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1891.] OBITUARY.-Rodolph Kreutzer.- Clergy Deceased. 377 signing that destination for the stage, Napoleon often conversed with him in be commenced his first campaign at a familiar manner, and conferred on bim Brecknock, under the management of the gold cross (officier) of the Legion of Mr. R. Phillips (late of Drury-lane) with Honour. The Emperor used to say that very bad success. He alterwards ob time was too precious to be employed in tained an engagement with Laurent, at listening to instrumental music, exceptthe Lyceum; and when that Theatre ing when Kreutzer was playing a conclosed, became a member of the Ricb certo on the violin. mond corps, under the management of Kreutzer continued director of the Beverley, with whom he remained some Académie Royale in Paris, and principal time, performing at his various theatres violin professor at the Conservatoire, with success.

He then joined the Not until deprived of the use of his arm by tingham company; and afterwards tbat an accident, in 1817. Most of the of Birmingham, where he made a suc. young violin professors of eminence in cessful debut as Othello; Mr. Kean act. France are, therefore, his pupils, and ing lago, and Harlequin in the pan take great credit in calling themselves tomime, on the same evening. After such. As a composer, Kreutzer also some other wanderings in the north of greatly distinguished bimself. Besides England, Mr. Elliston engaged. bim an immense number of violin concertos, when at Manchester, to ait for three quartets, duets, and a set of excellent years at the Surrey Theatre, where he studies familiar to all performers on that made bis appearance in 1808, as Lockit instrument throughout Europe, he wrote in the Beggar's Opera, and Pantaloon in several operas, among which are best the Pantomine. He afterwards played known Loduiska, Paul et Virginie, La Osmond, Richard, Macbeth, &c. with Mort d'Abel, and Aristippe. such decided success that the Covent. 'garden managers engaged him; and he appeared with great eclat, as King James

CLERGY DECEASED. in the Knight of Snawdoun, and Romo

The Rev. T. H. Ashworth, M. A. late of aldi in the Tale of Mystery, Nov. 25, Jesus college, Cambridge. 1811. After this he took the lead in

Aged 71, the Rev. William Clerke, Rectragedy for two seasons at the theatre in

tor of Norton, Suffolk. He was formerly Crow-street, Dublin; again returned to

Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he the Surrey; and during bis latter years

graduated B. A. 1781, M. A. 1784, and by was the reigning. hero at the Coburg.

which Society he was presented to his live His death was hastened by intempe- ing in 1796.

The Rev. Bartholomew Dacre, Perpetual

Curate of Moseley, Lancashire, to which RODOLPH KREUTZER.

chapelry he was presented in 1791, by the

Rector of Ashton-under-Lyne.
Feb. 6. At Geneva, aged 63, Rodolph The Rev. John Denman, Rector of Llan-
Kreutzer, the celebrated violin player.

degla, Denbighshire, to which he was colHe was born at Versailles in 1767, the

lated in 1796, by Dr. Bagot, then Bishop of son of a musician in the band of the

St. Asaph.
King of France; and very early in life

At Stanway, Essex, the Rev. John Dolevinced considerable talent for music,

phin, Rector of Pebmarsh and Colne Wake, He received lessons on the violin from

and Prebendary of York. He was of ChristAnt, Stamitz, and at the age of thirteen church, Oxf. M.A. 1799 ; was collated to played in public, at the Concert Spirituel, the prebend of Riccall in the cathedral of a concert of his master's composition, York in 1813 by Archbishop Vernon, prewith great success. At nineteen years

sented to Pebmarsh in 1823 by the Earl of of age he had already composed two Verulam, and to Colne Wake by the same grand operas, which were performed patron. before the wliole court. When that gay

Aged 81, the Rev. Diones Geere, Rector circle was violently broken up, he tra of South Heighton cum Tarring Nevill, and velled in Germany, Holland, and Italy, of Pett, Sussex. He was of Christ's coland established his fame az vne of the lege, Camb. B.A. 1773 (another of the first violinists in Europe. At the invita same names, B.A. 1729, M.A. 1746); and tion of Napoleon, he subsequently re was instituted to his living (which was in turned to France, where he received the his own patronage) in 1774. appointments of first violin to the Em In London, the Rev. Matthew Hale, Inperor, as well in the chapel as for private cumbent of the parish of the Island of Tormusic, chef-d'orchestre at the opera, tola and its dependencies. He was of St and professor of the violin at the Con. John's coll. Camb. B.A. 1815. servatoire,

At Weymouth, aged 73, the Rev. Jol.n GENT. MAG. April, 1831.

