A new general biographical dictionary, projected and partly arranged by H.J. Rose, Volumen3


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Página 343 - A Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, according to the arrangement of Dr. Willan, exhibiting a Concise View of the Diagnostic Symptoms, and the Method of Treatment, Lon., 8vo, 3d ed., 1814; 8th ed., 1836.
Página 289 - He received the rudiments of his education at the grammar school of his native place, and thence went to St.
Página 17 - The majority of contributors to such works were obscure country schoolmasters; and upon their shoulders rested the support of our mathematical credit during nearly the whole of the last century, and the early part of the present one. Even in our day those forgotten works may be consulted with much advantage ; and the problems and theorems especially in pure geometry, which are interspersed through them, would have done honour to the age of Apollonius.
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Página 389 - But when I came to the army, among Cromwell's soldiers, I found a new face of things, which I never dreamt of; I heard the plotting heads very hot upon that which intimated their intention to subvert both church and state.
Página 313 - ... converted into deep and universal abhorrence. Such sentiments seldom pervade the walls of a palace ; yet the emperor was confounded by the honest reply of a Roman, whose approbation he had not disdained to solicit: "I am ignorant, sir, of your motives or provocations ; I only know that you have acted like a man who cuts off his right hand with his left.

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