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9. AC Montreal, Mr Hugh Aird, youngest son of &c. by the touch, gave rise to much discussion Robert Aird, Esq. of Crossflatt.

about three years since. 16. At East Houses, aged 78, Gideon Walking- 10. At his seat, Elcombe-place, Kent, the most shaw. He was father to 12 children, grandfather noble Walter, Marquis of Ormonde. His Lord. to 64, and great-grandfather to 41, making a total ship was born in 1770, succeeded his father John, of 117; 30 of whom are dead, and 87 living. He the late Earl, in 1796. Having died without issue, was in the employ of the Marquises of Lothian for he is succeeded in his titles and estates by his next 61 years, and 84 of his progeny are yet at his lord- brother, James Wandesford, now Earl of Ormonde. ship's works.

The title of Marquis and the British Peerage are 17. At his house, near Meikle-Govan, Mr Andrew extinct. Orr, late bookseller, Glasgow, aged 66.

11. At London, the Right Hon. Lady Lilford. 22. At Glasgow, Mrs Ann Hepburn, wife of the At his house, Albany-street, North Leith, late Mr Robert Hepburn, stocking-maker, Glasgow, Thomas Robertson, late Commander of the Royal aged 94.

Charlotte, revenue cutter. 23. At Kemnay, Mr Charles Dawson, who, for 12. At Edinburgh, Mr J. Swanston, merchant. ! the long period of 40 years, had been the parochial 13. At Edinburgh,

Mrs Elizabeth Finlayson, wischoolmaster.

dow of Mr William Finlayson, formerly of Savan- At his house, Arthur-street, Edinburgh, Mr na-la-Mar, Jamaica. James Munro, goldsmith.

At Musselburgh, in his 67th year, John Tay. 24. At Alloa, Mrs Margaret Cowie, wife of John lor, A. M. rector of the grammar school there. Drummond, Esq. writer there.

14. At his house, Allan's-close, Edinburgh, Mr - At Newbottle, Diana, eldest daughter of the Richard Cleghorn, solicitor-at-law. late Colonel Donald Macleod of St Kilda.

16. At Edinburgh, John Livingston, Campbell, 26. Jane, infant daughter, and on 7th August, Esq. of Achallader. Mary, in her 14th year, then only daughter of Mr 17. At Edinburgh, Mr Jas Johnston, engraver. Richard Tosh, writer, Kirkaldy.

At Leith, Robert, son of Mr James Ainslie, - At Holywood-manse, the Rev. Dr Crichton, merchant there, aged 17. minister of that parish.

- At Edinburgh, John Livingston, Esq. of 29. At Joxtith-park, near Liverpool, Eliza Anna, Shortridgehead, writer in Edinburgh. wife of Mr John Macintyre, merchant, and daugh. 18. At Lude, Colonel John Robertson. ter of General Ferrier, Dumbarton-castle, aged 33. 19. At Edinburgh, Mr James Miller, depute

- At Inverness, Jas Errol Gray, Esq. surgeon. clerk to the Commission of Teinds.

30. At Workshop, Nottinghamshire, Robert At West Calder-manse, May, eldest daughter Barber, Esq. aged 85.

of the late Rev. John Muckersy, minister of the 31. At Chessels'-court, Wilhelmina Marjori. gospel at Kinkell. banks, wife of William Jamieson, merchant in 20. At Bath, Major-General Sir Graney Thomas Edinburgh.

Calcraft, Knight of the orders of Maria Theresa, At her father's house, St Andrew's-square, Tower and Sword, &c. &c. Edinburgh, Dorothea Clerk, eldest daughter of 21. At his house in Queen Anne-street, Sir Hugh Joseph Bell, Esq. surgeon.

Inglis of Milton Bryant, in the county of Belford, Aug. 1. At Blackness, Linlithgowshire, Mr Geo. Bart. Allan, merchant, Edinburgh.

