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Hakewill's and Turner's Views in Italy.
LONGMAN'S General Catalogue of Old No 9. royal 4to. 128. 6d.
Books, for 1820. Part. II. 2s.

An Inquiry into the Early History of Catalogue of Foreign Music for 1819, Engraving upon Copper and Wood, with sold by Boosey and Co. 28, Holles Street. numerous fac-similes ; by W. Y. Ottley, 2s.

F.S.A. 4to. 2 vols. £8, 88. A Catalogue of Books, Ancient and Mo- Notices Illustrative of the Drawings and dern, now selling at the prices affixed to each Sketches of some of the most distinguished article, by John and George Todd, York. 2s. masters in all the principal schools of deBIOGRAPHY.

sign; by the late Henry Revely, Esq. 8vo. 12s. The Life of John Sebastian Bach, with a

GEOGRAPHY. Critical View of his Compositions and Mu- A new and comprehensive system of sical Examples ; Translated from the Ger. Modern Geography, Mathematical, Physiman of the celebrated Dr Forkel, Author cal, Political, and Commercial, with coof the History of Music. As a specimen of loured maps and plates ; by Thomas interesting Biography, the Life of the Im- Myers, A.M. of the Royal Military Acamortal Bach, written by so celebrated a cha- demy, Woolwich, 4to. Part I. 7s. racter as the late Dr Forkel, may fairly be

HISTORY. ranked with the lives of Haydn and Mozart, An Historical Sketch of the Campaign but as a book of Musical Instruction (both of 1815. Illustrated by Plans of the Opeto the Composer and Performer) its value is rations, and of the Battles of Quatre Bras, much greater, as Bach is universally allowed Ligny, and Waterloo. By Captain Batty, to have been the first writer in the strict of the First or Grenadier Guards; Member and most learned style of Musical Compo. of the Imperial Russian Order of St Anne. sition.

Second edition, considerably enlarged.
Holt's Life of George III. 8vo. Part Memoirs of the Court of Westphalia un.
VI. 3s.

der Jerome Bonaparte, 8vo. 9s.
The Life of Rev. John Wesley, and the The History of the Anglo-Saxons; by
Rise and Progress of Methodism; by Rob. Sharon Turner, 8vo. 3 vols. £2, 8s.
Southey, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. £1, 10s. Letters on History. Part II. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

The Life of Fenelon; by Charles Buller, A History of the West Indies ; by the
Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

late Rev. Tho. Coke, LL.D. 3 vols. with

maps and plates. £1, 4s. A Key to the Chronology of the Hindus ;

being an attempt to facilitate the progress of State Trials ; by J. Howell, vol. XXVII.
Christianity in Hinduston. 8vo. 2 vols. 18s royal 8vo. £1:11:6.

Impey's Forms, 8vo. 7. 6d.
Gonzalo, the Traitor, a Tragedy ; by Vesey's Reports in Chancery, royal 8vo.
Thomas Roscoe. 2s. 6d.

vol. XIX. part 3. 75. 6d.
Too Late for Dinner, a Farce ; by R. Reports of Cases of Controverted Elec-
Jones. 2s. 6d.

tions, in the sixth Parliament of the United El Teatro Espanol, No 16. 46. Kingdom ; by Uvedale Corbett, and E. R.

Daniell, Esqs. barristers at law, 8vo. 9s. A Greek and English Lexicon ; by M. Reports of Cases in the House of Lords, Bass. 18mo. 4s.

upon Appeals of Writs of Error, in 1819; A Greek Selection ; by W. Hodge. 8vo. by Richard Bleigh, Esq. vol, I. part 1. 8s. 10s. 6d. Elements of Latin Prosody ; by J. R.

The Mother's Medical Guardian on the Bryce. 12mo. ls.

Diseases of Children ; by C. F. VandeEight Familiar Lectures on Astronomy, burgh, M.D. 8vo. 6s. for the use of young persons, with plates; A Treatise on Uterine Hæmorrhage; by by William Phillips, M. G. S. 6s. 6d. Duncan Stewart, Physician-Accoucheur to

The Nature and Genius of the German the Westminster Dispensary, 8vo. 6s. Language Displayed; by D. Boileau, in Medical Notes on Climate, Diseases, one thick vol. 12s.

Hospitals, and Medical Schools in France, FINE ARTS.

