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OBITUARY.-Rev. B. L. Edwards.

91 Rev. B. L. EDWARDS.

At Stonehouse, aged 67; Lt.-Cole Jolin

Macdonald, late of 64th foot. Jan. 2. At Northampton, aged 66, the

Jan. 5. At Coombe Royal, aged 57, J. Rev. Benjamin Lloyd Edwards.

Luscombe Luscombe, esq. He was upwards of 45 years Minister

Jan. 15. At Modbury, aged 17, Anna, of the Independent Congregation assembling at King's Head Lane Chapel in youngest dau. of Rev. W. Stackhouse, of

Trehane, Cornwall. that town; and during that lengthened

DORSET. Dec. 31. At Weymouth, periud proved bimself the ardent and aged 34, Fanny, second dau. of Wm. Holuncompromising friend of civil and reli- lond, esq. of Highnam Court, Glouc. gious liberty. His professional services

Jan. 1. At Shaftesbury, aged 74, Lydia, were characterised by the lucid arrange

relict of John Rogers, esq., faithful and exment of bis subjects, the perspicuity of emplary in the discharge of her duties as a bis style, and the fervid earnestness of

Christian and parent, leaving an only daughbis manner; but whilst enforcing bis own views of the peculiar doctrines of

At Weymouth, Julia Anna, eldest dau. of Christianity, he was never betrayed into

Lieut.-Gen. Browne. the slightest violation of candour or

Jan. 6. Aged 17, Emma, second dau. of liberality; and the benevolence of his

H. W. Johns, esq. of Blandford. disposition prompted him to the babi

DURHAM.-Dec. 26. At Stockton-ontual exercise of charity towards the Trees, aged 68, Richard Jackson, esq. Altemporal wants, as well as towards the

derman of that Corporation. religious opinions of all within the circle

Lately. At Bishop Auckland, aged 74, of his connexion. But tbe most distin. Mrs. Easterby, late of Skinning Grove, near guisbing trait of his character was bis

Whitby. unbending, inflexible integrity. Regard- Essex.-- Jan. 1. At Bowes, Chippingless of the frowns of his opponents, and Ongar, aged 55, James Barlow, esq. uninfluenced by, though not insensible GLOUCEST.-Lately. In her 90th year, to, the smiles and approbation of bis Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Aug. Tho. Hupsfriends, he bad only to ascertain the line man, Rector of Beverstone, and Vicar of of his duty, and no selfish or personal Berkeley. considerations could induce him to

At Pauntley, Anne-Frances, wife of Rev. swerve from it.

Thos. Commeline.

At Hampton upon Severn, Anne, widow DEATHS.

of Rev. Richard Lockey, of Stenchcombe.

Jan. 1. Aged 74, Edmund Wick Viner, BEDS.-Dec. 22. At Ampthill, aged 92, esq. of Wick-street House, Painswick. Margaret, widow of Rev. Robert Hagar, At the house of her daughter Mrs. MereVicar of Haynes, Beds, and dau. of late dith, Bristol, aged 97, Mary, widow of Mr. Granado Pigott, esq. of Pigotts Abingdon, Richard Callen, and aunt to Charles Pyer co. Cambridge.

Callen, esq. of Great Merickston, Pemb. Berks.—Jan. 7. Aged 53, John Sher- Jan. 3. At Clifton, Miss Guest, dau. of wood, esq. of Reading.

late Thos. Guest, esq. of Dowlais IronJan. 11. At Reading, aged 73, Lt.-Col. works. Balcomb, late of 1st dragoon guards.

Jan. 4. At Clifton, aged 90, Lt.-Gen. Bucks.--Jan. 6. At Great Marlow, Richard Bright, late of the Royal Marines, Francis, youngest son of W. Hickman, esq. and many years Commandant of the PlyJan. 12.

At Fingest, aged 83, Mrs. Ca- mouth Division. He was appointed Capt. therine Lowndes, sister of the late Wm. 1775, Lt. Col. 1794, Col. 1798, Major-Gen. Lowades Stone, esq. of Brightwell.

1805, and Lt.-Gen. 1811. CAMBRIDGE.- Dec. 9. At Chesterton, Jan. 12. At Blakeney, Mary Ann, wife near Cambridge, advanced in age, Miss Eli- of James Jones, esq. of Camberwell. zabeth Benson, one of the ladies of the Hants. — Dec. 26. At Ryde, Isle of Manor.

