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To His Highness
O L I V E R.
Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of
England, Scotland and Ireland,

To the Right Honorable,
The Council of State.

F the Highest himself shall esta. Plalm 87.5.

blish Zion, there is encourageI. ment, sufficient and abund

ant for You his Servants re

joycingly to serve him in the countenancing of his sruth, and contending with the men of this Generation for the Faith 'once given unto the Saints, by the most proper means and methods which the Lord of lords in his wisdom hath directed, and shall lead you unto. The Liberty proclaimed to Godly-Gospel-Preachers, and your foftering of Orthodox Pastors lo



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and Teachers, will much conduce, by the Spirit of Christs mouth, to the consumption of the Man of Sin; and what abuse soever is made of the Press for the spreading of Anti-Scriptural and Antichristian Errors, yet it needech not to be feared, while Pulpits and Presses are open (through Your Highness and Honors favors) for a Testimony against them, but that God will confound their Language, who by false and perverse Interpretations of the Scriptures, would seduce the mindes of the simple, into an expectation of nothing but Immediate Raptures and Reres lacions.

Some indeed cry up nothing but Clublaw against the men, called Quakers, and can give no other measure then their Prelatical Fathers to those that dissented from them : But by Your Indulgence and Forbearance of Saints erring and otherwise minded, many have conscientiously made enquiry after those Truths which lay hid, or were defaced ; and have the more heartily embraced them, and do hold them fast,after Scripture-conviction. And how


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ever the Men, I deal with, for the present
do debase che Scriptures, and decry che
Ministery, Churches, all New Testament
external Worship, and whatsoever bear-
ech the stamp of Divine Authority, as not
to be found among us, yet by Your Le-
nity and Gentleness exercised towards them
(while You espouse, or patronize none of
their Errors ) it may be firmly expected
that the Elect ( supposing such among
them) shall be reduced : And as for others
that are evil men and seducers (from that
perverse Principle of their Self-adoring
Light) they shall wax worse and worse,
and as the madness of some is evident, so
shall the folly of other be made manifest ärote:
to all who are not bewitched with their
Spiritual lorćeries.

My Lords, Let but the Saints, and the
Churches of Saints according to Scripture-
evidence, be protected and cherished (as
You have graciously began)and the Office-
ministery will soon be known, setled and
established. Let every stumbling-block, as
speedily and safely as lyeth within Your
Power, be removed from the way of the



2 Tim. 3.9.

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blinde, and occasion cut off from them that seek occasion, and ere long the Lord himself will rebuke them to silence, that they shall neither talk nor wrice so presumptu

ously,nor shall arrogancy come out of their Prov. 12.19. mouth. The lip of truth jhall be established for

ever : but a lying tòngue is but for a moment. Ler Learning be advanced among pious men (for God hath his Wits, and his Learned ones) and through the sanctified Improvement thereof, Ignorance (its froward enemy)will creep into corners, as darkness va

nilhech before the light. Some of these men * Lipof trutb * hegin to appeal unto the Consciences of Tho. Lawin, the Learned, for Idioms and propriety of

fpeech, in Hebrew and Greek, with the Docency, pleaded rick dialect : they will give us leave then to Epiftle, witb make use of our Englith dialect also, and vered Clergy. Speak vulgarly, while we think as the Phime varail'd

. Losopher. Our contentions with them are nor about any, rů, tu,or tùyor tuvi,

ut pro aris car focis, for the lamp & life of our Religion, the Rule of the Holy Scriptures, the Glory of the Blessed. Trinity, the peculiarness of the Covenant of Grace; the sole matter of our Justificacion before God, the continu

Pge 13.
Christs inno-


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