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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.

JULY 1820.







THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

64.6 Maximum

30th day

71,5 ...cold, 50.6 Minimum,


45.0 .........temperature, 10 A.M. 60.6 Lowest maximum, 3d,

58.0 ......., 10 P.M. 54.6 Highest minimum,

60.0 .........of daily extremes, 57.6 Highest, 10 A.M. 30th,

66.5 ............10 A.M. and 10 P.M.

57.6 Lowest ditto


56,0 .......... .4 daily observations, 57.6 Highest, 10 P.M. 31st,

62.0 Whole range of thermometer,

417.0 | Lowest ditto


50.5 Mean daily ditto, 14.0 Greatest range in 24 hours, 30th,

21.0 temperature of spring water,

56.8 Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A.M. (temp. of mer. 63.) 29.818 Highest 10 A.M.

30.150 ........... 10 P.M. (temp. of mer. 63.) 29.824 Lowest ditto,


29.225 .......... both, (temp. of mer. 63.) 29.821 Highest 10 P.M.


30.145 Whole range of barometer,

5.485 Lowest ditto,


29.330 Mean ditto, during the day,

Greatest range in 24 hours, 17th,

.475 night, .063 | Least ditto,


.000 ................ in 24 hours,


HYGROMETER. Degrees. HYGROMETER. Degrees Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 25th,

45.0 Rain in inches,

Lowest ditto, 17th,

4.0 Evaporation in ditto,

Highest, 10 P.M. 2d,

24.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto, 18th,

3.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.

98.9 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M.31st, 61.0 ......................... 10 P. M.


................. Lowest ditto, 4th, 38.0 both 21.9

Highest 10 P.M. 31st, 60.0 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A.M.


...... Lowest ditto, 2d, 41.0 .................. 10 P.M.


Relat.Hum. Highest, 10 A.M. 17th, 96.0 both, 49.3

........ Least ditto, 25th, 54.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M.


............................. Greatest, 10 P.M. 18th,97.0 ......................................... 10 P. M.

Least ditto, 2d, 70.0 both,


Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A.M. 31st, .345 ...............Grs. mois, in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M. .247

............................... Least ditto

4th, .165 ....................................................... 10 P.M. .235

......................... Greatest, 10 P.M. 31st, .330 both, .241

............................. Least ditto, 2d, .185 Fair days, 22; rainy days, 9. Wind west of Meridian, 16; east of meridian, 15.




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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N. B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



[blocks in formation]

July 1


Dull day,



E. 56 18


E. 55

E. 57
E. 60
E. 51
E. 53

E. 55

.674 E. 64

.518M.601 E. 59

.480 E, 65 ) M.43

.585 M.62 E. 55

.564 E. 60


.586 M.w.

M.41 29.989 M.63

Sunsh. fore.
E. 60 .939 E. 59

dull aftern.

July 17
M.44 .856 M.61
E. 58 .758 E. 61

W. Rain. 3

M.43 702 M.60
E. 54 .759 E. 57


rain even.
.785 M.62

Warm, clear
E. 55

.843 E. 59

20 5

M.40 .878 M.64
E. 58 .889 E. 56
E. Ditto.

M.41 .930 M.60
E.58 .916 E. 59

Cble. Changeable.
M.15 .933 M.60

Dull foren.
E. 54

.933 E.59

clear aftern.
M.45 .980 M.63
E. 58 .967 E.57 $
E. Ditto.

M.39 .956 M.65

E. Warm, clear
E. 60 .914 E. 65


M.14 .889 M.68
QUE. 63

.840 E. 59

M.50 .821 M.68

Cble. Warm, but
E. 63 .790 E. 59


27 12 M.46 736 M.641


Dull foren.
E. 5.5 .651 E. 50

clear aftern.

M.46 .662 M.63

E. 59 .660 E. 57


29.552 M.611

E. .495 E. 60)

Foggy day. .101M.57

E. .150 E. 59

Rain. .258 M.62

E. Dull, but .330 E. 63 ) .454 M.66

E. Warm fore. .535 E. 61

thun. aftern. .603M,59

Cble. Warm fore. .584E. 60

Rain after. .536|M.58


Rain morn. .554 E. 62

dull day.
Dull, but
Dull, shwrs

of rain. W. Dull, but

fair. .553 M.57

W. Dull, shwrs .553E. 60

of rain. .680 M.61

W. Dull, but .726 E. 60

fair. .668 M.63


Dull, slight .640 E. 61

Shwrs rain, .704 M.61


Rain morn. .640/E. 63 .704M.68

E. 53
E, 60
M. 43

M 187


29 M.45 .651 M.59

Cble. Ditto. E. 54 .651 E. 62

30 .688 M.62


Warm fore. E. 64 .747 'E. 65

dull aftern.

