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For interpreters, guards, and other expenses of the consulates at Con- Expenses of stantinople, Smyrna, and Alexandria, fifteen hundred dollars.

consulates at For compensation to the commissioner to the Sandwich Islands, three Smyrna, &c.

Constantinople, thousand dollars.

Commissioner For payment of the fourth and fifth volumes of the Documentary His- to the Sandwich tory, under contract with the Secretary of State, forty-eight thousand Documentary two hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

History. For compensation to the copying clerk hereby authorized to be employed in the office of the Solicitor of the Treasury, including arrear- in Solicitor's ages since May 7th, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, at six

office. hundred dollars a year, twelve hundred and ninety-one dollars and twenty-four cents.

For additional compensation to the assistant messenger of the Gene- Additional ral Land Office, so as to increase it to the rate of one dollar and seven- compensation ty-five cents per day, two hundred and eighty-eight dollars and seventy- senger in Land five cents.

Office. For additional compensation to the assistant messenger in the office Additional to of the Register of the Treasury, two hundred dollars.

assistant mesFor compensation for preparing a classified synoptical index of public gister's Office.

senger in Redocuments in the office of the Secretary and Comptroller of the Trea- Indexing pubsury, and making examinations for information thereon to answer inqui- lic documents. ries from the department and the different bureaus, from July thirteen, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, to June thirty, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, eleven hundred and fifty-eight dollars.

For compensation of four clerks, hereby authorized to be appointed Four clerks to and employed for one year only, in the office of the Comptroller of the be employed in Treasury, five thousand six hundred dollars.


office. For additional compensation to the watchmen employed at the War Additional to Department, for services rendered by day under the regulations of the watchmen at department, three hundred and sixty-five dollars.

War Dep't. For additional compensation to the watchmen of the Navy Depart- Additional to ment, for services rendered by day under the regulations of the Depart- Watchmen at

Navy Dep't. ment, two hundred and seventy-five dollars and seventy-five cents.

For the purchase of the building in the city of Philadelphia, formerly Purchase of the Bank of the United States, for a custom-house for the port of Phila- building for cusdelphia, in addition to the proceeds of sale of the present custom- Philadelphia. house, two hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars : Provided, That Proviso. the whole cost shall not exceed two hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That whenever, hereafter, in sub- When the mitting to Congress the annual estimates from the several Executive de- usual items va partments of the Government, it shall be found that the usual items of amount from such estimates vary materially in amount from the appropriation ordi- the ordinary apnarily asked for the object named, and especially from the appropriation propriation for

that object, &c. granted for the same objects for the year next preceding, and whenever new items not theretofore usual shall be introduced into such estimates for any year, the estimates shall be accompanied by minute and full explanations from the head of the appropriate department, of all such variations and new items, setting forth the reasons and grounds upon which the amounts are required, and the different items added : and whenever All estimates any such estimate, whether annual or special, shall ask an appropriation for works requifor any new specific expenditure, such as the construction of a fort, the ring a plan must erection of a custom-house, or other public building, or the construc- with one, &c. tion of any other public work requiring a plan before the building or work can be properly completed, every such estimate shall be accompanied by a full plan and detailed estimates of the cost of the whole work; and all subsequent estimates for every such work shall give the original estimated cost, the aggregate amount theretofore appropriated for the same, and the amount actually expended thereupon, as well as

the amount asked for the current year for which such estimates shall be made; and whenever any such subsequent estimate shall ask for an appropriation for any such work beyond the original estimate of the cost, the full reasons for the excess, and the extent of the anticipated excess,

shall be also stated. Part of 6th Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That so much of the sixth secsec. of act of tion of the act entitled “ An act legalizing and making appropriations Aug. 26, 1842, ch. 202, ' repeal

. for such necessary objects as have been usually included in the general ed.

