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List of the present House of Commons. [May, Salop-Sir R. Hill, bart. J. C. Pelham New Woodstock-Lord C.S.Churchill, ILord Saliash—+F. Villiers, IB. Walrond

Stormont Sandwich-J. Marryatt, tSir E. T. Trou- Wootton Bassetl— Viscount Mahon, Lord bridge, bart.

Porchester New Sarum-W. Wyndham, Hon. D. P. Worcestershire-Hon. T. H. Foley, tHon F. Bouverie

Spencer Old Sarum-J. Alexander, J. Du-Pré Alex- Worcester—T. H. H. Davies, G. R. Robinson ander

Chipping Wycombe -Sir T. Baring, bart. Scarborough-Rt. Hon. C. Manners Sutton, +Hon. R. Smith Hon. E. Phipps

Yarmouth, Norfolk-Hon. G. Anson, C. E. Seaford-J. Fitzgerald, W. Lyon

Rumbold Shafteslury-E. Penrhyn, +W. Maberly Yarmouth, Isle of Wight+Sir H.WilloughNew Shoreham-Sir C. M. Burrell, bart. H. by, bart. +C. C. Cavendish Howard

Yorkshire-Lord Morpeth, Sir J. V. B. ShrewsburyR. A. Slaney, R. Jenkins Johnstone, bart. fg. Strickland, tC. Somersels.-E.A.Sandford, +W.G. Langton

Ramsden Southampton-+A. Atherley, TJ. S. Penleaze York—S. A. Bayntun, Hon. T. Dundas Southwark-C. Calvert, + W. Brougham

SCOTLAND. Staffordshire-E. J. Littleton, Sir J. Wrot

Aberdeenshire-Hon. W. Gordon tesley, bart. StaffordT. Gisborne, J. Campbell

Aberdeen-tHoratio Ross Stamford-Lord T. Cecil, +$C. Tennyson

Argyleshire Steyning-G. R. Phillips, E. Blonnt

Ayr-T. F. Kennedy Stockbridge-+J. Barham, tSir S. Canning

Ayrshire-W. Blair SudburySir J. B. Walsh, bart. +D. Č.

Banffshire-J. Morrison

Berwickshire-Hon. A. Maitland Wrangham

Bule and Caithness-shire-nt G. Sinclair, jun. Suffolk-Sir H. E. Bunbury, bart. C. Tyrell

Crail and Anstruther-tA. Johnston
Surrey-W.J. Denison, J. I. Briscoe

Dumbartonshire-Lord W. Gordon
Sussex-H. B. Curteis, Lord G. Lennox
Tamworth-Lord C. V. F. Townshend, Sir

Dumfries-shire-J.J. H. Johnstone
Robert Peel, bart. .

Dumfries—W. R. K. Douglas Tavistock-Lord W. Russell, Lord J. Russell

Dysart-tR. Ferguson Taunton-H. Labouchere, E. T. Bainbridge

Edinburghshire-Šir G. Clerk Tewkeslury-J. E. Dowdeswell, J. Martin

Edinburgh-IR. A. Dundas Thetford-Lord C. Fitzroy, F. Baring

Elginshire-Hon. F. W. Grant Thirsk-Sir R. Frankland, R. G. Russell

Elgin Tiverlon-Hon. G. D. Ryder, IS. Perceval

FifeshireTotness-Right Hon. T. Þ. Courtenay, C. B.

Forfarshire-Hon. W. Maule Baldwin

Forfar and Perth-Right Hon. F. Jeffrey

Tregony-+C. G. J.Arbuthnot, J. Mackillop
Truro-Lord Encombe, N. W. Peach

Glasgow-+J. Dixon
Wallingford-W. L. Hughes, R. Knight

Haddingtonshire- IJ. Balfour
Wareham—1C. Wood, G. Calcraft

Haddington—R. Stuart
Warwicks.-+F. Lawley, +Sir G. Skipwith, Inverness-shire-Right Hon. C. Grant

Inverkeilhing-+J. Johnston
Warwick-J. Tomes, +E. B. King

Kincardineshire-Hop. H. Arbuthnott Wells-J. E. Vaughan, J. L. Lee

Kinross-shire-tAdmiral C. Adam Wendover-A. Smith, S. Smith

KirkcudbrightWemlock–P. B. Thompson, Hon. G. C. W.


