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OBITUARY. At Kirkby Lonsdale, the Rev. John Ga- In Russell-sq. T. Smith, esq. of Wray, thorne, late Vicar of Tarvin, Cheshire. He Lancashire, and of the Hon. Society of was formerly Fellow of Jesus coll. Cambridge, Lincoln's-inn. where he graduated B.A. 1805, as seventh April 25.

At his chambers in Lincoln's Junior Optime, M.A. 1808 ; and was pre- Inn, in his 78th year, John Calthorpe, esq. sented to Tarvin in 1825 by the Dean and He was the 3d son of Sir Henry Gough, bt. Chapter of Lichfield.

of Edgebaston, Warwickshire, by Barbara, Aged 47, the Rev. Joseph Heath, Perpe- only dau. of Reynolds Calthorpe, esq. of tual Curate of Lucton, and master of the Elvetham, Hants. He was consequently school, and vicar of Wigmore, Heref. He brother of the first Lord Calthorpe, and was formerly Fellow of St. John's College, uncle of the present Lord. Mr. Calthorpe Oxford, where he attained the degree of M.A. was born April 18, 1754, was a barrister at in 1810; was elected Master of Lucton law, a commissioner of bankrupts, &c. Mr. school (to which the chapelry is annexed) Calthorpe was appointed one of his residuary in 1816, and presented to Wigmore in 1830 legatees by the will of his relative the late by the Bishop of Hereford.

Richard Gough, esq. of Enfield. See vol. The Rev. Robert Sadler, Vicar of Shus- Lxxix. pt. i. 322. tock, and Perpetual Curate of Water Orton, April 26.

In Westbourne-place, ChelWarw. He was of Christ Church, Oxford, sea, aged 75, Mrs. Mary Hare. M.A. 1784, was presented to Water Orton Alfred-place, Bedford-square, James in that year by Earl Digby, and to Shustock Rysden Bennett, esq. in 1803 by Lord Chancellor Eldon.

At Stoke Newington, aged 16, W.WandesThe Rev. Richard Charles Hippesley

forde Frend, eldest son of W. Frend, esq. Tuckfield, Rector of Morchard Bishops, April 27. In his 69th year, in SouthDevonshire, and late Fellow of All Souls ampton-row, J. Pattison, esq. late a Director coll. Oxford. He was presented to his liv- of the East India Company. ing in 1827 by R. H. Tuckfield, esq.

April 28. In Devonshire-st. PortlandThe Rev. Robert Wynter, M.A. Rector of place, Anne, wife of John Wilson, esq. Penderin with Brongwin, Brecon, to which In Great Quebec-street, aged 64, H. he was instituted, on his own presentation, Keeling, esq. late of Antigua. in 1818.

April 29. In Harley-street, in her 79th year, Colia, relict of the late James Baillie,

esq. of Dochfour, Inverness-shire, formerly LONDON AND ITS VICINITY.

M.P. for Horsham, and aunt to J. E. Baillie, March 27. Aged 27, Sophia-Frances, esq M. P. for Bristol. wife of Frances, wife of Mr. Bruce, of April 30.

At the residence of her mo. Francis-street, Golden-square.

ther, aged 24, Emma-Sophia, wife of Josh. April 17. In Park-place, St. James's, Peppercorn, esq. third da'. of W.J. Albert, in the 45th year of his age, Sir T. Mostyn, esq. late of the Customs, and niece of the Bart. of Mostyn, in Flintshire, and M.P. late Sir M. M. Lopez, bart. for that county during the last four Parlia- At Clapton-square, Hackney, aged 70, Sir Thomas succeeded to the title

J. Bryce, esq. a's the sixth Baronet in 1796.

He was

May 1, In Upper Montagu-street, Rusnever married; but had three sisters, with sell-sq. aged 62, F. W. Sanders, esq. of issue, who were married in early life to three Lincoln's-inn, barrister. Baronets. Sir Thomas was generally to be In Grove-lane, Camberwell, Eliz. eldest found in the House of Commons among the

dau. of the late Coles Child, esq. ranks of the Opposition party. He was

May 2.

In New-street, Spring-gardens, owner of the celebrated Oxfordshire fox aged 82, Fred. Booth, esq. hounds.

