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From the LONDON GAZETTE, Oet, 14, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Otober 13. Extraxt of a Letter from Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart. Commander in

Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vellels at Plymouth, to Mr. Nepean, dated the 11th inft.


I HEREWITH transmit, for their Lordships' information, a letter which I received this morning from Lieutenant Tomlinson, commanding the Speedwell lugger, giving an account of his having captured a French cutter privateer, carrying two brass fix-pounders, two swivels, and eighteen njen.

Speedwell, at Sea, Ortober 10, 1797. I HAVE the honour to inform you, the Start bearing north about nine leagues, we fell in with, this morning, and, after a chase of fix hours, captured Les Amies, a small French cutter privateer, having on board two brass six-pounders, two swivels, and eighteen men; out four days from Granville, and had not taken any thing.

I have the honour to bc, &c.

, ROB. TOMLINSON. Sir Richard King, Bart. &c.

Admiralty Office, O&. 14. Copy of a Letter from Vice-Admiral Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of

his Majefty's Ships and Vessels on the Coast of Ireland, to Even Nepean, Esq. dated the 5th of October 1797.


I REQUEST you will inform my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that Captain Faulknor, of his Majesty's Thip Diana, has sent in a coppered French cutter privateer, Le Flibustier, of four guns, five swivels, and twenty-nine men, out of Bourdeaux fifty-two days, but which had not made any capture. I have the honour to be, &c.


Admiralty Office, Oa. 14. Copy of a Letter from Vice- Admiral King smill, Commander in Chief of

his Majesty's Ships and Vessels on the Coast of Ireland, to Evan Nepean,

Esq. dated at Cork, the 9th of Otober 1797. • Sir,

PLEASE to inform my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that his Majesty's ship Cerberus is just returned from a cruise, in which she has captured the San Noberta Spanish privateer schooner, of four car. riage guns and swivels, and forty-two men, and recaptured the Graff, a (3) Danish ship, having on board a Portuguese cargo of iron and grain, from St. Michael's, bound to Lisbon. I have the honour to be, &c.


Extrait of a Letter from Captain Roberts, Commander of his Majesty's

Ship La Concorde, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated at Madeira, the 7th of 1 Auguft 1797.

BE pleased to inform my Lords Contmissioners of the Admiralty, that at break of day on the 24th ult. (Cape Finisterre bearing S. E. by E. distant about forty leagues) I fell in with and captured the brigantine Le Poiffon Volant letter of marque, Captain Latarte, laden with wines and different kinds of merchandise, from Bourdeaux, bound to Guadaloupe ; the is pierced for eight guns, but had only four on board; is new coppered, and was fitted out with the intention, after landing her cargo in the West Indies, to cruise in those seas as a privateer, where, from her fuperior failing, The probably would have done considerable mischief, as the fails much better than the Concorde in light winds, and was taken by being fortunately within reach of our guns when first seen.

From the LONDON GAZETTE, O&. 16, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Of. 14. Copy of a Letter from Sir Richard King, Bart, Commander in Chief of

his Majesty's Ships and Velfels at Plymouth, to Evan Nepean, Esq. Secre. tary of the Admiralty, dated on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, the 15th inftant.


THIS afternoon arrived here La Decouverte French national brig, of fourteen guns and ninety-one men, prize to his Majesty's ship Unité, out three days from Nantz, fupposed to be bound to Guadaloupe with fecret dispatches, which they threw overboard in chase, and ten of her guns. I have the honour to be, Sir, &c.


Copy of another Letter from Admiral Sir Richard King, Bart. to Evan

Nepean, E87. dated on board the Cambridge, in Hamoaze, the isth in fant.

Sir, I HEREWITH transinit, for their Lordships'information, a letter I have received this morning from Lieutenant Tomlinson, commanding his Majesty's hired lugger Speedwell, giving an account of his having captured a French lugger privateer, carrying fix brais fix-pounders, fix swivels, and thirty-five men. The above vefsel is arrived here.

I am, &c.