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[April, Hopkins, formerly Fellow and Tutor of Childers, by the Hon. Selina Eardley, dau. Christ college, Cambridge, where he gradu. of Sampson Lord Eardley; and married Oct. ated B.A. 1779, as seventh Wrangler, M.A. 30, 1826, bis cousin Maria-Charlotte, elder 1783.

daughter of the late Sir Culling Smith, Bt. The Rev. John Maydwell, Rector of and the Hon. Charlotte-Elizabeth Eardley. Boothby Pagnell, Lincolnshire, to which lie Mr. Childers was of Trin. coll. Camb. B. A. was presented in 1823.

1823. The Rev. Thos. Griffith Rol'erts, Rector Mar. 10. Aged 81, the Rev. George Belof Dolgelly, co. Merioneth, to which bene grave, D. D. Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk, fice he was presented in 1825, by the King and Vicar of Stebbing, Essex. He was foras Prince of Wales.

merly Fellow of St. John's coll. Camb. where The Rev. Joseph Sharpe, Rector of Debt he graduated B. A. 1770, as eighth Senior ling, Kent, to which living he was collated Optime, M. A. 1773, B.D. 1781, was prein 1822 hy Archbishop Manners Sutton. sented to Cockfield by that Society in 1788,

In Dublin, the Rev. Archdeacon Smyth, and to Stebuing in 1802, by Thos. Batt, esq. eldest son of the late George Smyth, Baron Near Abergavenny, the Rev. Francis of the Exchequer in Ireland.

Homfray, Rector of Llanvair Kilgedlin, and At Honiton, aged 89, the Rev. William of Llanarth. He was of Oriel coll. Oxf. John Tucker, Rector of Widworthy, Devon. M.A. 1796; and was presented to the He was of Queen's coll. Oxf. M.A. 1770. former church in 1831 by Sir C. Morgan,

The Rev. Thomas Waters, D.D. Master of Bart. Emanuel Hospital, Westminster.

Mar. 16. At Somersby, Linc. aged 53, of Magd. hall, Oxf. M. A. 1790, B. and the Rev. George Clayton Tennyson, LL.D. D.D. 1808. The Rev. Randle Jackson Rector of Benniworth, Somersby, and EnWaters and his wife have been appointed derhy, and Vicar of Great Grimsby. He Master and Mistress of Emanuel Hospital. was of St. John's coll. Camb. B. A. 1801,

The Rev. Evan Watkins, Perpetual Cu M.A. 1805, LL.D. 1813, was presented to rate of Gueldon Sutton, Cheshire, to which Somersby in 1806, Benniworth in 1807, and chapelry he was presented in 1780 by Sir Grimsby in 1815. J. Stanley, Bart.

Mar. 23.

At Canterbury, in the house Aged 28, the Rev. John Watson, B.A. of his son the Rev. James Croft, Archdeaeldest son of Charles W. of York. con of Canterbury, aged 75, the Rev. Ro

The Rev. William Weatherhead, Rector vert Croft, Canon Residentiary of York, of Woolverton and Vicar of Sherbourne, Rector of Rowley, near Beverley, and of Norfolk. He was formerly Fellow of Magd. Preston with Hornsea. He was first of Tricoll. Camb. B.A. 1768, M.A. 1771; was nity coll. Cambridge, where he took the decollated to Sherbourne in 1800 by the Hon. gree of B. A. as third Junior Optime in Dr. Yorke, then Bp. of Ely; and presented 1773, was elected Fellow of Peterhouse, and to Woolverton in 1816 by H. H. Henley, esq. proceeded M. A. 1779; was presented to

Sept. 25. At Bhooj, in India, the Rev. Hornsea in 1782 by Lord Chancellor ThurJames Gray, Chaplain to the East India low, to Rowley in 1787 by Colonel Hildyard, Company's establishment at Cutch, in Ben and collated to his Canonry in 1803 by Abp. gal.