Wight, Mary, relict of Henry Singleton, Jan. 7. At Swaff ham Priors, Anna Ma

esq. ria, infant dau. of Rev. Dr. Jermyn.

Dec. 28. At Lymington, aged 76, HanJan. 12. Aged 21, John James Ibbot- nah, relict of Samuel Harrison, esq. late son, esq. student of St. Peter's College, banker, of Southampton, where her remains Cambridge.

were interred in the catacombs of All Saints' CUMBERLAND.—Dec. 31. At Whiteha- church. ven, J. Bree, esq. brother of Martin Stapyl- Lately. At Southampton, in the residence ton, esq. of Myton, Yorkshire.

of her son-in-law Joseph Chamberlayce WilDEVONSHIRE.- Aged 38, John Clark kinson Acherley, esq. the relict of Rev. Guy Langmead, of Derriford, esq. Justice of the Fairfax, rector of Newton Kyme, York, and Peace for the County, and Captain in North of Babworth, Notts. Devon Militia.

At Cowes, Charlotte, wife of Rev. J. B. At Paignton, Lieut. Yard Eastley, R.N. Atkinson, and dau. of S. Dowell, esq. Bath. dell, esq.


[Jan. At Portsmouth, aged 96, Mr. Mackay, a Leathes, and dau. of late Lieut.-Gen. Heveteran soldier, who served in the Gerinan thersett. war of George II. as a drummer. A nume- At Bracondale, aged 73, the widow of rous family of descendants surrounded his

Wm. Carter, esq. death-bed; and his intellects were perfect Lately. At Lynn, in the house of her to the last. He was one of six brothers uncle, s'hos. Allen, esq. aged 16, Harriett, who went into the army, and one of whom dau. of F. Hogge, esq. became Governor of Tilbury Fort.

Jan. 5. At Hillborough-hall, aged 53, Jan. 1. At Andover, aged 72, Capt. and Ralph Caldwell, esq. Adjutant Donald Fraser, 78th reg.

Jan. 7. At Norwich, aged 34, Mr. Jos. Jan. 5. At Warnford rectory, Jane, re- Standard, artist. lict of Thomas Lewis Owen Davies, esq. late Jan. 12. Aged 8, Henry-Aug. son of of Alresford.

Rev. Wm. Chester, Rector of Denton, Jan. 8. At Yately, aged 63, Henry Ran- NORTHAMPTONSHIRE.- Dec. 20. Aged 66,

Kirby Freer, esq. of St. Martin's Stamford, Jan. 13. At Bishop Stoke, aged 62, formerly an eminent glass merchant at ManFrances, wife of E. G. Bourdillon, esq. chester.

HERTS.--Jan. 20. At Sarratt Hall, aged Jan. 8. At Deane, advanced in age, the 36, Ralph Day, esq.

widow of Rev. T. Reid, Rector of Corby, Kent.-- Dec. 4. Augusta, third dau. of and of Stanton, Leic. John Jones, esq. of East Wickham ; and Lately. At Peterborough, aged 78, EleaDec. 25, Harriett, fifth dau. of late Rich. nor, widow of Mary Levitt Ibbetson, and Staynor Jones, esq. of the same place. only child and heiress of John Lander, esq.

Dec. 6. At Ramsgate, aged 61, Thomas the eminent mathematician, of whom meFawssett, esq. Major in the Cambridge Mi- moirs will be found in our vol. Lx. 191, litia, only son of Thos. F., esq. of Wisbech, Lxxxv. i. 19. solicitor.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE.--Dec. 28. At OsJan. 9. At, Bromley, berton, Harriet, wife of Geo. Saville Folaged 75, Miss Boyd, late of Edinburgh. jambe, esq. She was the 3d dau. of Sir

Lately. At Ramsgate, Hester, relict of Wm. Milner, Bart. of Nun-Appleton, in the Daniel Robinson, esq. solicitor Gray’s-ivn. county of York, by his second wife Harriet,

LANCASHIRE. Dec. 31. James Har- dau. of Lord Edward Bentinck, and was greaves, esq. of Bank-hall, Burnley.

married Dec. 9, 1828. Her remains were Jan. 3. Mr. Thomas Ashton, son of a interred at Sturton, near East Retford. great master cotton-spinner at Hyde, near Jan. 1. At Nottingham, aged 60, Mr. Manchester, was assassinated, on his way James Robertson, late one of the managers from the factory to his father's house. He of the Nottingham, Derby, and Stamford was found lying on the road about eight Theatres. o'clock, his body being perforated by two MONMOUTH.-Aged 69, Mr. Chas. Heath, bullets. It is supposed that he was mis- printer, Monmouth, where he twice served taken for an elder brother; but the causes the office of Mayor. He was the author of which have led to this horrible atrocity are a “ Descriptive Account of Piercefield and at present veiled in obscurity.

