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His Lordsbip was twice married ; April - At Genoa, aged 66, Charles firstly, March 18, 1777, to Lady CatheFelix-Joseph King of Sardinia, Duke of rine Henley, fourth daughter of Robert Savoy, Piedmont, and Genoa.

first Earl of Northington; her Ladyship He was born April 6, 1765, the fifth died without issue, Jan. 9, 1779 : seof the six sons of King Victor-Amedeus, condly, in Jan. 1783, to Peggy, second and the Archduchess Maria-Antonetta daughter and coheiress of Sir Abraham Frederica, daughter of the Emperor Pitches, of Streatham in Surrey, Knt., Joseph the Second. Before his acces and by that lady, who survives him, he sion to the Throne, he bore the title had the numerous family of five sons and of Duke of Genoa. On the abdica. six daughters : 1. the Right Hon. Georgetion of bis brother, King Victor. Em William now Earl of Coventry, and late manuel, he was declared Sovereign M. P. for Worcester; he was born in of Sardinia, March the 13th, 1821, and 1784, married firstly in 1808 Lady Emconfirmed on the 19th of the same ma-Susanna Lygon, sister to the premonth. The abdication of Charles-Em sent Earl Beauchamp, by whom he bad manuel, the eldest brother, in 1802, had a son and heir, George-William, now previously conferred the throne Viscount Deerhurst; and secondly, in Victor. Two sisters of this family were 1811, Lady Mary Beauclerk, daughter the wives of Louis XVIII. and Charles of Aubrey 7th Duke of St. Alban's, by X. of France.

whom he has a surviving son and daughKing Charles married, April 6, 1807, ter; 2. Lady Augusta-Maria, married in Maria-Christina, daughter of Ferdinand 1806 to the present Major-General Sir the Fourth, King of the Two Sicilies, Willoughby Cotton ; 3. Lady Georgianaand sister of the present monarch of Catharine, married in 1807 to M. W. those islands; but bad no issue.

Barnes, esq. of Reigate; 4. the Hon. Heirs having failed from all the six Emily-Elizabeth, who died in 1789; 5. sons of King Victor, a cousin, Charles the Hon. John Coventry ; 6. the Hon. Amedeus, Prince of Savoy-Carignan, has Thomas-Henry, who died an infant; 7. succeeded to the throne.

the Hon. Thomas-Henry Coventry ; 8.

Lady Jane-Emily, married in 1828 to THE EARL OF COVENTRY.

James Goding, esq. ; 9. the Hon. WilMarch 26. At Coventry House, Pic liam James Coventry, of Peterhouse, cadilly, aged 72, the Right Hon. George Cambridge, M.A. 1818; he married in William Coventry, seventh Earl of Co 1821, Mary, second daugbter of James ventry, and Viscount Deerhurst, co. Laing, esq., and has several cbildren; Gloucester (1697), Lord Lieutenant and 10. Lady Barbara, married in 1818 to Custos Rotulorum of Worcestershire, Lieut.-Col. Alexander Charles Crawfurd, Recorder of Worcester, High Bailiff of son of Sir James Crawfurd, Bart. ; and Tewkesbury, and High Steward of 11. Lady Sophia-Catherine, married in Evesham.

1821 to Sir Roger Gresley, Bart. His Lordship was born April 28, 1758, the eldest son of George William the 6tb

The EARL OF WINTERTON. Earl, and only son by his first Countess, Maria, eldest daughter of John Gun April 23. At Worthing, in the house ning, of Castle-Coote, co. Roscommoi, of bis son-in-law Sir Charles Chad, Bart. esq. (and the Hon. Bridget Bourke, aged 72, the Right Hon. Edward Garth daughter of Theobald 6th Viscount Turnour, second Earl of Winterton and Mayo). Miss Gunning was a very cele Viscount Turnour (1766), and Baron brated beauty; and sister to Elizabeth Winterton, of Gort, co. Galway (1761). Duchess of Hamilton.