Lanarkshire--Hon. C. Douglas WeobleyLord E. Thynne, Lord H. F.

Linlithgowshire-Sir A. Hope Thyone

Nairnshire and Cromarty D. Davidson : Westbury-Sir R. Franco, +H. Hanmer

Orkneyshire, Westminster—Sir F. Burdett, bart. J. C.

Peebles-shire-Sir G. Montgomery Hobhouse

Perthshire—Sir G. Murray Westmoreland — Hon. H. C. Lowther, 7A.

Renfrewshire-Sir M. S. Stewart Nowell

Ross-shire Weymouth-M. Ure, T. F. Buton, J. Gor

Roxburghshire-H. F. Scott, jun. don, R. Weyland

Selkirkshire-A. Pringle Whilchurch-Sic S. Scott, bart. Hon. H.

Selkirk and Peebles—+W. D. Gillon G. P. Townshend

Stirlingshire—+W. Ramsay

Wigan-+J. H. Kearsley, +R. Thicknesse
Wilton-J. H. Penruddocke, +J. Dawkins

Wigtonshire-Sir A. Agnew, bart.
Wiltshire-J. Benett, Sir J. D. Astley, bt.

WigtonWinchelsca–J. Williams, SS. Lushington

IRELAND Winchester-P. S. J. Mildmay, J. B. East Antrim Co.-Gen. O'Neill, Lord Belfast Windsor-J. Ramsbottom, Right Hon. E. Armagh Co.-Lord Acheson, C. Brownlow G, H, S. Stanley

Armagh Bo.- Visc. Ingestrie

1831.] List of the present House of Commons.- Promotions. 461 Athlone Bo.-Henry Handcock

Limerick Co.-Hon. Col. Fitzgibbon, Col. Bandon B0.- Lord Visc. Bernard

O'Grady Belfast Bo.--Sir A. Chichester

Limerick City-Right Hon. T. S. Rice Cavan Co.-H. Maxwell, +J. Young Lisburne-H. Meynell Cashel Bo.-M. Pennefather

Londonderry Co.-Sir R. Bateson, Capt. Carlow Go. - +Sir J. M. Doyle, +W. Jones Blackney.

Londonderry City-Sir R. Ferguson Carlow Bo.-Lord Tullamore

Longford Co.-Ld. Forbes, A. Lefroy
Clonmell Bo.-Eyre Coote

Louth Co.-A. Dawson, R. L. Sheil
Cork City-Hon. J. Boyle, D. Callaghan Mallow-C. D. 0. Jephson
Cork Co.-Lord Boyle, Hon. R. King Mayo Co.-J. Browne, D. Browne
Coleraine -Sir J. Brydges

Meath Co.- Sir M. Somerville, Ld. Killeen Carrickfergus-Lord G. Hill

Monaghan Co.Hon. E. Blaney, tHon. H. Clare Co.-Maj. Macnamara, M. O'Connell B. Westenra Donegal Co.-+Sir E. Hayes, Col. Conolly Newry-Hon. J. H. Knox Down Co.-Ld. Castlereagh, Ld. A. Hill New Ross—C. Tottenham Dublin Co.-Lord Brabazon, Col. White Portarlington-Sir W. Rae Dublin City-+Sir H. Harty, tL. Perrin Queen's Co.-Sir H. Parnell, Sir C. Coote Dublin University-T. Lefroy

Roscommon Co.-A. French, O. O'Connor Dundalk Bo.-Col. J. E. Gordon

Sligo Co.-J. Cooper, + Col. Percival Drogheda-J. H. North

Sligo Bo.-J. Wynne Downpatrick-E. S. Ruthven

Tipperary Co.-T. Wyse, tJ. H. Hutchinson Duncannon-Hon. T. Knox

Tralee-7W. Ferrand Dungarvon-Hon. G. Lamb

Tyrone-Hon. H. C. Corry, +Sir H. Stewart Ennis—+Right Hon. W. V. Fitzgerald Waterford Co. +Sir R. Musgrave, tR. Enniskillen-Hon. A. Cole

