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Roy. Charlotte Yt.
Chatham, ordinary


Ships. HI Names.
Fred. A. Smith


Jas. Letheney
M. B. Jones


Wm. Beach
B. W. Walker


Geo. Smith
J. E. Griffith F. L. Newcastle

Alex. Louthian
M. J. Currie


Jos. Ramsay
Wm. Maxwell


Joseph Oakey
A. G. Barrette


Rob. Scott
Thomas Hills


John Willis
Edward Handfield

Revolutionnaire Peter Black
Edward Sparshott

Richard Anderson


Andrew Barrie
Peter Wyberg


Robert Dunn
Chas. H. Freemantle

George Birnie
Henry Eden, F. L.


William Shoveller
Wm. Doveton


Ham. Baillie
Thomas Gregg


John Laird
G. L. Wolley

Evan Davies
Augustus A rabin


Alex. Gilfellan
W. R. Ward

R. Tobin
M. H. Sweney.

Robert Williams
Amos Plymsell


Joseph M'Lean
R. J. Nash


James Browne
Wm. Blackford

Charles Bentham Topaze

N. Gould

Drake, Rev. Cut. Douglas Kirk
G. F. Herbert

Harpy, ditto

Alexander Stewart
J. R. R. Webb

Hind, ditto

Assist. Surgeons.

P. H. Scott
W. H. Miller

Active, ditto

John Patton
James St John

Fox, ditto

John Houston
G. A. Field

Royal Charlotte, do.

C. R. Schumaker
George Read

Hardwick, ditto
J. C. Morris

Richmond, ditto Joseph Gay

Peter Lothian
Henry Beatson

Wickham, ditto

John Wilson
Royal Marines.

Stephen Mason
Capt. Robert White


Arthur Savage
Capt. Edward Jones


Supernumeraries. 1st Lt. Joseph Walker


Thomas Conolly 2d Lt. Edmond Hearle


George Robertson
20 Lt. A. Beeston


Ja. Lambert

Wm. Paul
Phillip Miller


Andrew Inderwick
S. Douglas


R. G. Didham
Ed. Hankin


J. B. Soden,
Wm. Read


John Orchard
S. T. Taylor


G. V. Oughton
Geo. Hannaford

4. P. Bentley

Rob. Thomson


D. Lloyd
Chas. Brown


John Luby,
Wm. Scott


W. D. Carter,



Miscellaneous Appointments.
Surgeon of Greenwich Hospital, George Vance.
Surgeon of Haslar Hospital, John Mortimer.


a son.

3. At Dunblane, Mrs Mallach, a son. January 17, 1820. At Calcutta, the lady of 4. Mrs Blackwell, York-place, Edinburgh, a Hugh Hope, Esq. of the Honourable East India daughter. Company's service, a son.

- At his house in Northumberland-street, Edin. March 31. At Ástrachan, the wife of the Rev. burgh, the lady of J. C. Macleod, Esq, a son. John Jack, missionary, a son.

5. At Portland-place, London, the lady of Alex. May 12. At Richmond Barrack, Dublin, the .ander Macgregor, Esq. of Balhaddies, a daughter. lady of Dr M'Pherson, 42d, or Royal Highlanders, At Hollybent Cottage, the lady of Andrew

Hunter, Esq. younger of Bonnyton, a son. 22. At Hatton Castle, Mrs Duff of Hatton, a son. 9. Mrs Young, Palmer's Buildings, 17, West Ni

24. At Great King-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Cath- colson's-street, Edinburgh, a son. cart, a daughter.

10. At Canaan, near Edinburgh, Mrs James Bal. 27. At Redcastle, the lady of Patrick Grant, Esq. lantyne, twin daughters.

11. At Marshall-place, Perth, Mrs Gloag, a son. 28. At Liverpool, Mrs Dr Hannay, a daughter. 11. At Edinburgh, the lady of John Street, Esq.

