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Ellen Fitz-Arthur, a metrical tale in five Creed, together with a series of Notes and cantos. Svo. 7s.6d.

Illustrations from the early Fathers of the The Welcome of Isis ; a poem occasion. Christian Church, &c. ; by Thomas Hart, ed by the Duke of Wellington's visit to the well Home, M.A. of St John's College, University of Oxford ; by the author of the Cambridge, Curate of the united parishes Oxford Spy. 25

of Christchurch, Newgate, and St Leonard, Poems, by one of the authors of Poems Foster-lane, 8vo. 55. for youth, by a family circle. Foolsc. 8vo. A Course of Divinity Lectures. by Her35. 6d.

bert Marsh, 8vo, Part V. 2s. 6d. - Peter Faultless to his brother Simon ; The Athanasian Creed defended ; a Ser. Tales of Night, and other poems. 8vo. 6s. mon, preached at Frome, on Trinity Sun

Dr Syntax's Tour, No 6. Part II. Ac- day, May 29, 1820 ; by Rev. Stephen kermann. 2s. 6d.

Hyđe Cossar, A.M. is. 6d. Le Gesta d'Enrico IV. by G. Guazzar- The Nature and Obligations of Personal oni. 12mo. 7s. 6d.

and Family Religion ; by Dan. Dewar, A Queen's Appeal. 8vo. 5s.

LL.D, 12mo. 3s. 6d. A Briton's Welcome to the Queen. 3s. Vindiciæ Geologicæ; or the Connexion The Round Table. 8vo. 4s.

of Geology with Religion explained ; by The Stable Boy. 12mo. 58.

the Rev. W. Buckland, 4to. 4s. POLITICAL ECONOMY.

A Supplement to the Historical and Cri. A Report made to the Workington Agri- tical Inquiry into the Interpretation of the cultural Society, by J. C. Curwen, Esq. Hebrew Scriptures, with remarks on Mr M. P. the President. 8vo. 5s.

Bellamy's new Translation ; by Rev. J. The Improvement of English Roads Whitaker, M.A. urged. 2s.

The Works of the Rev. Thomas Zouch, A Letter to Earl Bathurst, on the condi. D.D. F.L.S. Rector of Semyngham, and tion of New South Wales and Van Die. Prebendary of Durham; with a Memoir of man's Land ; by Henry Grey Bennet, M.P. his Life ; by the Rev. Francis Wrangham, 5s.

M.A. F.R.S. 8vo, 2 vols. 24s.

Considerations on the Theory of ReliThoughts on the State of the Nation. 2s. gion; by Edmund Law, D.D. late Bishop An Inquiry into the Duties of Christians of Carlisle ; to which is prefixed, a Life of with respect to war. 8vo. 6s.

the Author, by the late W. Paley, D.D.; An Address to his Fellow-Countrymen ; a new edition, by George Henry Law, D.D. by Verus. Is.

Lord Bishop of Chester, 8vo. 12s. A Word to the King, and a Word to the An Abbreviated Synopsis of the Four Queen. 8vo. 2s.

Gospels ; wherein all the passages are colA Letter to the King, on the situation and lated, and every event or saying, recorded treatment of the Queen. 2s. 6d.

by any one or more of the Evangelists, is Fragments of a Civic Feast; being a key briefly noted. The whole is so arranged, to Volney's Ruins ; by a Reformer. 2s. as to lay before the eye, at one view, the

Reflections on the present difficulties of chapter and verse of the several Gospels in the country, by an old Asiatic merchant. 3s. whích any passage is contained. 8vo. 6s.

A Letter to S. Whitbread, Esq. M.P. Is. Sacred Literature, comprising a Review

Reflections on the nature and tendency of of the Principles of Composition laid down the present spirit of the times ; by the Rev. by the late Robert Lowth, D. D. Lord G. Burges, Vicar of Halvergate. 6s. Bishop of Londong in his Prelections and

Brief Observations on the necessity of a Isaiah; and an application of the Princi. Renewal of the Property Tax, under certain ples so reviewed to the Illustration of the modifications ; by T. S. Hubersty, Esq. of New Testament; in a series of Critical ObLincoln's Inn. 2s.

servations on the Style and Structure of Remarks on the Merchants" Petitions and that Sacred Volume; by the Rev. John Publications respecting restrietions on Fo- Jebb, A.M. Rector of Abington in the dioreign Commerce, &c. 1s.

cese of Cashell, 8vo. 125. Substance of the Speech of the Earl of

TOPOGRAPHY. Liverpool, May 20, 1820, on the motion of the Marquis of Lansdown for a committee

Historical and descriptive Sketches of the on the extension of our foreign commerce.