May 3. Aged 80, at Ivy Cottage, ClapApril 22. In Whitehall-place, Lady We- ham Common, Mrs. Hannah Dowson. therell, wife of Sir C. Wetherell, and dau.

In Great Ormond-street, in her 64th of Sir Alex. Croke, of Studley-house, Ox- year, Selina-Anne, wife of Zachary Mafordshire.

caulay, esq. and 3d dau. of late W.T. Mills, In her 71st year, Eliz. wife of D. Beale, of Bristol. esq. of Fitzroy-square.

May 4. In his 53d year, Col. J. Nicol, April 23. In Clarges-street, James Wed- E.I.C. many years Adjutant-General of the derburn, esq.

Bengal army;
In Verulam-terrace, Frances-Mary, se- May 5. In Dorset-square, G. Paterson,
cond dau. of Sir F. Hastings Doyle, bart.

esq. late Dep.-Accountant-Gen. E.I.C.
At Walworth, aged 37, W. Adcock, esq. May 7. Aged 65, A. Gordon, esq. of
In George-st. Adelphi, W. Gordon, esq. Oxford-court, Cannon-street.
April 24. In Devonshire-place, Mary,

May 8.

In his 53d year, Tho. Massey, relict of the late John Baker, esq. of East Looe, and sister of Sir Digory Forest, of

In Hereford-street, in his 77th year, John Exmouth.

Hambrongh, esq.


esq. of Rood-lane.

E. Prat, esq.


[May, May 9. Aged 68, Tho. Flashman, esq. ment much to his satisfaction. He was subof Ely-place, Holborn.

sequently knighted, and promoted to the At Bloomsbury-sq. aged 92, Mrs. Turner. rank of Major-General.

In Manchester-street, in his 93d year, Derbyshire.—May 7. At Derby, in Patrick Donovan, esq. About twelve years her 75th year, Eliz. widow of the late F. since he became blind, and underwent the Hurt, esq. of Alderwasley. operation of couching, which was most suc- Devon.-May 22. At Exmouth, aged cessfully performed by the late Sir W. Adams. 81, Mrs. Russell, relict of the late R. RusMay ii. Aged 69, in Kingsland-road, sell, esq. bauker.

May 25. At Exminster, aged 28, John May 13. At Hampstead, aged 82, Mrs. Langdon, esq. of Clarendon House, BradEliz. Sotheby, relict of Mr. Sotheby, for- ninch. merly of York-street, Covent-garden.

May 28. Isaac Cox, esq. of the form of May 14. In Bedford-square, in his 68th Cox and Aberdein, solicitors, Honiton, and year, Jonathan Raine, esq. M.P. Mr. Raine one of the Coroners for Devonshire. was a King's counsel, and a bencher of Lin- Lately. - At Stonehouse, Mrs. Black'coln's-inn, and a fortnight prior to his dis- more, relict of the late Mr. Blackmore, solution he was returned for the Duke of

surgeon, St. Austell, and mother of Dr. Northumberland's borough of Newport Blackmore, of Devonport, the eldest dau. (Cornwall), which the honourable gentle- of Gen. Harris, R. A. of Mount Tamar, man had represented since 1812. In 1816, near St. Budeaux. For some time past she Mr. Raine was appointed one of the Welsh had been an invalid, and was burot to judges, and he continued to discharge the death by her clothes accidentally catching functions of that judicial office until the re- fire. cent alterations in the judicature of the May 8. At Prospect-house, near PlyPrincipality, when he retired ou the super- mouth, aged 66, John-Sheen Downes, esq. annuation allowance of 1,000l. per annum. DORSET. - April 27. At Bridge-house, Mr. Raine voted against the measure of re- Dorchester, in his 71st year,

William Daform proposed by his Majesty's ministers.

vey, esq. He had retired from practice at the common At Beaminster, aged 70, Mrs. Sarah law bar for several years previous to his Sawkins, eldest dau. of the late Rev. d. death.

Sawkins, Rector of Battiscombe, Somerset. May 17. In Bernard-street, Russell-sq. DURHAM.—April 27. At Mount Os aged 64, Capt. J. Jorden, late of the Bed- wald, near Durham, Mrs. Wilkinson, relict ford militia, and the 91st regt. of the line. of the late Tho. Wilkinson, esq. of Cox

At Marlborough-house, in his 13th year, hoe-hall.
Leopold John, eldest son of Sir R. Gardiner. Essex.-- April 29.

