The Correspondence of Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, and William Mason, Now First Published from the Original Mss, Volumen2

R. Bentley, 1851

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Página 194 - Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.
Página 174 - And this is law, I will maintain Unto my dying day, Sir, That whatsoever King shall reign, I will be Vicar of Bray, Sir!
Página 141 - You will be diverted to hear that Mr. Gibbon has quarrelled with me. He lent me his second volume in the middle of November. I returned it with a most civil panegyric. He came for more incense, I gave it, but alas ! with too much sincerity; I added, "Mr. Gibbon, I am sorry you should have pitched on so disgusting a subject as the Constantinopolitan History. There is so much of the Arians and Eunomians, and semi-Pelagians ; and there is such a strange contrast between Roman and Gothic manners, and...
Página 251 - Ill deeds are seldom slow; Nor single : following crimes on former wai.t : The worst of creatures fastest propagate. Many more murders must this one ensue, As if in death were propagation too.
Página 7 - Je ne suis fait comme aucun de ceux que j'ai vus; j'ose croire n'être fait comme aucun de ceux qui existent.
Página 7 - Que la trompette du jugement dernier sonne quand elle voudra, je viendrai, ce livre à la main, me présenter devant le souverain juge. Je dirai hautement : Voilà ce que j'ai fait, ce que j'ai pensé, ce que je fus.
Página 405 - A Criticism on the Elegy in a Country Church-yard, being a continuation of Dr. Johnson's criticism on the Poem of Gray.' This was written by Dr. Young, Professor of Greek at Glasgow. In a letter of Dr. Johnson to M.
Página 185 - Boswell, that quintessence of busybodies, called on me last week, and was let in, which he should not have been could I have foreseen it. After tapping many topics, to which I made as dry answers as an unbribed oracle, he vented his errand...
Página 172 - Of his intellectual character, the constituent and fundamental principle was Good Sense, a prompt and intuitive perception of consonance and propriety. He saw immediately, of his own conceptions, what was to be chosen, and what to be rejected ; and, in the works of others, what was to be shunned, and what was to be copied. But good sense alone is a sedate and quiescent quality, which manages its possessions well, but does not increase them; it collects...
Página 296 - Epic poetry is the art of being as long as possible in telling an uninteresting story; and an epic poem is a mixture of history without truth, and of romance without imagination.

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