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ABERCROMBIE, General, supersedes General Shirley,

i. 289; commander-in-chief, i. 336; proceeds against Ticonderoga, i. 343 ; attacks the French works, i. 345; repulsed by Montcalm, i. 347 ; superseded by Major-General Amberst, i. 368 Abercrombie, Lieutenant-Colonel, attacks American

batteries, vi. 379 Ackland, Lady Harriet, with Burgoyne's army, iv.

322; during the action, iv. 368; her distress, iv. 370; seeks her husband, iv. 373 ; subsequent history,

iv. 391 Ackland, Major, commands the Grenadiers, iv. 363;

wounded and taken prisoner, iv. 364 Adams, John, birth of American Independence, i.

420; at town meetings, ii. 75; on the General Congress, ii. 78; to his wife about Mr. Duché, ii. 81; opposes petition to the king, ii. 143 ; proposes Washington as commander-in-chief, ii. 147; on the conduct of Washington, ii. 150; opposed to Lee and Gates, il. 152; on the act of Massachusetts General Court, ii. 306; to General Thomas, on Schuyler's unpopularity, ii. 342; on the defense of New York, ii. 391 ; on the Declaration of Independence, iii. 121; concerning sectional jealousies, iii. 159; on committee to confer with Lord Howe, iii. 232; at 363

Adams, John-Continued.

Washington's inauguration, vii. 120 ; on presidential
etiquette, vii. 140; his Discourses on Davila,
vii. 251 ; on the British Constitution, vii. 277; con-
cerning Washington's judgment of Genet, vii. 373 ;
elected President, viii. 57 ; inaugural address, viii.
60; convenes Congress, viii. 77 ; to Washington,
asking advice, viii. 85; on the appointment of

Washington commander-in-chief, viii. 87
Adams, Mrs., to her husband on the appearance of

Washington, ii. 205; description of General Lee,

ii. 208; account of party at General Miffin's, ii. Adams, Samuel, as moderator, ii. 75; proposes Mr.

Duché, as chaplain, ii. 80; apprised at the movement of troops, ii. 118; irresolute as to commander-inchief, ii, 146; excepted from proffered pardon, ii. 157 ; on the united command of Schuyler and Gates

iii. :49; meets Wasbington at Cambridge, vii. 182 Adams, Sir Thomas, i. 408 Adet, M., minister from France, viii. 4 ; presents the

colors of France, viii. 33; complaint against the

Government of the United States, viii. 55
Agnew, Brigadier-General, in the expedition against

Danbury, iv. 101 ; killed at Germantown, iv. 402
Albany, panic at St. Clair's retreat, iv. 189
Allen, the fighting parson, iv. 267
Allen, Ethan, at the head of the Green Mountain

Boys, ii. 135; commands expedition to Ticonderoga,
ii. 136 ; expedition against St. John's, ii. 140;
rivalry with Arnold, ii. 250; to New York Congress,
ii. 253; to Trumbull, ii. 253, 259, 264; designs on
Canada, ii. 254 ; repairs to Congress and to New
York convention, ii. 255 ; superseded by Seth War-
ner, ii. 264; sent to reconnoiter, ii. 281; report to
Schuyler, ii. 282 ; to Montgomery on Canadian
volunteers, ii. 288; meets Major Brown, ii. 288; de-
cides to attack Montreal, ii. 289; taken prisoner, ii.
290 ; sent to England, ii. 291 ; memory of, ii. 293 ;
treatment by the British, ii. 321 ; exchanged for
Colonel Campbell, v. 142 ; visits Valley Forge, v.

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