Chepstow," 1793 ; a “ History of MonLINCOLN.-Jan. 4. At Blyborough, aged mouth," 1804 ; and “ Accounts of Tin70, Louisa, widow of Peter John Luard, esq. tern Abbey, and Ragland Castle,” 1806. formerly of Northampton,

Oxon.-Jan. 7. Mary, 2d dau. of Jos. Middlesex.-Dec. 26. A: Tottenham, Parker, esq. St. Giles's, Oxford. aged 59, Thomas Carpenter, esq. an eminent SALOP.Lately. At Ellesmere, aged 81, naturalist and cultivator of Science. His Bulkeley Hatchett, esq: researches and discoveries in the economy At Oswestry, advanced in age, Mary, and iustinctive operations of insects and mi- widow of late Rev. E. Hamar, Rector of Hircroscopic animalculæ were original, exten- nant, Montg. mother of 21 children. sive, and curious ; many of the latter were Jan. 14. At Market Drayton, aged 58, J. but the ten millionth part of an inch, yet all in life or animated motion. Heimproved Somerset.--Jan. 6. At Bath, aged 38, the method of illuminating the minutest Philip Bize Entwisle, esq. of Liswonngopaque objects by candle-light, under the house, Glamorgan, 6th son of late John compound microscope ; and published many Entwisle, esq. of Foxholes, Lanc. of his observations and discoveries in the Jan. 4. At Bath, aged 40, Mrs. Nisbitt, latter volumes of Gill's Techniological and wife of Col. Nisbitt. Microscopical Monthly Repository.

STAFFORD.Jan. 8. At Swinnerton-hall, Jan. 2.

At Shepperton, aged 84, James aged 59, Mary, dau. of the Hon. James DorLiving, esq.

mer, younger son of John 7th Lord Dormer. Jan. 10. At Hillingdon, aged 70, Charles SUFFOLK.-Jan. 3. At the Boys' HosMontague, esq. formerly of Camberwell. pital, Ampton, aged 41, Maria, wife of Mr.

NORFOLK.- Dec. 8. At Shropham Hall, Augustine Page, the Master, and eldest dau. in her 50th year, Sarah, wife of Rev. S. R. of the late Mr. Lionel Gowing, of Ipswich,

Wilson, esq.

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1831.] OBITUARY.

93 by Anne, his first wife. In the first institu. of Thomas Tuckey, esq. of Winterbourne tion of the National Society in Suffolk, in Bassett. 1812, sise was elected Mistress of the Central Jan. 6. At the Manor House, Fovant, School for girls iu Ipswich, which she con- aged 62, Samuel Bracher, esq. tinued to conduct, on the removal of Mr. P. Jan. 13. At Marlborough, John Halto his present situatior, until 1821. In both combe, esq. the eminent coach proprietor. capacities she was always regarded with filial Jan. 15. At Salisbury, aged 72, Thomas affection by the children, respected and Rendall, esq. late of Milston. esteemed by their parents, and uniformly ob- WORCESTER.—Lately. At Pull Court, tained the confidence and approbation of her Mary-Theodosia, eldest surviving dau. of superiors.

late Right Hon. Wm. Dowdeswell. SURREY.—Jan. 6. At Richmond, aged YORK.-Dec. 12. At Laughton-en-le28, Amelia, wife of James Quilter, esq. Morthen, aged 83, John Auton, esq.

