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1831.) Domestic Occurrences Promotions and Preferments. 79 convicted at Ipswich of extorting an petition adopted. Words in the original increase of wages, and tweive were draught of the petition, in favour of vote acquitted.-Twenty-six were convicted by ballot, were expunged, being against at Petworth, and several at Oxford. Of the sense of the meeting. At the Berkthose some were sentenced to trans sbire County Meeting, whicb took place portation for seven years, and the re at Reading on the 17tb, a resolution in mainder to different periods of imprison- favour of vote by ballot was carried, ment.--At Gloucester, seven were trans there being only four bands beld up ported for fourteen years ; twenty fut against it. seven years ; one imprisonment for Jan. 6. Blackburn church was detbree years; two to two years; two stroyed by fire. The accident is supposed eigbreen months; eight to twelve to have been occasioned by the flues months; two to nine months ; ten to which warmed the building with hot air. six months; and twenty-nine were dis- The church was completed about four charged on their own recognizances to years since, and consecrated by Dr. come up for judgment when called upon. Blomfield, then Bishop of Chester. The Six prisoners were left for execution at damage is estimated to be about 80001. Winchester. Four of the prisoners have Jan. 16. The beautiful church of heen respited; but two of them, named Warkworth, in Northumberland, was Cooper and Cooke, were executed on discovered to be on fire, and its dethe 15tb.

struction was providentially prevented Several meetings bave taken place in by the combined and prompt exertions different parts of the country, on the of the inbabitants. The Alues had been subject of Parliamentary Reform. In heated three days previously, which renMiddlesex, Bedfordsbire, Berksbire, dered some wood near them exceedingly Cornwall, &c. there have been meetings susceptible of ignition, and it was disformed of some of the most influential covered that a pew, under which one of persons in the counties. At the meet. the fues passed, was in flames. ing which took place in the Sbire-ball Jan. 24. About twelve o'clock at night at Bedford, on the 17th Jan. ibe Mar- the beautiful church of St. Peter's, at quis of Tavistock, Sir Peter Payne, Sir Birmingham, was discovered to be on W. Long, the Members, &c. were pre- fire, and in less than two hours the sept. Resolutions were passed, and a whole of the edifice was destroyed.



Bletchingly-Chas. Tennyson, esq.
Sept. 11, 1830. David Erskine, of Dry- Dungannon--Lieut.-Col. John James Knox.
burgh Abbey, Berwickshire, esq. F.S.A. and Farfar and Perth-Right Hon. F. Jeffrey.
R.A. Edinb. knighted.

Inverness (co.)-Right Hon. C. Grant.
Jan. 15.--Royal Artillery-Major-Gen. Preston-Henry Hunt, esq.
Brooke Young, to be Col. Commandant.

Jan. 17. lis Majesty has declared him-
self Col.-in-CŁvief of the Household Brigade Lord Lyndhurst to be Chief Baron of the
of Cavalry, consisting of the 1st and 2d Life

Guards and Royal Horse Guards.

Sir James Shaw, elected Chamberlain of the
Jan. 8. Bre vet; Lieut.-Cols. Hon. Lin-

City of London. colo Stanhope ax id W. Cross, to be Colonels

Rev. W. Paull, Head Master of King's in the Army.

School, Chester.

ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Capt. Lyon, of the Blonde, appointed to

Rev. G. Davys, to be Dean of Chester.
the Madagascar; «Icting Capt. Sir T. Pas Rev. W. M‘Dodall, Preb. in Peterb. Cath.
ley, Bart. to the Blonde; Commander C. Rev. H. Philpotts, Preb. in Durham Cath.
Graham to the Rattl esnake. “To be Captains, Rev. W. Vaux, Preb. in Winchester Cath.
John Wilson, (6.). G. B. Maxwell, Hon. J. Rev. J. Armitstead, Barlings P. C. co.
Cavendish, H. E. ; Napier.-To be Com-

manders, Charles Bla ir, G. W. Matson, F. P. Rev. J. Besly, Aston Subedge R. co. Glouc.
Blackwood, A. Milz ie, F. Hart, J. B. B. Rev. J. Burnett, Houghton R, Hants.
M‘Hardy, Lieut. J. S lavage (1816).

Rev. S. H. Cassan, Bruton V. Somerset.
Rev. J. Clementson, Wolvey V. co. Warw.

