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pierced for 20 guns, but mounting 16 four and fix pounders (10 of which be threw overboard) and 132 men, which I captured after a chase of 36 hours; the Alcmene, Lively, and Thalia, under the orders of Captain Hope, joined company during the chase. The privateer fails extremely well, and is a very defirable ship for his Majesty's service ; foe is copper-bottomed and perfectly new, this being her first cruise, during which she captured the Governor Bruce English brig, from Bristol bound to Faro; a Portuguese schooner; and was beat off by an English letter of marque.

I have, &c.

THOMAS ROGERS. Copy of a Letter from Captain Dornman, Commander of his Majesty's

Sloop Speedy, to Admiral Earl St. Vincent, K.B.&c. &c. &c. dated off Oporto, December 26, 1797.

I HAVE the honour to inform you, that on the zift instant, feven leagues west of the Bayonna islands, his Majesty's floop Speedy fell in with three Spanish privateers, and after a chase of four hours, captured the Pilgrim, a lugger, mounting three carriage-guns and 22 men. The other two, a lugger mounting fix nine-pounders and jo' men, and a schooner mounting four fix-pounders and 45 men, made their escape into Vigo.

I have, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. 6, 1798.

Admiralty Office, Feb. 6. Copy of a Letter from Admiral the Earl St. Vincent, Commander in Cirief

of bis Majesty's Ships and Vcllels employed on the coast of Portugal, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated on board ihe Ville de Paris, in the Tagus, the 30th of January.

Sir, I ENCLOSE letters from the Captains of L’Aigle, Alcmene, and Mercury, Speedy and King's Filher loops, reciting the captures of French and Spanish privateers made by the thips and floops under their commands. The judgment displayed' by Captain Pierrepont, joined to bis spirited conduct, and that of the officers and crew of his Majesty's floop King's Filher, in the action with the Betsey, does credit to them and honour to his Majesty's arms; and the activity of all the cruisers under my command is worthy of commendation.

I am, &c.


My Lord,

L'Aigle, at Sea, Jan. 5. I HAVE the honour to inform your Lordship, on the 4th inftant, off the coast of Corunna, I chased and captured a French privateer thip of 20 guns and go men; been out eight days from L'Orient; she is cop. pered, and a fast failer, not made any captures. .

I have the honour to be, &c. Earl St. Vincent


My Lord,

Alcmene, at Sea, Jan. 9. I HAVE the honour of informing your Lordship, that the Buonaparte French privateer, carrying two guns, fome fwivels, and 40 men,


was last evening chased by the squadron under my command, and captured, after a few hours chase, by his Majesty's ship Lively; she has been out nine days from Cadiz, without taking any thing.

· I have the honour to be, &c. Earl St. Vincent.

GEO. HOPE. My Lord, - His Majesty's Ship Mercury, at Sen, Jan. 15. - I HAD the honour to acquaint you, in my letter of the 6th inftant, of having captured Le Benjamin French fhip privateer belonging to Bourdeaux. I have now the satisfaction to inform your Lordship, that this morning, Cape Finisterre bearing east half north 40 leagues, we discovered two fail to leeward, and, upon chasing them, foon found they were armed vessels. They continued together until the Mercury came alınost within gun-shot of the sternmoit, intending, as I fupposed, to support each other; but upon being closc prestou, they steered different courses, and I was en Aldo come up with only one of them, after a chase of eight hours, who fired a few shot, and struck his colours. She proves iu be Les Trois Sæurs, French brig privateer belonging to Rocheile, pierced for 18 guns, but mounting 16 six-pounders, and 100 men, copper-bottomed, fails remarkably well, and only five days out of port, on her first cruise.

I have the honour to be, &c. Earl St. Vincent.


King's Fisher, Tagus, Jan. 12. I HAVE the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that on the morning of the 8th instant, the Burlings bearing east, distant about fifty leagues, at daylight we discovered a ship on our weather quarter, and soon after perceived her to bear up and stand towards us ; at nine we tacked, and at half past the hoisted French colours, and began firing, which we returned as we passed on different tacks, but at too great a distance to do much execution ; the then wore: finding we could not weather her as I wilhed, we shortened sail for her to get abreast of us, when we began to engage, and continued for an hour and a quarter. Falling little wind, and our jib-hoom being carried away, she shot ahead of us, and endeavoured to make off, crowding all fail, and firing her stern-chasers. Having got out another jib-boom, and the wind freshening, at one P. M. we were enabled to renew the action, which was continued for half an hour, when she struck. She is called La Betsey, a ship prie vateer, fitted out at Bourdeaux, copper-bottomed, pierced for 20 guns, but mounting only 16 fix-pounders, and had on board 118 men, one of whom was killed; the first and second Captain and fix seamen wounded; the second Captain and three seamen fince dead of their wounds. She had been out is days, but made no captures.

The damages sustained by the King's Fisher in hull, fails, and rig. ging, are trifling, and I am happy to add that one man only is slightly wounded.