Fermanagh Co.-M. Archdall, Lord Corry Waterford City-Sir J. Newport
Galway Co.- Sir J. Burke, J. S. Lambert Westmeath Co.-Col. Rochfort, M. L. Chap-
Galway Town-+J. J. Bodkin
Kerry Co.-D. O'Connell, IF. W. Mullins Wexford Co.-Col. Chichester, +H. Lambert
King's Co.-Ld. Oxmantown, Col. Bernard Wexford Bo.-+C. A. Walker
Kilkenny Co.-E. of Ossory, Ld. Duncannon Wicklow Co.-R. Howard, J. Grattan
Kilkenny City-N. P. Leader

Youghall Bo.--Hon. G. Ponsonby
Kildare Co.--R. M. O'Ferrall, + Sir W. Hort
Kinsale--Capt. J. Russell, R. N.

[*** The Scotch Returns are not yet Leitrim Co.-Col. Clements, S. White

complete ] At all the contested Elections the grand struggle has been between the advocates of the Reform Bill and its opponents. According to the returns, the counties of England will be represented by 70 Reformers, opposed to 6 Antis ; the cities of England, by 42 Reformers and 8 Antis; the boroughs, not comprised in Schedules (A) and (8) 126 Reformers and 46 Antis ; the boroughs to be disfranchised in Schedule (A), by 28 Reformers and 76 Antis; and the boroughs to lose one member in Schedule (B), by 31 Reformers and 53 Antis; thus leaving a majority of 108 in favour of Reform.



to be Lieut.-Col. ; Capt. W. Hawkins Ball April 7. Capt. H. Jelf, esq. and Clarissa- to be Major. Amelia Sharp, of Kincarrochy, co. Perth, April 27. Major-Gen. R. Bourke to be after their intended marriage, to use the Capt.-Gen. and Governor-in-Chief of New surname, and bear the arms of Sharp, in ad. South Wales and Van Dieman's Land. dition to that of Jelf, and the designation of

April 29. 3d Dragoon Guards : Lieut.Kincarrochy.

Gen. S. Hawker to be Col.-47th Foot : April 23. Right Hon. R. Montgomery, Brevet Major F. Heatly to be Major.Lord Belhaven, to be High Commissioner Garrison : Major-Gen. John Waters to be to the General Assembly of the Church of Captain of Yarmouth Castle. Scotland.

May 2. Lieut.-Gen. Sir W. Houston, Col. S. R. Chapman, C.B. to be Governor G.C.B. to be Lieut.-Governor of Gibraltar. and Commander-in-Chief of the Bermudas. -69th Foot : Capt. R. Brookes to be Major.

April 26. 56th Foot-Major H. Harris May 10. To be Extra Aides-de-Camp to Pritchard to be Lieut.-Col. ; Capt. W. Mit- his Majesty, with the rank of Colonel in the chell to be Major.--69th Foot : Brevet Lt.- Army: Lieut.-Col. A. Campbell, Brevet Col. R. Johns to be Major.-Unattached : Lieut-Col. J. Bell, S. B. Auchmuty, T. Major Lord Edw. Hay to be Lieut.-Col. of Lightfoot, A. D. Faunce, G. Brown, F. Inf.; Brevet Lieut.-Col. W. O'Donoghue Fitzclarence, G. P. Wingrove.--Ist Foot 462 Promotions and Preferments.- Births.Marriages. [May, Guards : Lieut.-Col. F. T. Roberts to be Rev. J. W. Arnold, Burrington P.C. Somer. Capt. and Lieut.-Col.- Garrison : Lieut.- Rev. J. B. Atkinson, Kingston R. Isle of Gen. Hon. J. Ramsay to be Governor of Wight. Carlisle.-Brevet: Capt. E. W. Bouverie, Rev. T. Brayshaw, Addingham R. co. York. to be Major in the Army.

Rev. H. Burton, Atcham V. Salop. May 11. Kniglited: J. Whatley, esq. Rev. J. Chevalier, Cransford R. Suffolk. Groom of the Bedchamber.