31 16 .727M.53

Clear morn.

E. E.57

.660'E. 63 lfoggy day.

W. .683 E. 68

.507 M.70

.411 E. 70 fair.
Rain, 1.297. in.

fair day.


E. 59
E. 65
JE. 65


Very warm,




13th July


13 F. Lieut. Kelly, Adjut. vice Kemple, res. Adj. only

22d do. Mr Pillans, rector of the High School, has been

Campbell, Capt. vice Staunton, 8. appointed Professor of Humanity in the University

Vet. Bn.

6th July of Edinburgh.

Ens. Pyne, Lieut.

do. The Magistrates and Council of Edinburgh, on

A. Shiel, Ensign

do. the 19th July, appointed John Wilson, Esq. advo

19 Ens. Bagshaw, Lieut. vice Taylor, dead cate, to be Professor of Moral Philosophy in the

do. University of Edinburgh.

Rose, fm. 93 F. Ensign

do. On the 21st July, the Rev. Dr Robert Haldane,

21 Professor of Mathematics in the United College of

Capt. Champion, Maj. by purch, vice Meyricke, 47 F.

29th June St Andrews, was admitted Principal of St Mary's

1st Lieut. Sutherland, Capt. by purch. do. College in that University.

2d Lieut. Peddie, 1st Lieut. by purch. do. M. C. D. St Quintin, 2d Lt.


22 J. R. Majendie, Ensign by purch. vice. Keppel

Ist do. The Magistrates and Council of Glasgow, have

24 Ens. M*Kenzie, Lieut. vice M'Kenzie, unanimously elected the Rev. John Muir, minister

13 Dr.

3d Nov. 1819 of the parish of Lecropt, to be minister of St

J. A. Campbell, Ensign

do. James' Church and parish in Glasgow.

25 Lieut. M‘Leod, Adj. vice Keens, res. Adj. Colonel Gordon of Cluny, has presented the


22d June 1820. Rev. Robert Urquhart to the church and parish

27 Qua. Mast. Serj. Kennedy Qua. Mast. vice of Cluny, vacant by the death of the Rev. Alex

Doyle, dead

do. ander Mearns, minister of that parish.

37 Hosp. Assist. Robertson, Assist. Surg. vice

Trumble, pro. Staff

38 Ens. Cornwall, fm. 45 F. Ens. vice DunMajor J. G. Peters, to be Lieut.-Col. of

lop, dead

29th do. 40 Cavalry,

13 July 1820

Bt. Lt. Col. Balfour, fm. 3 F. Maj. vice R.H.G. Bt. Lt. Col. Hill, Major by purch. vice

Bt. Lt. Col. Browne, h. p. Rifle Br. Thoyts, ret. 21st June

22d do.

46 Bt. Maj. Drake, Maj. with the Rank of

Qua. Mast. Serj. W. Barefoot, Qua. Mast. Lieut.-Col. vice Athorpe 22d do.

vice Macdonald, dead

47 Lieut. Tathwell, Capt. by purch. 21st do.

Major Meyricke, fm. 21 F. Lt. Col. by p.
Smith, do.

22d do,
vice Cheyne, ret.

28th June Cornet Packe, Lieut by purch. 21st do.

Ens. Snow, fm. 66 F. Ens. vice Ridge, h.
Trent, Lieut. by purch.

22d do.
p. 6 W. I. R.

do. Simpson, fm. Þr. Gds. Cornet by 48 Hosp. Assist. Mitchell, Assist. Surj. vice purch.

21st do.
Hamilton, dead

do. Henry Arbuthnot, Cornet by purch. 22d do.

54 Lieut. Holt. fm. h. p. 8 F. Lieut. vice Cornet Dashwood, Lt. by purch. vice

Manners, cancelled

13th July Brander, ret.

6th July

66 Ens. Ward, fm. h. p. 6 W. I. R. Ens. vice 2 Dr. G. L. Williams, Cornet, by purch. vice Simp

Snow, 47 F.