At Brussels, Lieutenant-General Sir Ewen At Mound-place, Edinburgh, Miss Mary Na. Baillie, Bart. pier.

22. At Edinburgh, David Johnston Malcolm, 2. At Swinebourne-castle, very suddenly, in the Esq. collector of his Majesty's customs, Kirkaldy: prime of life, Leonard Shafto Orde, a Lieutenant. At Nelson-street, Mrs Elizabeth Suther, wife General in his Majesty's service, a Justice of Peace of George Melville, writer in Edinburgh. and Deputy-Lieutenant for Northumberland. 23. At Castle-Semple-house, John Harvey, Esq. At Margate, Mr Gilbert Hamilton, son of the of Castle

Semple, in the

67th year of his age. late Gilbert Hamilton, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.

25. At his house in Grosvenor-street, London, At Chapel, Fifeshire, Robert Amott, Esq. the Right Hon. Lord Stawell, in his 64th year. aged 78.

His Lordship was only son of the Right Hon. H. - At Edinburgh, the Rev. David Dickson of Bilson Legge, formerly Chancellor of the ExPersilands, one of the ministers of this city.

chequer. 3. James, the infant son of Mr Wm Dalrymple. At Lathrisk, Charles Maitland of Rankeilour,

- At Edinburgh, in his 21st year, Mr Edward one of his Majesty's Deputy Lieutenants for FifeFinlay Marnoch, student of medicine, fifth son of shire. the late Mr John Marnoch, carver and gilder, 26. At Candy, Stirlingshire, Margaret, only Edinburgh.

daughter of Mr Alexander Robertson. - At Glenpark, Janet Agnes Bell, daughter of After a lingering illness, Mr Thomas Strong, Thomas Bell, Esq. Wharton-place, Edinburgh. merchant in Leith. 3. At Brussels, Major-General Sir William Nic- 27. At Bridgend, Isabella Mary Campbell, spouse olson, Bart.

of Major Todd, late of the 33d regiment. - At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Boswell, the 28. At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachell Ann Morrieson, last of the name in the direct

line of the ancient widow of Major David Morrieson, of the Hon. family of the Boswells of Balmuto.

East India Company's service. 6. At Clifton, George Anna, second daughter of - At Linlithgow, after a lingering illness, MarCaptain John Paterson of the Hon. East India garet, youngest daughter of Mr John Henley of the Company's service.

Excise there. - At his house, St Andrew's-square, Edinburgh, At Camberwell Grove, London, William, David Craigie, second son of Joseph Bell, Esq. youngest son of William Scott, Esq. surgeon.

30 at Queen-street, Enfield-highway, Middle - At her house, Abercromby-place, Edinburgh, sex, Mrs Mary Anne Burgess, wife of John Keir, Mrs Taylor, relict of the late Mr Robert Taylor, Esq.; and, same day, John William, their infant Canongate.

- Ai Forres, William Tulloh, Esq. of Bogton, - At London, Ensign James Wight of the 79th and formerly of Calcutta.

regiment, eldest son of the late Lieutenant-Colonel 7. At his house in the Tower, London, John Andrew Wight of Chapelerne. Urquhart, Esq. of the Ordnance-office.

Lately-At Bouverie-street, London, of apo - At his house, 13, Gayfield-square, Edinburgh, plexy, aged 80, James Dobie, Esq. solicitor, for 34 Thomas Brown, Esq. bookseller.

years secretary to the Scottish Corporation. 8. At Gilmerton, Miss Christian Trotter, daugh- On board the Streatham, East Indiaman, on his ter of the late Thomas Trotter, Esq. merchant, passage from Bengal to China, in October last, Edinburgh.

Richard Turnbull, assistant-surgeon, third son of - Mr Thomas Waugh of Laretburn.

the late John Turnbull, Esq. of Branxton. At Greenock, Patrick James Hunter, son of At Paris, William Thomas Sandford, Esq. for: Patrick Hunter, jun. Esq.

merly a Major on the Bombay Establishment, and 9. At Liverpool, the celebrated Miss Margaret aid-de-camp to General Abercrombie during the M'Avoy, whose faculty of distinguishing colours, Mysore war.

