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CHAP. 3.- AN ACT to 'repeal the act which abolished the office of one of

the Inspectors General of the army, and to revive' and establish, said : office.- ,

. i . [Sec. 1.] Beit enncled by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That so much of the fourth section of an act, ap- Repeal of sec proved the twenly third day of August, one thousand eight 23, 1842, aboPhundred and forty iwo, entitled “ An aci respecting the organ ishing the office

of one of the Inization of the army, and for other purposes,?** as directs that the pecwr's Geneoffice of one inspecior general of the army shall be abolished,

*See vol. 10, and the inspector discharged, shall be, and the same is hereby p. 235. repealed ; and all acts and parts of acis so repealed shall be, Revised and

? continued in and the same hereby are, revived and continued in force.

force. Approved, January 12, 1846.

CHAP. 4.-AN ACT to continue the office of the Commissioner of Pensions.

[Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Unitrd States of America in Conyress asseinbled, That the authority given to continue the office of Commissioner of Pensions by the act of the twentieil of January, eighteen hundred and foriy three, entitled An act 10 con, tinue the office of * ommissioner of Pensions," be extended 10 Office of Com. the fourth of March, eighteen hundred aud forty-uine, and no p

und " Pensions contin." longer.

ued 10 March 4, Approved, January 14, 1846.




CHAP. 5.–An act for the relief of James Bogardus, [Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate und House of Repre. sentatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the patent granted to James Bogardus, bearing . Patent of Jan.

i Bogardus redate on the eighteenth day of January, eighleen hundred and newed and ex thirty iwo, for hus invention of a new and useful mill, now tended. known as - Bogardus' Excentric Universal M 11," be and the same is hereby renewed and extended for the term of fourteen years from and after the eighteenth day of January, eighteen hundred and forty six, and the Commissioner of Palenis is hereby direcied to make a certificate of such renewal and extension.

Approved, January 14, 1846.

CHAP. 6.-AN ACT establishing certain post roạtes. [Sec. 1.) Brit en icled by the Senate and House of Representutives of the Uniled Stutes of America in Congress as. sembled, That there be and is hereby established a posl roue

ve Post router

established. from New Orleans, in the State of Louisiana, along the Gulf

coast to Galveston, thence to Velasco, to Matagorda, 10 Pass
Aransas, and to Corpus Chrisii, in Texis, hy land or water, as
the Posimaster General nay deem expedieni; thai a post route
be also established from Galveston, via the city of Houston,
Sin Felipe de Austin, Lagrange, and Bistrop, to Ausi'n.
Also, the following routes : Froin Fulton, in the state of Ar-
katsas, via Boston, Ciarksville, Bopham, and Falls of the Bra-
zos, to Austin, from Nichitoches, via Sabine Town, Nacogdo.
ches, Crocketi's, and Washington, to Lagrange; from Shieve.
port, in the State of Louisiana, via Pulaski, to Nicogdoches; ,
frumi Velasco, via Brasoria, Texana, Victoria, and Goliad, to
San Antonio de Bexar; from ihe ciiy of Housion 10 Robbin's

Ferry; from Ausrin 10 San Antonio de Bexar; and that it Postmaster shall be the duty of ihe Pusumasier General 10 contract for conGeneral to con.

veying a mail on said routes as soon as can conveniently be ing the mail un done afier the passaye of ihis act. said ruulos.

Approved, February 6, 1846.

tract for rary.

CHAP. 7.-AN ACT relative to Collectors and other officers of the Customs.

CUSTOm not to beuttuwed more

may serve.

[Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Sewule and House of Rep.

reseniutives of the United Sules of America in Congress usOfficers of the sembled, That collectors and all ovher officers of the customs,

seiving for a less period iban a year, shall not be paiul for the en. than a pro rata lire year, but shall be allowed in po crise a greater ihan a pro rota compensationfor of the maximum compensation of the said officers respectivethe i me they

ly for the time only which they actually serve as such colleciors or officers, whellier ihe sanie be under one or more appointmenis, or before or after confirmation. And no collector or other officer shall, in any case, receive for his services, ej her as fees, salary, fines, penalties, forfeitures, or otherwise, for the time he may be in service, beyond the maximum pro rata rate

provided by law. Arconnts for

Sec. 2. Anul be it further enacted, That all accounts for salary to be reu salary, compensition, and emoluments shall be rendered quardered quarter y. ierly it ihe end of each qnarter of the fiscal year.