appropriation bills without authority of law, and to fix and provide for certain incidental expenses of the departments and offices of the Government, and for other purposes," approved on the twenty-sixth day of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and which enacts, that the several offices and employments therein before mentioned, except such as were otherwise limited by the act, shall be continued until the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, be and

is hereby repealed; and the various provisions of the said act concernProvisions of ing the said several offices and employments thereby legalized are here said act re-en. by re-enacted, and declared to be in full force and operation until the in force till July first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, and no 1, 1845. longer. That, for the compensation of the several offices and employCompensation ments legalized by the said act of the twenty-sixth day of August, one legalized by said thousand eight hundred and forty-two, for the fiscal year ending the act.

thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five, the

sum of forty-one thousand eight hundred and eighty-two dollars and Additional

fifty cents be, and is hereby, appropriated. That the Secretary of the clerks to be con Senate, and 'Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and they are tinued for year.

hereby, authorized to continue, for one year, the employment of the additional clerks authorized by any existing resolution of their respective Houses, and the sum of nine thousand dollars be, and hereby is, appro

priated for their compensation. For deficien- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the following sums are cies in appropri- hereby appropriated to supply deficiencies in the appropriations for ations for the year ending various objects made for the service of the fiscal year ending thirtieth June 30, 1844. June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, to be paid out of any

unappropriated money in the Treasury, namely: Arranging let. For expenses incurred in the office of the First Comptroller of the ters.

Treasury in preserving and arranging important letters of the office which have been lying in mass since the burning of the Treasury, in

continuation of an appropriation last year, twelve hundred dollars; S. E. execu- For arrearages of salaries of superintendent and watchmen of the tive building.

southeast executive building, including ten dollars short, appropriated for the calendar year, ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, and twenty dollars for the fiscal year ending thirtieth

June, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, thirty dollars; Contingencies For arrearages of contingent expenses in the office of the Adjutant in Adj. General's office.

General, five hundred dollars ; Clerk to naval For clerk to the chief naval constructor from July eighth, to Novemconstructor ber second, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, three hundred

Extra clerk
hire, bureau of and thirty-five dollars ;
Provisions and For arrears of extra clerk hire in the bureau of Provisions and Cloth-
Clothing. ing, five hundred and thirty-eight dollars ;

Book-cases for executive office,

For three large book-cases, made for the use of the Executive office, Florida. Florida Territory, one hundred and twenty dollars; Legislative For arrearages of former sessions of the Legislative Council of FloCouncil of Florida.

rida, four hundred dollars ; Purchase of For amount expended for the purchase of a site for a light house on site for light. Boddy's island, North Carolina, being part of the amount appropriated house on Boddy's island,

for that purpose, carried to the surplus fund on the thirty-first of De

N. C.

cember, one thousand eight hundred and forty, three hundred and fifteen dollars and forty-nine cents;

For preparing indices to the manuscript papers of Washington, being Indices to an arrearage for the fiscal year ending thirtieth June, one thousand eight


papers. hundred and forty-four, one thousand one hundred and eight dollars ;

For completing the work of the custom-house in Wilmington, North Custom-house Carolina, including the purchase of a lot adjoining the site, nineteen at Wilmington, thousand nine hundred dollars;

N.C. For expenses incident to the issue of Treasury notes, four thousand Issue of Treadollars: Provided, That no part of this appropriation be applied, and sury notes. no compensation shall be made to any officer whose salary is established

Proviso. by law for preparing, signing or issuing said Treasury notes. For expenses in relation to the loan, eight thousand dollars;

Expenses of For salary of an assistant surveyor, to survey the private claims in loan. Florida, under the direction and supervision of the surveyor general of

Assistant sur

veyor in FloFlorida, one thousand dollars;

rida. For pay of chain carriers, markers, transportation, provisions, &c., Chain carriers, for ditto, fifteen hundred dollars;

&c. for same. For salary of an assistant surveyor, to have charge and oversight of Assistant surthe re-surveys in the Greensburg (late St. Helena)

district, Louisiana, veyor, Greensunder the direction and supervision of the surveyor general of Louisiana, burg district. one thousand dollars;

For outfit of the late chargé d'affaires to Texas, four thousand five Chargé d'afhundred dollars;

faires to Texas. For arrearages in Black Hawk war, in one thousand eight hundred Capt. R. Anand thirty-two, due Captain R. Anderson, on report of the accounting officers, four hundred and forty-one dollars and forty-seven cents;

For arrearages due marshals and district attorneys, one thousand five Marshals and hundred dollars;

district attorFor arrearages of contingent expenses of branch mint at New Or-Cont

. exp. of leans, ten thousand dollars;

mint at New For arrearages on account of a survey for an extension of the Na- Orleans.