Rev. W. N. Darnell, Stanhope R. Durham.
Members returned to serve in Parliament.

Rev. R. Etough, Gr. Addington R. N'ampt. Bandon Bridge-Visc. Bernard.

Rev. J. Fayrer, Chillington and Seavington Beeralston-David Lyo n, esq.

St. Mary P. CC. co. Somerset.

The Navy.


Births.- Marriages.

[Jan. Rev. P. Fraser, Kegworth R. co. Leicester. Rev. T. Higgins, Stoulton P. C. co. Worc. Rev. F. D. Gilby, Eckington V. Worc. Rev. L. B. Wither, Herriard V. Hants. Rev. G. Goodman, Kemerton R. co. Glouc. Rev. T. 0. Tillwood, Compton R. Hants. Rev. J. H. Harrison, Bugbrooke R. N'ampt. Rev. R. Crockett, Chaplain to Ld. Lilford. Rev. E. Higbane, St. George R. Norwich.


BIRTH S. Dec. 26. At Fulbeck, Lincolnshire, the wife of the Rev. B. R. Perkins, a son. wife of the Rev. G. Fane, a dau.-29. 11. In Saville-street, Burlington Gardens, At Stourbridge, Worcestershire, the wife of the wife of Henry Bosanquet, esq. a dau. R. Scott, esq. barrister, a son. -At Elwick At Turville Vicarage, the wife of the Hall, Durham, the wife of the Rev. James Rev. Geo. Scobell, D. D. a son and heir. Allan Park, a son. 31. The wife of the -At Walbury, Essex, the wise of Col. Rev. J. Rigby, Vicar of Hutton-cum-Crans- Johnson, a son. -13. At Beaufort Caswick, a son.

tle, co. Inverness, Hon. Mrs. Fraser, of Jan. 1. At Dan-y-Graig House, New- Lovat, a son.- 16. At Brighton, Lady ton, Glamorganshire, the wife of the Rev. Frances Sandon, a son and heir. -In TorH. Elliot Graham, a son. 2. At Blox- rington-sq. the wife of E. R. Daniell, esq. worth House, Dorset, the wife of John barrister-at-law, a dau. -17. The wife of Hesketh Lethbridge, esq. a son. -At Wes- Lieut.-Col. Standish O'Grady, a dau.thorpe, Nottinghamshire, the wife of R. At Hatchlands, the wife of W. Holme SumWarrand, esq. late Major 6th Dragoons, a

per, esq. a dau.

.-19. At. Fawley, near -9. At Clenchwharton Rectory, Hants, the wife of the Rev. Geo. Downing near Lyon, Mrs. Goldfrap, twin daughters. Bowles, a dau.-20. At Chicknell, Salop,

-10. The wife of J. T. Justice, esq. of Hon. Mrs. Taylor, a son.-21. At AbParliament street, a dau. At Sledmere, bot's Leigh, co. Somerset, the wife of R. the lady of Sir Tatton Sykes, Bart. a son. Bright, esq. a son.

-At Cublington Rectory, Bucks, the




MARRIAGES. Dec. 21. At Beverley, Captain Unett, 'the Rev. Dr. Stephens, of Devonshire-place. late 7th Dragoon Guards, to Miss M. A. -6. At Tottenham, Astley, eldest son Ditmas, dan. of the late Lieut.-Col. Ditmas. of W. H. Holt, esq. of Enfield, to Jane,

-23. At Munich, H. F. Howard, esq. dau. of the Rev. Edw. Heathcote, of Chessecond son of H. Howard, esq. of Corby- terfield. -At Beverley, the Rev. G. P. castle, Cun.berland, to the Hon. Sevilla Richards, Rector of Sampford Courtenay, Erskine, fourth dau. of the Right Hon. Devon, to Miss Eyre, eldest dau. of the Lord Erskine.-24. At Caen, in Nor. Rev. J. Eyre, of Beverley. .-8. mandy, M. Melano de Calcina, of Caen, to Hackney, Teesdale Cockell, esq. of NavaMiss Shean, eldest dau. of the late Major rino-terrace, Dalston, to Harriet, youngest Shean, of the Sussex Militia.