May 18. H. Ellison, esq. of North- Wm. Blackbone, esq. of Hoo-hall, Rivenbank, Regent's-park.

hall; a contributor to many of the charitable

institutions in this country. Berks.- April 26. At Reading, aged 54, May 5. Aged 59, John Seabrook, esq. W. Saunders, esq. solicitor.

of Lyons, in Springfield. April 30. At Binfield Park, in her 83d

May 11. Aged 73, Elizabeth, wife of year, Catherine, last surviving sister of the Chas. Wilks, esq. of Waltham-abbey, late Lord Sunderlin, of Baronston, co. Gloucester.-In his 77th year, Mr. EdWestmeath.

ward Phillips, formerly of Melksham. May 2. In Reading, F. Surtees Hay, esq. May 2. In her 96th year, Aon, relict of

May 1). Miss de Courcy Dashwood, the late Andrew Pope, esq. Ald. of Bristol. youngest dau. of James Dashwood, esq. of May 3. At Bristol, aged 76, Martha Forest Lodge.

Barrett, wilow of the late Rev. J. Barrett, May 16.-

-At Castle Hill, Reading, Mrs. formerly of Sherborne, Dorset. Louisa Manley.

Hants.-April 18. Aged 24, John FitzCHeshire.—May 1. At the Vicarage, herbert, second son of the Rev. G. H. LangBowdon, aged 24, Barbara, wife of the Rev. don, of North Warnborough, Odiham. W. H. Mann, and eldest dau. of Richard April 27. At Southampton, aged 72, Spooner, esq. banker, of Birmingham. Mary, relict of the late David Barclay, esq. CUMBERLAND.-April 22. In his 64th year,

May 1. Aged 85, at Southampton, Major-Gen. Sir G. A. Wood, Royal Artil- Rose-Mary, relict of the late Rev. Thos. lery, C.B. K.C.H. and Governor of Carlisle. Bromley, Rector of Bighton, and Bishop"He was appointed 2d Lieut. in the Royal ston, Artillery 1781, 1st Lieut. 1790, Lieut. and

May 5. By the upsetting of a boat, Capt. 1795, Capt. 1800, Major 1806, Lt.- Adm. Sir Joseph Sydney Yorke, Captain Col. 1808, and Brevet Col. 1814. He Bradby, R.N., and Capt. Young, R.N. As 'served at the battle of Waterloo, and was a small yacht of fourteen tons, belonging mentioned in the Duke of Welliugton's dis- to Captain Bradby, residing at Hamble, patch, as conducting the artillery depart- near Southampton, was returning from Ports

In his 56th year,

1831.) OBITUARY.

477 mouth to Hamble, having on board Sir Jo- and mar. Oct. 1781 Harriet Frances Charseph Yorke, Captain Bradby, and Captain lotte Finch, ed dau. of George Finch Young, with a boatman named Chandler, Hatton, esq., grandson of the 6th Earl of and a boy, a sudden squall arose which upset Winchelsea. He served the office of High the boat, and all on board perished. The Sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1783. He died bodies were soon after picked up and re

without issue, and the title becomes extinct, moved to Hamble. Biographical notices the Earl of Winchelsea succeeding to his will be given in our next.

extensive estates. May 9. At Babbicombe, in her 26th MONMOUTH.—May 9. At Chepstow, year, Ann Sarah, wife of J. G. Maxwell, aged 86, T. Jennings, esq. formerly Collecesq. of Gaselee Hall, co. Huntingdon, and tor of the Customs in that port, which office eldest dau. of Sir John Arundell, of Castle he held for more than thirty years. Hill House, Huntingdon.