Italy, and Switzerland ; by James Clark,
The Original and Genuine Works of Wm. M.D. resident physician at Rome. 8vo.
Hogarth, from the Plates lately in the pos- The Pharmaco gia ; by T. Paris, 8vo.
session of Messrs Boydell, with explana- 10s.
tions; by John Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. No The London Medical Repository, No 75.
1. £1, 1s.

T'he Granger Portraits, No 5.

A Series of Portraits of the most eminent
Rodd's Catalogue of British Portraits, Foreign Composers, containing a finely en-
from Egbert the Great to the Death of graved Portrait of Beethoven, No 1. A
George III. ls. 6d.

Number of this work will be published re


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Miscellaneous Appointments.

Resident Commissioners of the Vietualling at Plymouth and Portsmouth, respectively-Captain Richard

Creyke, R.N., and Captain Henry Garrett, R.N.
Clerk of the Survey, Deptford-yard—Daniel B. Dawes.

Surgeon of Chatham-yard-David Rowlands, M.D.



wath, to Emilia Olivia Ross, daughter of the late

General Sir Charles Ross, Bart. of Balnagowan. Jan. 2. At Quebec, the lady of James Kerr, Esq.

29. At Edinburgh, Lieut. D. Macfarlan, late of Judge of the Court of King's Bench, a son.

the rifle brigade, to Jane, eldest daughter of Johu 16. At Gibraltar, the lady of Major Thos. Fyers, Drummond, Esq. royal engineers, a son.

March 1. At Aberdeen, the Rev. Alex. Cushnie, Feb. 20. At Loanhead, the lady of the late R.

Strachan, to Ann, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Riccalton, Esq. surgeon, R. N. a daughter.

Alexander Robertson, minister of Coull. 26. Mrs N. W. Robertson, a daughter.

- Lieut-Colonel Colquhoun Grant, Forres, to - Mrs Grey, Minto-street, a son.

Margaret, second daughter of James Brodie, Esq. 28. At Galashiels, Mrs Dickson, a son.

2. At Edinburgh, Major Balmain, of the Hon. - At Reading, Berks, the lady of Lieutenant

East India Company's service, to Jane, third daughColonel Wemyss, a son and heir.

ter of the late Forest Dewar, Esq. - At Deal, the lady of Captain M'Culloch, of 5. At her brother's house, of Straloch, Aberdeenhis Majesty's ship Severn, a son.

shire, Mrs William Brebner, to H. George Leslic, 29. The lady of Alexander Grant, Esq. Adam- Esq. of Denlugas. street, Adelphi, a son.

6. At Liverpool, Alexander Hunter, Esq. to Ca. March 1. At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexander tharine, second daughter of William Carson, Esq. Norman M‘Leod, Esq. of Harris, a daughter. merchant.

- At Teviot-bank, the Honourable Mrs Elliot, At Edinburgh, by the Rev. John Campbell, a daughter.

Selkirk, James Cross, Esq. St John's, Newfound2. At Parkhouse, Mrs Gordon, a son.

land, to Barbara, third daughter of Mr Laidlaw, 5. At Edinburgh, the lady of Major-General the Johnston's-place, Stockbridge. Hon. Alexander Duff, a daughter.

- At Glasgow, Mr Dundas Smith, surgeon in At Ladyland, Mrs Cochran, a daughter.

Salteoats, to Margaret Sarah, daughter of the late 8. The lady of Major Martin, Broughton-place, Robert Thomson, Esq. of Jamaica. Edinburgh, a daughter.

7. At Scotscraig-house, Captain Hugh Lyon 9. At Dundalk, Ireland, the lady of Major Wal Playfair, of the Honourable East India Company's lace, of the King's dragoon guards, a son.

service, to Jane, youngest daughter of Williain 10. At Paisley, the lady of Captain Tronson, 13th Dalgleish, Esq. of Scotscraig: regiment, a son.

8. At Edinburgh, Captain M'Queen, of the ii. At Shandwick-place, Edinburgh, the lady of Honourable East India Company's service, to Mary, Thomas M.Kenzie, a son.

eldest daughter of the deceased John Moir, Esq. of 12. Mrs Yule, Broughton-place, Edinburgh, a Hillfoot. son

11. At Beaconsfield-church, the Honourable 13. At Altyre, the lady of Sir William G. Gor.

Charles Augustus Fitzroy, eldest son of Lieutenantdon Cumming, of Altyre and Gordonstown, Bart. Gen. Lord Charles Fitzroy, to Lady Mary Lennox, a son. 14. At Ayr, Mrs Fullarton of Skeldon, a daugh

daughter of the late Duke of Richmond.

