Political Thought in England from Locke to Bentham

Holt, 1920 - 323 páginas

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Página 262 - in all disputes between the people and their rulers the presumption is at least upon a par in favor of the people"; and he quotes with agreement that great sentence of Sully's which traces popular violence to popular suffering. No one can watch the economic struggles of the
Página 268 - to deny its validity was, for him, to doubt .the wisdom of God. "Having disposed," he wrote, "and marshalled us by a divine tactic, not according to our will, but to His, He had, in and by that disposition, vitally subjected us to act the part which belongs to the place assigned us.
Página 321 - THE HOME UNIVERSITY LIBRARY of Modern Knowledge Is made up of absolutely new books by leading authorities The editors are Professors Gilbert Murray, HAL Fisher, WT Brewster and J. Arthur Thomson. Cloth bound, good paper, clear type, 256 pages per volume, bibliographies, indices, also maps or illustrations, where needed. Each complete
Página 240 - the species is wise, and when time is given to it, as a species it almost always acts right." And since it is the past alone which has had the opportunity to accumulate this
Página 176 - or rights of sovereignty reside." The forms of government are classified in the usual way; and the British constitution is noted as a happy mixture of them all. "The legislature of the Kingdom," Blackstone writes, "is entrusted to three powers entirely independent of each other; first the King, secondly the lords spiritual and temporal, which is an
Página 322 - Men and Women of the French Renaissance." 89. ELIZABETHAN LITERATURE. By JM Robertson, MP, author of "Montaigne and Shakespeare," "Modern Humanists." 27. MODERN ENGLISH LITERATURE. By GH Mair. From Wyatt and Surrey to Synge and Yeats. "One of the best of this great series.
Página 233 - hate the very sound of them." "One sure symptom of an ill-conducted state," he wrote in the Reflections, "is the propensity of the ' people to resort to theories." "It is always to be lamented," he said in a Speech on the Duration of Parliament, "when men are driven to search into the foundations of the commonwealth.

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