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ACTED Drama of London, notices of the, Barlow's magnetical discoveries, notice con-
No XV. 182_No XVI. 307

cerning, 443
Advice to Julia, a letter in rhyme, review Beavers, account of a colony of, in Bohe-
of, 520

mia, 691
Algiers, the battle of, verses on, 291 Biblical Sketches, No 1. Elijah, 274-No
Ae, the Witch of, 277, 374

II. The casting forth of Jonah, 275–
Afar, Oh Ladye fair, afar, 273

No III. The vision of Zechariah, 276
Africa, notices regarding the interior of, Bill of Fare, the, remarks on, 667

215-of Mr Gray's expedition, 330. 444 Births, lists of, 118, 230, 342, 461, 582,
Alexander restores the Spoils to Athens, a 704
Poem, 617

Boxiana, or sketches of Pugilism, No VII.
Anster, John, review of Poems by, 312 294
Antarctic Continent, discovery of an, 566 Braham Mr, a lesson for, 135
Antidote for Vegetable Poisons, 445 Brougham and Chalmers on National Edu-
Antonio Lambertacci, Life of, concluded,499

cation, 419
Apparition of St Thomas, 144

Brown, Professor, review of his Outlines of
Appointments, Promotions, &c. 115, 229, the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 62
340, 459, 581, 703

Caledonian Canal, remarks on the, 427
Assassins, a secret society in Egypt, history Cameronian, Macrabin, the, 48, 157, 279,
of the, 446

374, 508, 651
Aurum Millium, discovery of a new metal Cameronian Songs, 380, 381
so called, 331

Cameronian Ballads, remarks on the, 482
Ayrshire Legatees, or the Correspondence of -Ballad I. On Mark Wilson, slain at
the Pringle Family, 262_Miss Pringle Trongray, 484-II. The Voice uplifted
to Miss Mally Glencairn, ib.-Miss against Chapels and Churches, 485_111.
Rachel Pringle to Miss Isabella Todd, On the discomfiture of the Godless at
263–The Rev. Dr Pringle to Mr Mic- Drumclog, ib.-IV. The Doom of Niths-
klewham, 264Andrew Pringle, Esq. to dale, 486_V. Harmonious Call to the
Rev. Charles Snodgrass, 266—Rev. Dr Cameronians, 487_VI. The Cameronian
Pringle to Mr Micklewham, 267-Mrs Banner, 488.
Pringle to Miss Mally Glencairn, 269– Canning, Right Hon. George, speech of, at
Andrew Pringle, Esq. to Rev. Charles the Liverpool dinner, 11
Snodgrass, 270-Miss Rachel Pringle to Cashemere wool-goat, Importation of, into
Miss Isabella Todd, 393—Rev.Dr Pringle

France, 412
to Mr Micklewham, 395-Andrew Prin. Cataract, notice of a remarkable 'one in
gle to Rev. Charles Snodgrass, 398- Norway, 104
Mrs Pringle to Miss Mally Glencairn, Ceylon, notice of a scientific tour 'in, 103
400—Andrew Pringle, Esq. to the Rev. Chalmer's and Brougham on National Edu-
Charles Snodgrass, 468– The Rev. Dr cation, 419
Pringle to Mr Micklewham, 470-Miss Chantrey, Francis, Memoir of, 3
Rachel Pringle to Miss Isabella Todd, Chevy Chace, fitte the second ; idem Latine
472-Mrs Pringle to Miss Nanny Ey. redditum, 323
dent, Mantua-maker, Irvine, 475_Dr Chinese account of the islands of Loo-Choo,
Pringle to Mr Micklewham, 589-An- 568
drew Pringle to Rev. Charles Snodgrass, Classics, translations from the less familiar
591--Mrs Pringle to Mrs Glibbans, 593
--Miss Rachel Pringle to Miss Isabella Cloister, Tales of the, 132
Todd, 595_Mrs Pringle to Miss Mally Collier, Jeremy, and the Opponents of the
Glencairn, 597