He was born May 11, 1758, the eldest Before his father's death bis Lordship son of Edward the first Earl by his Grst was deprived of sight, by a fall from his wife the Hon. Anne Archer, second borse in bunting. Notwithstanding this daughter and cobeiress of Thomas Lord calamity, on the decline of his father's Archer. He was educated at Harrow, health, be was in 1807 appointed Vice and at Trinity College, Oxford. He Lieutenant of the county of Worcester;

succeeded his father in the peerage Aug. and afterwards succeeded to the office of 11, 1788, and had since constantly reLord Lieutenant. His father died Sept. sided at Shillinglee Park near Petworth, 3, 1809.

the abode of his lineal ancestors since

558 OBITUARY.-Earl of Lisburne.-Lord Clifford. [June, the Restoration, where he chiefly de

LORD CLIFFORD. voted his time to agricultural pursuits. April 29. At his seat, Ugbrooke Park,

His Lordship was twice married ; Devonshire, aged 71, the Right Hon. firstly, Nov. 6, 1781, to Jane, daughter Charles Clifford, sixth Lord Clifford of of Richard Chapman, of London, Esq. Chudleigh in Devonsbire (1672), F.S.A. by whom he bad four solis and three His Lordship was born Nov. 28, 1759, daughters : 1. Lady Jane ; 2. the Right the second son of Hugh fourth Lord Hon. Edward now Earl of Winterton, Clifford, by Lady Anne Lee, daughter born in 1784; he married in 1809 Lucy and cobeir of George-Henry second and Louisa, daughter of Jobn Heys, esq. and last Earl of Lichfield. He succeeded to has issue ; 3. Lady Anne, married in the peerage on the death of his brother 1810 to Sir Charles Chad, Bart. ; 4. the Hugh-Edward-Henry, Jan. 15, 1793. Hon. Arthur Richard Turnour, a Com. Lord Clifford married Nov. 29, 1786, mander R.N.; be married Sept. 1, 1829, the Hon. Eleanor-Mary Arundell, second Charlotte-Fitzherbert, eldest daughter daughter and coheiress of Henry eighth of the late George Daysb, esq. ; 5. Lady Lord Arundell of Wardour, second couIsabella-Elizabetb ; 6. tbe Hon. and Rev. sin and maternal aunt to the present Adolphus-Augustus Turnour, Vicar of Lord Arundell ; by whom be had seven Besthorpe, Norfolk, and Chaplain to the sons and eight daughters : 1. the Hon. Bishop of Norwich; he married in 1812 Anna-Maria, who died in 1805, aged 1G; Jessie, second daughter of John Dewar, 2. the Hon. Christiana-Maria, married esq. and has several children; and 7. in 1811 to Humphrey Weld, esq. of the Hon. John-Josiah, who died in 1788, Chidiock in Dorsetshire, esq. ; 3. the aged ten.

Right Hon. Hugh-Charles now Lord The Earl, baving lost his first Coun- Clifford; he was born in 1790, and martess June 18, 1792, married secondly, ried in 1818 his second cousin MaryMay 30, 1795, Harriet, eldest daughter Lucy, only daughter of Thomas Weld, of William Board of Paxbill Park in of Lulworth Castle, Dorsetsbire (now a Sussex, esq. and widow of the Rev. John Cardinal of the Church of Rome), by Bodicote. Her Ladyship survived her Lucy-Bridget, daughter of the Hon. Tho. second widowhood only two days, dying mas Clifford; bis Lordship bas a son at Sbillinglee Park on the 25th April, and heir, born in 1819, and several other aged 77.

children; 4. Mary-Louisa, who died an

infant; 5. Charles-Everard, who also died The EARL OP LISBURNE.

in infancy; 6. the Hon. Elizabeth-Mary; May 18. Aged 62, the Right Hon. 7. the Hon. Charlotte-Mary, who was John Vaughan, third Earl of Lisburne married in 1817 to the Hon. Charles (1776), sixth Viscount Lisburne and Langdale, brother to Lord Stourton, and Baron Vaughan of Fethers (1695); a died in 1819, leaving two daughters; 8. Colonel in the army.