13. At Wells, Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Thavis ter.

Inn, London, to Eliza, second daughter of Robert 15. In Lower Grosvenor-street, London, the Rt. Brooks, Esq. of Coxley, Gloucestershire. Hon. Lady Catherine Whyte Melville, a daughter. - At Greenock, Mr Thomas Boyd, Dublin, to

16. In Edinburg: -castle, the lady of Lieut. John- Mary, eldest daughter of Mr John Pringle, Bottlestone, 26th regiment, a son.

work, Greenock. - At Perth, Mrs Latta, spouse of Dr Latta, phy- - At Leith, William Henry Roberts, Esq. Alsician there, a still-born son. 17. At Marienville, Mrs Dudgeon, a son.

bany, Surrey, to Anne, daughter of John Craw

ford, Esq. Leith. At Albany-street, North Leith, Mrs Thomas

11. At Taunton, Robert Grant, Esq. of the 4th Robertson, a son.

light dragoons, youngest son of Sir Arch. Grant, - At Mungall-cottage, Stirlingshire, the wife of Bart. of Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, to Charlotte, Lieutenant Charles Smith, R. N. a son.

youngest daughter of the late William Walter Yea, 18. In Great Portland-street, London, the lady.of Esq. of Pyrland-hall, in the county of Somerset. William Anderson, Esq. a son.

16. At Niddry, Mid-Lothian, Mr Robert Handy19. In Bedford-square, London, the lady of A. side, Fisherrow, to Marion, eldest daughter of the Spottiswoode, Esq. a daughter.

late Mr Robert Young. 20. At Pilrig-house, Mrs Balfour, a son.

17. W. G. M'Knight, Esq. of Green-castle, Ja- At Great King-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Craw

maica, to Eliza, youngest daughter of T. Manners, furd of Cartsburn, a son.

Esq. of the Crescent, Minories. 29. At Jamaica-street, Mrs Duncan Ballentine, At Newington, Mr William M'Candlish, to a daughter.

Felicite Leslie, daughter of John M Gregor, Esq.

18. Captain Robert Anderson, 91st reginent, to Charlotte Erskine, oldest daughter of the late J. P.

Wade, M. D), of the Honourable East India ComMARRIAGES.

pany's service:

20. At hirkeudbright, Benjamin Welsh, M. D. Feb. 28. At Bonnington-house, Lanarkshire, Sir Haddington, to Jane Blair, youngest daughter «t Charles Maculonald Locklart, of Lee and Carni the late Rev. Dr Mutter, Kirkcudbright.

mouth, and the Port and Borough of Sun- France, in the years 1817, 1818, 1819. derland. 8vo. 16s.


Journal of New Voyages and Travels. The Diary of an Invalid in Pursuit of Vol III. No I. 3s. 6d. Health ; being the Journal of a Tour in The Adventures of Thomas Eustace. Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, Berlin, and With Plates. 4s.


The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott, Large Towns; by Thomas Chalmers, D.D. Bart. 12 vols, foolscap 8vo. £3, 12s. The Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott are No III. Application of the Principle of now, for the first time, collected and pub- Locality in Towns to the work of a Chrislished in a uniform manner, and contain tian Minister. 8vo. Is. several pieces never before given to the Edinburgh Christian Instructor, NoCXVI. public.

for April 1920. Is. 6d. Miscellaneous Poems; by Sir Walter Songs of the Exile, by a Bengal Officer. Scott, Bart. 8vo. 14s. This volume 35. contains the Bridal of Trierman, Harold Sermon preached at Selkirk, after the the Dauntless, William and Helen, the lamented death of the Rev. George Lawson, Battle of Sempach, (which first appeared in D.D. Professor of Divinity to the Associate this Magazine), and all the smaller pieces Synod. ls. collected in the recent edition of the author's Sketch of the Philosophy of the Human poetical works. Being printed uniformly Mind. Part the first, comprehending the with the octavo edition of Sir Walter's Physiology of the Mind; by Thomas Brown, works, it will enable the purchasers to com- M.D. Professor of Moral Philosophy in plete their setts.

the University of Edinburgh. 8vo. 8s. A Voyage to India ; by the Rev. James Exposition of Elementary Principles, Cordiner, A.M. Author of " A Description specially concerned in the Preservation of Ceylon,” and Minister of St Paul's of Healthiness, and Production of DisChapel, Aberdeen. 8vo. 7s.

tempers amongst Mariners, Travellers, and Description of the Arteries of the Human Adventives, in tropical, variable, and unBody; by John Barclay, M.D. Lecturer on kindly climates, with miscellaneous illusAnatomy, Surgery, &c. Second Edition, trations of prophylactical administration ; corrected and enlarged. 12mo. 7s. by Andrew Simpson, Surgeon. 8vo. 18s.

