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WAR against FRANCE

Now carrying on by GREAT BRITAIN and the
several other European Powers:

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TN submitting to the Public the Seventh Volume of this Collection, the Editor flatters himself that it will be found to include documents of equal, perhaps of superior importance, to any of those contained in the preceding volumes.

As he has been singularly fortunate in procuring a considerable number of State Papers, which, he trusts, have never yet been published in England, he thinks it necessary to direct the attention of the Public in a more particular manner to them. Of the negotiation at Paris between the United States of America and the Republic of France no complete account had hitherto been collected; the Editor therefore obtained from America an official copy of the proceedings printed by order of Congress. The very detailed letter from the American ministers* upon the differences between the two nations, and upon the conduct of France towards the United States, has never yet been published in this country. The fame assertion may be made with respect to the answer of the American ministers + to the letter of the French minister for foreign affairs. But the Editor has also been able to render the narrative of the negotiation still more complete even than the official publication of the American government. That publication concludes with the departure of General Pinckney and General Marshall from Paris. From the French official papers the Editor has extracted all the subsequent correspondence between Mr. Gerry and the French minister to the departure of the former from France, and the final rupture of the negotiation.;" '. : .' '. .' .*. ;•.; ,<

Hitherto the Public have only reen v mort: and'Unsatisfactory account of those disturbances at Vienjnaiwftictiled.tb'the departure of the French ambassador Bernadotts//r6iri'tna£capital. The reader will here find an official account qf jh'e eveirf by Bernadotte

• Pa^ m to 165. -J- Page 399 to 4*6.

a a himself,

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