the Hon, Charles-Thomas Clifford, who His Lordship was born March 3, 1769, married in 1822 Theresa, the youngest the only son of Wilmot the first Earl by daughter of Marmaduke-Constable Maxhis second marriage with Dorothy eldest well, of Everingham Park, Yorkshire, daughter of John Shafto of Whitwortb, esq. and has several children; 9. the co. Durham, esq. He was appointed Hon. Edward-Charles, who died in 1798, Lieut.-Colonel of the Loyal Sheffield re three days after his birth; 10. the Hon. giment 27 Aug. 1794 ; and obtained the

Apollonia, bis twin sister; 11. the Hon. rank of Colonel in the army, Jan. 1, Mary-Lucy, married in 1825 to the Hon. 1800. He succeeded his half-brother Charles Stourton, eldest son of Lord Wilmot in the family honours, May 6, Stourton, and has three sons; 12. the 1820.

Hon. Louisa-Mary; 13. the Hon. EdHis Lordship married Aug. 2, 1798, ward-Charles ; 14. the Hon. Walterthe Hon. Lucy Courtenay, fifth daugh. Charles; and 15. the Hon. Robertter of William second Viscount Courte- Henry, born in 1806. nay, and sister to the present Earl of Devon; and by her Ladyship, who died

LORD WALSINGHAM. Dec. 17, 1821, had a family of five soņs April 26. In Harley.street, aged 54, and one daughter: 1. John-Wilmot the Right Hon. George de Grey, third Courtenay, who died in 1818, in his Lord Walsingham, Baron of Walsingnineteenth year; 2. the Right Hon. ham in the county of Norfolk (1780), a Ernest now Earl of Lisburne, born in Lieut.-General in the army, Lieut.-Col. 1800 ; 3. the Hon. George Vaughan, a of the first dragoons, and Comptroller Captain in the Rifle brigade ; 4. the of the First-Fruits Office. Hon. John Shafto Vaughan ; 5. the Hon. He was born June 11, 1776, the elder William - Malet Vaughan, Lieut. 4th son of Thomas the second Lord Walsingdrag. guards ; and 6. Lady Lucy-Harriet. bam, by the Hon. Augusta-Georgina


1831.] OBITUARY.-Lord Walsingham.-Sir H. Wakeman, Bt. 559 Elizabeth Irby, only daughter of Eliza mains were found in the drawing-room beth first Lord Boston. He entered the below (having fallen tbrough the floor), army in 1794 as Cornet in the first dra so dreadfully burnt that the head and goons, and obtained a Lieutenancy in part of the body alone remained. Her the same regiment. He received a troop Ladyship, who was in the back room, in the 25th light dragoons on that corps when suddenly awakened, so entirely being raised, and succeeded to a Ma lost her presence of mind, that she imjority. In 1796 be embarked with the mediately followed ber first impulse to regiment for India; it was landed on its throw berself out of window, although passage at the Cape of Good Hope, and the passage by the staircase was unindid duty there during the arrival and terrupted. She fell on the roof of an capture of the Dutch feet in Saldana outhouse, broke both her thigh bones, Bay. He afterwards proceeded to Ma and her right arm, and dreadfully mutidras, and served with the cavalry of Gen. lated her face. She survived only four (afterwards Lord) Harris's army during hours. The remains of the unfortunate the campaign of 1799, wbich ended in couple were conveyed for interment to the capture of Seringapatam, He was Merton in Norfolk.-Views of Merton present with his regiment at the battle Hall and Church, with memoirs of the of Mullavelly. In 1799 he was appoint- family of de Grey, were published in our ed to the Lieut.-Colonelcy of the first vol. xcv. pt. ii. p. 11. dragoons, which he retained to his death, Lord Walsingham having had no faand in 1800 he returned to England. mily, be is succeeded in the title by bis

On the breaking out of the war in bruiher the Rev. Thomas de Grey, Arch1803, Lieut.-Col. de Grey was appointed deacon of Surrey. to the staff of the Home District, as Assistant Adjutant-general, and