.-27. dau. of the late Major G. Wright, of FitzBerne, P. J. Brown, esq. of Thun, to Eliz.

roy-square, and Plymouth, Devon: -10. M. Caroline, eldest dau. of John Hawksey The Rev. W. Pye, to M. Cripps, dau. of Acherley, esq. of Bath. 29. At New- J. Cripps, esq. M.P. for Cirencester.digate, Surrey, the Rev. Alfred Lyall, to 11. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the Mary Drummond, fourth dau. of James Rev. C. A. Steuart, of Ewhurst, Surrey, to Broadwood, esq. of Lyne, Newdigate. Mrs. De Lancey Barclay, of Tilling bourn.

Lately. Rev. G. Ď. Faithfull, Rector of -At Hendon, the Rev. John James, to Lower Heyford, Oxford,to Miss Ann Norris. Eliz. dau. of W. Wilberforce, esq. of High

Jan. 1. In the chapel of Warwick Castle, wood-hill, Middlesex. - 15. Edw. MonJoseph Neeld, esq. of Grosvenor-square, tagu Woodford, esq. of Hill's Court, M.P. to Lady C. Ashley Cooper, dau. of the nephew of the late Col. Montagu, of LackEarl of Shaftesbury: -At St. Pancras ham, House, Wilts, to Mary, only dau. of New Church, Capt. Litchfield, R. N. to Mrs. Fowler. -The Rev. John Edwards, Louisa, only dau. of the late H. C. Litch Vicar of Prestbury, to Eliza, youngest dau.

3. At St. George's, South of the late J. Milford, esq. of Exeter. wark, Cha. Kershaw, esq. of Stratford, Suf 18. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Ashfolk, to Mary, eldest dau. of the late Cha. hurst Majendie, esq. eld. son of L. MajenNoble, esq. of Old

Burlington-street. -4. die, of Hedingham Castle, esq. to Frances, At Mitcham, the Rev. T. Lagden Ramsden, eld. dau. of John Griffin, esq. Bedford-place. to Sophia Harriet, yourgest dau. of the -At St. Pancras, Captain Charles King late Lieut.-Gen. Sir H. Oakes, Bart. Rudge, of Hanbam, in Gloucestershire, to At Liverpool, W. Reynolds, esq. M.D. to Miss Mary Anne Crabtree, of St. Andrew'sHannah Mary, only dau. of the late W. place, Regent's-park. At Chelsea, Rathbone, esq.

-5. At St. Marylebone John Newbery, esq. late Lieut.-Col. of the Church, W. S. Jones, esq. of Brunswick Sussex Militia, to Fanny, eldest dau. of quare, to Georgina Isabella, only dau. of Lieut.-Col. Le Blanc, of Chelsea College.

field, esq.


[blocks in formation]


LORD Henley.

Nortbington, and coheir to ber brother Dec. 6, At Gumley-ball, Leicestershire, Robert, the second and last Earl, and the seat of his son-in-law E. C. Hartopp, K.T. He had two sons born at Dresden Esq. aged 78, the Right Hon. Morton in 1784 and 1785; and with the addiEden, Baron Henley, of Chardstock, in tional character of Minister Plenipothe Peerage of Ireland; a Privy Coun- tentiary conferred July 6, 1788, cillor; G. C. B.; and F. R. S.