Jan. 12. At Hartley, near Croydon, aged Dec. 22. Aged 28, Thomas, 3d son of 62, Simeon Smith, esq. of the Royal Ex- late Thos. Fothergill, esq. of Aiskew House, change.

near Bedale. Jan. 14. Capt. Bridges, of Chessington, Dec. 28. At Hull, aged 42, Mr. William near Kingston. "He joined the hunt at Rid- Wright, bookseller and stationer. He was dlesdown, up a sudden pulled up his horse, a skilful mathematician, and contributed at and expired on his arrival at a public-house different periods of his life to varions manear at hand. He was a well-known sports • thematical periodicals. man in Surrey, and was exceedingly eccen- Dec. 29. At Halifax, very suddenly, in tric in his dress, generally wearing a great his 105th year, John Logan, commonly profusion of coloured silk handkerchiefs about called “Old Logan.” He was born in his neck, and a hat with an enormous broad Montrose, Sept. 16, 1726. Fifty years of his brim to it, turned up at the sides. He was life were spent in the service of his country, the individual who performed a feat many in England, Ireland, and the West Indies ; years ago of riding full gallop down the for 19 years he belonged to the 20th CameDevil's Dyke, near Brighton, for a bet of ronian regiment, for 23 to the 32d regiment 500l. and won it.

of foot, for three to the 83d regiment, and Jan. 15. John Bristow, esq. of Bedding- five to the Bredalbane Fencibles. ton. When following Mr. Jolliffe's hounds, Dec. 30. At. Norman, near Tadcaster, he was observed to drop forward, and ulti- aged 57, Ann, wife of John Robson, esq. mately out of the saddle, on the ground. He SCOTLAND. - Oct. 30. At Greenock, was found to be quite dead ; his death is Lieut. Reid, 57th foot. attributed to apoplexy.

Nov. 14. At Helensburgh, near Greenock, SUSSEX.-Jan. 1. At St. Leonard's, Dear after a severe illness, Mr. Henry Bell, the Hastings, by a fall from his horse, in re- practical introducer of Steam Navigation into turning from hunting, aged 17, George. Europe. It was on the 2nd of August 1812 James, only son of Thos. Wood, esq. of the that he launched the first steam-vessel, Regent's Park, and grandson of James Bur- called the Comet, on the Clyde. The aumton, esq. of St. Leonard's.

ber of steam-vessels now plying on that river Jan. 5. At Brighton, aged 86, Mr. Pen- amounts to more than sixty. Mr. Bell was fold, one of the oldest inhabitants, and father latterly reduced to dependance upon charity. of Mr. Penfold, solicitor.

Nov, 20. At Moncrieffe House, PerthJan. 6. At Goodwood, aged 8, Ladyshire, aged 41, Sir David Moncrieffe, the Sarah Lennox, 2d dau. of the Duke of Rich- sixth Baronet of that place; nephew to the mond and Lennox, K.G.

Earl of Dalhousie, G.C.B., and brother-inJan. 11. At Little Hampton, Charlotte, law to the Earl of Bradford. He was the wife of Capt. Edw. Burt, R. N.

son and beir of Sir Thomas Moncrieffe, the Warwick. Lately. At Leamington, fifth Baronet, by Lady Elizabeth Ramsay, aged 42, Wm. Syme, esq. Comptroller-gen. second daughter of George eighth Earl of of the Customs, Dublin.

Dalkousie. He succeeded his father March Oct. 27. At Leamington, Lieut. Rogers, 26, 1818; and married Jan. 12, 1819, He90th foot.

len, second daughter of Æneas Mackay, esq. Dec. 21. At Walton, the seat of her by whom he bad issue, 1. Helen; 2. Sir grandson Sir John Mordaunt, Bart. aged 75, Thomas Moncrieffe, born in 1822, who hns Anne, widow of William Holbech, esq. of succeeded to the title ; and 3. Wm.-Æneas. Farnborough, and sister to the Very Rev. Dec. 18. At Huntley, Captain John Dr. Woodhouse, Dean of Lichfield.

Gordon, late of 95th regiment. Jan. 17. At Foxcote, Francis Canning, At Huntley-bush, near Melrose, Isabella, esq. the head of the family from which eldest daughter of the late celebrated Dr. sprung Lord Garvagh and the late Mr. Can- Adam Ferguson. ning. He was a wbig in politics, and a warm Dec. 24. At the Bridge of Earo, Perth, friend of Dr. Parr.

Ann, widow of Thomas Hunter, esq. of Wilts.-Dec, 29. Aged 72, Jane, widow Limerick.

Dec. 26. At Caledon, Robert Crothers,


[Jan. aged 103, having preserved his faculties un- At Dublin, Thos. Eves Green, esq. soliimpaired to the last. He married twice, the citor, for thirty years joint Law Agent to last time at 85, and had eight children by the Corporation. the last wife.