31. At Melville-street, Edinburgh, the lady of of the Royal Artillery, a daughter. B.B.S. Stafford, Esq. a daughter.

At his Grace's house in Upper Grosvenor- In Upper Harley-street, London, the lady of street, London, her Grace the Duchess of RichMr Stuart, a son.

mond, a son. June 2. At Rochdale, the lady of Lieutenant- 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Chisholm, 4th royal veColonel Macgregor, 88th regiment, a son.

teran battalion, a son. - The lady of Godfrey Neynell, Esq. of Mey. 13. In Heriot-row, Edinburgh, Lady Douglas, pell Langley, Derbyshire, a son.


a son.

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At Stirling, Mrs Fraser of Farraline, a daugh- daughter of the late Benjamin Barton, Esq. comter.

missary-clerk of Glasgow. 16. At Barjarg, the lady of William Francis - At Lybster, in Caithness, David Laing, Esq. Hunter, Esq. a son.

surgeon, to Susan, only daughter of the late Lieut.. 17. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, Lady S. Gen. Sinclair of Lybster. Murray, a son.

10. At Cousland, John Bonar, Esq. of the Grove, 19. At Bath, the lady of Dr Bowie, a son. to Jessie, youngest daughter of Mi George Dick

22. At Dovecot, Musselburgh, Mrs Home, a son, Cousland. daughter, who died the same day.

- At London, James Imlack, Esq. of Banff, to At her house in Arlington-street, London, the Isabella, daughter of the Rev. William Leslie of Duchess of Rutland, a son.

Balnageith, county of Moray. 23. In 55, Hanover-street, Edinburgh, Mrs John 12. At Glasgow, Mr William Matheson, mer. Andrew, a son.

chant, to Margaret, fourth daughter of the late 24. At Barossa-place, Perth, Mrs Caw, wife of William Scott, Esq. of Sandyfaulds. Thomas Caw, Esq. collector of the customs, a son. - Michael Ramsay, Esq. of the Honourable the

The lady of Michael Stewart Nicolson, Esq. East India Company's service, to Miss Helen Richof Carnock, a son and heir.

ardson, fourth daughter of the deceased William 25. Mrs Patison, Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, Richardson, Esq. late of Keithock. a daughter.

- At Glasgow, Josiah Howard, Esq. Stockport, 27. At No 15, Hill-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Gra- Cheshire, to Janet Buchanan, youngest daughter of ham, a son.

James Provand, Esq. merchant, Glasgow. 28. At Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, the lady of - At Falkirk, James Thomson, Esq. of RedSir James Montgomery, Bart. M.P. a daughter. doch, to Agnes, youngest daughter of the late

July 1. At her house, 105, Constitution-street, Alexander Boyd, Esq. Leith, Mrs George Crichton, a daughter.

- At Edinburgh, Walter Cook, Esq. W.s. to 2. At Campie, near Musselburgh, the lady of Mary, second daughter of the late Alexander North Dalrymple, Esq. a daughter.

Chrystie of Balchrystie, Esq.
- At Edinburgh, James

Anderson, Esq. younger

of Stroquhan, to Mary, eldest daughter of the Rev.
Dec. 18, 1819. At Barrackpore, Donald M'In- Dr Anderson, George's-square.
tyre, Esq. merchant, Calcutta, to Margaret, second 14. At Edinburgh, William Belfrage, Esq. writer,
daughter of John Mackenzie, Esq. of Kincraig, to Mary, eldest daughter of Robert Carfrae, Esq.

late barrackmaster at Palermo. May 6, 1820. At Chapelton of New Kilpatrick, 15. At Eastwood-manse, William Moffat, Esq. the Rev. Peter Currie, Cumbernauld, to Mary, surgeon, Glasgow, to Jean, second daughter of the eldest daughter of Mr Robert Aiken of Chapelton. Rev. G. Logan, minister of Eastwood.