Edinburgh Monthly Review, No XVII. Winter Evening Tales, collected among for May. 2s. 6d.

the Cottagers in the South of Scotland ; by Vindication of the Ministers of the James Hogg, author of “ the Queen's Church of Scotland who have prayed for Wake," &c. 2 vols 12mo. 145. the Queen by name, notwithstanding the A Sermon delivered in St Enoch's Church, Orders in Council on that subject. By a Glasgow, on Sunday, Feb. 20, 1820, on the Presbyterian. 8vo. 1s. 6d.

death of King George III; by the Rev. The Christian and Civic Economy of William Taylor, D.D. &c. &c. 8vo. Is. 6d.

New Foreign Works Imported by Treuttel and Würtz, Soho-Square, London.

POESIES de Marie de France, Poète Anglo- Madame de Grafigny, Vie privée de VolNormand du XIIle. Sícele ; publièes d’- taire et de Madame du Chatelet pendant un apres les MSS. de France et d'Angleterre, sejour de 6 mois à Cirey, suivie de 50 avec une notice sur la vie et les ouvrages de Lettres inédites de Voltaire, 8vo. 10s. Marie, &c. par B. de Roquefort. 2 vols L'Hermite en Province, par M. de Jouy, 8vo. fig. £1, 8s.

Vol. 3. avec fig. 12mo. Os. Martens, _Supplément au Recueil des L'Hermite de Londres, ou observations principaux Traités, &c. Tom. VIII. (Tom. sur les Moeurs et usages des Anglois 15 de la Collection.) 8vo. 18s.

(faisant suite aux Moeurs Francaises par de Correspondance inédite officielle et confi- Jouy) Vol. I. 12mo. fig. 6s. dentielle de Napoleon Bonaparte. q vols. Aug. Lafontaine, Le Chevalier Huldi. 8vo. £3, 10s.

naun de Beringer, ou la Caverne de la Borgnis, Traité des Machines que servent Montague des Revenans, trad. par la Conà confectionner les étoffes, 4to avec 44 tesse de Montholon, 3 Vols, 12mo. 12s. planches. £2, 5s.

Nodier, Lord Ruthven, ou les Vampires, Mémoires de M. de Coulanges suivis de 2 vols. 12mo. Ss. Lettres inédites de Madame de Sevigne, de Rougement, les Missionaires, ou la fason Fils, de l'abbé de Coulanges, de Jean mille Duplessis, 2 vols. 12mo. fig. 8s. Lafontaine, &c. &c. 8vo. avec fac-simile et Landen, Salon de 1819, Vol. I. avec 72 portraits. 16s.

fig. 8vo. £1, 4.s.