NORFOLK.-- April 28. In her 19th year, Herts.-May 6. At Bishop's Stort- Lady Durrant, wife of Sir H. Durrant, bart. ford, Lieut.-Col. W. H. Wilby. He was of Scottow Hall. appointed Ensign in the 47th foot 1801, NORTHAMPTONSH. March 23. Aged Lieutenant 1802, in 7th foot, 1803, Captain 76, the Ven. Ralph Churton, M.A. Arch90ch foot 1806, brevet major 1810, and deacon of St. David's, Rector of Middleton Lieut.-Colonel 1819. He acted in 1809 Cheney, and F.SA. A memoir of this disand 1810 as aid-de-camp and military secre. tinguished divine shall appear in our next. tary to Lieut.-Gen. Beckwith, on the staff May 19.

Mrs. Willes, relict of the Rev. in the West Indies, and was the bearer of W. S. Willes, of Astrop-house. the despatches, and of the eagles taken from Oxon.—May 25. Oliver Aplin, esq. of the enemy, on the capture of Guadaloupe. Charlbury, formerly an eminent solicitor of

Kent.-- April 24. Aged 78, at Eltham, Banbury. Eliz. relict of the Rev. J. Wilgress, D.D. May 28.

At Grove House, Fair Mile, April 29. At Woolwich, Eliz. wife of near Henley-on-Thames, Campbell OliCapt. Bayly, R.A. niece of Sir R. G. Keats, phant, esq. and sister of L. W. Buck, esq. M.P.

May 30. At Caversham, Ann Priddie, May 2.

At Rowling Hall, Goodnestone, second surviving dau. of Tho. Gilbert, esq. aged 67, Jane, relict of James Heritage, and sister of the Rev. Dr. Gilbert, Principal esq. (who died in June 1827.) Her unos- of Brasepose College. tentatious charity, genuine benevolence, and SOMERSET.-May 8. the exemplary manner in which she dis- E. Spencer, csq. M.D. late mayor of Wells. charged the duties of a mother and a wife, May 14. At Bath, aged 21, Catherine, will cause her loss to be long regretted by eldest dau, of the late Rev. John Boucher, her numerous family and friends. Mrs. vicar of Kirknewton, Northumberland. Heritage's maiden name was Harvey; she May 17. At Nupney, Isaac Fussell, esq. was a descendant of Richard Harvey, who second son of James Fussell, esq. of Mells. about two hundred years since settled at STAFFORD.–March 16. At Walsall, in West Studdall, parish of Northborne, the his 84th year, Jos. Haden, gent. original ancestor of the family of this name SURREY.—April 24. Aged 83, James now dispersed over this part of Kent. Laing, esq. of Streatham.

May 7. Aged 53, at Welling, Lt.-col. G. April 29. In his 79th year, Hugh Smith, Bunce. He was appointed Cornet in the esq. of Stoke House, near Cobham. ilth dragoons 1795, Lieut. 27th dragoons April 30. At Dorking, Tho. Chippin1796, Capt. 24th dragoons 1803, Brevet- dale, esq. of the Inner Temple. Major 1814, and subsequently appoioted May 4. In his 26th year, C. Stanley, Lient.-col. of the latter corps.

esq. of Tooting. May 14. At Walmer, Sarah Georgina, Sussex.-April 13. At Hastings, Louisa, second dau. of H. Porter, esq. of Winslade- wife of the Rev. John Edwards, Head Mashouse.

ter of the Grammar School at Bury St. May 17. Aged 25, at Deal, Clara, the Edmuud's. wife of Capt. W. Jull, of his Majesty's 64th April 21.

At Brighton, Clara, youngest regiment.

dau. of the late John Sivewright, esq. LANCASHIRE.- April 16. At Poulton, April 27. At New Lodge, Hartfield, in near Preston, W. 'Wilson, esq. solicitor, his 80th year, John Kidd, esq. lately resident in Lincoln.

May 5. At Brighton, Lieut.-Col. W. S. LINCOLNSHIRE. — May 27.

Charlotte, Pryor. wife of the Rev. T. Brown, Rector of May 11. At Hastings, in his 24th year, Leadenham, and youngest dau. of the Rev. John Burt, esq of Ashford. Francis Swan, of the Minster Yard, Lincoln. WARWICK.-April 21. At Eathorp, in

Lalely. At his seat, Haverholme Priory, her 81st year, Mrs. Glover, relict of the near Newark, in his 85th year, Sir Jenison late Phillips Glover, esq. of Wispington, in William Gordon, bart. He succeeded to Lincolnshire. the title as the second Baronet in 1780; Warwickshire.—May 2. At Highgate,

In his 65th year,


OBITUARY.-Bill of Mortality.- Markets. [May, aged 54, W. Hamper, esq. F.S.A. Of this May 1. Aged 54, at Maeslough Castle, distinguished antiquary, a memoir will ap- South Wales, Walter Wilkins, esq. pear in our next.