Additional du Sec. 3. and be il further enacleil, Thai no portion of the distribute to he additional dwies provided by the seventeenth section of the any offi ers of act of Angust thirrein, eighteen hundred and fourty iwo, en.

litled “ An act to provide revenue from imports, and to change Treasury. and modify existing laws imposing duties on iniporis, ard for

other purposes," shall be deemed a fine, penalty, or forfeimre, for the purpose of being di-tributed to any officer of the cus. toms; but the whole amount thereof, when received, shall be

paid directly into the treasury. Repeal of acts Sec. 4. And he it further enacted, That all acts and parts inconsistent of acis inconsistent with this art are hereby repealed.

Approved, February 11, 1846.


paid into



CHAP. 8.-AN ACT to enlarge the powers of the several Orphans' Courts

held in aod for the District of Columbia. (Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Thai ihe several Orphans' Couris held in and for Orphans' courte die District of Columbia be, and they are hereby, authorized the District of and empowered 10 appoint a guardian or guardians to any and thorized to ap every infant orphan who may now or hereafier be entitled or point gu rdiang

w intant orphhave right or claim 10 any property, real, personal, or mixed, an-, in certain within, or whose person and residence niny be within, the jn: cases. risdiction of said court, except when said orphan may have a lestamentary guardian ; and shall require of said guardians so May require appointed, and of testamentary guardians, unless directed or her bind us Wise by the will appointing ihem, bond, with good and suffi- rity. unless oth

erwise directed cient surely, as now required by law. And when any insanı, by will. whose father may be living, shall, by gift or otherwise, be en May comnel

fainers of infant uitled to any property separate from the father, it shall and may Children be lawful for suid courts to compel the father, as natural guar. may be entitled dian, to give bond and security to account for said property, give bond and and to compel him to account, as guardians in oiher cases; and security, und in if he shall fail or refuse to give such bond, or, at his request, suid care of failure couris shall have power to appoint a special guardian 10 take special guardicharge of said property, who shall give hond and security as in ans. other cases, bui with condition 10 suit the case.

SEC. 2. And be it further enacled, That in all cases where Snch guardiany of said courts have heretofore appointed, or may hereafter an to give addie appoint, a guardian or guardians, or taken bond, or may here necessary, and after lake bond, froin any guardian or guardians, and shall at min flure to any time have good cause to believe that the interest of the ward quued, ay be or wards may require it, said court shall have power and all

die mnissod. thority to coinpel said guardian or guardians to give additional Sand courts to other or further security, in such time as said court niny di- have power, by tecı: and upon his failure 10 comply with the order of court sonment, to endirecring such security, said court shall have power and ani.

force a complithority, and it shall be their duy to dismiss said guardian from orders; or may office, and appoint another in his stead, and order ihe estate of order their Marthe ward to be forthwith delivered to the newly appointed guar: session and dian and shall have power, by fine and imprisonment, or any deliver the prelegal process, to compel and enforce a compliance with such order, or may, where it can be so done, order their marshal to take possession of and deliver the property: Proviled, however,

Proviso. Thai no order shall be made directing a guardian to give new security until he shall have been duly summoned to show cause agavinsi, or have had ten day's notice in writing of the intended application.

