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hier. F. I. Hartwell. [Addressed to the information of the lorde commissioners of Com. of Naval Enquiry.]

his majesty's treasury.-We are, &c. &e No. XVII. Navy Office, 201h Nov. 1804. Rupt. George, Ambrose Serle, Thos. HaGentlemen.—You having by your precept milton, E. Bouverie. [Addressed to the of the 1st instant, required that there be laid Commırs. of Naval Inquiry.] before you an account, shewing what stand- No. XIX. Navy Office, 16th Oct. 1804. ing contracts with the navy board had deter-1 An account, shewing the amount of the mined between 1st October and 19th De-i ninety-day bills issued from this office is cember 1801, and an account of the stand- each year, during the tine interest was aling contracts in force at the latter date, and lowed both on the day of the date of the which continued so for twelve months after- bills, and the day of payment. wards; also, a copy of the minutes or direc- Commencing. Ending. Amount. tions for altering the practice of including 26 Dec. 31 Dec. 1796 90,534 14 il the day of the date in reckoning the interest - 1 Jan. 31 1797 3,537,291 8 8 on ninety-day bills :-We acquaint you, that 1

31 1793 2,611,926 17 2 the contract for tin machines of 6th Novem

31 1799 3,019,555 31 ber, for Portsmouth and Plymouth, and the

31 1805 4,661,783 2 2 contract for leather liquored for Portsmouth, 1

1801 5,826,739 6 5 are the only standing contracts that determined between 1st October and 19th De

Total £ 19,747,835 11 11 cember 1801. We inclose an account of the contracts in force at the latter date, with No. XX. Transport Ofice, 121h Oct. a copy of the minute required ; and have 1804.-An account of the amount of the the honour to be,-gentlemen, &c. W. Pal- bills payable at ninety days date, issued in mer. S. Gambier. F. I. Hartwell.-Ad- each year, upon which the interest of the dressed to the com. of nayal inquiry.] Here day of the date, and the day of payment, follows a detailed account of the contracts.] was included. No. XVIII. Transport Office, 12th Oct. 1797

1,507,419 14 10 1804.-Gentlemen, in return to your pre- 1798

1,087,571 14 10 cept of the 5th instant, requiring an account 1799

1,111,853 7 5 of the amount of the bills of this office, pay- 1800

1,347,754 16 11 able at ninety days, issued in each year, upon 1801

1,251,376 17 ñ which the interest of the day of the date, and the day of payment was included; and a Total £6,305,976 11 7 statement of the circumstances which led to the adoption and discontinuance of that No. XXI. Treasury. Chambers, 1st May, mode of calculating the interest ; we enclose 1804.—Gentlemen,-The sum of ninetyto you the said account, and have to ac- five thousand pounds having been imprestad quaint you, that the persons to whom pay- to

for naval services, and the ments were niade by ninety-day bilis, were, lords commissioners of his majesty's treat in strictness, entitled to their money upon sury being satisfied that disbursements for the completion of the several services per- those services have been made by thein G formed; but an interval of several days that amount ;-I a commanded by iher having almost invariably occurred while lordships to direct you to cause a clcaring their accounts have been under investiga- bill for the said sum of ninety-five thousand tion, and the bills were preparing; it was pounds to be made out, to discharze upon this ground, and upon the construction in the books of your office from that iinwe entertained of the intention of the act of prest.--I am, &c. N. Vansittart. [Addressed parliament, that the interest was allowed by to the Corrs. of the Navy.] us both for the day on which the bills were No. XXII. The Extinrinalion of the Rt. Hon. dated, and that on which they became pay the Earl Spencer, L. G.; taken upon outl, able. This mode has; however, been al- the 6th Nov. 1804..-Q. It appears, that bb tered ever since the monih of December, twean the 4th October 1799, and the gta 1801, from which time the interust has not April 1soi, navy bills, amounting to one commenced till the following day, und hundred ihousand pounds, were issued by standing the like alteration was to be made the navy board to.

for naval site by the comunissioners of the navy, with vices, of which tive thousand pounds have whose office list our daily accorints of bills been repaid to the treasurer of the naty on issued are constantly incorporate l, for the the 9th October 1902, and the remainder of


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the imprest cleared and taken off b; an or- | Amount of debt

290,473 18 6 der from the right honourable the lords commissioners of his majesty's treasury, seventy | 1707, 511 July 600 0 .thousand pounds of which sem were ad-1500, 3d Feb. 8,230 0 vanced between the tih October and 22d | 1805, 1st Feb. 1,428 0 0 November 1799, during which period your 30th March H,000 0 0 lordship presided at the buard of admiralty;

21,278 00 was any part of this transaction known to your lordship 1., 1 apprehend the transac