Sir Henry WAKEMAN, BART. employed in that situation until the be April 23. At Perdiswell, Worcesterginning of 1805, when he returned to shire, aged 78, Sir Henry Wakeman, The command of the Ist dragoons, and Bart. did duty with bis regiment from 1806 to Sir Henry was born Feb. 27, 1753, the 1808 in Scotland and Ireland. In 1808 second son of Thomas Wakeman, of he was appointed one of the King's Aide Worcester, esq. by Mary, daughter of de-camps, with the rank of Colonel. He Henry Parry of Welchpool, esq. and was accompanied his corps to Lisbon in Au created a Baronet by patent dated Feb. gust 1809, and served with the cavalry 20, 1828. He was twice married : in the Peninsula until the beginning of firstly, Aug. 25, 1787, to Theudosia, 1812, when he was compelled by ill daughter of John Freeman, of Gaines in health to return to England. He had Herefordshire, esq., and by her bad isbeen appointed in tbe beginning of 1810 sue, two sons and one daughter: 1. to the command of the brigade consist Henry, and 2. Charles, who both died ing of the 3d dragoon guards and 4th unmarried ; 3. Anne, married to Thomas dragoons; with which he was present at Snepp, esq. His first marriage having the battle of Busaco, the battle of Al been dissolved by Act of Parliament in buera, and the battle of Usagre. On 1796, he married secondly, June 29, his return home he was placed on the 1797, Sarah, only daughter and heiress staff at Canterbury, where he continued of Richard Ward Offey, of Hinton in till the peace in 1814. He was promoted Shropshire, esq. and had two other sons to the rank of Major-General in 1811, and one daughter : 4. Sir Offley Parbury and Lieut.-General in 1821.

Wakeman, born in 1799, who bas sucLord Walsingham succeeded his fa ceeded to the title; 5. the Rev. Edward ther in the peerage Jan. 16, 1818, and Ward Wakeman, M.A. Perpetual Curate also in the sinecure office of Comptroller of Claines in Worcestershire; and 6. of the First Fruits. He married May 10, Emily-O Mey. 1804, Matilda, eldest daughter of the late Paul Cobb Methuen, of Corsham ADMIRAL SIR J. S. YORKE. House in Wiltshire, esq. and sister to May 5. Drowned in the Southampthe present Mr. Methuen, now High ton Water (from the accident noticed in Sheriff of that county.

p. 476), aged 62, Sir Joseph Sydney The lives of both Lord and Lady Wal Yorke, K.C.B. Admiral of the Blue, and singbam were terminated at the same M.P. for Reigate ; balf-brother to the time, in their house in Harley-street. Earl of Hardwicke. His Lordship appears to have acciden He was born in London, June 6, 1968, tally set his bed on fire, and, either from the tbird and youngest son of the Right the weakness consequent on previous Hon. Charles Yorke, Lord High Chanindisposition, or from drowsiness, was cellor, by bis second wife Agneta, one of unable to make bis escape.

His re

the daughters and co-beiresses of Henry


OBITUARY.-Admiral Sir J. S. Yorke. [June, Joboson, esq. of Great Berkbampstead squadron. In this spirited action, the in Hertfordshire. He entered the naval Stag had 4 men slain and 13 wounded, service Feb. 15, 1780; and, after serving and the enemy between 40 and 50 killed some time as Midshipman in the Duke and wounded. of 98 guns, commanded by Sir Charles Capt. Yurke continued to command Douglas, Bart. removed with that dis- the Stag, and cruized will considerable tinguisbed officer into the Formidable, success against the armed and trading another second rate, bearing the flag of vessels of the enemy, until March 1800, Lord Rodney, to whom he acted as Aid when he was appointed to the Jason of de-camp, at the great battles fought off 36 guns; and in the following year reGualaluure, April 9th and 12th, 1782, moved to the Canada, 74, which formed in which the French fleet was totally de part of the western squadron during tbe feated, and Adm. the Count de Grasse continuance of the war. taken prisoner. The Formidable having After the renewal of hostilities in 1803, returned to England, Mr. Yorke, after a Captain Yorke commanded successively short interval, joined the Assistance of the Prince George 98, Barfleur 98, and 50 guns, Commodore Sir Charles Doug, Christian VII. of 80 guns, until called las, statiuned on the coast of America ; to the Admiraliy Board in 1810. He and subsequently the Salisbury 50 guns, was knighted April 21, 1805, when he Capt. Sir Erasmus Gower, bearing the acted as proxy for his brother the Earl broad pendant of Adm. J. Elliot, in which uf Harduicke, at the installation of the ship be continued on the Newfoundland Order of the Garter then celebrated. station nearly three years, in the capa. When bis brother the Rt. Hon.Charles city of master's mate.