Drama, 387
Baffin's Bay, notice regarding the red snow Comets, notice concerning, 443
of, 570

Commercial Reports, 110, 223, 337, 453,
Ballads, Cameronian, 482

576, 698
Bankruptcies, alphabetical lists of English Copper mine in Dumfries-shire, discovery of

and Scotch, 112, 225, 337, 455, 577, 699

4 X

ones, 614

a, 570

Corcoran, Peter, memoirs of, 294

Grand surgical operation, ascount of a, 567
Corn Tables, 112, 227, 337, 456, 579, 701 Gray, Mr, notices regarding his expedition
Correspondence of the Pringle Family, 262 into Africa, 330, 444
393, 467, 589

Greek colleges, notice respecting, 569
Crocodiles flesh eaten in Egypt, 105 Gypsies, adventure with the, 48, 157
Deaths, lists of, 119, 231, 343, 463, 583, Hailstorm, remarkable one, 688

Hakon Jarl, a Danish tragedy, 73
Death of Tammeamea, king of the Sand- Hammer's history of the assassins, notice
wich Islands, account of, 566

regarding, 466.
Despondency, a reverie, 45

History, natural, remarks on the study of,
Discovery of a Southern, or Antarctic Con. 618
tinent, 566

Hogg, James, the Ettrick Shepherd, review
Diving-bell, notice regarding the, 569 of tales by, 148
Donnelly, Sir Daniel, Luctus on the death Horæ Cantabrigiensis, No V. 292

of, 186_Child Daniel, ib.Dirge on, Horæ Danicæ, No I. Hakon Jarl, a tra.
188—Sir Daniel, a ballad, 191_Letter

gedy, 73
and Ode by Odoherty on, 192—Letter Horæ Germanicæ, No V. The Faustus or
from Seward on, 194—A Hebrew Dirge Goethe, 236—No VI. The opening of
over, 197—Letter and Dirge by Mr King Yngurd, 407-No VII. 545
Jenning's, 199—Letter and song by Mr Hora Hispanicæ, No II. The morning of
Dowden, 200-Speech at the Cork In- St John the Baptist, 259—The death of
stitution on, 202

Don Alonzo of Aguilar, 260
Drama, acted, of London, notices of the, Horace, specimens of Mr Wrangham's
182, 307

translations from, 369
Drama, opponents of the, remarks on, 387 Human mind, review of Brown's outlines
Dumfries-shire, discovery of a Copper mine of the philosophy of, 62
there, 570

Hydrophobia, tropical remedy for the, 103
Earthquake in the Ionian Islands, 444 India, trigonometrical survey of, 215_Me-
Eclipse, ode composed during the great one teoric stone brought from, 442
on 7th September, 649

Ionian Islands, terrible earthquake in the,
Edinburgh Review, Mr Phillpotts and the, 444

Ireland, thoughts and suggestions on the
Education, national, Brougham and Chal. education of the peasantry of, review of,
mers on, 419

534-Simplicius on the state of, 637
of the Peasantry of Ireland, Janet Morison's Lyke-wake, 651
thoughts and suggestions on the, review Isle of Despair, the, 46
of, 534

Jerusalem, the Fall of, review of, 123
Egypt, notice regarding the Emerald mines Jew, the Wandering, legend of, 608
of, 214

John and Joan, a new poem, 437
Elder, the, 598

Jonah, the casting forth of, 275
Elegies, 35, 289

Julia, Advice to, a poem, review of, 520
Elegy composed on the field of Pinkie, Juno, the wile of, 355

