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Admiralty Office, November 11. Copy of a Létter from Captain Faulk nor, Commander of his Majesty's Skis

Diana, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated Cork Harbour, November 2.

Sir, ! PLEASE to inform niy Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that a fine coppered ship privateer of sixteen guns and one hundred and eighty men, out of Bourdeaux, is just brought in here, captured by his Majesty's Niips Dryad and Doris; she is called La Brune, and held our ships a chase of forty leagues; she had, on the 17th of September, taken the Industry brig, from Newfoundland, bound to Lisbon, and on the oth of October the Commerce brig, from Greenock, bound to Oporto, in ballast.

I am, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, November 25, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Nov. 25. Extraat of a Letter from l'ice-admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. Commander

in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vessels at Jamaica, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated Queen, Cape Nicola Mole, Otober 8, 1797.

HIS Majesty's sloop Albacore arrived here last night, with a privateer schooner of three guns, called the Nantaise, copper-bottonied. I have the honour to tranimit herewith a return of the number of armed vessels taken and destroyed since my last.

One small Large of one gun, captured by his Majesty's ship Thames.

One schooner privateer of two guns, 14 muskets, and 30 men; three other small boats sent in, and 10 destroyed by the Drake. · One schooner privateer of one gun and 20 men, captured and brought in by the Aquilon.

Two armed brigs, captured and brought in by the Rattler.,

La Trompeuse French schooner privateer, of 12 guns and 78 men, sunk by his Majesty's brig Pelican.

A Spanish packet of six guns, with troops on board, captured by the Diligence, in company with the Renommée and Hermione.

A copper-bottomed schooner privateer, of three guns and 56 men, captured and brought in by the Albacore,

One row.boat privateer, armed with fwivels and muskets, cap. tured by the Albacore.

. Admiralty Office, November 25. Extract of another Letter from Vice-admiral Sir Hyde Parker, Kat. te

Evan Nepcar, Esq. dated the 61b of October 1797. I BEG you will be pleased to inform their Lordships, that Captain Gascoyne being ill of a fever, I put Lieutenant White of the Queen into his Majesty's brig Pelican, to command her during the Captain's illness.

On the 17th of last month, Lieutenant White had the good fortune to fall in with the Trompeuse French privateer brig. His fpirited conduet and officer-like management, I am sure, will be as strongly impressed on their Lordships' minds, by his account of the action, herewith enclosed, as it was on mine, in giving him great credit for both,


Pelican, at Sea, September 17. I HAVE the honour to inform you, that at thirty minutis past seven A. M. we discovered a brig bearing N. N. W. (Cape Nicholas S. by W. half w.) standing towards us, with the larboard tacks on board. As she appeared to be a vessel of force, I immediately made all fail towards her, the wind being east. At forty-five minutes past eight, she having fhown French colours, we opened our fire on her in crossing, then wore round her stern, and kept up a continued and well-directed fire until twenty minutes after nine, when she made all fail from us with the lar. board tacks. Unfortunately we could not immediately make all fail after her, as our running rigging was much cut; but as soon as it was repaired, every exertion was made to get alongside of her a second time, which was effected at forty-five minutes after twelve, when we opened our fire on her, which was so well directed, that at ten minutes past one the blew up abaft, and struck her colour. At fifteen minutes after one she went down by the head, and was totally lost. Upon which we imme, diately hoisted out our boats, and fortunately saved the lives of fixty of her crew, by whom we learn the was the Trompeuse French privateer brig, mounting 12 fix-pounders and 78 men on board ; she had been out eleven days, but had only taken one prize. · I feel myself greatly indebted to Captain Perkins, of the Drake, whom I discovered in shore of us, for using every exertion to work to windward, and cut her off from Jean Rebel, as foon as I made the private lignal to him, and that of the chase being an enemy.

Permit me to observe, that great praise is due to Lieutenants Ward and Usher, and Mr. M'Cleaverty the Master, for their zeal, conduct, and bravery, as also to the inferior officers and ship's company, for their steadiness, obedience, and courage.

Enclosed I have the honour to send you a list of the killed and wounded.

I have the honour to be, &c.

THOMAS WHITE. Sir Hyde Parker, Knt. & c. A Lift of killed and wounded on board his Majefty's Sloop Pelican, the 17th

- Day of September 1797. Killled-John Cooke, marine.