Markham. Oct. 28. At Barrackpore, Bengal, the Mar. 28. The Rev.James Hibberd, RecRev. James Devaynes Wintle, eldest son of tor of Sutton Mandeville, Wilts, to which Jas. W. esq. of Bath. He was of St. John's he was instituted in 1793. coll. Camb. B. A. 1821, M.A. 182-,

April 4. The Rev. Joseph Sharpe, Vicar Jan. 16. Aged 75, the Rev. Henry Bur of Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland. He ton, Vicar of Atcham and Madeley, Shrop was formerly Fellow of Trin. coll. Camb. shire. He was of St. John's coll. Cambr.

where he graduated B. A. 1779 as sixth JuB.A. 1777, M.A. 1804 ; was presented to nior Optime, M. A. 1782, and was presented Atcham in 1782 by R. Burton, Esq. ; and to his living by that Society in 1792. likewise held the vicarage of Holy Cross April 8. At Exeter, aged 81, the Rev. with St. Giles's in Shrewsbury from 1804 to John Bradford Copleston, B.A. a Prebendary 1825.

of the Cathedral Church, Vicar of St. ThoFeb. 13. Aged 80, the Rev. Samuel Bot mas's in that city, and of Up-ottery; fatomley, for fifty years Minister of the Old ther of the Lord Bishop of Llandaff. He Meeting-house, Scarborough ; in memory was presented to his church in Exeter in of whom Mr. Cole, the bookseller there, 1813, and to Up-ottery in 1814, both by has announced a publication entitled “ Bot the Dean and Chapter of Exeter ; and coltomleiana."

lated to his prebend by Bishop Carey in March 1. At Glatton, Hunts, the Rev. 1824. His remains were interred in the Gerard Clough, for forty years Curate of family vault at Offwell, attended by the that parish and of Holme. He was of Ca. Bishop of Llandaff, his younger son the therine hall, Camb. LL.B. 1780.

Rev. John Gaius Copleston, Rector of OffMar. 7. At Nice, the Rev. Eardley Chil well, and his two eldest grandsons. ders. He was a son of Col. John Walbank April 10. At Great Sooring, Norfolk, in

1831.] OBITUARY.

379 his 80th year, the Rev. James Fawcett, Mar. 29. James Mangoall, esq. of AlRector of that parish. He was brother to dermanbury, and of Cranford. the Rev. Richard Fawcett, now Vicar of Mar. 30. Aged 53, William Graves, esq. Leeds; was formerly Fellow of St. John's late of the War Office. college, Cambridge, where he graduated Lately. At Highgate, aged 72, James B.A. 1774, as fifth Senior Optime, M.A. Watson Hull, esq. many years of Great 1777, B.D. 1785. He was the first Mem Baddow, Essex; a Justice of the Peace and bers’ Prizeman when a Senior Bachelor in Deputy Lieutenant of that county. 1776 ;

was appointed Lady Margaret's April 1. At Kennington, aged 60, J. Preacher in 1782, and Norrisian Professor Warner, esq. of Divinity in 1795, both which appoint April 2. Aged 80, the relict of Rev. Dr. ments he held until 1819. He was pre Strahan, Prebendary of Rochester, and Vicar sented to his living by his college in 1801. of Islington. She was a Miss Robertson, Mr. Fawcett published one volume of “ Ser of Richmond, was married in 1778, and mons, preached before the University of left a widow in 1824 (see a memoir of Dr. Cambridge. 1794.” 8vo.

