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Clergy Deceased.

281 67, the Rev. Henry Lloyd, D.D. Vicar of whose Life he published in 4to. 1812. Dr. Babraham, and Regius Professor of Hebrew Trail was also editor of the Porisms of Pappus in the University of Cambridge. He was and other mathematical works; and his unof Trinity college, where he graduated B. A. affected piety, unostentatious charity, and 1785, being the 10th Wrangler and first urbanity of manners, ensured the esteem of Chancellor's Medallist of that year, M.A. all who knew him. He married at Edin1788, B.D. 1799, and D.D. 1804. He was burgh, April 29, 1799, Lady Frances Charelected Hebrew Professor in 1795, and pre teris, aunt to the present Earl of Wemyss sented to the Vicarage of Babraham by Lord and March. Chancellor Loughborough in 1798.

Feb. 5. Aged 35, the Rev. Charles Jan. 23. The Rev. Dr. Simpson, senior Cowper Cholmondeley, Rector of Hodnet, Mivister of the Tron Church, Edinb. and Perpetual Curate of Moreton Say,

Jan. 31. At Ponteland Vicarage, Nore Shropshire. He was born at Chester, thumberland, the Rev. J. Furness, upwards Sept. 28, 1785, the eldest son of Charles of thirty years Curate of that parish. Cholmondeley, of Overlegh, esq. by Caroline

At Hough, Cheshire, aged 85, the Rev. Eliz. 3d. dau. and co-heiress of Nicholas Robert Hill, Rector of Great Bolas, Salop, Smythe, of Cubley, in Shropsh. esq. He and perpetual Curate of Talk-o'-th’Hill, was of Brazenose coll. Oxf.; and was preStaffordshire, for many years a Magistrate sented to Hodnet with Moreton Say in 1823, for Cheshire, uncle to Geo. Lord Hill, and by Richard Heber, esq. younger brother to the celebrated Rev, Feb. 5. At Hull, in the house of his Rowland Hill. He was the seventh son of nephew the Rev. T. Venn, aged 68, the Sir Rowland Hill, of Hawkstone, in Shrop- Rev. George. King, M.A. Prebendary of Ely, shire, the first Bart. by Jane, dau. of Sir and Rector of Whitwell, Derbysh. He was Brian Broughton, of Broughton, in Staf- formerly Fellow of Trin. coll. Camb. where fordshire, Bart. He was of All Souls' coll. he graduated B.A. 1784, as 11th Wrangler, Oxf. B.C.L. 1772; was in that year pre M.A. 1787; was presented to Whitwell in sented by his father to the Rectory of Great 1798 by the Duke of Rutland, and collated Bolas, and by Miss Wilbraham (whom he to his stall at Ely in 1810 by Bp. Dampier. shortly after married) to the Rectory of St. Feb. 6. Aged 33, the Rev.Hen. Brougham, Mary's in Chester. The latter he resigned

Rector of Tallow, co. Waterford. in 1803 to his brother Rowland, on being

Feb. 11. At Rainscombe House, Wilts, presented to Talk by the Rev. W. Hicken, aged 76, the Rev. James Rogers, D.D. RecVicar of Audley. Mr. Hill married Mary, tor of Heddington aud South Cadbury, and dau. and sole heiress of the Rev. John Wil a Magistrate for the county. He was of braham, Rector of St. Mary's, Chester, by Oriel college Oxf. M.A. 1780, B. & D.D. whom he had nine sons and five daughters : 1800; was presented to South Cadbury in 1. the Rev. Rob. Wilbraham Bronhall Hill, 1796, and instituted to Heddington in 1300, Rector of Walters Upton, Salop; who is on his own presentation. deceased, but has left a family ; 2. Joho, a

Feb. 16. The Rev. Robert Breakspear, of barrister-at-law, married, and has issue ; 3. Audlem, Chesh. He was of Queen's coll. Rowland-Alleyne; 4. Samuel, married, and

Oxf. M.A. 1797. has issue ; 5. Richard ; 6. Mary; 7. Margaret; 8. Brian, who died young; 9. Jane ;.

