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Resolved, That the joint rules of the house of represen- Rules and tatives and senate of the last General Assembly, together with the joint rules recommended by the joint select committee on the engrossment of public acts, be adopted as the joint rules of this present General Assembly.

REPORT of joint select committee appointed to consider the

subject of the engrossment of public acts.

ment of public acts.

Your committee recommend that rule 13, of the senate, Engross and rule 16, of the house, be repealed.

The committee further recommend that the following additional joint rules be adopted by the house and senate, to be inserted between what are now the third and fourth numbers of our joint rules.

1. No bill of a public nature shall be introduced in either house without one day's previous rotice, and leave granted by the house in which such bill is introduced, after such notice; and no bill of a public nature shall be passed or concurred in, without three readings; nor shall such a bill be read a second time, unless first passed by a vote of the house in which such bill is introduced, to a second reading ; nor be read a second time on the same day, without special order of the house.

2. All bills and resolves of a public nature, that have
been passed to a third reading, shall then be communica-
ted to the other house; and whenever either house shall

concur in the passage of said bill or resolve to a third
reading, the same shall then pass to be engrossed. The

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said bills and resolves shall then be delivered to the secre-
tary of state, who shall cause it to be fairly engrossed, on
at least one sheet of paper, in a plain and legible hand
writing, without interlineation or erasure, with a margin
of not less than one inch on each side ; and the same shall
then be delivered to the committee on engrossed bills.

3. There shall be a joint committee of both houses on
engrossed bills, to consist of five members of the house of
representatives and three senators, whose duty it shall be
to receive all engrossed bills and resolves from the secre-
tary of state, and to examine and compare the same with
the original acts and resolves, and to ascertain that the
same be rightly and truly engrossed, and to place their
endorsement thereon : and the same shall then be passed to
be enacted without any farther reading, unless on motion of
any member, a majority shall be in favor of reading the
same as engrossed.

4. No engrossed bill or resolve, shall be amended.

5. All bills and resolves, on their final passage, shall be
signed by the secretary of state.
All of which, is respectfully submitted.


For the Committee.

REPORT of the select committee on the rules of the senate.

Rules of the senate.

The committee to whom was referred the rules of the senate,” for the last year, recommend the following amendments :

In rule 18th, strike out the words “all committees shall be appointed by the senate, unless otherwise ordered," and insert_“ all committees shall be appointed by the president.”

To rule 24th, add the words—“a committee on elections."


For the Committee.

Res. 2.

RESOLUTION for the adoption of the rules of the senate.

Rules of the sepate.

Resolved, That the rules of the senate for the last year, as amended, be, and the same are hereby adopted, for the government of the senate for the current year.

RESOLUTION relative to the amendments of the city charter Res. 3.

of Providence.

ments to city

Resolved, That Messrs. Jenckes, Kimball, and Potter, of Amendo the senate, and Messrs. Bradley, Dexter Clark, Sheffield, charter, ProKing, and Manchester of Portsmouth, of the house of representatives, be a committee of the General Assembly for the purpose of receiving from the secretary of state the ballots cast by the electors of the city of Providence, upon the propositions for the amendment of the charter of said city, and to count the same, and to report the result to the senate and to the house of representatives.

Resolved, That said committee also report an act embodying such of said propositions as may have received a majority of the ballots cast by said electors; and also report what action they would recommend upon the several acts, petitions and remonstrances upon the subject of said propositions now pending before the General Assembly.

Resolved, That all said acts, petitions and remonstrances be referred to said committee.

RESOLUTION for the distribution of the colonial records.

Res. 4.


Resolved, That the third volume of the colonial records Colonial be distributed by the secretary of state to the states and territories; to the public institutions, towns, etc. as the previous volumes were distributed; and a copy to each of the members of the present General Assembly.

Resolved, That a copy of the second volume of the colonial records be distributed to such of the present members of the General Assembly as did not before receive it.

Resobed, That one hundred dollars be paid to John R. Bartlett by the general treasurer, towards refunding him for certain books used as materials, and purchased by him for illustrating and completing the colonial records.

RESOLUTION in relation to the half pay of officers of the Res. 5.


Whereas, the resolves of October 21, 1780, and other Half pay of acts of Congress, promising half pay to the officers of the the revolucontinental army, who should serve to the end of the war,

passed in pursuance of the recommendation of General Washington, for the purpose of preventing the frequent resignations of officers, and the consequent dissolution of the army, formed a contract between the United States and the said officers, in their individual capacity; and whereas, Congress, on the 22d day of March, 1783, passed a commutation act, granting to said officers five years full pay, instead of half pay for life, which latter act was not submitted to the officers individually, for their acceptance, but to lines and states, thereby and in consequence of the depreciation of the certificates of commutation, avoiding, in a great measure, the grant previously made, and causing the officers who had so gallantly performed their part of the contract, in achieving the independence of their country, to realize but a pittance from such certificates :

And whereas, this General Assembly has learned with pleasure that efforts are being made in the present Congress for the just settlement of this debt, to the payment of which, the faith and honor of the government of the United States have been pledged ; therefore,

Resolved, That our senators and representatives in Congress be requested to advocate and vote for a bill to provide for the payment, for the half pay for life, which was proinised by the continental Congress to the officers of the revolutionary army, in the resolves of Congress, passed October 21, 1780, and subsequently, deducting the value of the commutation certificates issued in favor of such officers, and to cause the amount found due, to be paid to them, if living, and if dead, to their lineal descendants, and if none, to the next of kin, of such deceased officers; and also that suitable provision be made for the widows and children of those officers who were killed in battle, or died in service.

Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be transmitted by the secretary of state to each of the senators and representatives in Congress from this state.

Res. 6. RESOLUTION authorizing the sheriff of Washington county

to commit prisoners in his custody, to the jail in Kent county.

Resolved, That during the time required in erecting and co. to com- completing the addition and repairs of the jail in the couners to Kent ty of Washington the sheriff of said county be, and he

Sheriff of

mit prison


hereby is, authorized and empowered to commit prisoners in his custody to the jail in the county of Kent, and to commit such prisoners to the jail in said county of Washington when the addition or repairs thereto shall be completed; and said jail in the county of Kent may be used by all officers of the laws for all purposes for which the jail in the county of Washington can be now by law used for said period.

Presolred, That it be the duty of the sheriff and jailor of the county of Kent to receive the prisoners aforesaid, and to aid in carrying the foregoing resolution into effect.

Resolved, That no additional cost shall be taxed against any prisoner by the resolution aforesaid.

RESOLUTION appropriating $2000 for completing the addi- Res. 7.

tion to Washington county jail. Resolved, That in addition to the amount voted at the last Washington January session, to erect an addition to the jail in Wash- county juil. ington county, two thousand dollars ($2,000) be and the same is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury, not otherwise voted, to build a jail in said county, according to the plan and specifications of the special committee, who were appointed for said purpose. And the state auditor is hereby directed to draw his order in two installments, viz.: one half when the building is fairly commenced, the remainder, when the same is completed.

RESOLUTION for making repairs upon the court house in Res. 8

Kent county. Presolved, That a sum not exceeding eight hundred dol- court house. lars, be appropriated for the purpose of making repairs upon the court house, in the county of Kent; and that William E. Peck and Joseph Taylor be a committee to carry this resolution into effect, and to draw on the general treasurer for the amount above appropriated, upon the order of the state auditor.

RESOLUTION for making repairs upon the court house, in Res. 9.

Bristol county. Resolved, That a sum not exceeding four hundred dol- Berite mom lars, be appropriated for the purpose of making repairs

Bristol co. court house.

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