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modation ; nothing was heard on any side but songs which founded the praises of the French heroes; every heart seemed to be united in the bonds of fraternity! So flattering a reception, so real an attachment, should prove to you, citizens directors, how much the twig of Geneva figures in the fasces of the great republic:

Proclamation of the Sardinian Insurgents. ITALY, my friends, Italy herself depends upon you for her

freedom; the expects at your hands the necessary increase of power which is to recall her to her original greatness, and to render her worthy of that exalted destiny which the great nation, the de. livering nation, reserves for her—the genius of the heroes of old hovers over Italy, and their blood flows in the veins of all true Italians.

Choose then between glory and infamy. Glory consists in being free, infamy consists in being enslaved. Will you prefer the fictitious friendship of a tyrant to the friendship of your country? Reflect that her vengeance is terrible! Think of your wives, your fathers, your children! No, fly into our arms, fly-our arms are open to embrace you, our hearts pant to receive you..

And you, ye warlike inhabitants of the cloudy summits of the frozen Alps, you whom an infamous oligarchy has long condemned to the humiliating trade of being executioners for tyrants, are ye still ignorant that your country is free-thai Switzerland, your native country, is delivered, and recalls you into her bosom? What people will condescend to look on you, what nations will be able to respect you, what country will be inclined to support you, if, when become freemen, you still submit to be the voluntary satellites and the mercenary soldiers of kings?


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Order of the Executive Directory of the French Republic in consen * quence of the Rrfusal of the Council of Elders of the Cisalpine Re

public, on the isih March, 1798, to accede to the Treaty of A'.

biance and Conimerce between the French and Cisalpine Republics. THE Directory, considering that their refusal is the effect of 1 the maneuvres of the enemies of the two countries, and that it gives the French republic a title to resume all those rights which it was before willing to wave, have ordered—First, that a contribution shall be raised to defray the expenses of maintaining the troops of the French republic in Italy; and second, that twentyone citizens, named by the commander in chief, members of the council of elders of the Cisalpine republic, thall be superseded and arrested.


Proclamation of General Berthier to the People of the Cisalpine

Republic, 18th March. A TREATY of alliance with the French republic can alone A secure your liberty, and therefore it will be the death-blow 10 tyranny.

A great plot has been formed against your happiness—an attempt was made to destroy the discipline of the French army, and to excite disturbances in your departments. Journalists have been paid 10 mislead you, and to insult the French nation and you : the is not insulted with impunity. These counter-revolutionists wished to alTallinate Frenchmen and Cisalpins.

A deputy of the council of elders (but I say it with pleasure, pot a native of the Cisalpine territory) formed a plot to deliver up Mantua to the enemies of the Cisalpine republic_Traitors, paid by the princes who surround you, are perhaps concealed in lume of the most respectable posts in your government; other men, whose intentions dught to be pure, serve your enemies without intention, either by a false enthusiasm, or through ignorance. Cisalpine pecple! can you forget that you owe your lic berty to the blood of Frenchmen, which has moistened your country, and to the sacrifices of that great country which is the amiration of the universe ?

Yes, the French are your friends; they always will be so, and will complete the work they have begun.

In the orders which I have given for the punishment of some impudent and counter-revolutionary journalists, in the accusation which I have demanded against a representative of the people who is a traitor to his country and the French army, I have respected the principles of liberty which we have given you when I might have employed military force. Cisalpine people! be calm and tranquil; let those alone create disturbances who with to piunge the country in the horrors of anarchy, and to destroy your liberty. May the moit intimate friendship subfitt between the French republic and you !

As for me, I have never ceased to give the strongest proofs of my attachment to your country. I would lay down iny life to laure your happiness and liberty ; but I declare, that I will use with firmness and courage the authority which is entrusted to me, in order to secure respect for the French republic, your liberty and happiness, and to preserve your places from treason and the attacks of your enemies.

Form of the Oash ordered to be taken by the Swiss resident in Russia. 14. B. do declare by the present oath, before the Almighty - God, and upon his holy gospel, that I have never acceded, in Wilor in deed, to the wicked and revolutionary principles which


prevail in France, and which at present are propagated through other countries, particularly through Switzerland; that I hold the government there established to be illegal; that I am convinced in my conscience of the sanctity of the Christian religion as professed by my ancestors, and of the duty I am bounden under to be faithful and obedient to the ancient form of government.

I accordingly do promise and bind myself, under the gracious protection of his Majesty the Emperor, &c. of all the Russias, to comport myself in his dominions agreeably to the principles of the Christian religion, in which I was born ; to pay the most punctual and rigorous obedience to the laws and adininiftration established by his Majesty; and, in short, to break off all correfpondence with them, until, after the re-establishment of legal order in Switzerland, I shall have obtained that permission from his Majesty.

In case of prevarication, I resign myself to all the rigour of the laws of this sublunary life, as also to God's last judgment; and, as a consummation and seal of the present oath, I kiss the words and the cross of our Saviour Jesus Christ. SO BE IT.