29th June son, R. Horse Gds.

21st June 67

Broom, Lieut. vice Hunter, dead. Gent. Cadet W. P. Baird, fm. R. Mil.

21st Oct. 1819. Coll. Cornet by purch. vice Barfoot, ret. 71

A. Jones, Ensign 13th July 1820.

22d do. 86 J. W. Bouverie, Ens. by purch. vice E. 13 Dr. Lieut. Turner, Capt. vice Blanckley, dead

Carroll, ret.

29th June 13th Nov. 1819

Lieut. Dolman, Adj. vice Leche, res. Adj. M'Kenzie, fm. 24 F. Lieut. 3d do.


do. Cornet Hamilton, Lieut. vice Handcock, 89

Redmond, Capt. vice St Leger, dead dead 9th do.

28th May 1819 Lieut. Berwick, fm. 24 F. Lieut. vice

Ens. Kenny, Lieut.

Ist Nov. Bebb, dead 29th do.

2d March 1817

C. G. King, Ens.
Cornet Dalzell, fm. 17 Dr. Cornet 9th do.

Lieut. Grant, fm. h. p. 2 W. I. R. Paym. 17 R. Lewis, Cornet, vice Dalzell 1st Jan.

vice White, dead 22d June, 1820 19 Lt. Beauchamp, fm, 16 Dr. Capt. by p.


Surg. Morrison, fm. h. p. 12 F. Surg. vice vice Stewart, res. 6th July 1820 Silcock, h. p.

13th July 21 M. Daintry, Cornet by purch. vice For

93 C. H. Craigie, Ens. vice Spens, cancelled

22d June ward, pro.

22d June Lieut Aitken. Capt. by purch. vice Under

M. Cassan, Ens. vice Rose, 19 F. 6th July wood, ret.

6th July

Medical Department.
Cornet Ganning, Lieut. by purch. do.

Staff Surg. Joseph Taylor, Physician to the Forces,
W. Underwood, Cornet by purch.

vice Keating, dead

22d June 1820
Capt. Jones, Major by purch. vice Bt. Lt.. Assist. Surg. Trumble, fm. 37 F. Surg. vice Taylor
Col. Bates, ret.
8th do.

do. Lieut. Elliott, fm. 8 Dr. Capt. by p. do.

Burton, fm. h. p. York Lt. Inf. Vol. 1F.Gds. Lieut. and Capt. Charleswood, Capt. and Assist. Surg.

25th do. Lieut.-Col. by purch. vice Ramsden, ret. Hosp. Assist. Cannan, fm. h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice

6th do,
Farquhar, dead

do. Ens, and Lieut. Fox, and Capt. by purch.

Freer, fm. h. p. Hosp. Assist. vice do.

Ward, dead
Hudson, fm. h. p. Ens. and
Lieut, by purch.


Chaplain's Department. 1 Foot Ensign Blacklin, Lieut, vice Johnstone,

The Rev. R. G. Curtois, fm. h. p. Chaplain to the dead

13th do.

Forces, vice Arnold, dead
J. Mullin, Ensign


Barrack Department. 3 Bt. Lieut.-Col. D’Aguilar, fm. h. p. Rifle

A. W. Durnford, Barr. Mast. in Great Britain Brig. Major, vice Balfour, 40 F. 220 June

9th May 1820. 6 Lieut. Everest, Capt. by purch. vice Dew

Exchanges. guard, ret.

do. Capt. Moore, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Captain Ens. Eden, Lieut. by purch.

do. White, h. p. 24 Dr. C. L. Martin, Ens. by purch. 29th do.

Nixon, from 60 F. with Capt. Leslie, he pa 7. At Knock Drin, county of Westmeath, the seat of Sir Richard Leving, Bart. the lady of Captain Miller, royal horse artillery, a son.

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h. Po

Lieut. Oliver, from 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut Clu- Lieut. Brander, R. Horse Gds.
nie, h. p. 1 F.

Cornet Barfoot, 2 Dr. Gds.
Butler, from 32 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Ensign E. Carroll, 86 F.
Temple, h. p. 14 F.
Hodson, from 54 F. with Lieut. Manners,

Appointments Cancelled. h. p. 2 F.