£69,195 18 6 tion was known to me at the time; but I have not now a sufficient recollection to Return to an Order of the House of Com$pak precisely on the subject. [Signed by mons, made on the 22d of March last; for Earl Spencer and by the Commissioners.] Copies of Proposals which have been made,

No. XXIII. Tie Eramination of the Rt. and a Statement of Securities given to the Ilon. the Eorl of St. Vinceni, K. B.; taken Lords Commissioners of his Majesty's Treaupon oath, the 2d of Nov. 1804.-Q. It ap- sury, by John Fordyce, Esq. late Receiver pears that between the 4th October 1799 General of the Land and other Taxes in and 9th April 1801, navy bills, amounting to Scotlanıl, in relation to the Debt stated to one hundred thousand pounds, were issued be due from him, in the 8th Report of the .by the navy board to

for naval Select Committee of Finance, so far as res services, of which five thousand pounds lates to the Proposals therein mentioned. have been repaid to the treasurer of the navy The Proposals made by Mr. Fordyce to the on the oth October 1802, and the remainder Lords Commissioners of the Treasury, are of the imprest cleared and taken off by an recapitulated in a letter of the 10th June order from the lords cominissioners of his 1799, printed by order in the Report of the majesty's treasury, thirty thousand pounds of Select Coinmittee of Finance for 1797, which sum were advanced on the oth April, Appendix (E.); a copy of which is an1801, at which time your lordship presided nexed, No. l. at the board of admiralty ;. was any part of

Return to the above Order, so far as rethis transaction known to you? 1. None lates to the Securities therein mentioned.whatever,-Q. It appearing that the sum of We have to state, that, to the best of our fo!irteen thousand pounds was advanced by knowledge, the arrear of Mr. Fordyce was the navy board to Messrs. T.Hammersley occasioned by the successive failures of three and company, between the 18th of Fe- different agents employed by him for the bruary and 21st of April, 1804, for a secret purpose of paying into the exchequer the service ; was the comptroller of the navy taxes remitted from Scotland, and noi from authorised by you to perform any secret ser- any diversion or misapplication of the pubrice for which this money was advanced, or lic money by the receiver ; the debt therehad you any knowledge of the transaction? | fore becomesdivisible into 3 parts ; viz. The A. He was not; nor have I any knowledge sum of 13,4151. 178. odoccasioned by the of the transaction.--[Signed by Earl St. Vin- failure of Douglass and Cockburn, and due cent and by the Commissioners.]

from their estate seized under an extent. The sum of 23,944). 3s. 100. occasioned by the

failure of Fergusson and Murdock, and due PATERS PRESENTED TO THE HOUSE OF COM- | from their estate. seized under an extent;

MONS RELATIVE TO THE DEBT DUE TO making 37,360l. Is. 7d. In regard to THE CROWN FROM JOHN FORDYCE, FSQ. which suns the proposals are, that the efLATE RECEIVER GENERAL OF THE LAND fects of those agents, having been taken by

extent, should remain for liquidation in the Ordered to le printed 3d May, 1805. hands of Trustees appointed by the treasury.

Return to an Order of the House of Com. For the first of these stms, no security has mons, dated the 22d March last; for, an been given by Mr. Fordyce; the reason for Account of all Sums which have leen paid which is, that Mr. Fordyce has never conin Discharge of the Debt of 90,4731. 13.6.6d. sidered himself responsible for it, for reastated, in the 8th Report of the Select Com-sons stated in his letter after mentioned. mittee of Finance, to be due from John For- For the latter, there is the security on the dyty, Esq. late Hecviver General of the Lund estate at Grenada, mentioned in the same und einer Tazzs in Scotland.

letter, which will be applicable to this pur





pose when the remainder of the debt, for 1799, from Mr. Fordyce, of which No. 2, which no other security is given, has been hereunto annexed, is a copy. First, Bonds discharged ; viz. after the payment of delivered by Mr. Fordyce to George Fren14,3371. 6s. In execution of the propogals chard Goodenough, and Juseph White, for liguidating the remainder of the debt, Esqrs. in security for the following sumis of the securities following have been given in his debt to the public. pursuance of a' letter of the 31st March