Strahan, in the recently published vol. vi. April 12. At Cambridge, the Rev. Harry of Nichols's Illustrations of Literature). Pearce, for twenty years Chaplain to the In Artillery-court, Chiswell-street, John County gaol, and Rector of Hemingby, Linc.

Francis Kalm, esq. He was first of Trinity college, as a member April 5. In Curzon-st. Maria-Anne, wife of which he took the degree of B. A. in of J. H. Penruddocke, esq. M.P. for Wilton. 1799, being the thirteenth Senior Optime of At Hampstead, Margaret-Anne, eldest that

year; was afterwards elected a Fel- daughter of RF. Jameson, esq. low of Catharine hall, and proceeded M. A. April 6. In Dean-street, Portland-square, 1802 ; and stibsequently Conduct of King's Tho. Curtis Leinan, esq. college, by which Society he was presented April 7. Io Bruton-street, the Rt. Hon. in 1822 to the Rectory of Hemingby, which Jane Countess dowager of Carhampton. She is always given to the Conduct.

was a daughter of George Boyd, esq. was April 13. At Great Thurlow, Suffolk, married June 25, 1776, to Henry-Lawes, the Rev. Samuel Halsted, many years Curate 2d Earl of Carhampton, and left his widow, of that parish. He was of Christ coll. Camb. without issue, April 25, 1821. B. A. 1798 as first Junior Optime, M. A. April 11. Ann, 'relict of Wm. Puckle, 1801.

esq. late of Kennington.

Col. R. M. Macgregor, late of E. I. C.


April 14. In Pall-mall, aged 27, Mary, Mar, 11. In Sloane-st. Frances-Anne wife of J. B. Toussaint, esq. Mary, wife of Thomas Hoblyn, esq. of the At Brompton, aged 57, Matilda Countess Treasury, and dau. of Mr. Chaworth, who de Clairville. was killed in a duel by Lord Byron.

April 15. At the public-office, LamMar. 20. Aged 82, Mr. Jeremiah Brett, beth-street, Matthew Wyatt, Esq. of the 24 years High Constable of the Liberties of Inner Temple, the resident Magistrate of the Tower, anı vearly 50 years on the esta that district. blishment of the East India Company.

Mar. 24. In Berkeley-square, aged 53, Beds.-Lately. Accidentally drowned in the Hon. Frances Caulfeild, widow of St. the Ouse, near Bletsoe, Mr. Bubb, Coroner George Caulfeild, of Dunamore castle, co. for the County Galway, esq. aunt to Lord Crofton. She was April 4. At Cople-house, Lady Charlotte the 3d dau. of Sir Edw. Crofton, Bart. and Ludlow, sister to Earl Ludlow; the fourth Anne Lady Crofton ; was married April 2, and youngest dau. of Peter 1st and late Earl 1802, and left a widow May 16, 1810, with Ludlow, by Lady Francis Lumley, eldest one son, now

a Lieut. in the 1st Horse dau. of Thomas 3d Earl of Scarborough. guards; and two daughters, the eldest of Berks.-Mar. 29. At Bray, 'T. Frankwhom is married to Frederick Hamilton land Nicholas, esq. formerly of Hurley, Cornwall, esq. eldest son of the Bishop of April 3. At Pinkney's-green, aged 75, Worcester.

Mrs. Harriett Casamajor. Mar. 25. In his 82d year, John Barker, April 8. At Reading, Caroline-Maryesq. of Kentish-town, a respected member Tipping, wife of the Rev. Wm. Denison, of the Court of Assistants of the Stationers' Rector of Cublington. Company, and formerly a printer in the Old Bucks.-At Iver, aged 80, Mary, wife of Bailey.

John Copeland, esq: Aged 39, Elizabeth-Honor, wife of the CAMBRIDGE.—Mar. 24. At Cambridge, Rev. Edward Andrews, LL.D. Minister of Lydia, wife of the Rev. Dr. Hollingworth, Beresford Chapel, Walworth, and only dau. Archdeacon of Huntingdon. of late W. Synons, esq.