Lieut. Manners, 54 F. Davidson, from 22 Dr. with Lieut. Cox, The Exchange between Lieut. Chambre, 11 Dr. 46 F.

and Lieut. Boys, h. p. 21 Dr.
Cormack, from 19 F. with Lieut Durnford, Ensign Spens, 93 F.
Matthews, from 43 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Fráser, h. p. Rifle Br.

Paymaster O'Connor, 11 F. 12th May 1820.
Luttrel, from 47 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.
Isaacson, h. p. 51 F.

Nowlan, from 50 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Lieut.-Gen. W. Robertson, Edinburgh, 31st Jan. Briggs, h. p. 91 F.

1820. Archbold, from 68 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Lieut-Col. Fehizen, 53 F. Namuel, Madras, 19th Hill, h. p. 43 F.

Jan. 1820 De Lancey, from 17 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Meadows, 15 F. London, 9th July Lindsey, h. p. 10 Dr.

Major Stewart, 19 Dr.

July 1820. Campbell, from 18 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Weir, late of R. Mar.

11th June Roberts, h. p. 5 F.

· Douglas, late 3 R. V. B.

8th July Ensign Lodington, from 32 F. rec. diff. with En

Capt. Pardey, h. p. 56 F. 26th April 1820 sign Barkley, h. p. 53 F.

Humphrys, 8 R. Vet. Bn. Aberdeen 220 June Ross, from 46 F. with Ensign Cumberlege Lechmere, h. p. Lucas's Dr. 30th July h. p. 67 F.

Du Platel, h. p. Chass. Britan. 6th March Geddes, from 46 F. with Ensign Gleeson, M'Queen, h. p. 78 F. Calcutta, 13th Nov. h. p. 103 F.

1819 Lewis, from 12 F. with Ensign Pounder,

M'Lean, h. p. 97 F. h. p. 73 F.

Lieut. Johnstone, F. Mehenepoucaum, Madras John O'Meara, from 39 F. with Ensign Jo

25th Dec. 1819 seph O'Meara, h. p. 5 W. I. R.

Hutchinson. 17 Dr. Kair, Bombay 27th Oct. Paymaster Otway, from 12 Dr. with Lieut. Prior,

Hunter, 67 F. Bombay

20th do, h. p. 1 W. I. R.

Tayloe, 19 F.
Qua. Mast. Hutchinson, from 55 F. with Ensign
M'Intosh, h. p. 63 F.

Quart. Mast. Johnstone, 65 F. Fort George, Bom-

27th Oct. 1819 Assist. Surg. Lawder, from 29 F. with Assist. Surg.

Richards, 4 F. Grenada 23d May 1820 Dunlop, h. p. 66 F.

Doyle, 27 F.

Macdonald, 46 F.
Resignations and Retirements.

Medical Department.
Lieut.-Col. Thoyts, R. Horse Gds.

Dep. Insp. W. T. Taylor, h. p.
Athorpe, R. Horse Gds.

Dr. Keating, Physician
Ramsden, Gren. Gds.

Hosp. Assist. Ward, Tobago 14th April, 1820
Cheyne, 47 F.
Major Stewart, 19 Dr.

Commissariat Department.
Dewguard, 6 F.

Assist. Com. Gen. Lefevre, Africa 26th May 1820 Captain Underwood, 21 Dr.

Dep. Assist. Com. Gen. Dwight, St Lucia Sth do.


a son,

June 22. At the Manse of Cavers, Mrs Strachan,

At Brussels, the lady of Ernest Leslie, Esq. younger of Balquhain, a son.

24. In Hans Place, London, the lady of the Honourable James Stewart, a son.

29. At Springfield Cottage, Perthshire, the lady of Alexander Macduff, Esq. of Bonhard, a son.

30. At Troup House, Mrs Garden Campbell of
Troup and Glenlyon, a son.
July 2. At Coats-House, Mrs Carnegie, a daughter.
4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Cowan, a daughter.
-Mrs Todd, Charlotte-square, Edinburgh, a son.

5. At Dundas-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Crauford, a daughter.

The lady of Lieut.-Colonel oss, 4th dragoon guards, a daughter. - At Biggar Park, Mrs Gillespie, a daughter.

At West Kirk Manse, Edinburgh, Mrs Dickson, a daughter.

In George-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Wedderburn, a son.

12. At Coekaimy-House, Fifeshire, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Mowbray, a daughter.

At London, the lady of Colonel the Honourable H. C. Lowther, M.P. a son.