DEATHS. 10. Brian ;' 11. Thomas; 12. Eliza-Anne; 13. Emma; and 14. William, who died


Jan. 7. In Upper Baker-st. Major A. At Fladbury, Worc. aged 58, the Rev. Watkins, late of Bengal Estab. John Tedstill. He was of Magd.-hall, Oxf. Feb. 6. Aged 68, Mr. Wm. Atkins, who M. A. 1807.

had been a performer at Covent Garden Feb. 1. At Herongate, aged 58, the Rev. Theatre for the last thirty years, and during Harry Powell, Rector of East Horndon, the whole of that time never had a day's Essex. He was of Trin. hall, Cainb. B.A. illness, and never neglected his duty by ab1793, and was presented to his benefice in sence from rehearsal in the morning, or from 1795. He dropped down in a fit of apo the performance of his part in the evening. plexy, in an enclosure near his house, after Feb. 14. At St. James's Palace, aged 87, having been visiting some of his poor pa Mrs. Anne Boscawen, who was for above 54 rishioners, and almost immediately expired. years in the family of Queen Charlotte. She

Feb. 3. At Bath, aged 84, the Rev. was the eldest dau. of Gen. the Hon. George William Trail, LL.D., Chancellor of the Boscawen, hy Anne, dau. of John Morley Cathedral of Connor, F.R.S. Ed. and M.R. Trevor, of Trevallyn, co Denbigh, esq. 1.A. He was a son of the Right Rev. Jaines

Feb. 19. Mr. John Thomas, auctioneer, Trail, Bishop of Down and Connor from 1765 King-st. Covent Garden. to 1783. He was for some time Professor

Feb. 20. Aged 74, the widow of Mr. C. of Mathematics of Glasgow, succeeding L. Wright, many years a resident and citiRobert Simpson, M.D. the editor of Euclid, zen of London ; dau. of the late Mr. Chas. Gent, Mag. Mareh, 1831.

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[March, Freeth, of Bewdley, and great-grand dau. of Mar. 9. Elizabeth-Florentine, wife of Mr.

De Toney, esq. of Wolverhampton, M. A. Richter, of the firm of Messrs. Treut-
whose family were descendants of a branch tel, Wurtz, and Co., Soho-square.
of the illustrious house of Stafford.

Mar. 10. In Brook-st., aged 53, Ann,
Feb. 21. In Lower Seymour-st. aged 80, wife of Samuel Merriinan, M.D.
Joseph Dorin, esq.

In Brompton-sq., aged 80, Ano Roberts,
Feb. 22. At Kensington, Jonathan Bell, late of Painswick, Glouc.
jun. esq. formerly of Bordeaux, and lately Aged 62, Jane, wife of Thomas Ramsay,
of New York.

esq., of Camberwell-green. In Bruton-st. aged 82, Martha, widow of Mar. 11. In Sloane-st., Frances-AnnSir Claude Scott, Bart. She was the only Mary, wife of T. Hoblyn, esq. child of John Eyre, of Stepney, esq., and At Islington, aged 78, Jaines Allies, esq. was married Sept. 8, 1767, to the late Sir of Hill-house, near Worcester. Claude Scott, Bart., who died last year (see At Kennington, Caroline, third dau. of vol. xc. i. 467).

late Rev. Herbert Jenkins, of Leicester. Feb. 23. In Finsbury-sq., in his 80th Mar. 14. Aged 69, Ann, wife of John year, (at the house of his son-in-law Dr. B.

Harcourt, esq. of Bermondsey..
G. Babington,) Benjamin Fayle, esq. Mar. 18. 'In Broad-st.-buildings, Rich.

In Park-crescent, aged 77, John Cha Clement Headington, esq. President of the mier, esq.

Royal College of Surgeons, and Surgeon of Aged 85, James Bolland, esq.

the London Hospital. Feb. 26. At Fulham, aged 86, John Bell, esq., formerly of the Strand, bookseller. Berks.-Jan. 7. At the Castle Priory, Few men have contributed more, by their Wallingford, aged 66, James Blackstone, industry and good taste, to the improve esq. D.C.L. Principal of New Inn Hall, and ment of the graphic and typographic arts; Deputy Steward of the University of Oxwitness his beautiful editions of the “ Brit ford. He was a son of the celebrated Judge, ish Poets” and “ Shakspeare." He was and like his father was a Fellow of All Souls, one of the original proprietors of the Morn where he gravluated B.C.L. 1787, D C.L. ing Post; and projector of that well-esta

1792. In 1793 he was appointed Vinerian blished Sunday newspaper, Bell's Weekly Professor of Common Law (of which chair Messenger. Another of his successful projects his father was the first occupant, from 1758 was the elegant monthly publication, La to 1760); and in 1803 Principal of New Belle Assemblée.