mained there until 1791. He was then The family of Eden, which is of con appointed Minister Plenipotentiary to siderable antiquity in the county of the Duke of Saxe Gotha; where having Durbam, is in four brancbes honoured resided only a short time, he was in the witb hereditary titles : in two cases with same year appointed Envoy ExtraordiBaronetcies, in tbe third with Peerages nary and Minister Plenipotentiary at both of England and Ireland, and in the Court of Berlin. Shortly after, he the present instance with one of the lat was nominated a K. B., with the insignia ter Kingdom. Sir Robert Eden, the first of wbich Order he was, at the King's deBaronet, who was for many years Knight sire, publicly invested by bis Majesty of in Parliament for co. Durham, was cre Prussia on the first day of the following ated in 1672, and is now represented by year. In 1793 Sir Frederick set off for Sir Robert Johnson-Eden, the fifth tbat Vienna, as Ambassador to the Emperor bas enjoyed the title. Sir Robert, the of Germany; in 1794, wben be was tbird Baronet, by Mary, youngest daugh sworn a Privy Counsellor, be went Amter of William Davison, of Beamish, Esq. bassador Extraordinary to Madrid; but had, besides his son and successor Sir in the same year be was re-appointed, as Jobn, four younger sons : Sir William Envoy Extraordinary, to Vienna; where Eden, of Truir, co. Durbam, and Gover- he remained until 1799; when, on bis nor of Maryland, who was created a Ba- retirement, he was, by patent dated ronet in 1776, and was grandfather of Nov. 9, created a Peer of Ireland, as Sir William Eden, the present and fourth Baron Henley, of Chardstock. ChardBaronet of that place; William, wbo, stock is in Dorsetsbire. He has since after having filled many diplomatic situ- enjoyed an annual pension of 2,0001. ations of great importance, was created By Lady Elizabeth, who died Aug. 20, Lord Auckland, in the Peerage of Ire- 1821, his Lordship had three sons and Jand, in 1789, and afterwards made an one daughter: 1. the Hon. Frederick Englisb Peer in 1793; be died in 1814, Eden, born at Dresden 1784, M. A. of wben a short memoir of him appeared in Christ-church Oxford 1807, a barristerour vol. Lxxxiv. i. 629 ; bis eldest son is at-law, died Nov. 5, 1823; 2. the Right the present Lord Auckland, and among Hon. Robert-Henley now Lord Henley, bis daughters are the Countess Dowager born at Dresden 1785, M. A. of Christof Buckinghamsbire, Lady Bexley, and church 1814, a Master in Chancery : he Lady Francis Osborne. Thomas Eden, married in 1824 Harriet, sister to the Esq. the fourth son, was Deputy Auditor Right Hon. Şir Robert Peel, and bas a of Greenwich Hospital; and tbe fifth and on and heir; 3. the Hon. and Rev. Wilyoungest was the distinguished indivi- liam Eden, born at Berlin in 1793, now dual whose death we now record. One Rector of Hertingfordbury; he married of their sisters was the wise of Archbishop in 1820 Anna-Maria, dowager Lady Grey Moore.

de Ruthyn, and bas several children ; Lord Henley, like bis brother Lord and, 4, the Hon. Anna-Maria, married Auckland, was engaged in many im. in 1824 to Edmund Cradock-Hartopp, portant diplomatic missions. He com- Esq. the eldest surviving son of Sir E.C. menced his career at the age of 24, with Hartopp, of Four Oaks Hall, in Warwickthe appointment of Minister Plenipoten- sbire, Bart. tiary to the Electoral (now Royal) Court of Bavaria, and Minister at the Diet of

Hon. PHILIP ROPER. Ratisbon, Oct. 10, 1976; he was removed Jan. 1. At Calais, in bis 92d year, the 10 Copenhagen, with the style of Envoy Hon. Philip Roper, uncle to Lord TeynExtraordinary, Feb. 22, 1779; and to bam. Dresden Sept. 21, 1782. In 1783 he came He was born 13 Oct. 1739, at Linto England, and was married at Lambeth, stead, co. Kent, the third and only surby bis brother-in-law Archbishop Moore, viving son of Henry tbe 10th Lord on the 7th of August, to Lady El izabeth Teynbam, by Catberine, eldest dau. and Henley, 5th daughter of Robert Earl of cobeir (with ber sister Winifred, marGENT. MAG. January, 1831.

ried to Sir Francis Curzon of Water

82 OBITUARY.--Count Linsingen.-Viscountess Massareene. (Jan. periy, co. Oxon, Bart.) of John Powell promoted to the rank of Lieut.-General of Sandford, co. Oxon. Esq. The mo in 1811; and received the Orders of the ther of these ladies was Anne, dau. of Bath and of the Guelphs from his late Thomas Wyndham, of Tale, co. Devon, Majesty, with whom he was a great Groom of the Bedchamber to King favourite. Charles the Second. The subject of this brief notice resided with his aunt Lady Curzon, at Waterperry, until her decease

VISCOUNTESS MASSAREENE. in 1764 ; and on the death of John Jun. 2. At Portobello, near Dublin, Barnwall Curzon, 19 Aug. 1787, s. p. the Right Hon. Harriet Skeffington, the estate became the property of Henry Viscountess of Massereene, Baroness of (eldest son of the Hon. Francis Roper), Lougbneagb, co. Antrim, in her own wbo thereupon assumed the name and right, arms of Curzon, and is the present Lord Her Ladyship was the only daughter Teynbam.

