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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1836.

by Marsh, CAPEN & Lyon, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of New-Hampshire.

Asa M'Farland, Printer, Concord: :: ::


In comparing our institutions with those of other portions of the civilized earth, a reflecting mind is naturally led to enquire concerning thc origin of those institutions and the character of their founders. Happily, there are abundant means of satisfying such enquiries. The early history of our country is not involved in fable nor obscurity. The venerable pioneers who considered themselves but “ as stepping-stones to those who should come after," have left behind them other memorials than the blessed institutions of which their labors and sufferings, their wisdom, courage, fortitude, piety, and perseverance, laid the foundations. Authentic records, biographical and historical, of the little band, self-exiled for conscience sake to the wilds of America, have been handed down for the instruction and admiration of posterity. “Memorials” and “Journals”"of transactions and events in New England, .iij an early period of our national infancy, wete carefully andófaithfully noted down, and with some ejcetiops; lave beercarefully preserved and -gathered up:..30° thiese, the®.rbling tide of time, while bearing us as a nation onward to power and greatness, gives perpetually increasing value and interest. Some of these accounts, it is the object of this little work, compiled from undoubted authorities, to bring before the rising generation.

But while thus exhibiting the lives and characters of

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