- At Paris, the Right Honourable Lady Sinclair, a son.

13. At Haddington, Mrs Henry Davidson, a daughter.

- At Northumberland-street, Edinburgh, the lady of John Cay, Esq. a daughter.

14. At Beaumont Cottage, Chertsey, the lady of John H. Colt, Esq. a daughter.

16. At Castle-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Robert Cockburn, a son.

17. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Mrs General Dundas, a son.

At 34, Albany-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Gillespie, a daughter.

19. At London, the lady of Lieutenant-General Sir William Anson, K.C. B. a son.

21. At Culduthel, the lady of Affleck Fraser, Esq. a son. 27.


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8. In Great King-street, Edinburgh, the lady of William Mackintosh, a son.

10. In Albany-street, Edinburgh, Mrs George Robertson, a son.

- At her father's house, the lady of Murdoch Maclaine of Lochbuy, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Sillar, a son. 30. At Albany-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Paterson, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. Feb. 16. At Madras, Henry Oaks, Esq. of the Honourable East India Company's service, to Harriet, daughter of the late Captain Ewen Macdonaldi of Griminish.

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May 23. At St Croix, James Brown, Esq. mer. 14. At Edinburgh, Anthony Bigot, Esq. of Lon. chant there, to Miss Krause, daughter of Colonel don, tó Anne, daughter of William Macdougall, Krause, of the Danish service.

Esq. of Sloane-street, Chelsea, London. June 19. At Montrose, Captain George Beli, to 17. At Kelso, Mr H. D. Brink Kisbue, foreign Margaret_Addison, second daughter of Thomas agent and commission merchant, Leith, to Jane, elDougal, Esq. banker, in Montrose.

dest daughter of Mr John Winram, Terrace, Kelso. 20. At Bath, Captain Grant, of the East India At Stirling, Lieutenant Lucius French, of service, nephew to the celebrated Mrs Grant, to the 67th regiment, to Mary, eldest daughter of RoMiss Griffiths Williams, daughter of Sir George G, bert Young, Esq. Williams of the Cucus.

At Ayr, Charles D. Gairdner, Esq. to Miss 26. At Galashiels, Mr D. Ferguson, writer, to Cowan, only daughter of William Cowan, Esq. Ann, daughter of Mr John Sanderson, wood-mer- banker, and present provost of Ayr. chant.

18. At Clyro, in Radnorshire, Thomas Francis 27. At Derby, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Good- Kennedy of Dunure, Ayrshire, Esq. M. P. to sowin Keat, G. C. B. to Mary, eldest daughter of the phia, only daughter of the late Sir Samuel Rolate Francis Hurt, Esq. of Alderwasely, Derby- milly. shire.

At Humble, Mr William Wyle, merchant, At Inch Cottage, the reverend William Sym- Leith, to Eliza, only daughter of Alexander Dudington, Stranraer, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Ro- geon, Esq. bert Spiers, Esq. Paisley.

At Glasgow, Kenneth Bruce Stuart, Esq. of 3c. At St George's, Hanover-square, the Right Annat, to Janet, youngest daughter of Æneas MorHonourable John Bowes, Earl of Strathmore, to rison, Esq. Miss Mary Millner.

20. Captain Robert Melville Grindlay, of the July 1. At London, Henry Warren, Esq. of the Honourable East India Company's service, to MaGrove, Dedham, near Colchester, to Elizabeth ria Susanna, eldest daughter of John William Bruce, youngest daughter of the late James Hamil- Commerell, Esq. of Lower Berkeley-street. ton, Esq. of Bangour.

23. At St Madoes, Dugald Stewart, Esq. of At St Petersburg, Sir William Crichton, Castle Gable, to Isabella, eldest daughter of Mr M. D. to Sophia, daughter of M. Le Chevalier de Alexander Wallace, horse post-master, Suthoff.