Kean, Mr, notice of his acting of King
Elijah, 274

Lear, 182
Eloquence, fragment of an essay on, 644 King Yngurd, a German tragedy, 407, 545
Emerald mines of Egypt, notices of the dis- Knickerbocker, Diedrich, review of his his-
covery of the, 214

tory of New York, 360
Essay on Songs, and Song Writers, 32 Lambertacci, Antonio, life of, concluded,
Essays and Sketches of Life and Character, 499

Lear, King, notice of Kean's acting of, 182
Etna, Mount, observations on the height of Legend of Ulfric the Anchoret, 144

Letter relative to Melville's monument in
Ettrick Shepherd, review of Tales by, 148. Edinburgh, 58
Extracts from Mr Wastle's Diary, 317,663 Letter to Peter Morris, M.D. on the sorts
-From Matthew Paris, 605.

and uses of literary praise, 629
Fagerty O’Fogarty's poem of Daniel Letters of a liberal Whig, No III. 21
O'Rourke, 477

Life and character, review of essays and
Fable concerning Christ's raising Japhet sketches of, 528
the son of Noah, 609

Life and character, sketches of village, 631
Faustus of Goethe, account of the, 236 Literary and scientific intelligence, 103,
Fly-fishing in Northumberland, 137

214, 330, 442, 566, 688
Forayer, the, 155

Literary praise, on the sorts and uses of, 629
Fragment of an essay on Eloquence, 644 Literature of Norway, Sweden, and Ice-
Gas lamp, new patent for a portable one, land, notice regarding, 447

London, salubrity of the air in, 104,
Glimpse into the third volume of Wrang. Loo-choo, Chinese account of the islands
ham's works, 176

of, 568
Goethe, account of his drama of Faustus, Lord Morison, an old ballad, 516

Lyke-wake, Janet Morison's, 651

gow, 489

Macrabin, Mark, the Cameronian, 48, 157, Oehlenschlaeger the Dane, translation of a
277, 374, 508, 651

letter from, 674—The building of the
Magnetical discoverfés of Barlow, notice re- palace of -, from the Danish of, 675
garding, 443

Opponents of the drama, remarks on the,
Mahomet's power to work miracles, refuta- 387
tion of, 609

O'Rourke, Daniel, an epic poem, 476–
Marine thermometer, Jameson's, notice re- Canto I. Patrick Blake, 477
garding, 331

Paris, Matthew, extracts from the history
Marriages, lists of, 118, 230, 342, 462, of, 141
582, 705

Paris, Matthew, extracts from the “Historia
Mary's Mount, 402

lajor" of, 605
Matthew Paris, extracts from his history Peasantry of Ireland, on the education of

continued, 141_Death of Robert, Duke the, 534
of Normandy, ib. Battle of the Stand- Penitent Son, the, 171
ard, 142–What happened to Thomas of Petrified tree, remarkable one near Glas-
Canterbury on a Tuesday, 143_Liber.
ties of the church of Normandy, 144- Philosophy of the Human Mind, review of
Apparition of St Thomas, ib. Legend Brown's outlines of the, 62
of Ulfric the Anchoret, 145

Phillpotts, Mr, and the Edinburgh Review,
Matthew Paris, monk of St Alban's, ex- 168

tracts from the “ Historia Major” of, Pinkie, elegy composed on the field of, 403

Poetry, the rape of Proserpine, 28Elegies,
Melville, Lord, letter on the proposed mo- 35,289-A winter morning, 36-Despon-
nument to, in Edinburgh, 58

lency, a reverie, 45—The woodland glen,
Memoir of Francis Chantrey, sculptor, 3- 46—The Isle of Despair, a vision, ib.