Rev. R. Clifton, Somerton R. co. Worcester. May 12. Dr. W. M.Michael to be Phy- Rev. W. Clive, Mountford V. Salop. sician io Ordinary.--Right Hon. Laurence Rev. J. Cottingham, Chatwick P. C. Chesh. Lord Dundas to be Lieut. and Sheriff Prin- Rev. F. W. Cubitt, Fritton R. Suffolk. cipal of the shires of Orkney and Zetland. Rev. A. W. Eyre, Hornsea-cum-Riston V. Col. G. Fitzclarence to be Baron Tewkes

co. York. bury, Visc. Fitzclarence, and Earl of Munster. Rev. E. Griffin, Wilburston V. co. Northam.

May 13. Right Hon. Sir F. J. Lamb, Rev. J. Harward, Wirksworth V. co. Derby. G.C.B. to be Ambassador Extraordinary to Rev. J. Jackson, Tullow R. co, Carlow. the Emperor of Austria.

Rev. J. Jones, Llanaber R. Merionethshire. May 14. J. Button, of Stifford, Essex, Rev. E. J. Moor, Brightwell P. C. co. Berks. esq. to use and bear the surname and arms Rev. J. Morgan, Dilwyn V. co. Hereford. of Freman only.

Rev. N. Morgan, Aston V. co. Warwick. May 16. Sir T. S. Champneys, of Or- Rev. H.W. Neville, Bergh Aston R. Norfolk. chardleigh Park, Somerset, bart, to take the Rev. H. H. Norris, Hackney R. Middlesex. surname of Mostyn before that of Champ- Rev. H. B. Owen, Chrocking R. Herts. neys; and also bear the arms of Mostyn Rev. H. J. Passand, Shipton-on-Charwell R. quarterly with those of Champneys.

Oxon. May 17. 720 Foot : Lieut.-Col. T. F. Rev. J. P. Reynolds, Beeston St. Andrew R. Wade to be Lieut.-Col.-90th Foot : Lieut.- Norfolk. Col. C. G.J. Arbuthnot to be Lieut.-Col.- Rev. W. Smith, Honingham V. Norfolk. Unattached : Brevet Major J. Agnew to be Rev. H. H. Way, Henbury Gloucester. Major.

Rev. T. P. White, Exton R. Hants.

Rev. P. Whittingham, Baddingham R. Suff. EcclesiasticaL PREFERMENTS.

Rev. H. I. C. Harper, to be joint Conduct

of Eton College. Rev. W. H. Dixon to be Canon Residentiary in York Cathedral.

CHAPLAINS. Rev. J. Bartholomew, Preb. in Exeter Cath. Rev. B. Bailey, sen. Chap. of the Island of Rev. E. Mellish, Preb. in Hereford Cath. Ceylon. Rev. J. Clatton, Preb. in Hereford Cath. Rev. J. Dufton, to Earl of Mulgrave. Rev. L. Lewellin, Preb. in Brecon Col. Ch. Rev. J. Harris, to Earl of Wintertou. Rev. M. Anderson, Sherrington R. Somerset Rev. Lee, to Earl of Munster.

BIRTH S. April 18. At the Vicarage, Ashburton, May 2. In Grosvenor-sq. the Countess the wife of the Rev. J. Wrey, a son.- of Wilton, a son.-8. At Bromley House, 22. At Brayfield House, Bucks, the wife of the Lady Sarah Murray, a son.-12. At Lieut.-Col. Bourchier, a son.-23. At the Vicarage, Britford, the wife of the Rev. Southampton, the wife of the Rev. Dr. R. H. Hill, a son.-14. The wife of W. Wilson, a son.-24. In North Audley- H. Hooper, esq. Secretary of Greenwich street, the wife of W. Bulwer, esq. a dau. Hospital, a dau.

.-18. In Upper Harley27. At Cambridge, the wife of the Rev. Pro- street, the wife of Rich. Jenkios, esq. M.Þ. fessor Scholefield, a son.--At the Rec

-At the Palace, Fulham, Mrs. tory, Soulders, the wife of the Rev. W.C. Blomfield, the lady of the Bp. of London, Risley, a son.-29. In Portland-street, a son.19. At the Rectory, East Horsthe wife of Lieut.-Col. Healy, a dau. ley, Hon. Mrs. Arthur Perceval, a son.

