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consent of the commissions allowed to the postmaster amounted to one thousand dolSenate.

lars or upwards in the year ending the thirtieth day of June, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-five, or which may, in any subsequent year, terminating on the thirtieth day of June, amount to or exceed that sum, who shall hold his office for the term of four years, unless

sooner removed by the President. Postmasters Sec. 34. And be it further enacted, That assistant postmasters and and clerks to be clerks regularly employed and engaged in post offices, shall be exempt exempt from military duty. from militia duty, and serving on juries, and from any fine or penalty

for neglect thereof. Advertise

Sec. 35. And be it further enacted, That advertisements of letters ments of letters may be made in remaining in the post offices may, under the direction of the Postmaster more than one General, be made in more than one newspaper : Provided, That the paper. Proviso.

whole cost of advertising shall not exceed four cents for each letter. Postmasters Sec. 36. And be it further enacted, That no postmaster shall receive not to receive or free of postage, or frank, any letter or packet composed of, or containage other than ing any thing other than paper or money; and for a violation of this such as contain provision, the offender shall be dismissed from office, and upon convicpaper or money. tion in any court of competent jurisdiction, pay a fine of twenty dollars.

Act of March 3, 1845, ch.43.

And no person shall hold the office of postmaster who shall not be an actual resident of the city or town wherein the office is situated, or the

district of country usually supplied by said office. Release of Sec. 37. And be it further enacted, That when any one or more of sureties of a the sureties of a postmaster shall notify to the Postmaster General their postmaster.

desire to be released from their suretyship, or when the Postmaster General shall deem it necessary, he shall require the said postmaster to execute a new bond, with security, which, when accepted by the Postmaster General, shall be as valid as the bond given upon the original appointment of said postmaster, and the sureties in the prior bond shall be released from responsibility for all acts or defaults of said postmaster,

which may be done or committed subsequent to the acceptance of the Proviso. new bond, the date of which shall be endorsed thereon. Provided,

That payments made subsequent to the execution of the new bond by said postmaster shall be applied first to discharge any balance which may be due on the old bond, unless he shall, at the time of payment,

expressly direct them to be applied to the credit of his new account. Penalty for Sec. 38. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall be stealing or tak. accessary after the fact, to the offence of stealing or iaking the mail of ing letiers, &c. from the mail.

the United States, or of stealing or taking any letter or packet, or enclosure in any letter or packet sent or to be sent in the mail of the United States, from any post office in the United States, or from the mail of the United States, by any person or persons whatever, every person so offending as accessary, shall, on conviction thereof, pay a fine not exceeding one thousand dollars, and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding five years; and such accessary after the fact may be tried, convicted, and punished in the district in which his offence was com

mitted, though the principal offence may have been committed in anProviso. other district, and before the trial of the principal offender: Provided,

such principal offender has fled from justice, or cannot be arrested to

be put upon his trial. Express mail. Sec. 39. And be it further enacted, That in case the Postmaster

General shall deem it expedient to establish an express mail, in addition to the ordinary mail, on any of the post roads in the United States, for the purpose of conveying slips from newspapers in lieu of exchange newspapers, or letters, other than such as contain money, not exceeding half an ounce in weight, marked“ express mail," and public despatches, he shall be authorized to charge all letters and packets carried by such express mail with triple the rates of postage to which letters and packets, not free, may be by law subject, when carried by the ordinary mails. Sec. 40. And be it further enacted, That in case of the death, re- Duties of P.

M. General to signation, or absence of the Postmaster General, all his powers and

devolve on As. duties shall devolve, for the time being, on the First Assistant Post- sistant P. M. G. master General.

Sec. 41. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster General Letter carriers. shall be authorized, whenever the same may be proper for the accommodation of the public in any city, to employ letter carriers for the delivery of letters received at the post office in said city; except such as the persons to whom they are addressed may have requested, in writing, addressed to the postmaster, to be retained in the post office; and for the receipt of letters at such places in the said city as the Postmaster General may direct, and for the deposite of the same in the post office; and for the delivery by a carrier of each letter received from the post office, the person to whom the same may be delivered shall pay not exceeding two cents; and for the delivery of each newspaper and pamphlet, one half cent; and for every letter received by a carrier to be deposited in the post office, there shall be paid to him, at the time of the receipt, not exceeding two cents; all of which receipts, by the carriers in any city, shall, if the Postmaster General so direct, be accounted for to the postmaster of said city, to constitute a fund for the compensation of the said carriers, and be paid to them in such proportions and manner as the Postmaster General may direct. Each of the said carriers shall give bond with sureties, to be approved by the Postmaster General, for the safe custody and delivery of letters, and for the due account and payment of all moneys received by him.