May 4. At Brynhafod, Carmarthenshire, May 7. At Leamington Spa, Mr. in her 43d year, Mary wife of Edw. Bowles Henry Cobb, youngest son of Timothy Cobb, Symes, esq. and dau. of the late Mr. Waresq. banker, of Banbury, Oxfordshire. burton.

April 27. Anne, wife of W. Welch Lea, ABROAD.-Oct. 18. At Allahbod, of Beaudesert, near Henley, in Arden. Col. Hugh Wrottesley, of the Bengal Esta

WESTMORELAND.-- April 18. At Eden blishment, brother to Sir John Wrottesley, Grove, near Appleby, aged 71, Richard

bart. Tinkler, esq.

Dec. 31. At the Cape of Good Hope, Wilts. - April 22. In his 78th year, Capt. Tho. Erasmus Ward, of the E. I. C.'s Tho. Waters, esq. of Boscombe, Wilts. ship Eliza.

April 24. In his 40th year, W. Oakes March. 24. At Malta, Anthony, eldest Blount, esq. of Lidiard House, Lieut. R. N. son of Anthony Surtees, esq. of Hamsterley only son of Sir Charles Burrell Blount. Hall, co. Durham.

April 26. At Salisbury, in her 91st year, March 27. At Elsinore, in Deomark, Frances, relict of the late W. Ghost, esq. in the 64th year of his age, of apoplexy,

WORCESTER.- April 28. Aged 85, W. Thos. Ellah, esq. principal of the form of Thompson, esq. of Henwick Hill, Worcester. Balfour, Ellah, Ramals, and Co. He was a

YORK.- April 16. At Huddersfield, aged native of Market-Weighton, in Yorkshire. 78, Mr. Edw. Hirst, father of Mr. W. Hirst, At Jersey, aged 82, James Trimbey, esq. the celebrated cloth manufacturer of Leeds. of Lewisham, Kent, for nearly half a cen

April 21. Aged 21, John Farsyde Wat- tury common-councilman of the City of son, esq. of Bilton Park, near Knares- London. borough. As an amateur performer on the April 14. At Paris, M. L'Abbé de Pomviolincello, Mr. W. was inferior only to the pieres, father of the Chamber of Deputies. celebrated Lindley.

April ... In consequence of a fall in asAt Hyde Lodge, Elizabeth, wife of the cending one of the Egyptian Pyramids, aged Rev. C. Carr, Rector of Headbourne. 32, James Maze, esq. eldest son of Peter

Wales.-- April 28. At Bettws, Aber- Maze, Esq. of Rowoham-lodge, co. Somergele, in her 84th year, Eliz. relict of the set, and partner in the House of Messrs. late Rev. John Fleming Stanley.

Peter Maze and Sons, merchants, of Bristol.

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BILL OF MORTALITY, from April 20 to May 24, 1831.


2 and 5 196 50 and 60 165 Males 1057 Males 886

5 and 10 73 60 and 70 148 2130 Females

Females -


10 and 20 64 70 and 80 109 Whereof have died under two years old 543

20 and 30 113 80 and 90 40

30 aud 40 146 90 and 100 7 Salt 5s. per vushel; 14d. per pound.

40 and 50 166




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PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, May 23. Smithfield, Hay 21. 10s. to 31. 155. Straw il. 145. to 1l. 185. Clover 31. 15s. to 51. 10s.

SMITHFIELD, May 23. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs. Beef. ..................... 2s. 4d. to 35. 8d. | Lamb

Os. od. to os. od. Mutton.. ............... 2s.

6d. to 4s.


Head of Cattle at Market . March 25 : Veal ..................... 35. 8d. to 5s.

Beasts ...

2,204 Calves 240 Pork...