and heir of Chichester Skeffington, 4th Mr. Philip Roper married, in 1765, Earl of Massereene, 8th Viscount MasBarbara, 2d daughter of Launcelot Lyt- serene, Baron of Loughneagh, and 11th telton, of Licbfield, Esq. wbose elder English Baronet of Fisherwick, co. Stafsister Mary was the wife of his brother ford, on whose decease the Earldom of Francis, and mother of the present Lord Massereene and the English Baronetcy Teynbam. By that lady, who died Apr. became extinct; but the Viscounty and 10, 1805, he had one son, Col. Philip Barony devolved to his daughter. Her Henry Roper (who married, in 1804, Ladyship married Nov. 20, 1810, ThoHenrietta, dau. of Tbomas Banister, mas-Henry Foster, Viscount Ferrard, Esq. and widow of Capt. John Bentham, Baron Oriel, in Ireland, in descent from and has a numerous family), and six bis mother the late Viscountess Ferrard, daughters :- 1. Barbara, married in 1786 and Baron Oriel in England, in descent to Sir Samuel Chambers, High Sheriff of from his father the late Lord Oriel, and Kent in 1799; 2. Anne, married in bas bad issue bybis Lordship (who assuined 1793 to Gawen Aynesley Mitford, of the name of Skeffington only in 1817, Morpetb, co. Northumberland, Esq. ; 3. pursuant to the last Earl of Massareene's Catherine, married in 1803 to Tbomas will,) eight children; the titles devolve Jobnston Pearce, Esq.; 4.Frances-Maria to her eldest son the Hon. John SkefLouisa, who died young; 5. Emma, fington Foster, now tenth Viscount Masmarried in 1803 to Frederick Holbrooke, sereene, Baron of Loughneagh, born 30 Esq. F.S.A.; and, 6. Eliza.

Nov. 1812. As the descent of this Vis

county will be in future similar to that LIEUT.-Gen. Count LINSINGEN. of a Barony in fee, going to the direct Lately. Charles Count Linsingen, a female heir, and not to the collateral Lieut.-General in the British service, male beir, it may not be amiss to refer K.C. B. and G.C.H.

to the patent conferring an entail so unFrom the age of fourteen he was pre usual, if not unique. The first Viscount sent in all tbe Continental wars, includ was Sir John Clot worthy, Kut. a very ing, “the Seven Years' War,” when be eminent person in the reign of Charles was on the Duke of Brunswick's staff. I. wbo, on the restoration, was raised to In 1794, although only a Lieut.-Colonel, the peerage of Ireland by the titles of he commanded a considerable corps of Viscount Massereene and Baron of British and Hanoverian troops ; and Loughneagh, by patent dated Nov. 21, defended Menin, in Flanders, for eight 1660, with remainder to his son-in-law weeks. Not long after he was taken Sir John Skeffington, Bart. and his issue prisoner. When the French occupied male by his wife Mary Clot worthy, and Hanover in 1803, and the Hanoverian for default of such issue male, to the army was disbanded, he declined signing heir of the body of the said Sir John the convention, and was one of the first Clotworthy. The entire issue male as who came over to this country, to re above, failed in 1816, when the last form his regiment, the 1st Hussars of Earl's daughter claimed the Viscounty the German Legion. He was then ap as “ beir of the body” of Sir John Clotpointed to the rank of Major-General in worthy, first Viscount; and the dignity the British service; and afterwards served will in future be descendible like a Bawith all the expeditions on which the rony in fee; the only Viscounty in fee German Legion was employed, except now, or probably ever, existing. that to Spain, which his age and other circumstances did not permit bim to CAPT. THE Hon. SIR R. C. SPENCER. accompany, and, in the absence of the Nov. 4. On board his Majesty's shto Duke of Cambridge, be held the com Madagascar, aged 39, the Hon. 'Sir Rojo mand and immediate superintendence bert Cavendish Spencer, K.C.H. Captain of that distinguished corps.

of that ship, Surveyor-general of the

He was

1831.] OBITUARY.-Capt. the Hon. Sir R. Spencer.