Town and Lake of Horncastle, in the counA few plain facts relative to the situation ty of Lincoln, and of places adjacent; by of the country at the commencement of the George Weir, plates ; royal 8vo, 12s. ; year 1820, in regard to its finances, morals, royal 4to, 21s ; elephant 4to, 24s. and religions. ' Is. 6d.

A brief History of Christ's Hospital ;

with a list of the Governors, 12mo. 8s. The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity VOYAGES AND TRAVELS. briefly stated and defended, and the Church Italy and its Inhabitants in the years of England vindicated from the charge of 1816 and 1817, with a view of the Man. Uncharitableness in retaining the Athana- ners, Customs, &c. ; by J. A. Galliffe, 8vo, sian Creed ; with an Appendix, containing 2 vols. a Critical History and Analysis of that A Voyage to Africa, with some aecount



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of the Manners and Customs of the Daho- beeny, with notes, &c. ; together with Let. mian People ; by John M‘Leod, M.D. ters descriptive of Travels through West 58. 6d.

and South Barbary, and across the Monn. Journal of a Tour in Greece, Egypt, tains of Atlas, &c; by James Grey Jack and the Holy Land, &c. ; by William Turner, many plates, 8vo, 3 vols. £3, 3s. Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania ;

Journal of New Voyages and Travels, by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, Pellow of B. * No 4, Vol. III. 38. 6.

manuel College, Cambridge ; illustrated An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa, with engravings of maps, scenery, &c. in Africa ; by El Hage Abd Salam Sha. 2 vols 4to. £5, as.


EDINBURGH. The Edinburgh Christian Instructor, the present time ; by Hugh Murray, No CXX. for July. Is. 6d.

F.R.S.E. 3 vols 8vo. £2, 2s. Duncan's Itinerary of Scotland, with the The Philosophy of Arithmetic ; exhibitprincipal Roads to London ; and an Ap- ing a progressive View of the Theory and pendix, containing an account of the Cãe Practice of Calculation ; by John Leslie, nals, Lakes, Mountains, Scenery, &c. &c. Esq. formerly Professor of Mathematics, 4th edition. 78. 6d.

and now of Natural Philosophy in the UniThe Gaelic Bible ; by the Society in versity of Edinburgh ; second edition, im. Scotland for Propagating Christian Know proved and enlarged, 8vo. 9s. ledge. Part I. containing the Pentateuch. Narrative of a Private Soldier in his Ma. 40. 56. ; royal paper, 75. 6d. - This edi. jesty's 92d regiment of foot, written by tion of the first part of the early version of himself; detailing many circumstances rethe Scriptures in Gaelic, authorised to be lative to the Irish Rebellion in 1798, the used in the Churches and Chapels of Scot. Expedition to Holland in 1799, and the land, has been carried on by the Rev. D. Expedition to Egypt in 1801 ; and giving Stuart of Luss, and has been approved of a particular account of his religious history by the General Assembly.

and experience ; with a Preface by the Rev. Edinburgh Monthly Review, No XX. Ralph "Wardlaw, D.D. ; second edition, for August. 2s. 6d.

greatly enlarged, 12mo. 3s. bds. Thomson's New Classical and Historical Original Hymns and Poems, written by Atlas, No III.

a Private Christian for his own use, 18mo, Historical Account of Discoveries and second edition. 9d. Travels in Asia, from the earliest ages to

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Books Imported from America. Letters from the British Settlement in Historical Sketches of the late War be. Pennsylvania ; to which is added, the Con- tween the United States and Great Britain, stitutions of the United States, and of Penn- embellished with portraits of distinguished "sylvania ; together with an abstract of the Naval and Military Officers; by Lewis

laws respecting Aliens and Naturalized Ci. Thomson, third edition. 7s. tizens ; a new edition ; by C. B. Johnson, The American Coast Pilot; by E. M. M.D. Member of the British Emigrant So. Blunt. 30s. ciety. 4s. 6d.

