A Grammar of the Old Friesic Language

Trübner, 1881 - 75 páginas

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Página 14 - MERCANTILE CORRESPONDENCE, containing a Collection of Commercial Letters in Portuguese and English, with their translation on opposite pages, for the use of Business Men and of Students in either of the Languages, treating in modern style of the system of Business in the principal Commercial Cities of the World. Accompanied by pro forma Accounts, Sales, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Drafts, &c.
Página 11 - Lange, Ph.D. Part I. Anthology of German Prose and Poetry, with Vocabulary and Biographical Notes. 8vo.
Página 15 - VELASQUEZ. — AN EASY INTRODUCTION TO SPANISH CONVERSATION, containing all that is necessary to make a rapid progress in it. Particularly designed for persons who have little time to study, or are their own instructors. By M. Velasquez de la Cadena.
Página 3 - FURNIVALL.— EDUCATION IN EARLY ENGLAND. Some Notes used as forewords to a Collection of Treatises on " Manners and Meals in Olden Times," for the Early English Text Society.
Página 3 - Vest-Pocket Lexicon. An English Dictionary of all except familiar Words, including the principal Scientific and Technical Terms, and Foreign Moneys, Weights, and Measures.
Página 6 - Separately, 2s. 6d. DIANE. A Drama in Verse. By Emile Augier. Edited, with English Notes and Notice on Augier, by Th.
Página 5 - AM 12mo, pp. 133, cloth. 1848. 3s. WEDGWOOD.— THE GEOMETRY OF THE THREE FIRST BOOKS OF EUCLID. By Direct Proof from Definitions Alone.
Página 7 - A Glossary of Idioms, Gallicisms, and other Difficulties contained in the Senior Course of the Modern French Reader.
Página 16 - THE TURKISH CAMPAIGNER'S VADE-MECUM OF OTTOMAN COLLOQUIAL LANGUAGE ; containing a concise Ottoman Grammar ; a carefully selected Vocabulary, alphabetically arranged, in two parts, English and Turkish, and Turkish and English; also a few Familiar Dialogues; the whole in Knglish characters.
Página 15 - Ollendorff ; ordenado en lecciones progresivas, consistiendo de ejercicios orales y escritos ; enriquecido de la pronunciacion figurada como se estila en la conversacion ; y de un Apendice abrazando las reglas de la sintaxis, la formacion de los verbos regulares, y la conjugacion de los irregulares. Por Teodoro Simonne', Professor de Lenguas.

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