A new general biographical dictionary, Volumen1

T. Fellowes, 1848

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Página 92 - He was one of the first, if not the very first, to practise excision in cases of carious joints.
Página 25 - A brief description of the whole World, wherein is particularly described all the monarchies, empires, and kingdoms of the same, with their academies,
Página 496 - Thus was this expedition finished, when it had lasted three years and nine months ; after having, by its event, strongly evinced this important truth, that though prudence, intrepidity, and perseverance united, are not exempted from the blows of adverse fortune ; yet in a long series of transactions, they usually rise superior to its power, and in the end rarely fail of proving successful.1...
Página 104 - He wrote, as different exigencies required (in 1707), the Present State of the War, and the necessity of an augmentation...
Página 274 - Alexander was plain and modest, his demeanor courteous and affable: at the proper hours his palace was open to all his subjects, but the voice of a crier was heard, as in the Eleusinian mysteries, pronouncing the same salutary admonition: "Let none enter these holy walls, unless he is conscious of a pure and innocent mind.
Página 121 - ANCIENT history, English and French, exemplified in a regular dissection of the Saxon Chronicle ; proceeded by a review of Wharton's " Utrum Elfricus grammaticus ? " Malmesbury's Life of St. Wulstan, and Hugo Candidus' Peterborough history, wherein the principal Saxon annalists are now (for the first time) identified.
Página 488 - ... de la Maison de France et des grands Officiers de la Couronne.
Página 401 - AMMIANUS, (Marcellinus,) the last subject of Rome who composed a profane history in the Latin language.
Página 455 - God's house is truly called, and is indeed the house of prayer; it accompanies all acts done in God's house. Of this reverend prelate I may say his life was a life of prayer. A great part of five hours every day did he spend in prayer and devotion to God.
Página 456 - ... divine, in my opinion, that wore a rochet, in his age; of a most venerable gravity, and yet most sweet in all commerce ; the most devout that ever I saw when he appeared before God ; of such a growth in all...

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