French Spoliation Cases: Opinions of the Court, with Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law in the Cases of the Schooner Industry, Hawkes, Master; Schooner Delight, Curtis, Master; Schooner Little Pegg, Auld, Master; Ship Theresa, Brown, Master. Reported to Congress, Dec. 6, 1886


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Página 28 - The second article be expunged, and that the following article be added or inserted: " It is agreed that the present convention shall be in force for the term of eight years from the time of the exchange of the ratifications.
Página 12 - President discloses sentiments more alarming than the refusal of a minister, because more dangerous to our independence and union, and at the same time studiously marked with indignities towards the government of the United States. It evinces a disposition to separate the people of the United States...
Página 28 - ... provided that by this retrenchment the two States renounce the respective pretensions which are the object of the said article.
Página 11 - Gentlemen of the Senate ; The communications which I have made to you during your present session, from the despatches of our minister in London, contain a serious aspect of our affairs with Great Britain. But, as peace ought to be pursued with unremitted zeal, before the last resource, which has so often been the scourge of nations, and cannot fail to check the advanced prosperity of the United States, is contemplated...
Página 12 - Republic expects, however, that the successors of Columbus, Raleigh and Penn, always proud of their liberty, will never forget that they owe it to France.
Página 10 - Congress gave to the court jurisdiction over " claims to indemnity upon the French Government arising out of illegal captures, detentions, seizures, condemnations, and confiscations prior to the ratification of the convention between the United States and the French Republic concluded on the 3oth day of September, 1800.
Página 11 - That it shall be lawful to stop and detain all vessels loaded wholly or in part with corn, flour or meal, bound to any port in France, or any port occupied by the armies of France...
Página 64 - ... the ships and vessels belonging to the citizens of the other must be furnished with sealetters or passports expressing the name, property, and bulk of the ship, as also the name and place of habitation of the master or commander...
Página 18 - It may, I believe, be safely laid down that every contention by force between two nations, in external matters, under the authority of their respective Governments, is not only war, but public war.
Página 11 - I have it in charge from the President, to assure the merchants of the United States concerned in foreign commerce or navigation, that due attention will be paid to any injuries they may suffer on the high seas or in foreign countries, contrary to the law of nations, or to existing treaties ; and that on their forwarding hither well authenticated evidence of the same, proper proceedings will be adopted for their relief.

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