Wounded— Thomas Stockdale, ordinary seaman, compound fracture. Etean Beckwell, able seaman, wounded in the jaw. Robert Hughes, ordinary seaman, wounded in the head. Daniel Lucas, able seaman, wounded slightly. John Reed, cockswain, contusion in the thigh.


Reed, Cockhead." dhe jam.compo

From the LONDON GAZETTE, Nov. 28, 1797.

Almiralty Office, Nov. 28. Copy of a Letter from Admiral Lord Duncan, Commander in Chief of his

Majefty's Ships and Vefels in the North Seas, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated the 25th inftant.

Sir, I HEREWITH enclose, for the information of the Lords Commis. fioners of the Admiralty, a list of the killed and wounded on the 11th of

· October O&ober last, on board such of his Majesty's ships under my command, whose situations after the action prevented their returns being made in time to be included in the one before transmitted.

I am, &c.

DUNCAN. A Lift of the killed and wounded on board fuch of his Majesty's Slips under my Command, who were in the Action of the nth of October lafi, and from whom no Return was made before.

Montagu.—3 seamen killed; 2 officers, 2 feamen, I marine, wounded.

Director.—6 seamen, i marine, wounded.

Monmouth.- 1 officer, I seaman, 2 marines, i boy, killed; 16 sea.. men, 2 marines, 4 boys, wounded.

Veteran.- 1 officer, 3 feamen, killed ; 21 feamen wounded. Ruffell officers, 14 seamen, i fergeant of marines, 3 privates ditto, wounded. Adamant. None killed or wounded,

Names of Officers killed and wounded. Veteran.- Lieutenant Francis Ferrett, killed. Montagu.--Lieutenant Ralph Sneyd and Mr. James Forbifhly, midfhipmen, wounded.

Ruffell.---Lieutenant David Johnson; Mr. Thomas Troughton, master; Mr. George Taylor, master's mate; Mr. John Brooks, boat Swain ; Mr. Thomas Abbott, pilot; Mr. Thomas Sherrard, pilot; John Howard, sergeant of marines ; wounded.

Lost in the Dutch Prize-ship Delft.
Monmouth.--2 marines drowned.
Veteran.-2 seamen drowned.
Russell.--I seaman drowned.

(Signed) DUNCAN,

From the LONDON GAZETTE, Dec. 2, 1797. Copy of a Letter from Captain John Drew, Commander of bis Majefty's

Ship Cerberus, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated at Cork, the 20th ultimo.


FOR the information of my Lords Commiffioners of the Admiralty, I have to acquaint you, on the 12th instant, in the lat. 49 deg. 48 min. N. long. 22 deg. 18 min. W. I captured the French private ship of war L'Epervier, carrying 16 four-pounders, pierced for 20, and her complement 145 men. On the 13th recaptured the Adelphi, from Quebec, bound to London, taken by the above thip. On the 14th captured Le Renard, carrying 18 six-pounders, pierced for 20, her complement 189 men; both privateers are copper-bottomed, sail very fast, and are quite new. We likewise chased the Buonaparte, carrying 32 guns and 250 men, but carrying away all our fteering-fails and main top-gallant mast, it enabled her to get off, after doing her considerable damage with the bow-chase guns, and I have every reason to believe the is returned to France, from her having thrown every thing overboard.



From the LONDON GAZETTE, Dec. 5, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Dec. 5.
My Lord,

Aurora, Nov. 1797. I HAVE the honour to acquaint you, that I captured on the 28th of O&tober, a French Tip named L’Aimable Sophie, in ballast, and sent her to Lilbon. On the 29th I took, off Cape Ortegal, three Spanid coasters, which, from their condition, I did not think proper to risk my people on board; I therefore funk one, made a cartel of another, and ient the third conditionally to Corunna.

On the 16th I captured two Spanish brigs, loaded with hemp, arms, and iron, names unknown; their crews had left them before iny boats had got on board. On the 18th one of them was so unfit to equal the weather, that I took my people out and funk her; at this time loft fight of the other, which I had ordered to make for Lifbon in case of feparation.

After a chase of nine hours, I captured yesterday, about fix leagues from Cape Roxent, L'Aventure French privateer schooner, pineteen days from Rochelle, mounting eight four-pounders and 43 men, commanded by Augustin Vildieu.

