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The dollar in foreign exchange during 1933.

Depreciation of the dollar.

The flight from the dollar

Foreign-exchange restrictions..

The unfreezing of blocked accounts.

Trade and service items..

Merchandise exports and imports.

Geographic distribution

Excess of exports over imports.

Merchandise adjustments.

Freight and shipping account

The tourist account..

United States-Canadian tourist account.

The United States-Mexican tourist account.

United States-oversea tourist account.

Expenditures by foreign tourists in the United States..

Immigrant remittances..

Contributions by charitable and other institutions.

Interest, dividends, and commissions..

Returns from American long-term investments abroad.

Funding of blocked accounts

Earnings on American short-term investments abroad.--.

Receipts on stock transfer taxes, brokerage fees, and commissions.

Payments to foreigners on long-term investments in the United


Payments to foreigners on short-term investments in the United


United States Government international account..

Miscellaneous services.

Gold movements..

Movements of paper currency -

Capital transactions..

Short-term capital movements.

Changes in international banking accounts in 1933.

Reconstruction Finance Corporation credits-

Miscellaneous credits

Long-term capital movements.-

Items tending to increase American investments abroad.

Items tending to reduce American investments abroad..

Items affecting foreign investments in the United States.-

International securities movement

Repatriations of foreign securities-

Purchases of American securities by foreigners.

Institutional transactions...

Present status of American investments abroad.

I. Estimates of American investments abroad.

Distribution of estimates, by areas.

Portfolio investments, by classes..

Basis of the revision.--.

II. Defaults on foreign dollar bonds.



1. Merchandise exports to, imports from, and balance of trade by

leading countries---

2. Balance of trade by continents and great trade regions

3. United States foreign-trade freight earnings by United States and by

foreign vessels, calendar year, 1933.

4. United States international tourist account, 1932-33-

5. Changes in the international tourist account of the United States,


6. United States tourist expenditures in foreign countries, 1927–33 (by

countries) -

7. United States tourist expenditures in Canada, 1928–33, by classes -

8. Canadian tourist expenditures in the United States, 1928-33, by


9. United States-Canadian tourist expenditure balance, 1928-33.-

10. Remittances to foreign countries by alien and other residents of the

United States, 1927-33.

11. Income and debt service receipts in 1933 of the United States from

its long-term foreign investments and loans and par value of bonds


12. United States Government receipts in 1933 on war-debt account..

13. Statement relative to indebtedness of foreign governments to the

United States as of January 4, 1934..

14. Shipments and receipts of United States paper currency to and from

foreign countries, 1933--

15. United States internatioual banking accounts, 1931-33.

16. Summary of international long-term capital transactions in 1933

17. Foreign capital issues publicly offered in the United States during the

calendar year, 1933----

18. Changes in foreign holdings of common shares of American corpora-

tions, 1930–33..

19. Changes in geographic distribution of foreign-owned common shares

of American corporations---

20. American investments in foreign countries, by areas and types, as of

December 31, 1933---

21. American investments in Europe, by countries, as of December 31,


22. American investments in Latin America, by countries, as of December

31, 1933..

23. American investments in Asia, Africa, and Oceania, by countries, as

of December 31, 1933--

24. American investments in foreign securities, by areas and classes, as of

December 31, 1933--

25. Defaults on interest payments on outstanding “American Share" of

foreign dollar bonds..

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