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Second, The Obligation of the executors | proposal was, that the effects of the two or trustees of the estate of River Antoine, in 'agents of my late office, which had been Grenada, to pay not less than three-fourth seized upon extents, for the security of the parts of the value of the produce of that es- i balances which I had remitied to them to be tate annually to the exchequer, until the re- paid to the exchequer, and whicli they had mainder of Mr. Fordyce's debt, now reduced retained contrary to my orders, should le. to 14,3371. Os. (exclusive of the said sum main for liquidation in the hands of the of 29,5001.) shall be fully paid; and after trustees appointed by the treasury. That such payment, to remain as a collateral se- in order to ascertain, within a limited time, curity for the paynent of such part of the the gradual and full payment out of my debt of 23,9441. 35. 10d. due from the es- own property of the remainder of the debr. tate of Fergusson and Murdock, as may then i to the public, occasioneıl by the failure of be unsatisfied. The nature and effect of the my other agent for that ofiice, in whose af, latter instrument, and the proceedings sub- fairs a commission of bankruptcy had presequent to the proposals, we are not ac- ceded and prevented the effict of the writ quainted with farther than by the letters re- of extent which I had applied for, I shonlil ceived from Messrs. Goodenough and White, 'give the following securities, amounting in trustees of the crown, and Mr. Fordyce, all to 52.0371. Os. copies wherefore are annexed, No. 3 ana .. 1st. The sum due to me by (Signed) W. Lowndes, B. Barne, E. Me-i government, as one of thecomdows, H. Hayes, H Hodgson.-Office for missioners of the land revenue (8,250 O Q taxes, 30th April, 1805.

2d. The bonds of sundry No. I. Copy of Letter to Charles Long, gentlemen of undoubted forEsq. dated 10th June, 1798.--Sir, In an- tune and responsibility, whose

' to your enquiry as to the pri. Tess names were laid before the which I had made in carrying into elect the treasury, payable in 3, 6, and proposal which I had made to the treasury., seven years, for

32,500 (0 I have the satisfaction to be able to state to 3d. The obligation of the you, that a great part of what I proposed is executors of the estate of River already executed, and that the whole will be Antoine, in the island of Grecompleted in the course of next week, My nada, to pay the three-fourth


parts of the value of the pro

of time. A plan similar to this, as you duec of that estate annually to

know, I had made some progress in 4 years the exchequer, until the

ago, but was disabled from carrying it into whole of my debt, and that

effect by the disturbances which then broke of Messrs. Fergusson and

out in Grenada, and which made it impossible Murdock, late agents of my

for me to give the necessary securities to the pffice, shall be fully paid.

friends who were to engage for me. I have This estate, before the late

the honour, &c. John Fordyce. 10th June, disturbances, yielded 5,0001,

1798. a year, and the works being

No. II. Copy of Letter to Charles Long, now re-established, it is ex

Esq. dated 31st March, 1799.-Sir, I my pected to yield 6,0001: a year,

letter dated 10th June last, I had the hoThe value of the crops of the

nour to acquaint you, for the information next and following years are

of the lords of the treasury, that I was then to be applied to the discharge

nearly prepared to carry into eflect the proof the money borrowed for

posal which I had made to their lordships, the expense of re-establishing

respecting the debts ce by myself and the the estate ; and along with

a ens of my late office of receiver general the oblig tions of the execu

for Scotland. I ani now able to state to tors, I give my personal en

you, that I have since completed what I was gagement, that the payment

then preparing to execute, and have, aon my account out of this

greeably to the directions from the lords of fund shall be thereafter not

the treasury, delivered to Messrs. Goodless than 3,000). per annum.

enough and White, as trustees appointed by This I give as a security for

their lordships, the securities herein-after the balance of the sum for

mentioned. This debt, which as has been which I proposed to give se

often stated, was increased to a great sum çurity:

11,337 60 by the failure of three different agents, I

shall divide into 3 parts. The first and £52,087.6 greatest part, being 52,0871. Os, is answers

able from my own property only, in conseThe whole of the securities referred to in quence of a commission of bankruptcy have this statement I am already prepared to give, ing, in the affairs of one of those agents, except three of the bonds, to the amount of preceded and prevented the effect of the 14,cool., which are now preparing, and writ of extent which I applied for, and they also will be executed in a few days for which the following securities are My object in proposing to give the bends given :above-mentioned, was, to fix periods beyond 1st. The sum due to me as which the debt, so unfortunately incurred, one of the commissioners of could not remain unpaid, The terms of the land revenue, for salary, payment were necessarily determined by a at the rate of 1,5001. a year, consideration with the friends who granted from Jan. 1788 to July 1793 ; them, of the time which it might possibly being 5 years

£8,250 0 g require, from the state of my affairs, to 2dly. The bonds of several coinplete the liquidation of the ainount of gentlemen, of undoubted fortheir engagements on the security of those tune and responsibility, depoaffairs, My expectation however is, that sited with "Messrs. Gouda the greatest part of the debt will be much enough and White for