Inn Hall (in which office also his father Feb. 27. In Chatham-place, Blackfriars, preceded him, from 1761 to 1766). There Mrs. D. Reeve, sister to late Joshua R., esq. have not for many years been any

other Wm. Gunnell, esq. Assistant Clerk of the inembers of that House except the PrinciIngrossments of the House of Commons.

pal. Dr. Blackstone resigned the ProfessorFeb. 28. At South Lambeth, aged 67, ship in 1824.

He has left a fainily. Charlotte, wife of Thus. Hill, esq., formerly Lately. Aged 87, Thomas Norton Powof Piccadilly.

lett, esq. of Shinfield Place.
At Islington, Mary Frances, wife of Mr. At Reading, Mrs. Jesse, of Castle Hill
Wm. Downey, one of the senior engravers House ; respected for her Christian princi-
in the Bank of England, and sister of the ples and amiable qualities.
Rev. R. G. Bedford, Minor Canon of Bristol. Bucks. - Feb. 24. At Wexham Lodge,

At the house of her brother-in-law, Dr. aged 82, G. Roberts, esq., Lt.-Gen. E.I.C.
Chambers, in Brook-street., aged 27, Eliz. Lately. At Aylesbury, aged 64, the widow
wife of Rev. Francis John Stainforth, of of Thomas Dell, esq.
Long Stow, Camb..

Cheshire.- Feb. 17. At Chester, aged
Mar. 1. In Hanover-st., John Fenton 87, Mr. Jolin Reece, late of Brereton Park,
Cawthorne, esq. M.P. for Lancaster. in the parish of Tarvin, deeply lamented by

Mar. 2. Aged 28, Anna, wife of Mr. his widow and family. To the former (the Duarte Dos Santos, of Foley-st.

daughter of the late Mr. Peter Hudson of Mar. 3. In Sloane-st., aged 32, Capt. Christlington) he had been married 66 Francis Candy, Bengal N. I.

Feb. 19. William Kent, esq., of NantMar. 5. In Peckham, aged 85, G. Chou- wich, surgeon. mert, esq.

Cornwall. - Lately. At Launceston, At Turnham-green, Esther, wife of T. aged 102, Mrs. Elizabeth Smith, uf St. W. Hughes, esq.

Stephens. Mar. 7. At Wandsworth, aged 53,

John March 1. At Moditonham, aged 74, Ames, esq. of Paternoster-row, silk-manu Charles Carpenter, esq. facturer.

Devon.-- Feb. 20. At Bideford, J. C. Mar. 8. Aged 72, John Thompson, esq. Mules, esq. a retired surgeon in the navy, of Upper Clapton.

and inventor of “ Mules's Pills." Aged 43, Caroline, wife of Rev. J. H. Feb. 24. At Chudleigh, aged 45, Mr. Evans, of Hampstead.

John David Mugs, youngest surviving son In the City-road, aged 77,Hen. Munn, esq. of the late Rev. Henry Mugg.



1831.1 OBITUARY.

283 Feb. 26. At the house of Rev. Robert Herefordshire.--Jan. Aged 76, Cox, Minister of Stonehouse, aged 20, Au. Mrs. Hooper, mother of William Hooper, gusta-Louisa, eldest . dau. of John Henry

esq. solicitor, Ross. Tilson, esq. of Watlington, Oxfordshire. Herts.-Jan. At Berkhampstead

March 1. At Bush, Spreyton, aged 75, Castle, aged 53, the Hon. Charlotte Grim · Susanna, wife of George Cann, esq.

ston, sister to the Earl of Verulam. She March 2. At Kingsbridge, aged 85, Capt. was the younger dau. of James first Viscount Andrew Lockbart, R.N.