13. At Perth, Mr William Gordon, writer, to - At Hermitage-brae, Leith, Mr James Clap Miss Haddo Stewart, daughter of Deacon Robert perton, merchant, Leith, to Margaret, youngest Stewart, Perth.

daughter of the late James Wishart, ship-master 25. At Leatherhead, William Brown, Esq. of there. Aberdeen, to Hannah, daughter of Joseph Burchell, 16. At Bathgate, Mr James Thomson, merchant, Esq.

Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, third daughter of the de 27. At St Mary-la-bonne Church,

London, Alex. ceased Henry Torrance, Esq. late of Kirktonhill. ander Mackintosh, Esq. of Great Portland-street, - At St James's Church, London, Peter Rose, to Mary, eldest daughter of Lachlan Robert Mack- Esq. of Demerara, to Huntly, third daughter of intosh, Esq. of Beverly. Lodge, near Colchester, William Gordon, Esq. of Aberdeen. and Dalmunzie, Perthshire.

19. At Dunfermline, John M‘Donald, Esq. wriJune 1. At Gilston-house, Fifeshire, Captain ter, to Margaret, second daughter of the late Mr John Whitehill Parsons, 10th hussars, to Mary Alexander Hunt, merchant there. Elizabeth, second daughter of the late Major-Gen- 20. At Kinfaun's Castle, the seat of the Right eral Dewar of Gilston.

Hon. Lord Gray, John Grant, Esq. of Kilgraston, At Edinburgh, Archibald Johnston, Esq. to the Honourable Margaret Gray, his Lordship's younger, of Pittowie, to Miss Clarkson, daughter second daughter. of the late Lieut.-Col. Clarkson, of the Honourable 20. At Edinburgh, the Rev. W.M.S. Preston, the East India Company's service,

A.M. of Startforth vicarage, in the county of York, - At Aberdeen,

John Fraser, Esq. of London, to Margaret, only daughter of Charles Moyes, Esq. to Jane, eldest daughter of George Still, Esq. of of Lumbenny, Fifeshire. Milden.

- At St James's Church, the Honourable and - At Mary-la-bonne Church, London, Admiral Reverend George Pellew, third son of Admiral James Douglas, second son of the late Admiral Sir Viscount Exmouth, to the Honourable Frances James Douglas, Bart. to Mrs Blathwayt of Brayn. Addington, second daughter of Lord Viscount


mouth. 2. At West Row, near Biggar, Mr J. Walker, 21. At Polwarth Manse, William Colvin, Esq. japanner, Edinburgh, to Agnes, eldest daughter of R.N. to Miss M. H. Murray of Mitchelstone. Mr T. Inglis there.

- Charles Lenox

Cumming, Esq. of Roseisle, to - At Arbroath, David Scott, jun. Esq. of New- Miss Mary Elizabeth Bruce of Kinnaird. ton, to Margaret, daughter of the Rev. George 22. At Gartmore, Thomas Durham Calderwood Gleig

of Poltoun, Esq. to Miss Anna Cunninghame Gra-
5. At Edinburgh, Warren Hastings Sands, Esq. ham, eldest daughter of William C. Cunninghame
W.S. to Miss Harriet Lindesay, youngest daughter Graham Gartmore, Esq.
of the late Henry Bethune, Esq. of Kilconquhar. 23. At Edinburgh, Mr Robert Brown, plumber,

- At Tillywhandland, James Walker, writer, to Mary, only daughter of Mr Clark, rush-bottom
Forfar, to Catharine, daughter of Mr William chair manufacturer, Leith-Walk.
Michie of Carseburn.

- At Eden, Stair Hawthorn Stewart, Esq. of At Bellfield, George Fulton, Esq. to Elizabeth, Physgill, to Miss Johnston, only daughter of the eldest daughter of James Stalker, Esq.

latě James Johnston, Esq. of Stratoun. 6. At Edinburgh, Mr John Brewster, General - At Hermiston, Mr James Reid, of the cusPost-office, to Magdaline Strachan, daughter of the toms, Greenock, to Miss Marion Newton, daughter deceased Mr Daniel Lizars, engraver,

of the late John Newton, Esq. of Curriehill. At Edinburgh, Mr John Maclachlan, book. 26. At Edinburgh, Dr Thomas Shortt, physician seller, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr John to his Majesty's forces, to Henrietta, daughter of Steele, merchant there.