29,500 0 0 sooner paid. I have already obtained the The names of these gentle. engageinent of a very respectable house in men are given in the inclosed the Vest-Indja trade, to advance within one paper. year after peace shall be made, 10,000l. on 3dly. There has also been the consignments from the estate in Grena, deposited with Messrs. Goodda, which sum I have engaged shall be im- enough and White, the oblimediately applied to the payment of part of gation of the exechitors or thoed pants which have the longest term of trustees of the estate of river payment; and there are other very consi- Antoine in Grenada, to pay derable sums which I have reason to beliere not less than three fourth I shall be able to raise at no great distance parts of the value of the pros



duce of that estate annually

great sum of that money contrary to the orto the exchequer, until the

ders given them to pay it into the exchequer. whole of my debt, and that

Steps were taken for obtaining writs of extent, of Messrs. Fergusson and

and the securities 50 acquired for that month Murdock, late agents of my

were put into the hands of trustees appointoffice, shall be fully paid 14,337 6 0 ed by the treasury, with whom a consider

able part of those securities still remain for £52,087 6 0 liquidation. The remainder of the debt to

the public is due by Messrs. Fergusson and In a letter from those executors, a copy of Murdock, who having been appointed agents which has been sent to Messrs. Goodenough for the otice, on the failure of Douglas and and White, shey thus express themsehes Cockburn, fell into the same irregularity of respecting the value of the last-mentioned retaining the money remitted to be paid into security, and the loss occasioned by the late the exchequer; in consequence of which disturbances in Grenada :-" The returns their effects were seized upon extents froin " from the estate of river Antoine for the the crown, and put into the hands of the

years 1795, 6, and 7, which have been same trustees. From those effects it is ex

comaletely lost, would probably have pected that the full amount of what remains « been worth 20,000l. which, added to the cue by tıcm will be recovered. I have the ss loan you were endeavouring to obtoin, honour, &c. (Signed) John Fordyce. Si would have made a great impression on Note of Lorus, referred to in Mr. For“ your debt to the public before this time." dyce's Letter to Mr. Long, 31st March, Thit estate, which was wasted during those 1799.-Bond granted by Duncan, Davidson, disturbances, being now re-established, is and W. Gemmell 7,000l. by R. Bogle, Esq. expected from this time to be as productive 4,000. by P. Antrobus, Esq. 4,0001. by W. as it formerly was; and if the present pices Blir, Esq. 3,500). by G. Mowbray, Esg. of sugar shall continue, all the debts upon it 3,0001 by A. Brodie, Esq. 2,0001. by Q. prior to mine will be discharged by the crop Colt, Esq. 2,000!. by RJ. Sullivan, Esy, of next year. I am also still persisting in 1,500l. by J. Sullivan, Esq. 1,5001. by J. my e deavours to obtain a loan upon it, Spalding, Esq. 1,000l. making 29,500). which ihe continuance of rar renders dif- No. III. -- Copy of a Letter from the ficult, bat which will probably be easily got Trustees of John Fordyce, Esq. to the Secrewhen peace is made. The returns therefore tary to the Board of Tares; caled 16th June from the estate will be paid annually, and 1802.-Sir, We have the favour of your that loan, when it shall be obtained, to the letter of the 28th May 1902, in which you exchequer, in discharge of the balance be- state, " That the commissioners for the af fore-mentioned of 14,3371. 6s. in the first “ fairs of taxes observing by a letter from plice; and after that is paid, to the gradual“ Mir Fordyce, late receiver general of di-charge of the bonds for 29,500l. and of " Scotland, to Mr. Long, dated the 10th the debt due, as is after-mentioned, by “ June 1743, that one of the bonds offered Messrs. Ferguson and Murdock, as agents " as a security for part of the debt due from for my late office, in just proportion to the “ him to the crown, is an obigation of the amount of the suns due to them and me « esecutors of the estate of the river An. from that estaie; so thi though ihose bonk's " toine in Grenada, to pay three-fourth granted by my friends are not payable till parts of the value of the produce of that 1995, I have reason to expect that a very estate annually into the exchequer, until considerable part of them will be discharged " the whole of such debt, and that of befoje that time, and that term of payment Diesers. Fergusson and Murdock, late is only to be considered as the mode taken “ agents in his office, have been fully paid; to fix the period beyond which no part of " and that the payment out of that fund, that debt due by me for the security of " after the two years crops which are ap. which those bonds are given, can reniain propriated te the discharge of the money unpaid. The second part of that debt to " borrowed to re-establish the estatę, would the public is for 13,415. 175. 9d. dve by “ not be less than 3,0001. per annum; and Messrs. Douglas and Cockburn, to iiom's it appearing that no pyyment has been the money of my office was remisted by my " made into the exc'requer ont of the pros deputy, in obedience to the directions of - duce of the estate, the board request us the tirst lord of the treasury, at the time " to transmit them a copy of the bonel, if When I discovered that they had detained a in our possession or acquaint you with

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