Grimston, by Henrietta, only daughter and March 3. At Wembury House, Henry heiress of Edw. Walter, esq. of Stalbridge, Edward Thornton, esq., eldest son of the co. Dorset (by the Hon. Henrietta ForresRight Hon. Sir Edward Thornton, G.C.B. ter, heiress of the Lords Forrester of Scot

March 9. At Axminster, aged 29, John land). This lady was the compiler of some Mallock, Esq. late of Hastings, surgeon, family history, a few years ago privately youngest surviving son of Rawlin Mallock, printed in lithography. esq. of Hill House, near Axminster.

March 22. At Little Hadham, aged 36, March 10. At Whiteway, aged 53, Mon Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. M. D. Duffield. tagu Edmund Parker, esq.

Kent.-Feb. 28. At Tunbridge Wells, Lately. Edmund P. Lyon, esq., for aged 74, Mrs. Mary Poyader. many years an intelligent and useful magis March 3. At Loose, near Maidstone,

Elizabeth, widow of Samuel Dennis, D.D. Dorset.--March 16.-At Lyme, Anne- formerly President of St. John's College, Mico, relict of Wm. Daniel, esq.

Oxford. DURHAM.-Feb. 11. At Stockton-upon March 3. Aged 74, George Smith, esq. Tees, Sarah, relict of Rob. Christopher, esq. of Camer.

Essex. Feb. 20.-Louisa, relict of T. March 7. At Sevenoaks, in his 40th Tourle, esq. of Chigwell-hall.

year, W. H. Hilton, esq. of Regent-street. March 12. The relict of Rev. W. Spar Lancaster.- Feb. ... Aged 76, Sarah, row, of Walthamstow.

widow of Richard Walmesley, esq. mother GLOUCESTERSHIRE.-Feb. 12. At Man of Charles Walmesley, esq. of Westwoodgersbury Park, aged 64, Edw. John Cham- house, and dau. of James Worthington, esq. berlayne, esq. Deputy Lieutenant and Justice Fel. 28. Aged 35, Mr. Thomas Cropp, of the Peace for the counties of Oxford, editor and proprietor of the Bolton ChroWorcester, and Gloucester.

nicle. He fell a victim to a coach accident Feb. 19. At Bristol, Cath.-Eliz.-Bishton, in June last, on his return from London, wife of William Owen Jackson, esq. Barris where he had been acting with other deputer, and eldest dau. of Wm. Phillips, esq. of ties against the truck system. Chetwynd-house, Salop.

LINCOLNSHIRE.- Feb. 24. Aged 20, Mr. Feb. 25. At Clifton, Edmund S. Walcott J. William Massingberd, midshipman R.N. Simpson, esq. eldest son of late Juhn Wal third son of Rev. B. B. Massingberd, of cott, esq. of Bath.

Kettlethorpe. March 1. In his 17th year, Henry Middlesex.-Feb. 17. At Teddington, Tucker, youngest son of Thomas Hardwicke, aged 72, George Hardisty, esq. esq. of Tytherington.

Feb. 22. At Hillingdon, aged 65, Mr. At Bristol, aged 57, Thomas Yate, esq. Edmund Lloyd, many years of the Strand.

March 6. At Cheltenham, Decima, wife Lately. At Ealing, the relict of Rev. of R. Bradshaw, esq. Lieut. R.N.

Richard Badcock Shury, Master of Ealing Lately. At Clifton, aged 22, John, se School. cond son of Rev. Henry Purrier, of Little March 3. At Muswell-hill, Jane, wife of Hinton.

J.S. Ewart, esq. At Tetbury, aged 62, John Wm. Bieder Newcastle.-Fel. 19. At Newcastle, mann, esq. an eminent land-agent.

Capt. James W. Cairnes, R.N. youngest Hants.-Feb. 21. At Southampton, Jo son of late Major W. Cairnes, 36th Regt. seph Bushman, esq. Comptrolier of the and brother of late Major C. of Horse Art. Chamber of London.

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.- Feb. 20. At CosFeb. 24. At Ringwood, Dorothy, widow grove, aged 67, Millecent, widow of the of Rev. Henry Davies.