Alexander Young, Esq. of Harburn, W.S. 7. D. Charles Guthrie, Esq. to Jean Campbell, - At Edinburgh, Dr William John King, of the daughter of the late Sir John Hunter, his Majesty's island of Barbadoes, to Ann, eldest daughter of the consul-general in Spain.

late Mr Robert Aitken, merchant, Dalkeith. 8. At London, the Right Hon. Robert Peel, 28. At Edinburgh, William Jardine, Esq. younger M.P. eldest son of Sir Robert Peel, Bart, to Miss of Applegarth, to Jane, youngest daughter of the Julia Floyd, youngest daughter of the late General late Mr B. Lizars. Sir John Floyd, Bart.

29. At 32 Dundas-street, Mr William Cotton, - At Camberwell Church, George Warden, Esq. merchant, Edinburgh, to Ellenor, second daughter of Glasgow, to Sally, eldest daughter of Vincent of Mr John Paton, builder. Wanostrocht, Esq. of Alfred-house, Camberwell. : Lately-At Dumfries, the Rev. James Green,

- At Glasgow, A. F. Gray, Esq. comptroller of minister of Westerkirk, to Melville, eldest daughhis Majesty's customs, Irvine, to Margaret, second ter of William Thomson, Esg, writer, Dumfries.


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tilda, eldest daughter of Thomas Newton, Esq.

Warwick-square, Aug. 26, 1819. At sea, on his voyage to Cal.. 24. At Perth, in the 73d year of her age, Mrs cutta, Mr William Farnie, surgeon on board the Pringle, spouse to the Rev. Dr Pringle. Abberton East Indiaman, son of Mr Thomas Far- 25. At Glenaray, Mr Hugh M‘Farlan. nie, Kilconquhar, Fifeshire.

26. At Bolfornought, near Stirling, Mrs Burn. Sept. 5. At Penang, Patrick Carnegy, Esq. son 27. At Auchindinny-house, Mrs Inglis, widow of of Patrick Carnegy, Esq. of Lower, Forfarshire, Vice-Admiral John Inglis of Auchindinny. and a partner in the house of Carnegy & Co. of 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Brown, wife of Mr Thothat island.

mas Brown, baker, Canongate. 14. At Purnea, Captain William Macpherson. 29.

At Dollor, Mrs Jacobina Robe, second daugh-
24. In India, Captain William Dallas, formerly ter of John Robe of Dillator, wife of Captain James
of the country

Oct. 20. At Peddy Gurral, the lady

of G. Meikle,

30. Mary Ann Charlotte Eliza, infant daughter Esq. surgeon to his Highness the Nizam's Russel of Mr Hallard, Minto-street, Newington. Brigade

31. At the Manse of Lochalsh, Dr Alexander 21. In India, Captain T. Douglas, 5th native in- Downie. fantry:

- At Stronchrigan, near Fort-William, Mrs - At the Presidency, Captain Thomas Douglas, Stewart, wife of Duncan Stewart, Esq. of Auchna5th native infantry.

coan, and collector of his Majesty's customs at Fort- At Sankertydroog, Captain J. T. Kettle, 4th


- Agnes, youngest child of Mr Thomas NewDec. 27. At Colombo, island of Ceylon, Charles bigging, wine-merchant,

Hay, Esq. son of the late Alexander Hay, Esq. of - At Laurieston-place, in the sixth year of his

age, John Johnston, only surviving son of the Rev.
Jan. 22, 1820. At Jamaica, of the yellow fever, John Johnston.
Mr Alexander Rolland, second son of Mr Patrick June 1. At Guernsey, Lieut. Andrew Nathaniel
Rolland of Montrose.