9. At Beverly, of typhus fever, Licut--General 13. At Dalkeith, George Dickson Wilson, youngCheney.

est son of Mr Alexander Wilson. 10. Át his house in Newman-street, Benjamin - At Paisley, Mrs Campbell, wife of Alexander West, Esq. President of the Royal Academy, at Campbell, Esq. sheriff-substitute of Paisley. the advanced age of 82 years. This distinguished - At Maxwelltown, Miss Ann Maxwell of Car. artist was born at Springfield, in Chester, county ruchan. of Pennsylvania, on the 10th of October 1738-his At London, Mary, the only and beloved parents were Quakers. At a very early age he dis- daughter of Allan Cunningham. played the germ of those great talents as an artist, 13. At Kirkcudbright, Sarah, wife of William which afterwards placed him in so elevated a sta- Mure, Esq. of Twynholm-mains. tion in life. Through the patronage of some Ame- - in Sloane street, London, General Walker, rican gentlemen, anong whom was, we believe, the royal artillery, late Mr Laurence, who became afterwards a distin- 16. At Edinburgh, Sarah Norcott, spouse of W. guished actor in the American Revolution, Mr Maule, Esq. West was sent, when he was about sixteen years of - In Queen-street, Edinburgh, Miss Grame Hepage, to Italy, where he cultivated his taste with an burne, youngest daughter of the late Col. Rickart enthusiasm that at one period was nearly fatal Hepburne of Rickarton. to his health, by an intense study of the great works - At Prince's-street, Edinburgh, Edmond Liof the old masters, which then filled the Roman, vingston, Esq. aged 89. Venetian, Florentine, and Bolognese schools. At - At his father's house, in Leith, Hugh Waters, Rome Mr West attracted particular attention, and aged 20. was patronised in that city by a number of English '17. At Davidstone, Miss Calder of Davidstone. gentlemen of rank. !t is nearly sixty years ago 18. At St John's-hill, Edinburgh, Isabella, youngsince Mr West first arrived in England :-he was an est daughter of Mr Edward Robertson, in the 10th early member of the Academy of Arts in St Mar- year of her age. tin's-lane, and one of the first members of the pre- - In Cleveland.row, St James's, London, Maj. sent Royal Academy. Mr West succeeded the late Gen. Hamilton, colonel of the royal waggon train. Mr Barry, as President of the Academy. His char- 19. At Edinburgh, at the early age of 18, Francis acteristic mildness to the students, his kind and Alexander Gatherer, third son of John Gatherer, considerate attention to all who approached him, Esq. surveyor of taxes for Banffshire. for that information which no man was more capa- 20. At Edinburgh, at the house of her nephew, ble of diffusing, will long endear his memory to our the Rev. Dr Meiklejohn, Mrs Margaret Cree, eldest rising artists. There never lived a more indus- surviving daughter of the late Hugh Cree, Esq. of trious artist than Mr West. He painted upwards Saline-shaw. of 3000 pictures, many of them of very large di- - At his house, Grassmarket, Edinburgh, Mr mensions. Our late venerable Sovereign honoured William Fife, upwards of 80 years of age. him with his patronage and friendship, and em. Lately-At his brother's house, in Leith, Mr W. ployed him at Windsor upon many works, which Armstrong, aged 32. will long perpetuate his fame. His historical pio - At Connatore, near Madras, whither he was tures are to be found in many of the principal col- journeying to embark for England, after one day's lections in Europe and America. Several of his illness of a cholera morbus, Major David Carstairs, best are in the royal collection at Buckingham- of the 8th regiment of native infantry. house; and the venerable artist retained in his own - Suddenly at Paris, Lady Courtenay Chiches gallery many of great value. His last great works, ter. She was the wife of Mr Blunt, an English dedicated to the diffusion of moral and religious gentleman of respectability. In consequence of sentiment, and in the application of his talents to her coach having been overturned, she took a such noble purposes he was never excelled, are, hackney-coach to pay a visit to some of her friends; Christ Healing the Sick, and the two magnificent and on leaving it she fell down dead, supposed to works now in the exhibition at Pall-mall. In his be from the effects of the fright. manners and deportment Mr West was peculiarly - At Bath, in her 86th year, the relict of Dean mild and unassuming, and retained to the last the Ogle, and mother of the late Mrs R. B. Sheridan. primitive habits and simplicity of character which - At his house in Great George-street, Westmark the respectable sect to which his parents be- minster, John Hosier, Esq. aged 67. longed. He was well known to the artists of the - At London, John Grant, Esq. of Wallibon, in Continent, and was a member of all the academies the parish of St Vincent. of art in Europe. He retained his faculties to the - At Blackheath, R. Scott, Esq.of Shincliff-hal). last, though his state of health was of late so feeble - At Auchterarder, George Hume, vintner that he could not move without assistance. Mr there, aged 64. West has left two sons, on whom his property will - Mr Edward Smith of Spilsby, in Lincolnshire, devolve. This principally consists of numerous one of the most singular characters in the kingdom, works from his own pencil, and some choice speci. in the 75th year of his age. Until within a few mens of the old masters, particularly of Titian; years, it was his constant practice to ride on a bull, the whole valued at upwards of £100,000.

and instead of smoking tobacco he had his hay 10. At Torwoodlec, Mrs Pringle of Torwoodlee. salted, and smoked it instead of that plant. By his

- At Glennan, Mary, eldest daughter of the late will he directed that his body should be carried to Duncan Macdougall, Esq. Antintrive.

the grave by poor men, who were to be paid 5s. - At his house, Leitli-walk, James Peat, Esq. cach: That the funeral should take place early in collector of excise.

the morning, and that none of his relatives or 11. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Butter, widow of friends should attend, or any mourning be worn by Mungo Fleming, Esq. Prince's-street.

them on his account, under a forfeiturc of their re- At her house, in Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, spective legacies. Mrs Balfour, widow of John Baliour, Esq. of Bal- - At Maismore, near Gloucester, John Rogers, birny.

at the advanced age of 107 years.