Speedwell, at Sea, Oktober 13, 1797, Start Sir,

N.N. E. five or fix Leagues. I HAVE the honour to inform you, that, after a chase of five hours, we have this day captured the Teleinachus, French lugger privateer, mounting fix brass fix-pounders on carriages, and fix swivels: the had on board thirty-five men. I cannot learn that she has taken any thing, except a Danish brig. I have put some men on board the Telemachus, and sent her to Plymouth. I have the honour to be, &c.

ROB. TOMLINSON. Sir Richard King, Bart. &c.


Monday, October 16, 1797.


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Admiralty Office, Otober 16. CAPTAIN Fairfax, of the Venerable, arrived early this morning with dispatches from Adam Duncan, Esq. admiral of the blue, commander in chief of his Majesty's ships, &c. employed in the North Sea, to Evan Nepean, Esq. secretary of the Admiralty, of which the follow, ing are copies :

Venerable, at Sea, 13th October 1797, off the

Coast of Holland. BE pleased to acquaint the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that, judging it of consequence their Lordships Thould have as early information as possible of the defeat of the Dutch fleet under the command of Admiral De Winter, I dispatched the Rose cutter at three P. M. on the 12th (11th) instant, with a short letter to you immediately after the action was ended. I have now further to acquaint you, for their Lordships' information, that in the night of the roth instant, after I had sent away my letter to you of that date, I placed my squadron in such Gtuation as to prevent the enemy from returning to the Texel without my falling in with them. At nine o'clock in the morning of the rith I got sight of Captain Trollope's squadron, with signals flying for an enemy to, leeward; I immediately bore up, and made the signal for a general chase, and foon got sight of them, forming in a line on the larboard tack to receive us, the wind at N. W. As we approached near, I made the signal for the squadron to shorten sail, in order to connect them; foon after I saw the land between Camperdown and Egmont, about nine miles to leeward of the enemy, and finding there was no time to be loft in making the attack, I made the fignal to bear up, break the enemy's line, and engage them to leeward, each ship her opponent, by which I got between them and the land, whither they were fast approaching My fignals were obeyed with great promptitude, and Vice-admiral Onslow, in the Monarch, bore down on the enemy's rear in the most gallant, manner, his division following his example; and the action commenced about forty minutes past twelve o'clock. "The Venerable foon got through the enemy's line, and I began a close action, with my division on their van,

' which

which lasted near two hours and a half, when I observed all the masts of the Dutch admiral's fhip to go by the board ; the was, however, de. fended for iome time in a most galiant manner; but being overpressed by numbers, her colours were struck, and Admiral De Winter was soon brought on board the Venerable. On looking around me, I observed the thip bearing the vice-admiral's flag was also dismalted, and had surrendered to Vice-admiral Onflow: and that many others had likewise ftruck. Finding we were in nine fathoms water, and not farther than five miles from the land, my attention was so much taken up in getting the heads of the disabled thips off thore, that I was not able to distinguith the number of thips captured; and the wind having been constan:ly on the land fince, we have unavoidably been much dispersed, so that I have not been able to gain an exact account of them, but we have taken potletion of eight or nine; more of them had struck, but taking advantage of the night, and being so near their own coast, they suc. ceeded in getting off, and some of them were seen going into the Texel the next morning.

It is with the greatest pleasure and satisfaction I make known to their Lordships the very gallant behaviour of Vice-admiral Onslow, the captains, officers, seamen, and marines of the squadron, who all appeared actuated with the truly British spirit, at least those that I had an opportunity of seeing.

. One of the enemy's ships caught fire in the action, and drove very near the Venerable; but I have the pleasure to say it was extinguished, and the is one of the ships in our pofTefTion. The squadron has suffered much in their masts, yards, and rigging, and many of them have lost a number of men; however, in no proportion to that of the enemy. The carnage on board the two thips that bore the admirals' Aags has been beyond all description; they have had no less than 250 men killed and wounded on board of each fhip. And here I have to lament the loss of Captain Burgers, of his Majelty's thip the Ardent, who brought that ship into action in the most gallant and masterly manner, but was unfortunately killed soon after. However, the thip continued the action close, until quite disabled. The public have lost a good and gallant of. ficer in Captain Burgess, and I, with others, a fincere friend.