24. At Auldgirth, Dumfries-shire, James Martin, 3. At Glasgow, Thomas Paterson, Esq. pay- Esq. merchant in Glasgow, to Margaret, eldest master in his Majesty's 22d regiment of foot, to daughter of the late Mr William Gordon, Hillend. Margaret, eldest daughter of James Miller, Esq. At Colinsburgh, Lieutenant John Fowler, merchant, Glasgow.

royal navy, to Margaret, only daughter of the late 4. At Edinburgh, Mr John Lizars, Hay's Court, Mr Daniel Conolly, merchant in Craill. to Jane, eldest daughter of Mr George Black, mer- 25. At Leith, Mr Robert More, distiller, Unchant, Tobago-street.

derwood, to Susan, daughter of Mr John M.Leod, 5. At Berwick, James Peat, Esq. of the New

Leith. Tanwork Company, Glasgow, to Mary, second At Linlithgow, John Fife, Esq. to Margaret, daughter of John Morrison, Esq. merchant, Ber- daughter of James Smith, Esq. both of that place. wick.

27. Mr Spencer Chichester, to Lady Augusta 6. At Aberdeen, Dr George Gordon M'Lean, to Paget, daughter of the Marquis of Anglesea. Frances Helen, daughter of John Angus, Esq. of 31. At Laurieston Place, Edinburgh, Mr Edward Tillycorthy,

Walkinshaw, merchant, Glasgow, to Mary, daughAt Edinburgh, Capt. James Stirling, R. N. ter of Mr John Crombie. of Glenlyon, fourth son of the late John Stirling of At Edinburgh, the reverend Arthur Buist, of Kippendavie, Esq. to Mary, third daughter of the Charleston, South Carolina, to Susan Stewart, selate Day Hort Macdowall of Castle Semple, Esq. cond daughter of the late Charles Ballantyne, Esq. 7. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant F. Beaumont, royal

of Bruntisland. navy, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Wil- Lately-At Cargilfield, William Bell, Esq. of liam Dawson, Esq. of Graden.

London, to Elizabeth, third daughter of George 10. At St James's Church, N. G. Gless, of the Kinnear, Esq. banker in Edinburgh. Honourable East India Company's service, to Jen. At Hermitage Place, Leith Links, John nette, eldest daughter of the late John Smith, Esq. M'Kean, Esq. W. S. accountant, to Margaret, of Edengrove, Fifeshire.

youngest daughter of the late John Thomson, Esq. - At London, Lieutenant-Colonel the Honour.

Leith. able James Hamilton Stanhope, to lady Frederica - At St Paul's chapel, York-place, Mr D. Louisa Murray.

Houston, writer, to Eliza, second daughter of Mr At Craiglockhart, Mr William Berwick, brewer, R. Maclorinan, Hertford, and niece of John Gall, Edinburgh, to Miss Marion Scott, daughter of Mr Esq. of the Excise, Edinburgh. A. Scott, farmer there.

At Portobello, Mr Robert Deuchar, solicitor - At Dairsie, Mr Alexander Webster, preacher at law, to Margaret, eldest daughter of the late Mr of the gospel, to Miss Jessie M‘Culloch, eldest Charles Ritchie, merchant, Edinburgh. daughter of the late Robert M'Culloch, Esq. collector of customs, Kingston, Jamaica.

11 At Leith, James Thomson, Esq. Stirling, to Jane, daughter of William Grinly, Esq. late mer

DEATHS. chant in Leith.

Jan. 7. At For William, Calcutta, Thomas At Edinburgh, John Dow, Esq. W. S. to Dingwall Fordyce, Lieutenant, and acting AdjuMiss Margaret Russel, eldest daughter of the late tant, and Quartermaster of the Bengal artillery, William Russel, merchant in Glasgow.

youngest son of Arthur Dingwall Fordyce, Esq. of At Edinburgh, John Livingston, Esq. of Culsh. Shortridgehead, to Miss Mary Nielson, Charlotte- In February last, of a fever, after an illness of street, Edinburgh.

only three days, whilst on his return from the exAt St Mary-la-bonne Church, London, Major- pedition in the Persian Gulf, Edmund, youngest General Sir James Lyon, K. C. B. to Anna, eldest brother of Sir Tyrwhytt Jones, Bart. daughter of the late Edward Cox. Esq, of Hamp- March 31. At Demerara, Mr Ranald Macallisstead Heath.

ter, third son of Dr Macallister, Strathaird, Isle of 12. At Jedburgh, Mr William H. Lizars, St

Skye. James's Square, Edinburgh, to Henrietta, daugh- At Cape Castle, on the coast of Africa, in the ter of Robert Wilson, Esq. surgeon, Jedburgh. month of April last, of a fever, occasioned by ex