Rev. Joseph Thomas, of Epsom, and only Feb. 26.--At Romsey, aged 45, William surviving child of the late Rev. John ParkHenry Lintott, esq., Mayor of that town. hurst, author of the Greek and Hebrew Feb. 27.

At Lymington, Phæbe, only Lexicons. Mrs. Thomas was learned in the surviving dau. of late John Whitchurch, Hebrew and Greek languages, and, since her esq. of Salisbury,

father's death, when a new edition of either March 4. At Southampton, Caroline, Lexicon was printed, she corrected the wife of W. P.J. Lodder, esq., and daughter press. She assisted her friend Miss Starke of late Lieut.-Gen. Benson.

in translating Madame de Genlis' Theatre of Lately. At Shirley, aged 35, Mr Alfred Education, in 3 vols. 12mo. 1783-8. 6. Powell, author of a work on the Battle of Feb. 23. Aged 25, Henry-Horrabin, eldthe Nile, written while a shepherd's boy, est son of Mr. Henry Leete, of Thrapston. and dedicated to Adm. Ofway.

March 1. Aged 37, S. J. Humfray,



[March, esq., surgeon on the Madras Establishment, At Leamington, in her 80th year, Haronly son of the late Rev. S. H. of Daventry. riet, widow of General Scott, of Wolston.

Lately. Aged 74, Wm. King, esq. of At Birmingham, in his 70th year, M:. Walton, near Peterborough.

Thomas Knott, of the highly respectable Oxon.-Fel. 26. At Clifton, aged 18, firm of Beilby and Knott, booksellers. Elizabeth-Anne, youngest surviving dau. of Wilts.- Feb. 24. Aged 80, Mrs. SuRichard Tawney, esq. of the Lodge, near sannah Stratton, dau. of Rev. Thomas SecDunchurch, Warw.

combe, Rector of Camely and Brimpton, March 10. At Grandpont, aged 55, Somerset, and mother of Miss Stratton, for Thomas Henry Taunton, esq. solicitor, se many years a favourite member of the Saliscond son of late Sir W. E. Taunton, and

bury Theatre. brother to Sir W. E. Taunton, one of his Feb. 28. At Fairwood, 'John Whittaker, esq. Majesty's Justices of the Court of King's March 6. At Latton, Dorothy, relict of Bench.

Rev. James Mauesty. March 13. At Rousham, aged 32,

WESTMORELAND. .March 8. Aged 88, Charles, eldest surviving son of Rev. John the relict of J. Maude, esq. of Kendal. Strange Dandridge, Rector.

WORCESTERSHIRE.- Feb. 21. At WestSALOP.-Feb. 25. At Cheney Longue- bury-upon-Trym, aged 84, Benj. Field, esq. ville, Richard Duppa, esq., High Sheriff of

late of Evesham. co. Radnor.

March 5.
In bis 80th year,

Rich. HemMarch 6. At Shiffnall, the relict of Mr. ming, esq. Foxlidiates-house, Tardebigg. Smyth, of Lincoln-hill, Lieut. R.N. under March 7. At Brandard - end House, the immortal Nelson.

King's Norton, aged 86, Mary, relict of SOMERSET.-Feb. 24. At Bath, aged 91,

Thomas Gem, esq. Dame Mary, relict of Sir Peter Nugent, March 10. At Belbroughton, aged 24, Bart. of Donore, Westmeath.

Geo.-David Blackiston, only son of the Rev. Lately. At Taunton, aged 81, Miss Bad G. F. Blackiston, D.D., Rector. cock, sister to late John B. esq.

YORK.-Jan. 6. Mr. Thos. Bridgewater, At Taunton, aged 40, Major Isaac Down- organist of St. Saviour's, York. As a coming, late of 69th Reg.

poser his ballads were much admired, and March 7. At Bath, Mary-Teresa, wife of his church services were received into the Major Fotheringham, of E. I C. Engineers, library of the cathedral. and of York-gate, Regent's Park.