Survey of National Road to Jefferson, Missouri, one thousand three hundred and tional Road. fifty-nine dollars and eighty-one cents;

For the purpose of completing and rendering secure and tenantable Completing the State House in Florida, twenty thousand dollars : Provided, That state house in this act shall not be construed as sanctioning any excess of expenditure Proviso. heretofore made beyond former appropriations for that object, nor as authorizing any further expenditure beyond the amount hereby appropriated in completing said building;

For settlement of the claims of Sextus Shearer for goods furnished S. Shearer. the New York Indians, one thousand five hundred and twenty-three dollars and five cents, to be paid out of balances of appropriations heretofore made for blacksmiths'establishments in the Indian service; For completing the marine hospital at the town of McDonough, oppo- Marine hospi

tal at McDosite to the city of New Orleans, thirty thousand dollars ;

nough. For the payment of Jeremiah Smith, jr., as per schedule to the Sac Jeremiah and Fox treaty, concluded eleventh of October, one thousand eight hun- Smith. dred and forty-two, and the act of Congress of third of March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, for carrying into effect the pro- 1843, ch. 80. visions of said treaty, four thousand dollars.

To defray arrearages of expense of the commission appointed to mark Commission to the boundary line between the United States and Great Britain, eight between U.S. thousand dollars;

and Gr. Britain. To satisfy the claims of the State of Maine, under the stipulations of Claims of

Maine under the treaty between the United States and Great Britain, concluded on

treaty with the ninth of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, a sum Great Britain. not exceeding eighty thousand dollars;

Expenses of To defray expenses incurred and to be incurred in complying with procuring infor- the resolutions of the House of Representatives of the third of Seping foreign com tember, one thousand eight hundred and forty-one, and of the third of merce.

March, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, and of the Senate of the thirty-first of August, one thousand eight hundred and forty-two, and of the fourteenth of February, one thousand eight hundred and forty-three, calling for information respecting the foreign commerce of the United States, its restrictions and privileges, prices of commodities,

&c., ten thousand dollars. Sec. to publish Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treamonthly the last preceding

sury cause to be published in some newspaper of the city of Washingweekly state- ton, on the first day of each month, the last preceding weekly statement ment of the of the Treasurer of the United States, showing the amount to his credit Treasurer, &c. in the different banks, in the mint, or other depositories, the amount for

which drafts have been given, and those remaining unpaid, and the balance remaining subject to his draft; and that he also specially note any changes that have been made in the depositories of the Treasury during the preceding month, and report to Congress, at the commencement of its next session, the reasons for such changes. And that no changes be made except for non-compliance with the instructions of the

Department or the failure to furnish sufficient security. Quarterly Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treastatement of re. sury at the expiration of thirty days from the end of each quarter, cause ceipts and expenditures to

to be published in some newspaper of the city of Washington a statebe published. ment of the whole receipts of such quarter, specifying the amount re

ceived from customs, from public lands, and from miscellaneous sources, and, also, the whole amount of payments made during the said quarter, specifying the general head of appropriation, whether for the civil list,

the army, the navy, Indian department, fortifications, or pensions. Number of of Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That the number of inspectors, ficers in custom- gaugers, weighers, measurers, or markers, in any custom-house shall houses not to be increased,

not be increased beyond the number now in service; and that no allow&c.

ance shall be made to any inspector, for any services, subsistence, travelling or any other amount beyond the amount fixed by law of three dollars per day, and not to exceed ten cents per mile for travelling expenses when actually engaged in the performance of his duties at any other place than the port or custom-house from the collector of which he has received his appointment.