Lately. At Isleham, aged 93, William Mar. 28. _At Highgate, in her 92d year, Norman, gent. the relict of T. Isherwood, esq.

April 5. At her mother's, in Cambridge,


[April, Catherine, wife of Mr. Boor, eldest dau, of Lately. Aged 70, Mr. John Collingwood, late Rev. John Bullen.

architect and surveyor for the County. Cheshire.— April 5. Jane, eldest dau. of At Bristol, Sarah, wife of T. Harris, esq. late John Glegs, esq. of Great Neston, and and fourth dau. of the late Rev. Wm. Tan relict of Rev. James Bullock, Prebeudary of

ner, of Exeter, Hereford.

April 1. At Bristol, Mr. Henry Llewellin, CORNWALL.- April 19. At Penzance,

attorney, formerly of Cardiff. Mary-Anne, wife of John Lake, Esq. sister April 12. At Clifton, the widow of John of the Rev. G. Morris, of that place, and Tahor Kempe, esq. formerly attorney-geneeldest dau. of late Mr. William Morris, of ral for the province of New York. Oxford.

April 14.

At Cheltenham, aged 76, Devon.-Mar. 17. At Haldon House, Tho. Addison, esq. formerly of Ludgate-st. Adela, infant dau. of Sir L. V. Palk, Bart.

April 13.

At Bitton Vicarage, Anne, Mar. 26. At Sidmouth, in his 66th year, wife of the Rev. Henry-Thomas Ellicombe. Wm. Mackie, esq. late senior member of the Hants.—March 27. At Gosport, aged Medical Board, on the Bombay Establish 73, John A. Devereux, esq. ment.

April 4. At Southampton, the infant Mar. 31. At Plymouth, aged 83, James son of Sir Matthew Blakiston, Bart. Eliott, esq. a Common Councilman of that April 5. At Andover, aged 25, Margaret, borough.

youngest dau. of late Wm. Davidson, esq. of Lately. At Chudleigh, Catherine-Ro- Shaftesbury-house, Kensington-gravel-pits. gers, dan. of the Rev. T. Hawker, and grand April 9. At Bishop's Waltham, aged 19, daughter of the celebrated Dr. Hawker. Jane- Barbara, dau. of Rev. James Ogle.

At Stoke, aged 78, the widow of the Rev. HEREFORD.—March 25. At Much MarT. Symons, Vicar of Fevek, Cornwall. cle, Caroline, fourth dau. of Rev. Kyrie

At Heath's Court, Ottery St. Mary, aged Ernle Money. 1, Francis-George, infant son of Mr. Justice Lately. Ann, widow of Rev. John Geo. Patterson.

Hannington, D.D. Preb.of Hereford and R. April 3. At Great Torrington, Captain of Hampton Bishop. Gawtrey, for many years Adjutant of N. De Herts. - March 12. At the West Hertvon yeomanry cavalry.

ford Infirmary, aged 23, Henry Holland FitzApril 5. At Hemerdon, aged 66, Geo. thomas, esq. surgeon to that Institution. Woollcombe, esq. a Magistrate and Deputy March 18. Aged 5, Augusta, eldest dau. Lieutenant for the County.

of John Barnes, esq. banker, Faringdon, April 10. At Exeter, Thomas Murray and of Chorley Wood House. Allan, esq. of Havering, Essex, and Edin March 30. At the seat of Geo. Thornburgh.

ton, esq. of Marden Hill, in his 70th

year, April 13. At Buckerell, aged one hundred John Cayley, esq. of Wallington, Surrey, and six, Mrs. Ann Marks, leaving a numerous and late of St. Petersburgh. progeny of grand and great grandchildren. April 5. At Aston-house, Edm. Darby, At Plymouth, aged 25, Charles Nelson

esq. Foote, esq. solicitor, 5th sort of the late Kent.-Dec. 1. At Ramsgate, aged 72, Pearson Foote, of Harewood-house, esq. Anna-Maria, relict of James Piggott loce,

Dorset.--March 25. At Kington Mag- esq. na, aged 72, Jane, widow of Win. Stallard, April 9. At Westerham, aged 4, Henryesq. Paymaster 2d dragoons.