The Old Bachelor; in 2 pocket vols. 10s The Western Gazetteer, or Emig nt's The Letters of a British Spy; sixth ediDirectory; containing a geographical de- tion. 38. 6d. scription of the Western States and Terris The Airs of Palestine ; a poem ; by J. tories, viz. Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, Pierpont, Esq. third edition. 2s.6d. Ohio, Tenesse, and Mississippi ; Illinois, The Naval History of the United States,

Missouri, Alabama, Michigan, and North- from the beginning of the Revolutionary : Western; with Sketches of the Western War to the present time; by Thomas Clark,

Counties of New York, Pennsylvania, and 2 vols. 14s. 6d.
Virginia ; with a description of the great The History of the Jews, from the De.
Northern Lakes ; also general directions to struction of Jerusalem to the Nineteenth
Emigrants ; a new edition. 10s.

Century ; by H. Adams, 2 vols. 14s. Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Penn- The History of the United States hea **sylvania during the last Sixty Years ; with fore the Revolution ; with an account of

remarks upon the general occurrences, the Aborigines; by E. Sandford, 8vo. 155. character, and spirit, of that eventful pe- The Distiller ; containing full Directions riod. 58.

for Mashing and Distilling all kinds of The Federalist, or the New Constitution; Grain, and imitating Holland Gin and Irish by Mr Hamilton, Mr Jay, and Mr Madia Whisky; a Treatise on Fermentation ; Di. * son ; a new edition, with portraits of the rections for making Yeast ; for all kinds of several writers. 21s,

Cordials, Compound Waters, also Cider,

Beer, and various kinds of Wine ; together A Geographical View of Upper Canada ; with a mode of imitating French Brandy: with remarks on the Situation of the Inhabby H. Hall. 21s. bds.

itants, &c. and a complete description of Sketches of Lower Canada, Historical the Niagara Falls, &c. &c; by M Smith, and Descriptive; with an account of the third edition. 38 6d. Soil and Aspect, the Morals, Habits, and The Historical American Register , by

Religious Institutions of that Country ; by T. H. Palmer, 4 vols 8vo. 52s.6d. J. Sansom, Member of the American Phi- Dearborn's Account of the Commerce of losophical Society Os.

the United States, 3 vols. £3, 36.



Sugar.-The demand for Sugar still continues upon a limited scale, and prices so low as will not reimburse the cultivator. For some time more activity was seen in the market, but notwithstanding the reduced state of the stock on hand, and the lateness and falling off in the crops in almost all the windward and leeward Islands, still sugar continues at a low rate, owing to the great pressure upon the commercial interests of the country, and the lessened demand from the Continent, which is now chiefly supplied with Sugar from the colonies of other nations. The delivery of Sugar from the warehouses for the last six months has been about 86,000 casks. There seems no immediate prospect of any permanent improvement in the Sugar market, so as to render the growth thereof productive to the planter. The deficiency of the present crop in the Islands cannot be less than 45,000 hhds. -Cotton. Considerable sales have lately been effected in Cotton, and yet the prices remain stationary. Indeed, nothing else can be expected from the immense stock on hand, and supplies daily receiving. The stock on hand is at present estimated at 484,000 bags; equal to two years consumption at the present rate. The increase of the imports from the United States, when compared with last year, is 77,000 bags, and from the Brazils 28,500 bags, while the decrease from the East Indies amounts to 83,600 bags; but then the quantity is not in the same proportion, because the packages from the East Indies are one half smaller than those from the United States.-Coffee. The demand for Coffee has for some time past been very considerable, owing to the orders from the Continent, where the

consumpt continues to increase. The consequence is, that the prices are advanced greatly, and ? the stock on hand much reduced, notwithstanding that the supplies lately received have been

very considerable. The advance on Coffee arises altogether from the increased consumpt and demand, and from the real diminution of the stock on hand, and not from speculation. -Rice. The inquiry for Rice has been trifling, notwithstanding an increased demand on the Continent, but which is now supplied at lower rates than we can afford it through other channels. Grain of almost all kinds may be said to be on the decline, and unless the unsettled state of the weather continue for some time, so as to protract the har. vest and injure it, there is no prospect of improvement in the grain market. Tobacco remains exceedingly dull, and nothing but a reduction in price here can bring any further Continental orders of importance. On other articles of commerce there is no material alteration.

We regret we cannot state any material improvement in the general trade of this country. The little improvement in some foreign markets is more than counterbalanced by the distressed state of the internal trade of the country; which distress is not the work of a day, nor to be removed in a day. Time only can alleviate this distress, and remove its

Neither the efforts of Government nor individuals can. The labours of the legislature may disclose our distress and its causes, but we fear they can do little to remedy or remove it. It is in vain to look to old markets where we formerly enjoyed the monopoly, but where it is now the business, the inclination, and the duty, of both government and the 'people to attend to their own interests and their own wants. From new markets alone we can hope for effectual relief. These may yet be found ; but the best of these will not long remain in our power.