Jan. 7. Aged 85, Francis Hall, esq. an STAFFORDSHIRE.- Feb. 15. Aged 84, eminent merchant in Hull, and Father of the William Adams, esq. of Cobridge, formerly Corporation of the Trinity-house at that a manufacturer of earthenware, and one of port. He had been a member of that house the earliest introducers of blue painting in ever since 1775, had five times served the that manufacture.

office of Warden, and would have been Feb. 21. Aged 55, the relict of the Rev. elected a sixth time, but on account of his William Anwyl, Rector of Ashley.

age and infirmities. His loss will he severely Lately. Aged 50, Mr. Joseph Smart, felt, especially by the poor of Hessle, his printer and bookseller, of Wolverhampton, country residence. proprietor of the Wolverhampton Chronicle. Jan. 15. At Moat-hall, Boroughbridge,

March 9. At Wolverhampton, the wi- aged 78, Jonah Wasse, esq. dow of Robert Morrison, esq. M.D.

Jan. 18. Aged 67, Wm. Jarratt, esq. one SURREY.-Feb. 26. At Dorking, aged of the oldest depnty-Lieutenants for the 82, John Sims, M.D. F.R.S. and F.L.S. East Riding, and Alderman of Hull, where He was the editor of Curtis's Botanical he had three times filled the office of Mayor. Magazine, from the 14th to the 42d volume; Jan. 21. At Clifton, near York, aged 80, and contributed several professional papers Geo. Bigland, esq. of Bigland-hall, Lanc. to the “ Medical Facts,” and “ Medical and Jan. 25. At Bridlington Quay, aged 52, Physical Journal.”

Mr. John Mason, Surveyor of his Majesty's Sussex.-Lately. At Brighton, Richard Customs, eldest son of Mr. Richard Mason, Wellesley, esq. Commissioner of the Stamp of Sowerby, farmer. Office, son of the Marg. Wellesley.

Jan. 28. At Woodlands, near HarrowAt Ringmer, near Lewės, aged 103, Mrs. gate, aged 60, Thomas Maude, esq. Innis, a native of Scotland. The late Col. Aged 88, the relict of Lieut. Thos. Plint, Haye, of Glyndebourne, owed the preserva R.N. and mother of Mrs. Plint, of Leeds. tion of his life, during the American revolu Jan. 30. At York, aged 76, Geo. Fettes, tion, to Mrs. Innis's husband, and pensioned esq. Sheriff of that city in 1802. off his preserver and wife at Ringmer, where Feb. 1. At Bawtry, aged 45, Thomas le she had resided upwards of 60 years. Her Gay Brewerton. esq. surgeon. only daughter is now in her 84th year.

At Selby, Mrs. Mary Jackson, aged 106. March 8.

At Brighton, Ann, relict of Feb 11. Aged 62, Benjamin Crossley, Rev. George Bevan.

esq. M.B. of Hull. WARWICK —Lately. At Packington, the Feb. 13. At Croom, near Sledmire, aged Hon. John Henry Finch, infant son of the 82, Aun, wife of the Rev. R. Croxton, Earl of Aylesford.

Vicar of Wetwang.

don, esq.


1831.] OBITUARY.

285 At Pontefract, aged 64, Jane, relict of of the 3d Bombay Native Cavalry, fourth Mr. Serjeant Cockell, and only sister of son of W.T. Money, esq. Consul at Venice. Miles Sandys, esq. of Graythwaite-hall, June 25. At Calcutta, Lt.-Col. Monatt. Westmoreland.

July 17. In Fort St. George, Major T. Feb. 19. At York, aged 67, P. J. Bul- G. Watson, of artillery, principal Commismer, esq. of the Tyne Iron Works, New sioner of Ordnance. castle.

July 31. At Cuddapah, Geo-William Feb. 20. At Hull, aged 86, the relict of Saunders, esq third Judge of the Provisional Richard Terry, esq.

Court for the Centre Division. Fels. 21.

At York, aged 68, John Carr, At Bombay, aged 16, James D'Oyley esq_ of Skipton.

Saunders, second son of D’Oyley Saunders, Feb. 23. At York, aged 82, Wm. Bayl esq. of Coat-Bank, near Whitby.

A: Ingeram, Helena, the wife of Byng Fel. 26. At Beverley, aged 17, Henry, Thomas Giraud, esq. 22 N. I. Madras. second son of John B. Arden, esq. Alder Aug. 2.