Lieutenant-Colonel Gordon, of the 5th (or posure to the effluvia from the marshes, when boPrincess Charlotte of Wales's) dragoon guards, to tanizing, Mr Joseph Wilson, surgeon of the ship Anne, daughter of the late Joseph Bilton, Esq. of Indian of Liverpool, son of J. Wilson, Middle York.

mains of Salton. - At Treepland, John Sommerville, Esq. mer- May 6. At Point St Charles, near Montreal, chant, Glasgow, to Christina, daughter of William Mr John Watson, son of the late reverend Mr WatSommerville, of Windales, Esq.

son, of Glasgow. 13. At Paisley, the reverend J. Bruce, New- 18. At Mobille, West Florida, Roderick Gray, milns, to Isabella, eldest daughter of the reverend Esq. late of Liverpool, son of the late David Gray, William Ferrier, Paisley.

Esq; of Millbrae. Lieutenant-General Sir Colin Halkett, K.C.B. 23. Near Falmouth, Jamaica, aged 23, John &c. to Lætitia Sarah, widow of Major Taylor, Fraser, son of Mr Fraser, teacher, 24, James' royal artillery.



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25. On his passage from Lisbon, Thomas Sto. In Tohago-street, aged 29, Agnes Scott; wife dart, Esq. Cardrona Mains.

of Samuel Wright. At Montreal, Captain Alexander Webster, of 12. At his Palace, in Chelsea, after a long illhis Majesty's 50th regiment of foot.

ness and gradual decay of nature, the Honourable - At his house at Greenock, Patrick Nicolson of Brownlow North, D. c. L. Lord Bishop of WinArdmore, Esq.

chester, Prelate of the Order of the Garter, ProJune 3. At his house in London, the Right Hon- vincial Sub-Dean of Canterbury, and Visitor of ourable John, Earl of Strathmore.

Magdalene, New Trinity, St John's, and ('orpus 6. On his passage home from Demerara, Robert Colleges, Oxford, F. A. and L. S. His Lordship M‘Laren, Esq. merchant, Demerara.

was aged 79, having been nearly 10 years bishop of 8. At Charleston, South Carolina, John Mars that diocese. shall, Esq. eldest son of the late Dr Hugh Mar. 13.

On his passage from Demerara, Francis shall, Rothesay,

James Adam, Esq. youngest son of the Lord Chief 14. Clonfecle Glebe-house, aged 80, the reverend Cominissioner of the Jury Court. William Richardson, D. D. well known to the li- 14. At Clayhall, near Windsor, Mrs James Linds terary world by his refutation of the Huttonian say, wife of Captain Lindsay, grenadier guards, theory of the alternate decay and production of aged 23. the earth; by his discovery of marine exuviæ in 16 At Beith, William Fleming, Esq. writer. unformed basalt; and his curious researches into In the 75th year of his age, the right reverend the whyn dykes of the north of Ireland; and the William Bennet, Bishop of Cloyne; a prelate agriculturalist will long remember the zeal with most respectable for his learning, and most excmwhich he brought into notice the valuable property plary for his uprightness, benevolence, and piety. of the fiorin grass, and promoted its cultivation. He was promoted to the see of Cloyne in the year

20. At Leith Walk, Mr John Marshall sculptor, 1790. The value of his bishoprick was estimated 22. At the Manse of Aberfoyle, Miss Mary Sum- at nearly 1.6000 per annum.

18. At London, John Anderson, Esq. ef Fer23. At her house, Buccleuch-street, Miss Law- moy, county of Cork, in the 74th year of his age, rie.

a native of Dumfriesshire. Every person ac24. At Bramling-house, near Wingham, county quainted with the history of Ireland, will long reof Kent, Captain John Wood, of the

royal navy. member that he was the father of the mail-coach sys26. At the Manse of Dyke, the reverend James tem in that kingdom, and like all other first improvSmith.

ers, he had great, and to a less energetic character, 27. At Edinburgh, in the 22d year of his age, insurmountable difficulties to encounter in the acAlexander Duncan, the eldest son of Mr Alexan- complishment of that object. He lived, however, der Dallas, W. S.

to see the effectual triumph of this, the great pur. 28. Mrs Raitt of Carphin died there.

suit of his early life. 29. At his seat, Hyde Hall, Hertfordshire, the At Clifton, Thomas Mackmillan Brown, aged. A Earl of Roden, K. St P.