Severe as is the pressure upon all our colonial concerns, it will become severer, unless some speedy remedy is devised to check the danger which assails them. The cultivation of the colonies of other nations will, if' carried on with the rapidity which it at present is, ruin durs. We must stop the slave trade or our colonies are undone. The measures we have long pursued and are yet pursuing, will never accomplish this object. These only


aggravate the evil and angment its strength. This trade is greatly increased increasingit is trebled in extent and quadrupled in the misery which flows from it. 1 Of its enou! mous extent the following document is an awful proof. In the House of Commons, it apo pears, £54,000 nearly was paid for captured negroes, at the rate of £40 a head, for last year only: All the navy of Englandwm all the navies of Europe-will never check it while Africa wishes to carry it on; and while the colonies of our rivals benefit so much by it, as the increased cultivation of Cotton in the United States affords such a striking proof, These governments may enact what laws they please the violation of these will be winked

While Africa continues to sell slaves, other nations will buy them. Africa must be taught to abandon that trade, or it never will be abandoned ; and till this is done, our col prosperity cannot be calculated upon-nay, their ruin is not far distant.


PRICES CURRENT.Dec. 6, 1817.

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SUGAR, Musc.

LEITH. GLASGOW. B. P. Dry Brown, cwt.

60 to 65 58 to 62 Mid. good, and fine mid. 76

86 63

83 Fine and very fine,

96 Refined Doub. Loaves,

130 145 Powder ditto,

108 112

103 Single ditto,

112 Small Lumps


98 Large ditto,


96 Crushed Lumps,


60 MOLASSES, British, ewt. 30 31 29 29 6 COFFEE, Jamaica


112 Ord. good, and fine ord.

124 114 125

126 Mid. good, and fine mid.

140 126

130 Duteh, Triage and very ord. 93 116

118 Ord, good, and fine ord.


150 Mid. good, and fine mid.

136St Domingo,

120 123 PIMENTO (in Bond) Ib.

8 84 83 SPIRITS, Jam. Rúm, 16 O. P. gall.

35 3d 3s 6d 28 10d 38 Od Brandy,

0 16 Geneva,

9 3 0 Grain Whisky,

7,3 76 WINES, Claret, 1'st Growths, hhd. 601

644 Portugal Red,


46 Spanish White, butt. 34 55 Teneriffe,

pipe. 30

35 Madeira,

60 LOGWOOD, Jame ton. £7 0 £0

5 10 5 15 Honduras,

5 15 6 Campeachy,

6 10 7 0 FUSTIC, Jamaica,


7 10 8 0 Cuba,

11 9 10 10 0 INDIGO, Caraccas fine, Ib. 9s 6d 11s 6d 7 6 8 TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ti 111
Ditto Ouly

3 23 6
Christiansand (dut, paid) 2 0
Honduras Mahogany 141 812 18
St Domingo, ditto

14 TAR, American

bel. 20 Archangel,

22 PITCH, Foreign, cwt. 10 TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home Melted,
HEMP, Riga Rhine, ton.

Petersburgh Clean,

Riga Thies. d Druj, Rak.

58 100 Irish,


54 MATS, Archangel, 202.


Petersburgh Firsts, cwt. 13 ASHES, Peters. Pearl,

36 Montreal ditto,



36 OIL, Whale,

33 Cod,

84 (p. brl.)TOBACCO, Virgin fine, lb.


COTTONS, Bowed Georg
Sea Island, fine,

2 1
5 Middling,
Demerara and Berbice,
West India,



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8 5 8 15

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80 9 Is 3d Is 6d 10 6 10 6

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1 3

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6 10 6

£46 0
41 10

65 .11 75





167 37.1740 33cu 29




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1 9

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1 2 011 1 4 1 3

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1 1 1 5

Course of Bachange. Amsterdam, 12 : 5 C. F. Ditto at sight, 12 : 2 Rotterdam, 12:6. Antwerp, 12:8. Hamburgh, 37:3. Altona, 37:4. Paris, 25: 80, 3 days sight. Bourdeaux, 26:10. Frankfort on the Maine, 1554. Vienna, 10:9, Ef. Fl. Madrid, 341. Dublin, 8 per cent.

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Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Portugal gold, in coin, £0 : 0:0. New Doubloons, £0:0:0. Foreign gold, in bars, 23 : 17 : 104. New dollars, £0 : 4 : 10$. Silver in bars, stand. £0: 5:0.