Rivers, son of the Rev. Thomas Streatfield. Mar. 26. At Weymouth, Villiers Gore, Lanc.-Lately. Mary, widow of Henry infant son of Lt. Col. Melville Brown, late of Owen Cupliffe, esq. of Wycoller Hall. the 8th regiment.

April. 16. At Lee, James Rice WilApril 2. In her 32nd year, and three weeks after the birth of a daughter, Char Lincoln.March. 30. At Stamford, lotte, wife of Geo. Ingram, esq. of Forsell. Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. T. Dennis,

Lately. At Upminster Hall, Champion Vicar of Bourn. Edward-Brydges, infant son of C. E. Bran March 6. At Bourn Abbey, aged 36,

R. S. Harrisson, esq. Essex.—March 22. At Woodford-hall, Middlesex.

March 22. Aged 80, aged 76, John Maitland, esq. of Loughton Benjamin Blake, esq. of Hampton. hall.

April 1. At Finchley, Elizabeth, wife of March 28. At the house of Dr. Mackin the Rev. Ralph Worsley. tosh, Colchester, Miss Maria Cox, of Ips April 8. At Dalston, aged 46, W. P. wich.

Musgrave, esq. eldest brother of the Rev. Apr.4. At Stansted, Henry Croasdaile, esq. C. Musgrave, Vicar of Halifax.

GloucesterSHIRE. - March 23. At Bris NORTHAMPTON.-March 22. At Cottol, aged 72, Mr. Thomas Pope, late of his tesbrooke, Patience-Ann, wife of the Hon. Majesty's Mint.

and Rev. Paul Anthony Irby, eldest dau. of March 28. At Clifton, Reginald, fifth the late Sir Wm. Champion de Crespigny, son of the Rev. Harry Gray, of Frenchay. Bart., by lady Sarah Windsor, 4th dau. of

liams, esq.

fill, esq.

P. 648.



381 Other-Lewis 4th Earl of Plymouth. She March 26. Elizabeth, daughter of the was married Dec. 2, 1814, and has left a late Rev. Peter Routh, Rector of Southelanumerous family.

halm, and sister of the President of MagdaNorts.-April 11. At her son's, Carl len college, Oxford. ton Rectory, aged 64, Charlotte, widow of April 10. At Southtown, Yarmouth, the Ven. John Eyre, Archdeacon of Not- aged 88, Mrs. Christiana Brown, mother of tingham, a brief notice of whom was given the late Crisp Brown, esq. alderman of on his death last year, in our vol. c. i. Norwich.

April 12. At Ipswich, aged 81, Mrs. Ann OXFORD.-Feb. 16. At Christ Church, Russel, 2d dau. and 7th and last surviving Oxford, aged 18, Lord Conyers Osborne, child of Wm. Russel, esq. of Barninghamyounger son of the Duke of Leeds. His hall, Norfolk. death was occasioned in wrestling, by extra Sussex.—Murch 29. At Brighton, aged vasation of blood on the spinal marrow, in 9, T. C. Northcote, second son of H. effect the same as effusion of blood on the

Northcote, esą. brain. A Coroner's Inquest returned the April 14. At Hastings, the wife of the verdict of death per infortuniam, or chance Rev. Mr. Edwards, Head Master of the medley.