Lately.. At Southampton, the wife of 20. At Halls, Holt, Wilts, the wife of Lt.Lieut.-Col. G. Hely, a dau.. -At Cool- Col. T. W. Forster, a dau.-- 23. In Per. hurst, Horsham, the Right Hon. Lady Eliz. liament-street, the wife of J. Burder, esq. Dickins, a son. -At Cheltenham, the wife of Capt. Macan, 16th Lancers, a son.

a son.

a son.

MARRIAGES. April 12. At the Hon. Mrs. Burrowes's Cath. only dau. to the late Col. Burrowes, house, Hill-street, Berkeley-square, his of Dengan Castle, and grand-dau. to Lord Excellency Baron de Cetto, Minister Pleni- Decies, late Archbishop of Tuam.At potentiary of the King of Bavaria, to Eliz. Exeter, W. Mackworth l'raed, esq. barrister



1831.] Marriages.

463 at-law, eldest son of Mr. Serj. Praed, to ton, and sister of Lord Dorchester. Anue Frances, only dau. of Treby Hele At Hutton Cranswick, W.- Henry, third son Hays, esq. of Delamore, Devon. 15. of the late John Barkworth, esq. of Tranby John Waters, esq. banker, of Sarne, Car- House, to Mary-Anna, second dau. of Hormarthenshire, to Harriet, eldest dau. of ner Reynard, esq. of Sunderlandwick House, Rich. Tho. Dixie, esq. of Gelly Deg House. and of Hob Green, near Ripon.

-At All -19. George, fourth son of John Nance Souls Church, Francis HawGooch, esq. of Brundish Hall, to Susan, kins, M.D. of Curzon-street, Mayfair, to youngest dau. of the late Wm. Garrett, esq. Hester, third dau. of the Hon. Baron of Kettleburgh Hall, Suffolk - -20. At Vaughan.-And, on the same day, Le MarCamberwell, Edward, eldest son of Cha. chant Thomas, esq. only son of John ThoBaldwin, esq. of Grove-hill, Camberwell, to mas, esq. of Brunswick.square, to Margaret, Anne Calcott, youngest dau. of J. Horner, fourth dau. of Baron Vaughan.

-5. His esq. also of Grove-hill.-27. At East Royal Highness the Grand Duke of OldenDucham, T. Mark Dickens, esq. late Lieut. burgh to her Royal Highness the Princess Col. Royal Eng. to Louisa, dau. of T. Cecilia, sister of Prince Gustavus Vasa.Smyth, esq. of East Ducham.-In Lon- At Westbury, Salop, the Rev. Cha. Leidon, S. Clement, esq. to Louisa, dau. of the cester to Anne-Penelope, second dau. of late W. Paley, esq. barrister-at-law, and the late Richard Topp, esq. of Whitton,' grand-dau. of the late Archd. Paley.- Salop:- -At Postwick, near Norwich, the 28. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, John Rev. W. H. Graham, B.A. of Exeter ColEdridge, esq. of Pockeridge-house, Corsham,' lege, to Helen, fourth dau. of Robert GilWilts, to Mary-Ann, eldest dau. of the late, bert, esq.- -9. At St. James's, G. E. Van' S. Yockney, esq. of Upper East Hayes, Heythuysen, esq. 24th Reg. E. I. C. to ZilBath. -At Paris, the Count de Monte- lah, eldest dau. of T. L. Holt, esq. of Lower bello to Mary-Teresa, eldest dau. of T. Bod- Bedford-place, Russell-square.- At Osdington, esq. of Cumberland-place.

— At

westry, the Rev. G. Wharton, to Eleanor, Harpsden, Vincent Vaughan, esq. of Caver- only child of J. Hunt, esq.-10. At Muirsham Grove, to Mary-Ann, only child of field, near Inverness, Capt. J. W. Roberthe late J. Hussey, esq. of Pinkney House, deau, Bengal Cavalry, to Eliza Raper, seBerks. -At Poslingford, Suffolk, J. Ray- cond dau, of Arthur Cooper, esq. of Iuvermond, esq. of Baythorn Park, to Mary