Sec. 42. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster General Carrying the shall be authorized, in his discretion, to contract for carrying the mail mail on canals. on the navigable canals of the several States, in all cases where, in his opinion, the public interests and convenience shall require it, and for the time during which mails may be carried on such canals, or any parts thereof, the same are hereby declared to be post roads.

Sec. 43. And be it further enacted, That the following annual sala- Salaries of As. ries shall be allowed to the Assistant Postmasters General, and to the sistant Postclerks, messengers, and watchmen provided for the service of the Post masters Gene

ral and others. Office Department, viz:

To the three Assistant Postmasters General, each twenty-five hundred dollars.

To the chief clerk, two thousand dollars.

To the three principal clerks, each one thousand six hundred dollars.

To ten clerks, each one thousand four hundred dollars.
To fifteen clerks, each one thousand two hundred dollars.
To eight clerks, each one thousand dollars.
To the messenger, seven hundred and fifty dollars.

To the three assistant messengers, each three hundred and fifty dollars.

To the two watchmen, each three hundred dollars.

Sec. 44. And be it further enacted, That the following annual sala- Salaries of ries shall be allowed to the Auditor of the Post Office Department, and Auditors and to the clerks and messengers herein provided for the service of his office, viz:

To the auditor, three thousand dollars.
To the chief clerk, two thousand dollars.
To the four principal clerks, each one thousand six hundred dollars.
To ten clerks, each one thousand four hundred dollars.
To twenty clerks, each one thousand two hundred dollars.
To eight clerks, each one thousand dollars.

To the messenger, seven hundred and fifty dollars, and to the assist-
ant messenger, three hundred and fifty dollars.
Vol. V.-12



Appropriation Sec. 45. And be it further enacted, That the sum of three millions for 1836.

one hundred and fifty thousand dollars be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the service of the Post Office Department for the year commencing on the first day of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, out of any moneys in the Treasury, arising from the revenues of the said Department, to be accounted for in the manner pointed out

in the second section of this act. Act to go into Sec. 46. And be it further enacted, That this act shall be in force immediate and take effect from the passage thereof. effect.

APPROVED, July 2, 1836. STATUTE I. July 2, 1836. Chap. CCLXXI.An Act to establish certain post roads, and to alter and discon

tinue others, and for other purposes. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be estab

lished as post roads; In Maine.

In Maine. From Lincolnville to Islesborough. From Wilton, through Weld and Byron, to Andover. From Topsham, through Lisbon, by Little River village and Mayalls Factory village, to Lewistown falls. From Dennysville, through Charlotte, Cooper, and Baring, to Calais. From Saco, by Salmon falls, Bar mills, Moderation falls, Bonny Eagle falls, to East Baldwin. From Wayne village, by Norris ferry, Isaac Strickland's, and William H. Britton's, in Livermore, to Hayford's mills, in Canton, and Peru, to East Rumford. From Brunswick to Harpswell

. From Portland, by Falmouth Centre, Cumberland, Upper Yarmouth, New Gloucester, East Poland, Minot, West Minot, East Hebron, to Buckfield village. From Calais, through Baleyville and Princeton, to Houlton. From Gardiner, through Pittston, Hallowell, Whitefield, Windsor, Patrickstown, Washington, Liberty, Appleton, Searsmont, and Belinont, to Belfast. From Portland, through Cumberland Centre, Pownal, Durham, Lisbon, Wales, and Winthrop, to Augusta. From Waterville, by China, to Palermo. From North New Portland, through Lexington, to Dead river. From Vinalhaven to Isle of Haute. From Portland, through Stroudwater village, and Buxton, to Salem falls. From Thomaston, via Cushing, to Friendship. From East Thomaston to Owl's Head. From Thomaston to Vinalhaven. From Doughty's falls (or Berwick), to Great Falls, New Hampshire. From Brunswick, by South Durham, Southwest Bend, Goff's corner, East Minot, and East Turner, to Turner. From Warren, by Jefferson, and North Whitfield, to Augusta. From Madison, by Madison

Centre and South Anson, to West New Vineyard. In New Hamp- In New Hampshire.-From Guilford, through Meredith, to New shire.