APPROVED, June 17, 1844. STATUTE I. June 17, 1844. CHAP. CVI. — An Act making appropriations for the support of the army for

the fiscal year ending on the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and fortyfive.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the In addition to United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following unexpended balances.

sums in addition to unexpended balances of former appropriations be and the same are hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated for the support of the army for the fiscal year, commencing on the first day of July, one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, and ending on the thirtieth day of June, one

thousand eight hundred and forty-five. Army.

For pay of the army, one million fifty-eight thousand five hundred

and twenty-one dollars and sixty-seven cents. Commutation For commutation of officers' subsistence, two hundred and eighty-four of subsistence.

thousand five hundred and ninety-seven dollars and seventy-seven cents. Commutation For commutation of forage of officers' horses, seventy thousand dolof forage. lars: Provided, That forage shall be allowed only for horses actually Proviso.


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For payments in lieu of clothing for discharged soldiers and officers' Clothing. servants, thirty-four thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven dollars and fifty-seven cents.

For subsistence in kind, two hundred and twenty-six thousand three Subsistence. hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty cents.

For clothing for the army, camp and garrison equipage, one hundred Clothing. and forty thousand dollars.

For expenses of recruiting, twenty-seven thousand three hundred and Recruiting. sixty-four dollars and seventy cents.

For three months' extra pay to non-commissioned officers, musicians Extra pay. and privates, nine thousand four hundred and twenty dollars.

For the regular supplies of the quartermaster's department, consisting Supplies of of fuel, forage in kind for the authorized number of officers' horses, and Quartermasfor the horses, mules, and oxen belonging to the quartermasters' depart

ter's departm't. ment at the several military posts and stations, and for the horses of the regiment of dragoons, and the four companies of light artillery; of straw for soldiers' bedding, and of stationery including company and other blank books for the army, certificates for discharged soldiers, blank forms for the pay and quartermasters' departments, and the printing of department orders, army regulations, and general regulations, one hundred, and ninety-five thousand dollars.

For the incidental expenses of the quartermasters' department, con- Incidental exsisting of postage on letters and packages received by officers on public penses. service; expenses of courts martial and courts of inquiry, including the additional compensation to judge advocates, members and witnesses while on that service, under the act of sixteenth of March, eighteen 16, 1802, ch. 9.

Act of March hundred and two; extra pay to soldiers employed in the erection of barracks and quarters, the construction of roads and other constant labor, for a period of not less than ten days, under the act of second of March, eighteen hundred and nineteen; expenses, of expresses from the frontier posts; of escorts to paymasters; of the necessary articles for the interment of non-commissioned officers and soldiers ; hire of laborers; compensation to clerks to the officers of the quartermasters' department at posts where their duties cannot be performed without such aid; and compensation to agents in charge of dismantled works; and to such wagon and forage masters as it may be necessary to employ under the

Act of July 5, act of fifth of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight; various expendi- 1838, ch. 162. tures necessary to keep the regiment of dragoons and the four companies of light artillery complete,

including the purchase of horses to supply the place of those which may be lost, and become unfit for service; shoeing horses; and the apprehension of deserters, and the expenses incidental to their pursuit, ninety thousand dollars. For the purchase of horses, equipments and forage, and to pay [the] Horses, &c.

for 2d regiment other expenses caused by the act entitled " An act to repeal so much

of dragoons. of the act approved twenty-third of August, eighteen hundred and forty- Act of April 4, two, as requires the second regiment of dragoons to be converted into 1844, ch. 11. a regiment of riflemen, after the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and forty-three," one hundred and ten thousand dollars.

For barracks, quarters and store-houses, including repairing and en Barracks, &c. larging barracks, quarters, store-houses and hospitals at the several posts; for erecting temporary cantonments at such posts as may be occupied during the year, and gun-houses for the protection of the cannon at the several posts and military works, including the necessary tools and materials for the objects enumerated; and for the authorized furniture for the barrack-rooms of non-commissioned officers and soldiers; building and repairing stables for dragoons and light artillery; for rent of quarters for officers, barracks for troops at posts where there are no public buildings for their accommodation, and of store-houses for the safekeeping of subsistence, clothing, &c.; and of grounds for summer canVol. 7.-88


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