He was force

Yorke was appointed First Lord of the moted to the rank of Lieutenant, June Admiralty in June 1810, Sir Joseph was 16, 1789, and served as such on buard nominated one of the junior Commisthe Adamant of 50 guns, Rear-Adm. Sir sioners, and he retained his seat until R. Hughes, Bart., Thisbe frigate, and 1818. On the 31st July, 1810, be was Victory of 100 guns, in tbe last of wbich advanced to the rank of Rear-Admiral he continued during the Spanish and of the Blue; and in January following, Russian armaments. In February 1791, hoisted his flag on board the Vengeur of he was promoted to the command of the 74 guns, and assumed the command of Rattlesnake sloop of war, in which ves a strong squadron, with which, and a sel he cruised in ibe Channel, until the large body of troops intended to reincommencement of the war with the force Lord Wellington's army in PortuFrench Republir, when he was made gal, be arrived in tbe Tagus March 4. Post into the Circe of 28 guns, by com It was in consequence of this reinforcemission dated Feb. 4, 1793. The Circe ment that the French army, under Marwas actively employed in the Channel shal Massena, broke up from Santarem, Soundings, Bay of Biscay, &c.; and Capt. and began its retreat into Spain. He Yorke had the good fortune to capture afterwards sailed to the Western Isles several of the enemy's large privateers, wilh a squadron consisting of three sail and a number of merchant vessels. He of the line and two frigates, for the proalso took the Espeigle French corvette tection of the homeward bound East close to Brest harbour, and in sight of a India Aleet, the whole of which reached very superior French squadron.

England in safety. Sir Joseph attained In August 1794, Capr. Yorke removed the rank of Vice-Admiral in 1814; and into the Slag of 32 guns; and after of Admiral in 1830. On the enlargeserving some time on the same station ment of the Order of the Batb, he was as before, and the coast of Ireland, he nominated a Knight Commander, Jan. was ordered to join the North Sea Fleet, 1, 1815 ; and in the course of the same at that period commanded by Lord year, he was presented with the freedom Duncan.

of the borough of Plymouth. On the 22d of August, 1795, Captain Sir Joseph Yorke was for the greater Yorke being in company with a light part of his life a member of tbe House squadron, under the orders of Capt.

of Commons.

He was first returned to James Alms, gave chase to two large Parliament for the borough of Reigate ships and a cutter, and brought the (in which his family has long had conôisternmust to action. After a conAict derable interest) at the general election for about an hour, the enemy struck, of 1790. He was re-chosen at those in and proved to be the Alliance Batavian 1796 and 1802; but in 1806 retired in frigate, of 36 guns and 240 men; her favour of his nephew Lord Royston, and consorts, the Argo, of the same force, was elected for St. Germans, which he and Veig held cutter of 16 guns, effected vacated in 1810 in favour of his brother. their escape, after sustaining a running In 1812 he was elected for Sandwich ; in light with the other ships of the British 1818 again for Reixate, aud also at the

1831.] OBITUARY.-Capt. Bradby -Capt. Thos. Young. 561 subsequent elections of 1820, 1826, of her being amply provided for by mar1830, and 1831. His lengthened Parlia- riage settlement. After a few legacies mentary career was distinguished by to servants, he bequeaths the residue of sound and constitutional views, un his property amongst his five children, Hinching zeal for the interests of his and appoints three of his sons executors. profession, and invincible and irresisti The personal effects were sworn under ble good humour. In the tumult of the 40,0001. most stormy debates, his voice was wont The remains of Sir Joseph Yorke were to appease the conflicting senate, and interred in the family vault at Wimple restore at least a momentary barmony in Cambridgeshire. - One balf of the by the quaint phraseology and shrewd yacht to which tbe fatal accident ocobservations he brought to bear upon curred, has been thrown on shore, and the discussion. It bas been truly added, there is now little doubt that it was that “bis loss is doubly to be deplored struck with lightning: we subjoin some at the present crisis, when bis attach brief notices of Sir Joseph's fellow suf. ment to the Constitution, and unswerv ferers, ing honesty, would have rendered him a Captain MATTHEW BARTON BRADBY valuable ally to the cause of rational was the youngest son of Rear-Adm. freedom, and the menaced institutions James Bradby, who died in 1809, aged of his native land.”