Hampton. From Hebron, through Alexandria, to Bristol. From
Hillsboro bridge, through the south part of Antrim, and Hancock, to
Peterboro. From South Deerfield to Pittsfield. From Ossipee to
Tuftenboro. From Groton, Massachusetts, to Dunstable, New Hamp-

From Dunstable, by Hudson, Londonderry, Derry, Hampstead, Hawke, and Kingston, to Exeter, in New Hampshire. From Exeter, by Hampton falls, to Hampton beach. From Dover, by Durham, Lee, Epping, and Chester, to Derry. From Lebanon, by Springfield, New London, and Sutton, to Warner. From Hillsborough bridge, by Antrim, North Branch, Stoddard, and Sullivan, to Keene. From Hillsborough bridge, by South Antrim and Hancock, to Peterborough. From Tuftonborough and Ossippee, in New Hampshire, Newfield, Limerick, Waterborough and Buxton, to Portland, in Maine. From Hillsborough bridge, by Hillsborough centre, Bradford centre, and Sutton, to Sutton village. From Amherst, by Milford, Wilton and Mason, to New Ipswich. From Windham, via Londonderry, to Hooksett. From Claremont to Cornish flat.


In Massachusetts.-From East Middleboro, through Plympton, to

In MassachuKingston, in Plymouth county. From Taunton to Norton. From Foxboro to Wrentham. From Franklin, through Bellingham, to South Milford. From North Woodstock, through Woodstock, Wilkinson's factory, Killingly, in Connecticut, to Chephetchet, in Rhode Island. From Yarmouth to South Yarmouth. From Sandisfield to Sheffield. From Boston, through Lynn, Danvers, Topsfield, New Rowley, West Newbury, to Amesbury.

In Rhode Island.-From Woonsocket falls, Rhode Island, through In Rhode IsSouth Bellingham, Massachusetts, to Franklin, and thence to East land. Medway. From Newport, Rhode Island, by water, to Wickford.

In Connecticut.-From Furnace Village, through Lime Rock, and In Connecti. Falls village, to South Canaan. From Worcester, to Charlton, through cut. Southbridge, Massachusetts, through the west part of Woodstock, to Tolland, in Connecticut. From Jewett's

From Jewett's city, by Packersville, to Canterbury. _From Plainfield, by Mossup and Central village, to Brooklyn. From Hartford, via Windsor, Poconoc, East Granby, West Sheffield, and Feedinghills, to Westfield. From Westport, via the Academy in Weston, Stepney Post Office, and Zoar, to Bennet's bridge. From New Haven, by East Haven, North Branford, North Guilford, North Bristol, and North Killingworth, to Essex. From Essex, by Hamburg, and North Lyme, to Norwich City.

In Vermont.--From Johnston, through Eden, Lowell, Westfield, In Vermont. Troy, and Newport, to Derby. From Bellows falls, through Athens, Brookline, Newfane, and Dover, to Wilmington. From Mount Holley, through Mechanicsville, to Weston. From Alburgh to West Alburgh. From Windsor, by Hartland, Queechy Village, West Hartford, Snow's store, Sharon, and South Stafford, to Stafford. From Practorsville, via Cavendish, Greenbush, and Corner's, in Vermont, to Claremont, in New Hampshire. From Williston to Jericho.

In New York.–From Watertown to Rodman, by Burrville, in the In New York. county of Jefferson. From Carthage, through the village of Great Bend, Le Raysville, Felt's mills, Lockport, and Huntingdon's mills, to the village of Watertown, in the county of Jefferson. From Theresa, in the county of Jefferson, by the Glass works, and South Hammond, to Hammond, in the county of Saint Lawrence. From Hudson, by Glencoe, Curtis's settlement, North East, to Salisbury, in the State of Connecticut. From Silver creek, in the county of Chautauque, by Versailles, in the county of Cattaraugus, to Angola, in the county of Erie. From Jamaica to Rockaway, in the county of Queens. From Greenfort, across Shelter island, to Sag Harbor, in the county of Suffolk. From Setauket, by Coram, Patchogue, in Suffolk county. From Mayville, in the county of Chautauque, through Panama, to the mouth of Broken Straw creek, in the county of Warren, in the State of Pennsylvania. From Smithsboro to Spencer, in the county of Tioga. From Goshen, in the county of Orange, in the State of New York, through Phillipsburg, Middletown, Mount Hope, Cuddebackville, Clowesville, Forrestburg, Stewartsburg, Half-way brook, Beaver Brook, Ten-mile river, and Narrowsburg, to Honesdale, in the State of Pennsylvania. From Herkimer to Utica, on the south side of the Mohawk river, through the villages of Mohawk, German Flats, and Frankfort, in the county of Herkimer, to the city of Utica, in the county of Oneida. From Lockport, in the county of Niagara, by way of Benedict's bridge, to Akron, in the town of Newstead, in the county of Erie. From Youngstown, in the county of Niagara, by way of Wilson, Kempville, Somerset, Yates, Centre, West Carlton, East Carlton, and Davis' mills, to Gaines' corner, in the county of Orleans. From Preble, in the county of Cortland, through Otisco Hollow, Amber, Marietta, and Marcellus, to Camillus, in the county of Onondaga. From Luzerne, in Warren connty, to Caldwell. From Carmel, in Putnam county, to Pawlings, in Duchess. From