-At Totness, Rich. Malins, esq. Sophia, second dau. of Col. Weston, of barrister-at-law, to Susanna, eldest dau. of Shadowbush House.---At Kingscote, Glou- the late Rev. Arthur Farwell, Rector of St." cestershire, John Kennaway, esq. eldest son Martin's, Cornwall. -At Axminster, the of the late Sir J. Kennaway, of Escot, De- Rev. Edw. Cook Forward, Rector of Combvon, to Emily-Frances, dau. of the late T. pyne, to Mary, youngest dau. of the late Kingscote, esq:

-At Bath, Capt. W. H: John Banger Russell, esq. of Beaminster, B. Proby, R.N., to Louisa, only dau. And Dorset. At Wallingford, the Rev. J. heiress of the late Rev. S. How, of Strick- Trollope, to Eliz. Bunce, third dau. of the land, Dorset -At Charles Church, Ply- Rev. W. Hazel, M A.- -At Wateringbury, mouth, the Rev. A. I. Frith, son of the late Kent, Major Maclean, 81st Reg. eldest son Col. A. Frith, to Georgina, youngest dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Fitzroy Maclean, bart. of the late Capt. G. Wolfe.- -30. At Ro- to Emily Eleanor, fourth dau. of the Hon. chester, the Rev. Aylmer Farquhar to Mary, and Rev. Dr. Marshamı.-12. At St. second dau. of the late T. Scholes, esq. of James's, the Rev. C. J. Plumer, Vicar of High Bank, Lancashire.- -In France, Edw. Norton, to Miss Thompson, of Stockton- : Turnour, esq. eldest son of the Hon. and upon-Tees.- -At Dublin, E. R. Borough, Rev. E. J. Turnour, of Arundel, to Miss esq. eldest son of Sir Rich. Borough, bart. Eliz. dau. of the late W. Crease, esq. of to Lady Eliz. St. Lawrance, sister of the Dublin.- -At St. James's, the Hon. R. Earl of Howth.- -At Nuthurst, W. H. Pepper Arden, of Pepper Hall, Yorkshire, Calhoun, esq. solicitor, of Arundel, to Eliz. to the Lady Arabella Vane, youngest dau. of day. of the late Rev. T. Turner, of Hustperthie Marq. of Cleveland.

point. 16. At Cossey, in Norfolk, G. May 2. Leonard Thompson, esq. eldest Taylor, esq. M.D. of Kingston-uponson of G. L. Thompson, esq. of Sheriff Thames, to Jane, second dau. of Rich. Hutton Park, Yorkshire, to "Miss Mary- M'Kenzie Bacon, esq.- -At Kilkenny, R. Wentworth Fitzwilliam, second dau. of Lord Fowler, esq. son of the Bishop of Ossory, to Milton, and grand-dau. of Earl Fitzwilliam. Harriet Eleanor Wandesford, dau. of the

-The Rev. W. Gilson to Eliza, third Marquis of Ormond. 17. At St. George's, dau. of the Bishop of Chester. -3. At St.

Hanover-square, the Right Hon. Robert George's, Bloomsbury, James Higham, esq. Grosvenor, youngest son of Earl Grosvenor, of Torrington-square, to Emma, youngest to the Hon. Charlotte A. Wellesley, dau. of dau. of Geo. Musgrave, esq. of Apsleyend Lord Cowley.- At Compton, the Rev. T. House, Shillington, Bedfordshire.—At Hand, Rector of Bulpham, Essex, to CasHenley-on-Thames, R. King, esq. of Gros-' sandra, youngest dau. of the late J. More venor-place, to Georgiana-Ann, youngest Molyneux, esq. of Loseley-park, Surrey. dau. of the late Hon. Lieut.-Col. Geo. Carle

[blocks in formation]


Yorkshire, on the resignation of the April 7. At Mulgrave Castle, York- Earl of Carlisle. On the 7th of May shire, aged 76, the Right Hon. Henry 1808, he was nominated First Lord of Phipps, Earl of Mulgrave, Viscount Nor- the Admiralty; and he continued in manby, of Normanby in Yorkshire, and that pust until 1810, when he was transBaron Mulgrave, of Mulgrave in the ferred to the control of the Ordnance, same county ; third Baron Mulgrave of as Master-general. This last office he New Ross, co. Wexford (1768); a Privy resigned in 1818, on account of ill health, Councillor; Lord Lieutenant, Custos with wbich he has ever since been afRotulorum, and Vice Admiral of the Aicted. He was advanced to the titles of East Riding of Yorkshire; a General in Viscount Normanby and Earl of Multhe army, Colonel of the 31st regiment grave by patent dated Sept. 7, 1812. of foot, and Governor of Scarborough ; The Earl of Mulgrave married, Oct. an Elder Brother of the Trinity House ; 20, 1795, Martha-Sopbia, daughter of G.C.B., F.R.S. and F.S.A.