He had lived in - At Edinburgh, Alex. Paterson, Esq: youngest five reigns, and enjoyed good bodily health till son of Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Paterson, late of the within about a year of his death. 22d light dragoons.

At Hampsícad, the Hon. John Dimsdale, Ba– Åt Braehouse, Edinburgh, William Butter, ron of the Russian empire, in the 73d year of his Esq. aged 92.

age. 12. Suddenly, at Dalwhinnie, near Blair Athol, At Rome, sister Fortunee Gioncarelli, of the where he had halted on his way to his country seat Ursuline order, in the 109th year of her age, and in the Highlands, Sir Alexander Mackenzie, well 71th of her residence in the convent. known for his adventurous journies in the deserts - At Budie-house, of the scarlet fever, Margaret of North America.

Isabella Smith, eldest daughter of G. Smith, Esq, - At Portobello, Mrs Susanna Harries, wife of - At Bath, the Rev. T. Haweis, LL. D. and Captain Pierie, R.N.

M.P. in his 87th year.

He was the father of the - At Easter Moflat, Miss Kine Waddell of Easter Missionary Society, and the mission to the islands Moffat

in the Pacific Ocean onginated with him.

Oliver & Foyd, Printers, Edinburgh,



MAY 1820.

Vol. VII.

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mano ib.

Contents. The Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic “ Luctus" on the Death of Sir Daniel Poem ; by H. H. Milman, menanam 123

Donnelly, late Champion of Ireland 186 Tales of the Cloister

Letter from Lord Byron, enclosing Tale the Firstmann

132 Tale the Second enumeraman

“ Child Daniel"

ib. 135

Letter from Dr Scott, enclosing a Tale the Third Fly-Fishing in Northumberlandammume 137

“ Dirge on Donnelly.”. mae 188

Sorrow is Dry, being a New Song, Extracts from Matthew Paris (Continue

by Dr James

ib. ed from Vol. VI.)

Letter from Mr W. W. to Mr Account of the Death of Robert Duke of 141

Christopher North amman mm.189

Extract from my Great Auto-BioThe Battle of the Standard, 1138.142 What Things happened to Thomas

graphical Poem.


Sir Daniel Donnelly, a Ballada...191 of Canterbury on a Tuesday ....143

Letter from

192 Liberties of the Church of Normandy 144

Odonnelly, an Ode, by Odoherty.... 193 Apparition of St Thomas to the Sail.

Letter from Mr Seward.mmmmm.194 ors on Board the Royal Vessel.m. ib.

“ Ullaloo, Gol, or Lamentation Legend of Ulfric the Anchoritem.145 The Abbey

over the Dead". .147

A Hebrew Dirge, by the Rev. J. Hogg's Tales, &common mamm.148

Barrett, D.D.S. F.T.C.D. ProMoods of the Mind.

fess. of Heb. in Trin. Col. Dub. 197 No IV. The Forayer

Letter from Mr Jenningsanmumm

m199 No V. The Cypress Tree....umman.156

A Dirge over Sir Daniel Donnelly, No VI. To the Morning Starmm.157 Recollections. No V.-Mark Macra.

by Thomas Jenningsmammum ib.

Letter from Mr Richard Dowden 200 bin, the Cameronian. Adventure with

A New Song, to the tune of the the Gypsies (Continued ).....mam. ib. Mr Phillpotts and the Edinburgh Re

Groves of Blarney, by Richard
Dowden mod

mn. 201 view.

www.168 Remarks on a Note the Edinburgh

Speech delivered at the Cork

mm.202 Review, No LXV. By Rev. H.

Dublin Resolutions for the DonnelPhillpotts, M.A., Prebendary of Dur. ham.

ly Memorialsmann mm.169

mw205 The Penitent Son. See the Elder's


INTELLIGENCE..mmmuus m214

WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION 217 A Glimpse into the Third Volume of

MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICAWrangham's Workommanamamman.com176 Notices of the Acted Drama in London


m219 No XV.

MONTHLY REGISTER. Drury Lane Theatremmamanoma .182

Commercial Report

223 Covent Garden Theatre.camaranmw.185

Meteorological Reportman

227 Wordsworth's River Duddon, & Corom.206

Promotions and Appointments

.. .229 Births, Marriages, and Deaths. 230


To whom Communications (post paid) may be addressed.


(OLIVER & BOYD, Printers, Edinburgh. ]

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