73. Capt. B. was made a Lieutenant in Sir Joseph was Chairman of the Wa 1796 ; and a Commander in 1802. He terloo Bridge Company, in the manage subsequently commanded the Calypso, ment of whose concerns he took a very an 18 gun brig, in the North Sea, and active part. His last appearance in pub was made Post Captain in 1810. He lic was on the 29th of April, when he married, Nov. 25, 1808, Catherine, sepresided at a meeting at the Tbatched cond daughter of Vice-Admiral Billy house Tavern, for the consideration of a Douglas, Commander-in-chief at Yarplan suggested by Commander Dickson, mouib. His youngest sister is the wife R.N, for “ A School for the Education of of Capt. James Aberdour, R.N. the sons of Naval and Marine Officers, together with an Orphan Foundation, Captain THOMAS YOUNG, the other under the sanction of the King's most

victim of this unfortunate accident, was excellent Majesty."

born in Berkshire, in 1784. He entered Sir Joseph Yorke was twice married ; the Navy in Sept. 1795 ; and served the firstly, March 29, 1798, to Elizabeth whole of his time, as Midshipman and Weake, daughter of James Rattray, esq. Lieutenant, under Sir Edward Thornby whom he had six sons and one daugh- brough, in the Robust 74, Formidable ter; I. Charles. Philip Yorke, a Captain 98, and various other ships. His first R. N. who, in the event of his surviving commission was signed in 1801; and bis uncle, will succeed to the Earldom his promotion to the rank of Commander and other family titles ; 2. Sydney-John, in 1806. From tbat period, he succeswho died in infancy ; 3. Henry-Regi- sively commanded the Curlew and Snake nald ; 4. Eliot-Thomas; 5. Horatio-Nel sloops, the Trent frigate, armed en fare, son, who died in 1814, in his twelfth bearing the flag of Sir Edward Thornyear; 6. Grantham Munter Yorke, esq. brough, and the Redwing brig, on the who married in 1830 Marian-Emily, sis Downs, North Sea, Leith, Irish, Portster to Sir H. C. Montgomery, Bart.; mouth, and Leeward Islands stations, and 7. Agneta-Elizabeth.

until the conclusion of the war, in 1815. Lady Yorke having deceased Jan. 29, He obtained post-rank Jan. 1, 1817. 1812, Sir Joseph married secondly, May Captain Young was married, first, in 22, 1813, the Most Hon. Urania-Anne 1812, to Mary, third daughter of the Marchioness dowager of Clanricarde, late Sir Edwin Jeynes, of Gloucester, widow of Henry Marquis of Clanricarde; and sister to Lady Thornbrough; seand secondly of Colonel Peter Kington; condly, to Anna Maria, daugbter of the and sister to the present Marquis of late Rev. C. Sturges, of Reading, Winchester, and to Vice-Adm. Lord Henry Paulet, K.C.B. Her Ladyship is CAPT. Geo, M. Jones, R.N. now for the third time a widow.

Lately. At Malta, Captain George Sir Joseph Yorke's will has been Matthew Jones, R.N. author of Travels proved at Doctors' Commons. He gives in Russia and the north-eastern coun. a legacy of 5001. to his wife the Mar tries of Europe. chioness, and his house and furniture This gentleman was brother to Col. J., at Hamblerice for life, after which they. T. Jones, of the Royal Engineers, the are to devolve to bis eldest son. He de

constructor of the lines of Torres Veclares that he does not bequeath her dras, and the officer who led the attack Ladyship any larger sum, in consequence upon Bergen-op-Zoom. Capt. J. comGent. Mag. June, 1831.

menced his naval career under the late

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