3s. 4d. to 4s. 10d. Sheep and Lambs 20,380 Pigs 200

COAL MARKET, May 23, 25s. Od. to 40s. Od. TALLOW, per cut.-Town Tallow, 49s. 6d. Yellow Russia, 49s. Od. SOAP.-Yellow, 76s. Mottled 82s. Curd, 84s.60.-CANDLES,85.6d. per doz. Moulds, 10$.

In the Price of HOPS there is little variation,

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4 p.ct.



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4 p.ct.


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PRICES OF SHARES, May 23, 1831, At the Office of WOLFE, Brothers, Stock & Share Brokers, 23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

CANALS. Price. Div.p.ann. RAILWAYS. Price. Ashby-de-la-Zouch £.80 ok. 4 0 Forest of Dean 14 0 .2 10 Ashton and Oldham 98 0 5 0 Manchester & Liverp: 186 0 Barnsley

217 0 10 0 Stockton&Darlington 210 0 5 0 Birmingh.(1-8th sh.) | 250 0 12 10 WATER-WORKS. Brecknock & Abergav. 105 0 6 0 East London

114 0 5 0 Chelmer & Blackwater

5 0 Grand Junction


2 10 Coventry

795 0 50 0

40 0 2 0 Cromford

17 Manchester & Salford 44 0 Croydon

South London

85 0 Derby

6 0 West Middlesex

68} 3 0 Dudley


2 15 INSURANCES. Ellesmere and Chester

3 15 Albion


3 10 Forth and Clyde

27 0 Alliance

85 Glamorganshire 290 13 12 8 Atlas

100 0 10 Grand Junction


13 0 British Commercial 54 5 p.ct. Grand Surrey

2 10
County Fire

37 0 2 10 Grand Union 231 10 Eagle


0 5 Grand Western

77 dis.


0 7 0 Grantham 195 0 10 0 Guardian


1 0 Huddersfield

153 010
Hope Life

6s.6d. Kennet and Avon . 25% 1 5

Imperial Fire

0 5 5 Lancaster

1 0 Ditto Life.

94 0 8 Leeds and Liverpool 395

Protector Fire .

1 9 13.6d, Leicester

Provident Life


1 0 0 Leic. and North'n 73 4 0 Rock Life


0 3 Loughborough


0 RI. Exchange (Stock) 186 0 Mersey and Irwell



12 0
Anglo Mexican

24 0 N.Walsham & Dilham 10


18 0 Brazilian (iss. at 5 pm) 52]

3 10 Oxford

British Iron

Peak Forest
65 0 3 0 Colomb. (iss. at 5 pm)

39 dis. Regent's

162 0 12 6 Hibernian Rochdale

54 dis. 4 0 Irish Mining Comp? 4 0 Severn and Wye 201 17 0

Real Del Monte

31 0 Shrewsbury


United Mexican

9 0 Staff. and Wor.

38 0


12 0

Westminster Chartd. 54 0 3 0 Stratford-on-Avon 35

1 5

Ditto, New Stroudwater

103 O 12 490 23 0 City

191 0 10 0 Swansea


15 0
Ditto, New

1200 6 0 Thames & Severn, Red 29

1 10

Ditto, Black

6 p.ct.


3 dis. Trent & Mersey (&sh.) 630

37 10

Bath Warw. and Birming.

313 84 p.ct. 250

1 2 0 Warwick and Napton



11 5

4 Wilts and Berks


0 4 Worc. and Birming.



3 0

40 0

Isle of Thanet.

2 dis. St. Katharine's


18 0 London (Stock) 62

3 Odo.

380 0 10 0 West India (Stock) 124

8 o do. Maidstone East India (Stock) 65 4

o do.

Ratcliff Commercial (Stock) 75 4 o do. Rochdale

1 5 Bristol

4 15 10 Sheffield

60 0 10 p.ct. BRIDGES.


50 0 Hammersmith

211 1 10

Southwark .

Australian (Agricult')

134 dis. Do. New 7 per cent.

1 15 Auction Mart

17 0 15 0 Vauxhall

0 Annuity, British

17 0 Waterloo

Bank, Irish Provincial
Ann. of 8l.

203 0

18 8 Carnat.Stock, 1st class 915 4 0 Ann, of 71, 19 0 0 16 4 Ditto, ad class

78 0 3 0

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