22. 30. At Edinburgh, after a long continued illness, 20. At No 17, Shakspcare-square, in the 83d William Griffith, umbrella-manufacturer, aged 56. year of her age, Miss Graham, only remaining At Redpath, Mrs Neill, aged 81.

daughter of the deceased James Graham of Balqu- At Clyde Cottage, Richard Henderson, Esq. happle, Esq. one of the city clerks of Glasgow.

The infant son of Michael Stewart Nicolson, At Dunbar, Mr John Goudie, late manufac- Esq. of Carnock. turer in Glasgow.

At Inverness, after a short illness, Mrs Su-i July 2. At Edinburgh, after a long and painful sanna Macalister, wife of Norman Macdonald, Esq. illness, Isabella, wife of Alexander Nicholson, Esq. Scalpa.

- At Brechin, Mr James Morris, bookseller - At Montrose, Mrs Elizabeth Straton, daugh. 04 there.

ter of the deceased John Straton, Esq. of Lauries- At Barrock-House, Caithness, John Sinclair, ton, aged 86. Esq. of Barrock.

21. At Portobello, John Mackintosh, late ac. 4. At Dovan, Mr Daniel Wardrop, aged 92. countant of the Royal Bank.

The infant son of John Tod, Esq. W. S. 22. At Mansefield, Hugh Humphrey Wilson, · Charlotte Square.

son of the reverend John Wilson, minister of Les- At his seat at Fulham, the Right Honourable mahagow. Thomas, Lord Viscount Ranelagh.

23. At Berwick, Mr Archibald Mackie, youngest w 5. At Wiek, William Macleay, Esq. late provost son of the late Mr William Mackie, Ormiston, of that burgh, in the 80th year of his age.

East Lothian. 6. At Edinburgh, Ann, eldest daughter of James 24. James Towers, Esq. Professor of Midwifery! ** Moncrieff, Esq. advocate.

in the University of Glasgow. 6. At Slateford Manse, John Houston, the infant 25 At his house, George's Square, Colonel Ro-T son of the reverend Dr Belfrage.

bert Baillie, late of the Honourable the East India - In Charlotte Square, George William, the in- Company's service. fant son of H. St John Tucker, Esq.

Lately-At Horndean, in Hampshire, Edward 7. At Pitliver, Robert Wellwood, Esq. of Gar- Oliver Osborn, Esq. Vice-Admiral of his Majesty's vock.

fleet. At Montrose, Alexander Paterson, Esq. mer- - At Bankfoot, near Dalkeith, Miss Ramsay. chant there.

- At Edinburgh, aged 17 months, Alexander, 2 At his house, Broomhill, near Lasswade, only son of Alexander Davidson, lecturer in natu- » William Swanston, Esq. late of St Kitts.

ral philosophy 8. At Balgonie Cottage, Fifeshire, Major James - At St Croix, in the West Indies, in Aprillast, Douglas, late of the 7th royal veteran battalion. George Allan, Esq. nephew of the reverend Alex

8. At Parkhill, Stirlingshire, Mrs Catherine Mil. ander Allan, late Episcopal minister in Edinburgh. ler, relict of Andrew Muirhead, Esq. Castle Ranken. 9. Mrs Morison of Greenfield, near Alloa. Indies, William Johnston, Esq. eldest son of Mr 1

, At Kippenross-House, Mrs stirling, widow of John Johnston, Ayr. the late John Stirling, Esq. Kippendavie.

Suddenly, near Armagh, supposed by apo10. At Largs, James, only son of George Stir- plexy, in consequence of bathing when in a state ling, Esq. Glasgow.

of excessive perspiration and debility, John Stowa. - At Kilsyth Manse, the reverend Robert Ren. bridge, Esq. formerly lieutenant in the 59th foot. nie, D.D.

At Eye, in Suffolk, in the 89th year of his 1. At Glasgow, Mr James Bredie, aged 73. age, the reverend Robert Malyn, who was chapiain

In Queen-street, Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth on board the Prince Frederick man of war, ad ther! Keay, sen.

taking of Louisburgh, and was present at the death - At Glasgow, Dame Robina Crawfurd Pollock of General Wolfe and the taking of Quebec in 1759.*** of Pol aged 83,

lict of Sir Hew Crawfurd, For the last 59 years this venerable clergyman had Bart. of Jordanhill.

been rector of Kirkton, in Suffolk.


Oliver & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh. ATAH

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