Napier, of the royal navy,

son of the

late John Na25. At Achterrypaukum, of palsy, on the route pier, Esq. of Tintinbull, Somersetshire. to Trichinopoly, Lieutenant G. C. Johnstone, - At Dysart, Mrs Pert. Royal Scots.

2. At Perth, John Gloag, Esq, of Greenhill, in Feb. 9. On his passage home from India, Mr the 82d year of his age.-We cannot allow the death Robinson Murray, son of the late Mr George Mur- of Mr Gloag, one of the oldest residenters in Perth, ray, Edinburgh.

to be simply inserted, without adverting to the beMarch 13. On board the Surrey, homeward- neficial results arising from his exertions in the bound East India ship, Eliza Susanna Foulis, in- course of a very active life, exemplified by the prefant daughter of Lieut.-Col. David Foulis, of the sent state of the Guildry, the Destitute Sick SoMadras cavalry

ciety, and other public institutions, which owe un31. At Jamaica, Miss Popham, daughter of Sir doubtedly great part of their present prosperous Home Popham.

condition to the exertions of that meritorious indiApril 6. At Old Harbour, Jamaica, Charles Cop- vidual. By birth, education, and habits, a gentleland, Esq. late of Aberdeen.

man-he lived beloved and respected in a wide 8. At Jamaica, James David Rolland, Esq. circle of friends, and closed a well regulated life

May 3. At Ratisbon, the Rev. James Robert- with a resignation and composure of mind truly de son, through whose perilous exertions the gallant sirable in the last moments of existence. - Perth Romana, with his ten thousand Spaniards, effected Courier. their escape from the north of Germany, and soon At Douniestoun, George Buchanan, Esq. after joined their countrymen who were then strug. In Queen-street, Miss Margaret Brown, third gling for their independence.

daughter of the Rev. Samuel Brown of Barharrow, 3. At Wester Drumhead, in the parish of Aber- late minister of Kirkmabreck. nethy, Mr George Tarvis, in the 53d year of his - At Old Melrose, Roxburghshire, the infant age.

son of Lever Legge, Esq. 10. At London, a few days after his return from 3. At Manse of Bervie, the Rev. Robert Croll, India, Captain John Anderson, late in the sea ser- minister of the parish of Bervie. vice of the Honourable East India Company, se 4. At Paisley, Mr James Miller, cashier to the cond son of the late Dr Thomas Anderson, Leith. Union Bank Company, Paisley.

12. Charlotte Janet, daughter of Mr Patrick Ten- - Francis Drummond, Esq. of Sloane-street, in nant, w.$.

the county of Middlesex, captain in the late 98th 15. At Lyons, Michael, second son of Robert regiment of foot, in the 720 year of his age, repreBogle, Esq. of Gilmorehill.

sentative of the ancient and respectable family of - Át Pitnacree, Archibald Menzies, Esq. of Pit- the Drummonds of Hawthornden, in the county or nacree.

Edinburgh, North Britain. 16. At Aberdeen, Patrick Milne, Esq. of Cri- - At Edinburgh, Mr Nisbet Rutherfurd, youngmonmogate.

est son of the late Henry Rutherfurd, Esq. of - At Hopeville, Caithness, Mrs Helen Sinclair, Hunthill. wife of David Brodie, Esq. of Hopeville. A few - At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Swinton,

spouse hours afterwards, at Stanstill, her sister, Mrs Hen- of Mr Thomas Brown, bookseller, North Bridgerietta Sinclair, of Southdun, both daughters of the street. late James Sinclair, Esq. of Harpsdale. Also, at 5. At the house of Mr Robert Kemp, CastleHopeville, on the 22d May, Jean, second daughter street, Edinburgh, Mr William Murray, aged 58. of David Brodie, Esq. of Hopeville.