I have the honour to be, &c.
Earl St. Vincent, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, Dec. 9, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Dec. g.
Copy of a Letter from the Earl of St. Vincent, Commander in Chief of his

Majesty's Ships and Vefels on the coast of Portugal, to Evan Nepean,
Esq. dated on board the ville de Paris, in the Tazas, Nov. 12.

I ENCLOSE a list of the captures made by Captain Retalick, in his
Majesty's foop La Bonne Citoyenne, during her cruise in the Mediter-
ranean the last summer.

I am, &c.

ST. VINCENT. Le Pleuvier French privateer, of nine guns and 43 men, eight days from Carthagena, having taken nothing; sent to Algiers : captured between Carthagena and Oran. Le Canarde French privateer, of 10 guns and 64 nien, from Marseilles, out three months ; captured one Proffian, one Ruffian, and one vetiel under Turkish colours : fent to Malta. Two Spanish brigs in ballast, from Catalonia to Trieste, with 4,900 dollars. Jengin del Rofario, Spanish tartan, from Barcelona to Minorca, with 20 recruits; the wind being to the southward, and scarce of water, sent all the prisoners on board of her. With eight other Spanith merchantmen of small value.

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Copy of a Letter from Captain Stirling, Commander of his Majesty's Strip . Jason, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated Falmouth, Dec. 5.


ON the 21st ult. off Pelleitle, his Majesty's fhip under my command took La Marie, a French privateer bris, carrying 14 guns and 60 men. I have, &c.



Copy of a Leffer from the Right Hon. Lord Bridport, K. B. to Evas

Nepean, Esq. dated the 5th of Dec.


YOU will herewith receive a copy of a letter from Captain White, of his Majesty's brig Sylph, which I transmit for their Lordships information.

I have, &c.


My Lord,

Sylph, Cawfand Bay, Dec. 2. I BEG leave to acquaint your Lordship, that we failed from this an. chorage on the 19th ult. in order to rejoin the squadron under Captain Keats, but owing to thick and blowing weather, I was not able to fall in with him before he quitted the rendezvous. I have further to acquaint your Lordship, that since the above period we have made the following recaptures (between Belleille and Rochfort), and with the last of them we arrived here this morning.

On the 21tt of Nov. Active schooner, from Newfoundland bound to Teignmouth, laden with fish and oil; flie was captured on the 14th of Nov. by La Constance briz privateer of Nantes. On the 22d of Nov. a Prussian galliote, from Amiterdam to Lisbon, laden with wheat, captured by Le Buonaparte ship privateer of Bourdeaux, on suspicion of the cargo being Portuguese property; this vefsel being very leaky, and her cargo much damaged, I suffered her to proceed (after taking out the Frenchmen) to her original destination. On the 23d of Nov. the brig Diana, from New Providence bound to London, laden with cotton, sugar, and coffee, captured on the 12th of Nov. by the Felix cutter privateer of 14 guns, belonging to Nantes ; besides the Diana, she had taken three English vessels from Newfoundland, and two Americans outward bound. On the 30th of Nov. the ship Henniker, from London bound to Mar. tinique, laden with provisions on account of Government, was under convoy of the Trent and Amphitrite, and captured in lat. 42 deg. 27 min. north, and long. 21 deg. 50 min. west, by Le François Mhip priva. teer of Nantes, on the 23d of November.

The prisoners taken in the Diana inform me, that the Le Felix (the privateer to which they belonged) was upset on the night of the 16th of November, in a sudden and violent gust of wind, and though not a quarter of a mile from her prize, not one of her crew was saved, which confifted of 115 men, exclusive of whom, I am sorry to add, perified 22 British and American seamen, belonging to the vessels this privateer had captured:

I am, my Lord, &c.


Copy of a Letter from Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent, K. B. Commander

in Chief of bis Majesty's Ships and Vejels in the River Tagus, 10 Evan Nepean, Esq. dated the 28th of Nov.

I ENCLOSE, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, a letter from Captain Westcott, commander of his Majesty's Mhip Majestic, acquainting Rear-admiral Sir John Orde with his having, on the 14th inft. captured the Spanish corvette Bolador, of 16 guns and 74 men.

Allo a letter from Captain Hotham, of his Majesty's ship Blanche, to Captain Tyler, commander of L'Aigle, giving an account of his taking


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