Said courts Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That in all cases where

many order and any of said cours have heretofore appointed or may hereafter require adminisappoint an administrator or adıninistrators, or have taken or may

ecutors, to give take bond fronı any executor or executors lo any last will and res-other and furthlanent, and shall at any time become satisfied vhat the security recurty, un

certain . is insufficient by reason of the removal or insolvency of the su

ence wth such



or es

reties in the bond, or any of them, or by reason of the penalty
of the bond being too small, or from any other cause whaleyer,
it shall and may be law ful for the said court to order and re-
quire the said administrator or administrators, executor or ex-
ecutors, 10 give additional other or further security, and to re..

move such administrator or administrators, execuior or executors, In case of fail;

Sif they shall fail or refuse to comply with such order, and apoys with such order, point an administrator or administrators in his or their stead, mhor adminip and shall further have power to order and require any aesels or trator or admin-estate of the decedent, which may remain upadministered, 10 s in stead. be delivered to said newly appoinied administrator or adminis

trators de bonis non, and to enforce a compliance with such Proviso

order by fine and attachment, or any other legal process: Provided, however, That said administrator or administrators, executor or executors, shall first be summoned to show cause against such orders, or have ten days' notice, in writing, of the

iniended application. How powers Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the powers herein may be execut

granied to said courts, by the forgoing sections of this act, may be exercised by said courts ex officio, or on the application of

any one interezled. Act to continue Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That this act shall be in · in force from its force from and after ils passage. passage.

Approved, February 20, 1846.




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CHAP 9.-AN ACT for the relief of William Elliot, junior; of Fulton

county, State of Illinois. [Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre.'

sentalives of the United States of America in Congress as.' Permitted to sembled, That William Elliot, junior, of Fulton county, State onter at mini

ricon of Illinois, be and he is hereby periniited 10 enter at the miniquarter secuon mum price.per acre, the northwest quarter of section thirty, of land.

in township numbered five, norih of range numbered four, east

of the fourth principal meridian, the same being within the Final certificate Quincy land district in said Siatc; and upon the payment of

the purchase money iherefor a final certificate and patent shall Proviso.

issue as in other cases Provided, That if ani bona fide assignment or sale of sạid tract were made by said William Elliot, junior, after his erroneous entry thereof in February, one thousand eighi hundred and thirty six, then said patent shill enure to the benefit of such purchaser or assignee of said William, notwithstanding said original entry 'may have been subsequenily cancelled by order of the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

Approved, March 11, 1816.

and patent to iseve.

CHAP. 10.-AN ACT to repeal the act requiring one of the Judges of

the Circuit Court for the District of Columbia hereafter to reside in Al

[Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre-
sentatives of the United States of America in Congres 118-
sembled, Thai the act entitled "An acı requiring one of the Act requiring
Judges of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia heie.

one of ihe judges

to rexide in Alafter to reside in Alexandria,” approved the fourth day of exandria rowealApril, eighteen hundred and forty-four, be and the sanie is

ed. hereby repealed.

Approved, March 24, 18.16.

CHAP. 11.-AN ACT to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to contract for
the purchase of Americun water-rolled hemp for the use of the navy,

(Sec. 1.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of America in Congress
assembled, That the Secretary of the Navy be and he is here. Secretary of
by authorized to enter into contract for a period not exceeding ter into con
three years for the purchase of American water-rotted hemp for truct tor Ameri-
the use of the navy.

can water-routed

hemp Approved, March 30, 1846.

CHAP. 12.-An ACT for the relief of David F. Williamson, of Pope county,

State of Arkansas.


(Sec. 1.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Stales of America in Congress as. sembled, That the entry of the northwest quarter of section Entry of eece number twenty nine, in township number eighi norih, of range


tion in the name <i

of David F Wilnumber twenty west in the name of David F. Williamson, liamron made at the Johnson Couri House land office, in the State of firmed, and a pa

tent to issue. Arkansas. per certificile number six hundred and serenieen of that office, be, and the saine is hereby confirmed, and a paten! shall issue thereon us in other cases.

Approved, April 27, 1846.

CHAP. 13 -AN ACT making appropriations for the payment of revolution

ary and other pensions of the United states for the vear ending the thirtieth Jude, one thousand eight hundred and forty-seveli, and for other purposes.

[Sec. 1.] Be il enacted by the Senale and House of Represent lives of the United States of Amrrica in Congress as. sembled, That the following sums be and the same are here. by appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury hot oiherwise approprinted, for the payment of pensions for the year ending the thinieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty seven

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