The Minister of the War and Marine Department of the Ligurian Republic to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and of Justice, June 21. THE minister of war and marine, in answer to the note of

this day from the miuiser of foreign affairs, by which he charged him, in the name of the Directory, to write the proper circular letters, to the end that the law, ordained the inth of September 1796, of the former government, which prescribes that the ports of the republic thould remain fhut against all British vessels, should be fully carried into' effect, has the honour to inform him, that ports are not to be thut up by letters, but secured by bombs and red-hot bullets; that to effect this, there must be well pofted batteries, cannon and mortars properly appointed; brave and spirited soldiers to serve them as circumstances may require; that batteries, ammunition-carts, and every article necesfary for this purpose, are not to be procured by mere words, but by money ; that courage and discipline are not promoted nor attained by a disorganization of the armed force, such as is dictated by the unconstitutional law of the 18th and 19th current, which carries into effect that of the 16th of May, and the subsequent decree of the Executive Directory of the 19th, which prefcribes to me its being carried into execution; neither in obstructing every road to preferment to the person who has gained it by his blood, at a moment too when the most vile betrayers of their country are seen to be declared innocent. The minister of war informs you that, in order to its being defensive and offensive,


he must have men and money. Every one is acquainted with the ftate of our arsenal and fortifications. Health and fraternity.



ANSWER. Citizen Minister, I HOPE, that with an honest satisfaction you will peruse a republican reply to your letter, read over by me on the evening of the 21st inft. In good truth I do not comprehend, that because the resolutions of the Executive Directory have been communicated to you through the channel of the minister of external relations, you should apply to him as a more ready and iminediate communication with the Directory. Every, honest citizen is of opinion with you, that sea-ports are secured by batteries well placed, with cannon and mortars properly appointed, with bombs, red-hot balls, &c. and that money is necessary to carry this into effect. But you will agree with the honest citizens, that the national chest is oppressed by the expenfes occasioned by the war just terminated; that its resources are exhausted, and the finances, particularly in this district, disorganized. The honest citizens agree with you, that circumstances imperiously demand the most efficacious measures of defence ; but, with them, you, who are an honeft man, will allow that it was necessary to secure the Li. gurian territory from an hostile attack, previously to the embarking in an offensive war. You will agree, that it was necessary to examine whether the. Ligurian territory could supply the means of obtaining it, and whether our republicans were sufficiently instructed in the use of arms, and in military evolutions, to face battalions long since disciplined, and accustomed to military operations. You will allow, that, under these circumstances, the law which suspends the further assemblage of troops, was a just measure of necessary economy. You will allow, that the law of the 19th current was a prudent and necessary precaution, which is framed with a view of organizing a provisional guard to the legislative body, in order to protect them from certain threats and murmurings of the fpurious children of the country, who sometimes have been heard in circles about the place of assembly, endeavouring to wrest from it laws in counterpoise for the public welfare. You will agree, that a law suspending military promotion does not stop up the road, but is only a short delay in it, suggested by necessary precaution, in order to examine who has juftly deserved it. The military commission now elected will point out the traitors of the country. You will allow, that a momentary ebullition has dictated the tenour of your letter ; but

no honest citizen can be induced to believe that you will give your affent, upon reflection, to its appearing in print. It might

be be the part of a news-writer, or other private scribbler, but surely.. not of a public functionary, to publish sentiments calculated to create in the public mind a want of esteem and respect for the legislative body. You will allow, that disunion among the governing powers induces a spirit of party, and paves the way to total ruin. You will finally agree, that the observations of your fellow-citizen are juft--are upright. He sincerely, in the fulness of his heart, wishes you health, fraternity, and consideration.

(Signed) MASSONE.

Substance of the Report of the Secretary of State to the President of

the United States, of the Proceedings of the officers of his Catholic Majesly, in relation to the Polis occupied by his Troops within the

Limits of the United States. UPON a view of the whole correspondence now and before

submitted to the President, it appears, that the governors of his Catholic Majesty on the Millilippi have, on various pretences, poitponed the running the boundary line, and the withdrawing of Iris troops from the posts they occupied within the territory of the United States: that after repeated overtures, promises, and appearances of commencing the execution of the treaty between the two nations, in both these respects their conduct demonstrates, that for an indefinite period they mean to avoid doing either : that there is but too much reason to believe Mr.Ellicott's supicions well founded, that an undue influence has been exercised over the Indians by the officers of his Catholic Majesty, to prepare them for a rupture with the United States: thefe fufpicions correspond with other intelligence recently received by the secretary at war, and by me--mine is by a private letter from Colonel Şargent, the fecretary of the territory north-west of the river Ohiv, of which an extract is annexed.

Whether this plan of exciting the Indians to direct hoftilities against the United States has been contemplated and promoted by any of our own citizens, it may be difficult to say ; but that one or more of those citizens have proposed and taken measures to detach the southern Indians from the interests of the United States, and to destroy the influence of the public agents over those nations, and thus to defeat the great objects of their appointments, the chief of which is to preserve peace, is certain. The evidence of this important fact will be laid before you by the secretary at war. That evidence having a reference to the British minister, and his government, I took the liberty of addresling to him a letter, dated the ist inst, to which I received the answer.

As closely connected with this business, I lay before you the copy of my leiter, dated the 27th of April lalt, to Charles Jack


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