Advanced in age, Edw. H:II, M.D. ReDec. 28. At Edinburgh, Jane, widow of gius Professor of Physic at Trinity college, Sir George Dunbar, Bart. of Mochrum ; Dublin. and mother of sir William Rowe Dunbar, At Cork, in his 70th year, Francis Walsh, thie present and 6th Bart. She was a dau. M. D. the oldest practising Physician in and coheir of Wm. Rowe, esq. of Liverpool, that city. He was Surgeon in Adm. Rodwas married in 1775, and was left a widow, ney's ship, during the battle with Count de with a numerous family, in 1811.

Grasse, April 12, 1782. Lately. At Glasgow, aged 63, John At his son the Rev. Dr. Forster's, LimeReid, M.D. well known in the literary world rick, aged 82, C. Forster, esq. late of Dublin. for his philosophical pursuits, having taught John T. Ardien, esq. Member and Proat various times, students in no less than fessor of Medical Jurisprudence to the twenty-six languages.

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. At Edinburgh, John-Walter, youngest At Bloomfield, near Dublin, aged 84, son of Geo. Wade, esq. of Dunmow, Essex. the widow of John Ruxton, esq. of Black

IRELAND.---Lately. "At the house of her castle, co. Meath, and sister to late Lovell brother-in-law, Henry Crosby, esq. Cloghan, Edgeworth, esq. Grace-Emma, eldest dau. of Wm. Currie, At Castlelyons, co. Cork, T. Barry, M.D. esq. of Itton Court, Monm.

At Dublin, Bridget, wife of Allen CaIn Dublin, Maria, wife of Thomas Fitz- meron, esq. late Major 20th light dragoons, gerald, esq. barrister, and dau. of late Rt. widow of Lieut.-Col. Geo. Urquhart, 65th Hon. Thos. Loftus, of Killyon, co. Meatb.


and dau. of Beauchamp Colclough, of In Dublin, the widow of John Preston, Bohermore, co. Carlow, esq. esq. of Ballinter, co Meath, (who died in At Rossborough, Lady Emily Leeson, in1781) and mother of the late Lord Tara. fapt dau. of the Earl of Miltown.

In Dublin, Mary, dau. of the late Darby At Newcastle, co. Longford, aged 18, O'Grady, esq. of Mount Prospect, co. Li- the Hon. Louisa King, youngest dau. of merick, and sister to the Lord Chief Baron Visc. Lorton. (now Lord Rockbarton).

Jan. 9. Drowned in the Shannon, the At Clontarf, aged 84, the Hon. Anne. Hon. Mrs. Wm. Massey. She bad emPhilippa Smyth, aunt to Lord Visc. Strang- barked in a boat with her servant and two ford. She was the younger dau. of Philip boatmen for the purpose of dining with her the 6th Viscount, by Mary, dau. of Ant. relative Sir Hugh Dillon Mas Bart. The Jephson, esq. Her sister, the Hon. Mary- curreut, unfortunately, caught the boat a Anne Smyth, died when upwards of eighty little above the falls of Doonas, and, owing in 1823,

to the darkness of the evening, and a thick At his seat, Brandum, co. Monaghan, fog, it was hurried over the fall, and all Major Skeffington Hamilton.


BILL OF MORTALITY, from Dec. 22, 1830, to Jan. 25, 1831.


2 and 5 224 50 and 60 178 Males 1038


5 and 10 70 60 and 70 187 2038

1880 Females 1000 Females - 930

10 and 20 45 70 and 80 182 Whereof have died under two years old 572

20 and 30 129 80 and 90 60

30 and 40 138 90 and 100 5 Salt 5s. per bushel; 11d. per pound.

40 and 50 140



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Wheat. Barley

Oats. Rye. Beans. Peas.
d. S. d.

d. S. d.
80 0 48 0 30 0 85 0 45 0 49 0

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW, Jan. 24. Smithfield, Hay 21. 10s. to 4l. Os. Straw il. 14s. to 11. 16s. Clover 31. 158. to 5l. Os.

SMITHFIELD, Jan. 24. To sink the Offal—per stone of 8lbs. Beef .................. 38. ed. to 45. 8d. | Lamb...

Os. Od. to Os. Od. Mutton....

...... 3s.