Of Peter Corcoran, the pugilist, 294 Gypsey songs, 55, 56, 57-Stanzas on a
Meteoric stone, account of one brought child of five years of age, 72-Sonnets,
from India, 442

102–Review of Milman's Fall of Jeru.
Meteorological reports, 113, 227, 338, 457, salem, 123—The Abbey, 147- The
579, 701

forayer, 155–The cypress tree, 156– To
Microsophus, or the virtuoso pedant, 494 the morning star, 157-On the death or
Military promotions and appointments, 115, Sir Daniel Donelly, 186_Sorrow is dry,
229, 340, 459, 581, 703

188—Lines by Mr North, 190—Sir D.
Milman's Fall of Jerusalem, review of, 123 Donelly, a ballad, 191-O'Donelly, an
Miniature, the, 491

ode, 193—Ullaloo, a Greek lamentation
Moods of the Mind, No I. Despondency, on Sir Daniel, with a Latin translation,
45—No II. The woodland glen, 46-

194-197-A Hebrew dirge, 197—A
No III. The isle of despair, ib. No IV. dirge by Mr Jenning's, 199—A new song
The forayer, 155-No V. The cypress or lainentation for Sir D. Donelly, 2014
tree, 156-No VI. To the morning star, Sonnets by Wordsworth, 206—Song for
157- No VII. Midnight wanderings, the morning of St John the Baptist, 259
489-No VIII. The clouds frown dark, -T'he Death of Don Alonzo of Aguilor,
490-No IX. The elm trees, ib.

260—The silent eve, 272 - Afar, oh,
Morisons, the last of the, 508

ladye fair, afar, 273— Biblical sketches,
Morris, Peter, M. D. letter to, on literary 274—The Witch of Ae's song, 279m
praise, 629

The spell unravelled, 290_ The battle of
Mountains, on the distant visibility of, 216 Algiers, 291-Poetical pieces by Peter
Mülner, Adolphus, review of a tragedy Corcoran, 304-The Wile of Juno, 355
from the German of, 407, 545

Translations from Horace, 370—Came-
Natural history, remarks on the study of, ronian songs, 380, 381–Mary's Mount,

402_Elegy composed on the field of
Naval appointments and promotions, 117, Pinkie, 403— To Margaret, 405-Son-

net, 436-Sohn and Joan, a new poem,
Necker, Mademoiselle, late Madame de 437-Cameronian ballads, 482-Mid-
Stael, portrait of, 25

night wanderings, 489—The clouds frown
New tale for a melo-drama, 347

dark, 490-—the elm-trees, ib. The mic
New York, review of Knickerbocker's his- niature, 491--Reflections on a ruined
tory of, 360

Abbey, 498-Lord Morison, a tale, 516
Northumberland, a excursion in, Review of advice to Julia, 520_Ode to

Marshal ,587 The Elder, 598
Norway, appearance of, described by Bede- - Translations from the less familiar

classics, 614 - Alexander restores to
Norway, remarkable cataract in, 104

Athens the spoils carried off by Xerxes,
Norwegian, Swedish, and Icelandic litera- 617-A sea-side reverie, 622-Stanzas
ture, notice regarding, 447

the Re-interment of King Robert
Ode to Marshal on his return, 587 Bruce, 62-Youth, 624_The wild rose,

- composed during the eclipse in Septem- 625--The autunnal eve, 629_Sonnets,
ber 1820, 649

628_Sketches of village life and charac-
Oehlenschlaeger, Adam, a tragedy by, 73 ter, 631– The village funeral, 635--The

mar, 332



dying villager, 636—Sir Allan's wooing, Speech of Mr Canning on his re-election for

Liverpool, 11
Poor, Brougham and Chalmers on the edu. St Priest MSS. selections from, 25
cation of the, 419

Standard, battle of the, in 1138, 142
Pringle family, correspondence of the, 262 Stanzas written on a child five years of age,
Prometheus unbound, 679

72_On the re-interment of Robert the
Promotions, appointments, &c. 115, 229, Bruce, 623
340, 459, 581

Steam-ships, account of a new one at New
Propertius, translations from, 614

York, 444
Proserpine, the rape of, a poem, 28 Storm, the snow, 37
Publications, monthly list of ones, 107, Suggestions on the education of the peasan-
219, 333, 449, 572, 695

try of Ireland, 534
Pugilism, sketches of, by one of the fancy, Suicide, on the prevalent disposition to,