- At Edinburgh, Martha, eldest daughter of the - At Edinburgh Mr James Cockburn, lately of late Mr Robert Herriot, sometime tenant of Sheriffthe Linen Hall, Edinburgh, aged 87.

hall Mains. - At the Manse of Collessie, the Rev. Andrew 6. At his father's house, Delrow, Herts, Lieut. Walker, in the 78th year of his age, and the 48th Col. Leighton Cathcart Dalrymple, C. B. 15th husof his ministry.

sars, second son of General Sir Hew Dalrymple, 17. At Bordeaux, Margaret, only daughter of Bart. James Lamont of Knockdow, Esq.

7. At Edinburgh, Mrs Euphemia Collier, spouse 19. At Glenduckie, Fifeshire, Mr James Russel. of Mr John Hill, merehant.

20. At her house, Broughton-place, Mrs Wallace, - At Annan, Lieut.-Col. Brown of Bosseyreach,
widow of the late James Benjamin Wallace, Esq. Jamaica.

8. At Aberdeen, Mrs Allan, widow of the Rev.
At Tranent-lodge, Miss Margaret Inglis, Alexander Allan, Episcopal clergyman in Edin-
daughter of the late Claud Inglis, Esq. merchant in burgh.

- At Edinburgh, Hugh Warrender, Esq. cof 22. Ať Milton, the lady of Sir David Hunter Burntsfield, his Majesty's Agent for Scotland, and Blair, Bart.

Deputy Keeper of the Sighet. In his public chaAt Bath, the Right Hon. Lord Sherborne. racter few surpassed him in liberality and kind

At Linkfield, Musselburgh, of an apoplectic ness; in the private relations of life he was a confit, Anna Maria Angel, youngest daughter of the siderate and indulgent master, an affectionate and late Mr Alexander Pew, Leith.

warm-hearted relative, and to all who needed his - At Ardoch, Mrs Moray Stirling, widow of assistance ever open-handed without ostentation. Charles Moray Stirling, Esq. of Abercairney. This highly respectable man was a near relative of 23. At Clapham Commoù, in her 22d year, Ma- the late Dr High Blair, whom he greatly re

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Oliver & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh.



AUGUST 1820.

Vol. VII.


Contents. The Ayrshire Legatees ; or, the Corres- Microsophus, or the Virtuoso Pedantran 494 pondence of the Pringle Family. No Life of Antonio Lambertacci. From the

467 “ Historie Memorabili di Bologna" of Daniel O'Rourke, an Epic Poem, in Six G. Bombaci

499 Cantos ; by Fagarty O'Fogarty, Esq. Recollections. No VIII. Mark Macra. of Blarney


bin, the Cameronian. The Last of the Canto 1. Patrick Blakemman

-477 Morisons. (Continued.) nanonoomnamo. 508 The Cameronian Ballads

.482 Advice to Julia. A Letter in Rhyme...520 I. On Mark Wilson, Slain in Iron- Essays and Sketches of Life and Characgrayon .484 termano

mammamum.528 II. The Voice lifted up against Thoughts and Suggestions on the Educa

Chapels and Churchescumama... 485 tion of the Peasantry of Ireland 534
III. The Cameronians rejoice in the Horæ Germanicæ. No VII. King Yn.

Discomfiture of the Godless at gurd ; A Tragedy from the German

of Adolphus Müllner mamm.545 IV. The Doom of Nithsdale. Pro- Thoughts on the Proceedings of the Spe. nounced by Alexander Peden, cial Commission...come

V. Alexander Peden's Harmonious INTELLIGENCEmmmmmmmmm566
Call to the Cameronians and

WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION570 VI. The Cameronian Banner mm.488 MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICA. Moods of the Mind.


wanamum. 572 No VII. Midnight Wanderings ...489

No VIII. The Clouds frown dark..490 Commercial Report innan

576 No IX. The Elm Trees............. ib. Meteorological Reportman

.579 The Miniature -491 Promotions and Appointments come

7581 Reflections in a Ruined Abbey awam. 492 Births, Marriages, and Deathsam-582

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maanane 487


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