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land which an hundred families can fairly occupy, and amply sufficient to supply a roster or rotation of very easy service in the necessary watch and ward of the settlement.

N. B. This average number of males would be rather too large, were not apprentices and indentured fervants included; but in a new settlement, where ordinary labour is chiefly wanted, there is a great probability that the indentured servants will far exceed the number I have estimated.

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Rotation. Exercise.Discipline preserved by

Fines of Labour.-Watch Duty of Indentured
Servants to be allowed and dedu£ted from the
Term of their Indentures.


THE bundred deciners should serve, three at a time at least, with fix privates, in due rotation, as the nightly guard of the hundred division; which guard being divided into three parties of one deciner and two privates each, one party may patrole, whilst the other two are ftationed at the gate-house, or watchtower, alternately watching and resting every four hours; but the patroling and watching party must relieve each other every

two hours, until it is their turn to rest four hours in the inner guard room; by this means the watch duty may be



rendered very easy and equal to all ranks of persons in the hundred; and even if the captain and four of the oldeft de. ciners, together with eight of the youngest privates be excused the nightly duty, the rotation of this easy service to each individual will be only once in thirty-two nights, viz. less than twelve nights in a year, which cannot interfere with their ordinary employments: but for the sake of keeping up proper discipline, triple the number ought to assemble in rotation, every evening and morning, to set and to discharge the guard, after the performance of a short military exercise all together, under the inspection of the captain, or one of the lieute-, nants, (being previously trained or drilled in small squads under the inspection of their respective ferjeants) and this attendance may be rendered perfectly equal and regular to all ranks, by a proper roster of service, duly distinguishing the



courses of Watch and Ward from the rotation of attendance for mere exercife.

Want of punctuality in musters, or absence, should be punished in proportion to the time lost, by equal fines on all ranks of men, estimated at so many days or bours labour (as hereafter explained) towards the support of the public Exchequer.

Disobedience of orders on service, and inattention or carelessness in exercise, and all such other misdemeanors, should be likewise punished by fines of labour for publick profit.

The watch duty of an indentured feryant should be rewarded by a deduction of one day's service from his indentures for each night that he attends on mili


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tary duty, which will encourage his vigilance, and win his attention to the interests of the settlement; and by his being entered on the same roster with the whole body of deciners, and by ferying in due rotation, with them he will foon perceive the facility and happiness of becoming a deciner himself by proper diligence in fulfilling his contract of labour; especially as the regulations, hereafter to be mentioned, will insure him from the imposition of more service than is due, and from the fraud or oppression of an unjust master; and he will acquire still further security by being known, and by becoming acquainted with other deciners (besides his master) in the mi. ļitia service.


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