Christopher Thompson Maling, of West His Lordship was born Feb. 14, 1755, Hennington in Durbam, esq. by wbom the third son of Constantine first Lord he bad five sons and four daughters : 1, Mulgrave, by the Hon. Lepell Hervey, the Right Hon. Constantine-Henry, now eldest daughter of John Lord Hervey Earl of Mulgrave, late M.P. for Higbam(and aunt to the present Marquis of Ferrers, a young nobleman of taste and Bristol), and Mary, daugbter of General literary accomplishments; he was born Nicholas Lepell. He entered the army in 1797, and married in 1818, the Hon. at the usual age, and served in America Maria Liddell, eldest daugbter of Lord from early in 1776 to the end of 1778 ; Ravensworth, by whom he has one son ; and for ten months in Jamaica in 1780. 2. the Hon. Henrietta-Sophia, who died He attained the rank of Lieut.-Colonel in 1808 ; 3. Lady Augusta-Maria, wbo in that year; was promoted to be Cap- died in 1813; 4. the Hon. Charles Beautain and Lieut.-Colonel in the first foot mont Phipps, a Captain in the 3d foot guards 1783, Major in 85th foot 1789, guards ; 5. Lady Katherine-Frederica ; and Colonel in the army 1790. In 1793 6. Lady Sophia ; 7. Lady Lepell-Charhe was appointed to the Lieut.-Colonelcy lotte; 8. the Hon. Edmund; and 9. of the 31st foot, which he commanded the Hon. Augustus-Frederick, born in in the expedition made that year to 1809. A pension of £800 a year was Toulon, and in 1794 in Zealand. In 1799 granted to the Countess of Mulgrave in his Lordsbip was employed on a military August 1829. mission to the Archduke Charles and A portrait of his Lordship, by Sir WilMarshal Suwaroff. He was promoted liam Beechey, was exhibited at Somerset to the rank of Major-General 1794,

House in 1808.
Lieut.-General 1801, and General 1809;
and appointed Governor of Scarborough
Castle in 1796.

Rör. Hon. Robert WARD.
At the general election in 1784, Col. Lately. Aged 76, the Right Hon. Ro-
Phipps was returned to Parliament for

bert Ward, a Privy Councillor for IreTotnes, and at the next, in 1790, for land, a Governor of Downshire, Colonel Scarborough. He succeeded bis brotber of the South Downsbire Militia, and a Constantine-John in the Irish Barony of Trustee of the Irish Linen Manufacture; Mulgrave, Oct. 10, 1792 ; and was created uncle to Viscount Bangor, and greatan English peer (as his brother had uncle to the Earl of Clanwilliam, the been in 1790), by patent dated August Countess of Meath, the late Viscountess 13, 1794. He was introduced into the

Powerscourt, and Lady Howden. House of Peers, on the 25th of Nov. fol- Mr.Ward was the 4th and youngest son lowing, by the Lords Vernon and Dover. of Bernard first Visct. Bangor, by Anne,

His Lordship distinguished bimself as daughter of Jobn Ist Earl of Darnley, a frequent speaker in the House of and widow of Robert Hawkins Macgill, Lords; and in 1804 was taken into the esq. Mr. Ward was returned to the ParAdministration as Chancellor of the liament of Ireland in 1790 for the boDuchy of Lancaster. In January fol. rough of Killallagh, and in 1796 for the lowing, he was appointed Secretary of city of Bangor. State for the Foreign Department; wbich He was twice married : firstly, in he held until succeeded by Mr. Fox in May 1782, to Sophia-Frances, third February 1806. In 1807 he was appointed daughter of Chapel Whaley, esq. by Lord Lieutenant of the East Riding of whom he had four sons and one daugh

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