Franklin, in the county of Delaware, to Oneonto, in the county of Otsego. From Somerset, in Niagara county, by Yates, Centre, West Carlton, East Carlton, and Davis' mills, to Gaines corners, in the county of Orleans. From Groveland, on East road, to Geneseo. From Stanfordville to Sharon, in Connecticut. From Gibbonsville, by way of Cohoes, to Waterford. From Schenectady, by Princetown and Duanesburg, to Schoharie. From Poughkeepsie, by Pleasant Valley, Dover, Bullsbridge, and Kent Post Office, to Washington, in Connecticut. From Ithaca, through Green, Oxford, Guilford, Mount Upton, Gilbertsville, Otsewa, Oneonta, Davenport Centre, Davenport, West Harpersfield, Harpersfield, and Stamford, to Catskill ; and that the post route from Oxford to Gilbertsville, and from Oneonta to Gilbertsville, and from Harpersfield to Oneonta, be, and the same are hereby, discontinued. From Rochester, along the Erie canal, to Brockport and Lockport, in the county of Niagara. From Union village, by the villages of Battenkill, and Shaws mills, to the village of Salem, in the county of Washington; and that the post road from Battenkill to Jackson be discontinued. From Waterborough, in the county of Chautauque, by Connewango, to Persia, in the county of Cattaraugus. From Westfield, in the county of Chautauque, to Columbus, in the county of Warren, in the State of Pennsylvania. From Sand Bank to Mannsville.

From Clintonville to Rhinebeck. From Russia to Moorehouse village. In New Jer- In New Jersey.-From Belvidere, in Warren county, to Port Colden. sey.

From Pompton, by Wenockey, Boardsville, Long Pond, and The Green Woods, to the post office, at Warwick, in New York. From Jersey city, in Bergen county, to Belleville. From Princeton, by Hightstown, to Freehold. From Hightstown, by Ewingville, Clarksburg, Hornerstown, Cassville, Charlestown, and Smithfield, to Freehold. From Philadelphia, by Camden, Burlington, Hightstown, and South Amboy, to the city of New York. From Dover, by Suckasunny and Flanders, to Hackettstown. From Hamburg, by Franklin furnace and Sparta, to Newton. From Kingston to Somerville, by way of Rocky Hill, Griggstown, Millstone, and Weston. From New Egypt, by Cooks

town, Jacobstown, Recklesstown, Crosswicks, to Bordentown. In Pennsylva- In Pennsylvania.-From Reamstown, in Lancaster county, by the

way of Sheonuk, Whitehall, and Springville, in said county, to Shaefferstown, in Lebanon county. From Columbus, Luzerne county, Pennsylvania, by the way of Fairmount, Colesville, in Columbia county, and Davidson, to Taneyville, in Lycoming county. From Chambersburg, Franklin county, Pennsylvania, by way of Mercersburg, to Hancock, Washington county, Maryland. From Karthaus, Clearfield county, to the town of Clearfield, in said county; the route to go on the north side of the west branch of the Susquehanna river. From Hart's cross roads, in Crawford county, Pennsylvania, to Andover, in the State of Ohio. From Oil creek, Crawford county, by the way of Spring creek, in Warren county, to Sugar grove, in the same county. From the Spring house, Montgomery county, by the way of David Acuff's Gwynedd, Heisler's tavern, Franconia, Gerhart's tavern, Trumbaursville, in Bucks county, Everhart's, Jacob Hertzel's, to Coopersburg, in Lehigh county. From Abington centre, in Luzerne county, by the way of Factoryville, Nicholson, to Brooklyn, Susquehanna county. From Wyalusing centre, Bradford county, to Orwell, in the same county. From Erie, Erie county, by the way of McKean, Washington, and Venango, to Rockdale, in Crawford county. From Coatesville, in Chester county, by way of Doe run, Chatham, West Grove, Rosscommon, and Boyd's store, to Strickersville. From Florence, in Washington county, by Mill Creek meeting house, East Liverpool, Faulkstown, Clarkson, East Fairfield, and Lima, in Columbiana county, to nd, in Trumbull county,

Ohio From Cross Creek village, Washington county, to West Liberty, in


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