Cd. to 4s. 10d. Head of Cattle at Market . Jan. 24 : Veal 63. Od. to 6s. 4d.

2,898 Calves 110 Pork........... S..................... 4s. 2d. to 5s. 2d. Sheep and Lambs 18,620 Pigs 160

COAL MARKET, Jan. 24, 285, od. to 36s. 9d.

Beasts ............


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4 p.ct.

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5 p.ct.


[.95 ] PRICES OF SHARES, January 17, 1931, At the Office of WOLFE, BROTHERS, Stock & Share Brokers, 23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

CANALS. Price. Div.p.ann. RAILWAYS. Price. Ashby-de-la-Zouch £.800 £. 4 0

Forest of Dean 45 0 € 2 10 Ashton and Oldham 100 0 5 0 Manchester & Liverp. Barnsley

205 0 12 0 Stuckton&Darlington 205 0 5 0 Birmingh. (1-8th sh.) 270 0 12 10 WATER-WORKS. Breckoock & Abergav. 105

East London

120 0 5 0 Chelmer & Blackwater 105

5 0 Grand Junction


2 10 Coventry

47 0 Kent


2 0 Cromford

0 17 0 Manchester & Salford 434 Croydon

2 0

South London Derby 120 0 6 0 West Middlesex

72 0 3 0 Dudley .

60 0 2 15 INSURANCES. Ellesmere and Chester 73 0 3 15 Albion

75 0

10 Forth and Clyde 625 0 27 0



4 p.ct. Glamorganshire 290 0 13 12 8 Atlas


0 10 Grand Junction 2403 13 0 British Commercial


5 p.cto Grand Surrey

45 0 2 10
County Fire


2 10 Grand Union

1 0 Eagle

5 Grand Western

7 0

7 0 Grantham

215 0 10 0

243 1 0 Huddersfield

153 0 10
Hope Life

53 6s.6d. Kennet and Avon. 252

Imperial Fire


5 Lancaster


1 0
Ditto Life

0 8 Leeds and Liverpool 400 0 20 0 Protector Fire.

1 7 15.6d. Leicester 220 0 17 0 Provident Life

19$ 100 Leic. and North'n

Rock Life.


0 3 Loughborough

175 RI. Exchange (Stock) 190 0 Mersey and Irwell


Monmouthshire 239

0 12 0
Anglo Mexican

291 N.Walsham & Dilham 10 0


170 0 Neath

330 0 18 0 Brazilian (iss. at 5 pm) 613 3 10 Oxford 30 0 British Iron

7 0 Peak Forest 75 0 3 0 Colomb. (iss. at 5 pm)

37 dis. Regent's

181 0 12 6

5 Rochdale


4 0

Irish Mining Comp. Severn and Wye 195


Real Del Monte Shrewsbury


11 0
United Mexican

Staff. and Wor.
710 0 38 0

GAS LIGHTS. Stourbridge


12 0
Westminster Charta.


3 0 Stratford-on-Avon

Ditto, New

10% 0 12 Stroudwater

490 0


191 0 10 0 Swansea

15 0
Ditto, New

1 20 0

0 Thames & Severn, Red 29 0 1 10

Ditto, Black

20 0 16 6

14 dis. Trent & Mersey (4 sh.) 600 0 37 10


31 0

84 p.ct. Warw. and Birming.

280 0


100 0 5 0 Warwick and Napton 215 0


4 0 Wilts and Berks

5 0 0 4

Worc. and Birming.

88 0 3 0

36 0

Isle of Thanet.

2 dis.

p.ct. St. Katharine's

824 3 p. ct.

18 0
London (Stock)
3 do. Liverpool


10 0 West India (Stock)

8 o do. I Maidstone East India (Stock) 70 0 4 o do. Ratcliff

40 0 Commercial (Stock) 4 o do. Rochdale

1 5 Bristol 130 0 4 15 10 Sheffield

1 12 6 BRIDGES.



5 p.ct. Hammersmith


1 10 MISCELLANEOUS Southwark .

Australian (Agricult')

12 dis.
Do. New 73 per cent.
30 0 1 15 Auction Mart .

18 0 Vauxhall

19 0

Annuity, British

16 0 Waterloo

Bank, Irish Provincial 25

4 p.ct. Ann. of 81.

0 18 8 Carnat. Stock, 1st class 91

4 0
Aop. of 71.
0 16 4 Ditto, 2d class


3 »

8 10

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