Recollections, No IV. Mark Macrabin, the Surgical operation, account of a grand one,

Cameronian, 48-No V. 157-No VI. 567

277—No VII. 374 No VIII. 508, 651 Tabella Cibaria, or the bill of fare, re-
Red snow of Baffin's Bay, notice regarding marks on, 667
the, 590

Tale, new one, for a melo-drama, 347
Reflections on a ruined abbey, 492

Tales of the cloister ; tale first, 132_Tale
Remarks of a liberal Whig, 21-On Jeremy second, a lesson for Mr Braham, 135

Collier and the opponents of the drama, Tale third, ib.
387-On Brougham and Chalmers on by the Ettrick Shepherd, review of,
national education, 419„On the Caledo. 148
nian Canal, 427-On the study of natu- Tammeamea, king of the Sandwich Islands,
ral history, 618_On Tabella Cibaria, or account of the death of, 566
the bill of fare, 667

Testimonium, the, a prize poem, betwixt
Review of Brown's philosophy of the hu- 346 and 347
man mind, 62_Of Milman's fall of Je. Thoughts on the education of the poor in
rusalem, 123_Of Hogg's tales, 148_Of Ireland, 534
sonnets by Wordsworth, 206~Of An-

on the proceedings of the special
ster's poems, 312_Of Knickerbocker's commission for the trial of treasons in
history of New York, 360_Of advice to Scotland, 561
Julia, a poem, 520--Of essays and Tims, King, an American tragedy, by Peter
sketches of life and character, 528--Of Corcoran, 297
thoughts and suggestions on the educa. Translation of a letter from Oehlenschlaeger,
tion of the peasantry of Ireland, 534- the Dane, to , 674

Of Shelley's Prometheus Unbound, 679 Translations from the less familiar classics,
Richard I. adventures of, in his return from 614
Palestine, 605

Tunis bark, the, and the Dervis of Smyrna,
Rousseau, extract of a letter relative to the 347
death of, 26

Vegetable poisons, antidote for, 445
Ruins, reflections on,

Verses on a winter morning, 36
Sandwich Islands, death of the king of, 566 Versification, on sweetness of, 641
Scientific and literary intelligence, 103, 214, Village life and character, sketches of, 631
330, 442, 566, 688

politician, the, 631
Sea-side reverie, a, 622

boy, young hopeful, the, 633
Selections from the St Priest MSS. No II. Virginius, a tragedy, criticism on, 307

Virtuoso pedant, the, 494
Semihoræ Biographicæ, No I.--To Chris. Voltaire, letter relative to the death of, 26

topher North, "Esq. 610_Letter from Wandering Jew, legend of the, 608
Mrs C. to Q. Z. X., 612-Extract of a Warder, the, No VI. 11-No VII. 90
letter from John Nichols, Esq. 613 Wastle, Mr, extracts of his diary, 317, 663

Letter from Mr R. S. Kirby, &c. ib. Whig, letters of a liberal, No Ill. 21
Silent eve, the, 272

Wile of Juno, the, 355
Simplicius on the state of Ireland, 637 Witch of Ae, the, 277, 374, 508
Sketches of life and character, review of, 528 Woodland Glen, the, 46
Sketches of village life and character, 631 Wool-goat of Cashemere, importation or
Snow storm, the, 37

into France, 442
Songs and song-writers, essay on, 32 Wordsworth, Mr. review of sonnets by, 206
Sonnets, 162, 436

Works preparing for publication, 105, 217,
Southern or Antartic Continent, discovery of 332, 447, 570, 693

Wrangham's works, glimpse into the third
Special commission for the trial of treasons volume of, 176_Specimens of his transe
in Scotland, thoughts on the proceedings lations from Horace, 369
of the, 561

Yngurd, King, a German tragedy, 407, 545
Specimens of translations from Horace, 369 Zechariah, the vision of, 276

a, 566

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