Captain Trollope's exertions and active good conduct in keeping Gglit of the enemy's fleet until I came up, have been truly meritorious, and, I trust, will meet a just reward.

I send this by Captain Fairfax, by whose able advice I profited much during the action, and who will give their Lord thips any further parti. culars they may wish to know.

As most of the ships of the squadron are much disabled, and several of the prizes dismasted, I shall make the best of my way with them to the Nore.

I herewith transinit you a list of killed and wounded on board such of the squadron as I have been able to collect; a list of the enemy's fleet op. posed to my squadron, and my line of battle on the day of action.

I am, Sir,
Your most obedient huinble servant,


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A Lip of killed and counded on board the Ships of Admiral Dancar's SqEs . dron, in an Action with the Dutch on the uth of October 1797.

Venerable.--13 seamen, 2 marines, killed; 6 othicers, 52 seamen, 4 marines, wounded. Total 77.

Monarch.--2 officers, 34 feamen, killed; 9 officers, 79 feainen, i? marines, wounded. Total 136. · Bedford.--2 midshipmen, 26 seamen, 2 marines, Lilled; i beute. rant, 37 seamen, 3 marines, wounded. Total 71.

Powerful.---S feamen, 2 marines, killed; 4 officers, 74 feamen and marines, wounded. Total 88.

Itis.--I feaman, i marine, killed; 3 officers, 18 feamen, wounded Total 23.

Ardent.—2 officers, 33 seamen, 6 marines, killed; S officers, 8ş feamei, ii marines, 3 boys, wounded. Total 148.

Agiucourt.- i one killed or wounded.

Belliqueux.--2 officers, 20 seamen, 3 marines, killed; 3 officers, 63 feamen, 12 mariuts, wounded. Total 103.

Lancaster. -- 3 seamen killed; 2 officers, 13 feamen, 3 marines, wounded. Total 21.

Triumph.--25 seamen, 3 marines, 1 boy, killed; 5 officers, 50 seamen and marines, wounded. Total 84

[ Officers killed. Monarch.—Mr. J. P. Tindall and Mr. Moyle Finlay, midshipmen. Ardent.--Captain Burgess; Mr. Michael Dunn, master.

Belliqueux.--Lieutenant Robert Webster; Mr. James Milne, master's mate.

Oficers wounded. Venerable.--Lieutenants Clay and Douglas ; Lieutenant Chambers of the marines; Mr. Stewart, midshipman ; Mr. Brown, pilot.

Monarch.--Lieutenant Retalick; Lieutenant Smith of the marines; Mr. George Maslie, Mr. Benjamin Clement, Mr. Daniel Sherwin, Mr. Charles Slade, midshipmen ; Mr. John Chimley, master's mate.

Bedford.—Lieutenant Keenor.

Powerful.--Lieutenant Jennings; Mr. Mel. Jones, boatswain; Mr. Daniel Rogers, midshipman; Lientenant Walker of the marines.

Ifis.-Lieutenant Charles Rea of the marines; Mr. Simon Frafer and Mr. John Walker, midshipmen.

Ardent.---Lieutenant James Rose, Lieutenant John Sobriel; Captain Cuthbert of marines; Mr. John Tracy, maiter's mate; Mr. John Airey, master's mate; Mr. Thomas Leopard, midhipman ; Mr. John Taylor, captain's clerk, flightly; Mr. George Killiar, midfipman, flightly.

Belliqueux.-Lieutenant Robert England, slightly ; Captain James Caflel of marines, flightiy; Mr. James Scott, mid thipman.

Lancaster.--Lieutenant Morgan, Lieutenant Sandy's of the marines.

Triumph.--Captain Effington, lightly in the arm; Mr. Chapman, first lieutenant, slightly in the head; Mr. Trollope, third lieutenant, flightly in the foot ; Mr. Read, master, slightly bruised; Mr. Jones, midfhipman, lightly in the face.


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