Grammar school, Bury St. Edmund's. March 11. At Grand Pont, near Oxford, WARWICK.Lately. Catherine, wife of aged 52, Thomas Henry Taunton, esq. for Francis Parrott, Esq. of Hawkesbury Hall, many years Clerk of the Peace for the

April 2. At Solihull, aged 92, John
County. His abilities as a public officer Short, esq.
will secure lasting esteem and admiration, WESTMORELAND.-April 10. At Cal-
whilst the remembrance of his excellence garth Park, Dorothy, relict of Dr. Watson,
in the spheres of domestic and social life, Bishop of Llandaff.
will be dearly cherished in the bosoms of Wilts.—Mar. 19. At Froxfield, aged
an affectionate widow and numerous family. 64, Grace, relict of Rev. T. A. Attwood, of

March 26. At Henley, aged 68, Mrs. St. Margaret's, Westminster.
Sarah P. Gerrard, eldest dau. of the late Mar. 26. The wife of the Rev. William
John Allen, esq.

Walton, of Trowbridge.
March 31. Aged 10, Maria, eldest dau. YORK.-Mar. 24. At Wetherby, aged
of late Rev. J. Newby, M.A. of Magdalen 36, Edward Richardson, esq. solicitor.

April 2. Aged 71, Susannah, widow of April 3. At Yarnton, aged 69, Ann, only Joshua Walker, esq. of Clifton-house, Rochild of late Capt. Manners Lisle, R.M. therham, and of Blyth-hall, Notts.

SOMERSET.-Mar. 21. Aged 94, at Bath, April 3. At Beverley, aged 58, Charles the Hon. Mrs. Noel, relict of the Dean of Stewart, esq. formerly Capt. in the 28th Salisbury.

Fout, and late of the East York Militia.
Mar. 23. At Bath, Charlotte, youngest April 8. At Hull, aged 75, Mr. William
sister of the late Joshua Grigby, esq. of Walmsley the elder, father of Mr. Wm.
Drinkston, Suffolk.

Walmsley, solicitor, Hull.
Mar. 30. At the Rectory, Apsford, the, April 10. At Halsham, aged 41, Mary,

of William Lucas, esq. of Westbury- wife of Thomas Champney, esq. eldest dau. upon-Trym.

of the late Wm. Harland, esq. of Burton Lately. At Bath, aged 48, Lieut.-Col. Pidsea. Drummond, E. I. C.

April 11. Aged 37, Eleanor-Jane, wife of April 4. At Bath, Jonathan Wathen, Henry Teal, esq. of Stourton-lodge, near esq. Gentleman - Commoner of Magdalen Leeds, and only dau. of John Sangster, esq. Hall, Oxford, third son of late Samuel Wa Wales.-At Noyadd Fawr, near Landtben, esq. of Newhouse, Gloucestershire.

overy, aged 54, Capt. Richard Davys, R. April 7. Aged 71, James Frampton, esq. Carmarth. fusileers, an active magistrate for of Frome.

Carmarthen and Breckoock shires.
April 8. Aged 83, Mr. Bishop Crapmer, Scotland.- Feb. 12. Alexander Lawrie,

medical practitioner of Wiveliscombe, esq. printer of the Gazette for Scotland. said to be descended from Archbp. Cranmer. At Edinburgh, aged 54, James Hare,

April 10. At Avishays, near Chard, aged jun. M.D. late of Bengal estab. 8 months, Harriet-Amelia, dau. of the Rev. At Edinburgh, Richard Webster, esq. Edwin Lance.

Surgeon to the 4th dragoons, son of late April 18. At Bath, aged 92, Dr. Hay Rev. Robert Webster, Curate of the Holy ward.

Trinity Church, Hull.
STAFFORDSHIRE.—Mar. 3. Aged 69, Jos. March 10. At Edinburgh, aged 85,
Curtis, esq. of Walsall.

Robert Stodart, esq.
April 9. Aged 76, Elizabeth, wife of March 30. At Edinburgh, Margaret-
James Caldwell, esq. of Linley-wood. Keith, dau. of late Gen. Abercromby, of

SUFFOLK.- Feb. 13. At Sudbury, aged Glassaugh, Banffshire.
78, Mrs. A. M. Heckford, dau. of the Rev. IRELAND.-Feb. 27. Aged 24, Annette,
T. Heckford, Vicar of Great Cornard. youngest dau. 'of late Hon. Robert Moles-

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