thigh, tie, die the, tee, dee their, tare, dare thicket, ticket theme, team, deem then, ten, den thick, tick, Dick

(d) not thatch but thatcheth not tether but tethereth not theorize but theorizeth not thicken but thickeneth not thieve but thieveth not thin but thinneth

dead, debt, death
heed, heat, heath
shed, sheet, sheath
need, neat, beneath
had, hat, hath
ladder, latter, lather
bode, boat, both
ore, oat, oath
pad, pat, path
broad, brought, broth
rod, rot, wroth
hard, heart, hearth

(e) to the two that thatcheth to the two that tethereth to the two that theorizeth to the two that thickeneth to the two that thieveth to the two that thinneth

not thirst but thirsteth to the two that thirsteth not thrash but thrasheth to the two that thrasheth not thread but threadeth to the two that threadeth not threaten but threateneth to the two that threateneth not throw but throweth to the two that throweth not thrill but thrilleth

to the two that thrilleth not thrive but thriveth to the two that thriveth not throb but throbeth to the two that throbeth not throttle but throttleth to the two that throttleth not thrum but thrumeth to the two that thrumeth not thrust but thrusteth to the two that thrusteth not thwart but thwarteth to the two that thwarteth not thunder but thundereth to the two that thundereth not thwack but thwacketh to the two that thwacketh

Accent Drill:

(a). Tutored, tortured, tattered, tittered, tettered, tottered, torrid, torrent, abated, abetted, attainted, attuned, attired, tautology, tabouret, taciturn, tact, tactics, tantamount, tertiary, tether, strait, tincture.

(b). Didactic, death, defeating, dedicate, dedication, deodorize, data.


(a). To do the truth daily try to think the truth.
(b). To dare, to do, to die.
(c). Two duties do.
(d). He ate edible tamarinds.
(e). They threaten to not abate one jot or tittle.

(f). To think the thought is theoretically to tell the thought, though this thinking the thought telleth not the tale thoroughly.

(g). Theophilus Thistle, the successful thistle sifter, thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb;

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