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Bank stockicama 3

per cent. reduced,
3 per cent. consols,mmmm
3 per cent. consols,mnom
4 per cent. consols,mmmmmm
5 per cent. navy ann.
Imperial 3 per cent. ann..
India stockmann

Exchequer bills,
Consols for acc....
American 3 per cents....
French 5 per

224439 shut. 2195 20
69 8 693 89683 68% 68

shut. shut. shut. shut.
771 77 | 765 764 7 77
853 61 863 865 1863 6 86 52
104) shut. shut. shut. shut.

67 220 shut. shut. shut. shut, 12 14 pr. 11 13 pr. 107 pr. 11 14 pr. 16 18 pro 2 4 pr. I dis. 1 pr. 2 4 dis. 1 2 dis. par. 1 dis.' 701 703 70 | 701 70 703 695 69 70 67

67 661 663

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May and 23d of Jane 1820, extracted from the London Gazette.

Abell, T. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer

Frost, G. Wigan, Lancashire, shopkeeper Ackroyd, M. Leeds, earthenware-manufacturer George, S. Narberth, Pembrokeshire, linen-draper Ainley, It. Doncaster, silk-mercer

Green, W. Liverpool, money-scrivener Ainsworth, T. & R. Bolton ; J. Thornley, War- Green, E. Leeds,

earthenware-manufacturer rington; and P. Cort, Turton, whitsters

Gill, T. late of Little Tower-street, hydrometerBatters, J. Southampton, grocer

maker Blazdelí, C. St Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, lock- Gibbins, T. jun. late of the Flat, Westbury-uponsmith

Severn, master-mariner Brunn,

S. late of Charing-cross, sword-cutler Gledston, G. South Blyth, Northumberland, Butts, T. C. Nag's-head-court, perfumer

butcher Barter, H. Bishop's Waltham, grocer

Hall, H. Nelson Terrace, Kingsland, broker Bell, j, R. & W. Wilkinson, Old Broad-street, Hammond, C. Durham, draper merchants

Hancock, J. St James's street, Piccadilly, coachBradley, J. Manchester, cotton-manufacturer

Bragg, J. Whitehaven, thread-manufacturer Hopperton, E. Liverpool, upholsterer
Bulpin, R. late of Bridgewater, draper

Hargreaves, S. Liverpool, woollen-draper
J. late of Bethnal-green,

coal-merchant Harris, C. Bradford, Wiltshire, tanner Bright, R. late of Nassau-place, Commercial-road, Hayles, C. & J. N., Portsmouth, grocers haberdasher

Hackett, R. Newport, Isle of Wight, spirit-merCaig, P. Liverpool, tailor

chant Carr, J. late of Wortley, Leeds, & D. R. Tetley, Hays, P. Little Thames-street, biscuit-baker Armley, Leeds, merchants

Henshaw, F. E. Derby, currier Coney, R, Strand, plumber

Hatfield, W. sen. Huntingdon, ironmonger Cramp, S. Vine-street, Westminster, corn-dealer Huggett, T. now or late of Bermondsey-street, SurChaplin, D. Haverhill, Suffolk, maltster

rey, grocer Clarke, J. Wakefield, Yorkshire, bookseller Honyman, J. Church-street, Spitalfields, silk-manClunie, w. St Martin's-lane

ufacturer Dawson, J. Meltham, Yorkshire, clothier

Hughes, B. Bristol, victualler
Douphrate, J. Brackley, Northamptonshire, tailor Ilingworth, R. Waterloo-place, Pall Mall
Dowsland, H. jun., &F. R. Davidson, Old Broad- Jarman, T. Bristol, wine-merchant
street, ship and insurance-brokers

Jones, H. Holywell, Flintshire, draper Dufour, W. F. A. Berners-street, Oxford-street, Johnson, N, Birmingham, bed and mattress-manjeweller

ufacturer Edwards, C. Gough-square, furrier

Kay, R. Bury, Lancashire, cotton-spinner Edwards, R. & J., Cradley, Worcestershire, iron. Lindop, R. W. Badhall, Staffordshire mongers

Lott, W late of Llandilo, Caermarthenshire,druggist Ellett, J. Crispin-street, Spitalfields, coach-spring. 'Lowes, G. Commercial-buildings, Mincing-lane, maker

wine-merchant Fallows; W. jun. Hatfield, mallster

Lipscombe, W. Exeter, grocer Fitzgerald, L. Vine-street, Lambeth, timber-mer. Longhurst, J. late of Egham-Hythe, Surrey, carchant


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