At Vellore, Capt. A. Sibbald,

15 N. I. At Snydale Hall, aged 67, E. L. Hodge Aug. 14. At Masulipatam, Septimus son, esq.

Money, esq. one of the Judges of the ProFeb. 28. At Acklam, aged 17, W. J. vincial Court. Simpson, late medical student in the Lon Sept. 1. At Barrackpore, Lieut.-Col. don University, and son of the Rev. J. Shadwell. Simpson, of Acklam.

Sept. 4. At Calcutta, Eliza, wife of John Aged 33, James Fawsitt, esq. of Hunsley- Henry Barlow, esq. the eldest sou of Sir House, near Beverley.

Geo. Hilaro Barlow, Bart. and G.C.B. Mar. 8. Frances, wife of the Rev. Tho. Lately. At Poonah, aged 25, William, Holme, of Kırby-Hill, near Richmond. 3d son of C. B. Trevor, esq. of Plas Teg,

Mar. 9. Aged 74, Edward Trueman, Flintshire. esq. of Pontefract, banker.

Sept. 8. In India, aged 41, the Hon. Mar. 11. Aged 67, Benj. Hird, M.D., Harriet Elizabeth, wife of Sir Wm. Rumtwenty years physician to the General In- bold, Bart. ; sister to Lord Rancliffe, and to firmary, Leeds.

Princess Polignac, She was mar. July 13, Wales.-Jan. 24. At Pembroke, in her 1809, and had several children. 80th year, Corbetta, widow of Joseph Lord, Sept. 13. At Ambah, Capt. Chas. Holesq. daughter of the late Gen. John Owen, royd, second son of Sir George Sowley Holof Orielton, and mother of Sir John Owen, royd, late one of the Judges of the King's Bart. M. P. and Lord Lieutenant of the Bench. county of Pembroke.

Sept, 20. At Madras, Sam. Boutflower, SCOTLAND.—Jan. 5. At Aberdeen, aged esq. of the Civil Service, third son of late 86, Deacon Alexander Watson, tailor; the Rev. John Boutflower, Vicar of Seymour author of that popular national song, “The and Cayton, in Yorkshire, and brother to Kail Brose of Auld Scotland ;” and other late Dr. Boutflower, of Hull. similar effusions.

Lately. At Madras, Henry Byrne, esq. Jan. 19. At Edinburgh, Nath. Gow, the barrister, youngest son of late Henry Byrne, well-known Scottish violinist and composer esq. of Seaton and Castletown, co. Lowth. of many popular airs. In his latter'days Sept. 30. At Allylghur, aged 23, Lieut. Mr. Gow had enjoyed a pension from King D'Arcy Johnstou, second son of Sir Wm. George IV. who treated him with some Johnston, Bart. of that Ilk, and of Hilltown, marks of Royal condescension, on observing Aberdeenshire. him at the head of his band in Dalkeith Nov. 25. Sir James Dewar, Chief JusHouse in 1822.

tice of Bombay, the fourth Judge deceased Ireland.—Jan. 3. At Newcastle, co. at that Presidency within two years. Longford, aged 19, the Hon. Louisa King, West Indies.-Aug. 29.

In Jamaica, youngest daughter of Lord Viscount Lor Lieut. Brampton, 84th foot. ton, and grand daughter of the dowager Oct. 6. İn Jamaica, James Betty, esq. Countess of Rosse.

after a residence of 40

years. Jan. 21. William Blood, esq. of Apple Oct. 12. In Jamaica, aged 120, Jane vale. He was sitting alone in his parlour, Morgan, a negro woman, formerly belongwhen a shot was fired through the door, upon iug to Geo. Crawford Ricketts, esq. Attorwhich he retreated to the kitchen, and ney-Gen. of that Island. She had been to thence to the back-yard, where, dreadful to England three times, and returned to Ja

elate, he was shot while attempting to es maica. She was healthy until within a few cape. The party robbed the house of some months before her death, and retained her money, and then decamped.

faculties to the day of her death. East Indies.—May 23. At Berham Oct. 13. In Jamaica, W.S. Walker, M.D. pore, Lieut.-Col. Morrell.

Oct. 26. In Jamaica, Dr. Archibald June 15. At Ahmedabad, in the pro- Thompson, having recently arrived from vince of Guzerat, Lieut. Geo.-Wm. Money, England.

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