83 Ordnance, and an extra Groom of his tended ; therefore, to Capt. Coghlan, Majesty's Bedcbamber.

Sir John Sinclair, and the Hon. Capt. He was born Oct. 24, 1791, tbe tbird Spencer, I am entirely indebted for the but second surviving son of George John success that attended an enterprize which 2d and present Earl Spencer, K. G. and for gallantry has seldom been surpassed." the Hon. Lavinia Bingham, eldest daugh. The re-embarkation of the men was conter of Charles 1st Lord (and afterwards ducted under Capt. Spencer's orders; and Earl of) Lucan.

he selected a situation wbich was partiHe received his education at Harrow; cularly well-calculated to resist any atand commenced bis naval career in Aug. tack from Toulon or Marseilles, bad such 1804 as Midsbipman on board the Tigre, been attempled. 80, Capt. Benj. Hallowell, with whom On the 1916 Jan. 1814, Capt. Spencer he first sailed to the Mediterranean, and was appointed to the Carron 20-gun corfrom tbence accompanied Nelson to the vette, wbicb sbip he continued to com. West Indies, in pursuit of the combined mand after his advancement to post rank, fleets of France and Spain. In the spring June 4, 1814. It was one of the small of 1807, Capt. Hallowell was occupied squadron under Capt. the Hon. W. H. in commanding the naval part of the Percy, at the attack of Fort Bowyer, expedition sent from Messina, to take near Mobile, in West Florida, Sept. 15, possession of Alexandria ; and Mr. Spen- 1814; and at the latter end of the same cer was employed in all the boat services year be was very usefully employed in which took place, and at both the un the expedition against New Orleans. successful attacks on Rosetta, under the From his knowledge of the French and immediate orders of Capt. (now Vice. Spanish languages, he was selected by Adm.) Fellowes.

Sir Alex. Cochrane to obtain information For the next two years the Tigre was respecting the state of Louisiana, and principally employed in watching the procure guides, pilots, &c. for the apport of Toulon; and at the capture proaching expedition. He narrowly and destruction of the French convoy escaped being taken prisoner by Gen. in the bay of Rosas, Nov. 1, 1809, Mr. Jackson's Cavalry, while in company Spencer was employed in the Tigre's with an officer of the Quartermasterlaunch, under Lieut. Edward Bower, the general's department, looking into the senior officer, and leader of the starboard fort of Pensacola, into which place the line of boats. The crew of the launch enemy's cavalry entered at the moment were among the first wbo, bauling up on these officers pushed off from the molethe insbore side of la Lamproie, pene head. trated under tbe boarding nettings, which Although the junior Captain present, tbe French bad neglected to lace down, Capt. Spencer was selected to reconnoitre doubtless supposing that the fire from Lac Boigne, in company with Major tbe beach would bave deterred any at Peddie, for the purpose of discovertempt to board on that side.

ing where a landing could be best efMr. Spencer's commission as Lieu fected. Having obtained considerable tenant bore date Dec. 13, 1810; he re influence over the emigrated Spaniards moved with Rear-Adm. Holloway to the and Frenchmen settled as fishermen, &c. Malta 84, and continued to serve in that he prevailed on one of tbem to take ship until he received an order to take Major Peddie, himself and coxswain, in charge of the Pelorus brig, in Oct. 1812. a canoe up the creek; and this party He was promoted to the rank of Com- actually penetrated to the suburbs of mander Jan. 22, 1813; and appointed New Orleans, and walked over the very first to the Kite brig, of 16 guns, and ground afterwards taken up by General soon after to the sloop Espoir, of 18, Jackson as the position for his formidawbicb, joining Sir Edward Pellew's fleet, ble line of defence. Having discovered was selected by tbat officer to form a an eligible spot for the disembarkation, part of Capt. Usher's squadron employed be undertook, with Col. Tbornton and off the French coast, in the neighbour- about thirty of the 85th and 95th regi. hood of Marseilles. That little squadron ments, to dislodge a strong picquet of the was in a state of unceasing activity, few enemy; a service which they performed days passing in which it was not en most efficiently, without a shot being gaged with the enemy. One of the most fired or an alarm given. From this time remarkable of its services was one sug to the disastrous 8th of January, when gested by Capt. Spencer, the destruction the army failed in its last attack on the of the batteries at Cassis, a small seaport American lines, Capt. Spencer was enbetween Marseilles and Toulon. “Owing gaged in all the arduous duties which to light wind,” says Capt. Ussher, in his fell to the lot of the officers who reofficial letters, "the Undaunted' could mained on sbore. It was shortly after not take up the anchorage that I in- that he received a letter from Sir Alex.

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