I beg to express my entire approbation of the steadiness and good conduct of the officers and ship's company during the action,'

And have the honour to be, &c. Earl St. Vincent. "




Copy of another Letter from Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent to Evar

Nepean, Esq. dated on board bis Majesty's Ship Ville de Paris, in the River Tagus, the 20th of January,

Sir, I ENCLOSE a letter I have received from Captain Williams, commander of his Majesty's store-thip the Gorgon, whose judgment, in bearing away for Lisbon upon the intelligence he had obtained, meets my full approbation ; and you will acquaint the Lords Commisfioners of the Admiralty with his subsequent success. I am, &c.


His Majesty's Ship Gorgon, Tagus, Jan. 16. I HAVE the pleasure of acquainting your Lordship, that at half past noon on Saturday the 13th, in lat. 46 deg. 9 min. long. 7 deg. 33 min. Cape Finisterre bearing S. 20 W. about 70 leagues, I fell in with ard retook the Ann brig of Dartmouth, bound from Newfoundland to Lisbon. She had been taken 15 days by a French privateer; and while exchanging people, another brig under national colours bore down upon us, who, after a few thot being fired at her, struck to his Majesty's thip under my command; the proves to be Le Henri, a French privateer from Nantes, carrying 14 guos and 108 men ; she had thrown five of her guns overboard, and had been out five days, and taken nothing. I immediatey ordered my first Lieutenant, Archbald, with Mr. Tritton, and fixteen other supernumeraries belonging to L'Aigle, to take polsession of her, and proceed in company with me to Lithon, where I have the additional pleasure to inform your Lordfhip she is safe arrived, and have every reason to believe the brig will shortly join us.

I have the honour to be, &c. Earl St. Vincent.


Copy of a Letter from Sir Edward Pellete, Captain of bis Majesty's Shit Indefatigable, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated at Sen, the 28th of Jan.

Sir, I HAVE the pleasure to inforın you, that I this day, in company with his Majesty's ship Cambrian, captured the French ship privateer L'Heureuse Nouvelle, of 22, guns and 130 men, from Breit thirty-fis days, in which time they had taken nothing but a large thip, an American, called the Providence, loaded with sugar and cotton, which I am in hopes of retaking, having left the Cambrian in chase of her. I have the hunour to be, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. 13, 1798.

Admiralty Office, Feb. 13. Extra&t of a Letter from Admiral Earl St. Vincent, Commander ia Clich

of his Majesty's Ships on the coast of Portugal, to Evan Nepean, Esq. Secretary of the Admiralty, dated Ville de Paris, in the Tagus, obe 26b of January

I ENCLOSE an extract of a letter from Captain Digby, of his Ma. jesty's ship Aurora, relative to the capture of a Spanish schooner letter of marque from Laguira,

Extract of a Letter from Captain Digby, of his Majesty's Ship Aurora, to

Admiral Earl St. Vincent, dated the 28th of January. I HAVE the honour to acquaint you, that I captured on the 17th instant, to the westward of Cape Finiiterre, La Casualided Spanish letter of marque (schooner rigged), mounting fix guns and 17 men, Don Yfidro Orneze commander ; 47 days from Caraccas, with a cargo of cocoa.

Copy of a Letter from Vice-admiral Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of

bis Majesty's Ships and Vessels on the coast of Ireland, 1. Evan Nepean, Esq. dared at Cork, the 4ih inftant.


PLEASE to lay before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty the accompanying letter to me from Captain Fraser, of his Majesty's thip Shannon, giving an account of his having captured, off Cape Clear, on the ad instant, a large ship privateer, mounting 24 guns and 150 men, with which he arrived here last eveniny. · I have the honour to be, &c.



Shannon, Cove of Cork, Feb. 3. I BEG leave to acquaint you, that yesterday at three P. M. being fix or eight leagues to the southward of Cape Clear, with his Majesty's ship under my command, I saw and gave chase to a fhip in the N. E. She at first hoisted English colours, but on the Shannon's firing a shot towards her, the hauled them down, hoisted the national flag, and fired her ftern-chases ; continuing to do so (without effect) until the Shannon's fhot fell far beyond her, when the struck her colours, and brought to at five P. M.

She is called Le Duguay Trouin, a privateer of St. Malo, com. manded by Citizen Legue, mounting 24 fix-pounders, several of which were thrown overboard during the chase, and armed with 150 men.

She failed from St. Malo the 3d of November, but having been forced into the river Benois, in Brittany, by bad weather, the bad been only eight days from thence; The had taken nothing until early in the morn. ing of the day I fell in with her, when she captured the Wilding of Liverpool, Henry Ward maiter, from Jamaica, 23 of whole crew I found on board her. I have to regret the extreme haziness of the weather all day, which prevented any object from being seen at more than four or five miles distance, otherwise I think I must have seen and recaptured that ship; but it blowing very fresh at weit, it was late in the night before the prize could be secured and the prisoners fitted, which having done, I thought it necessary, from the number on board, and the state of the Shannon's rigging, which had suffered much in the late gale, to proceed for this port.

Le Duguay Trouin is 112 feet long on the gun-deck, and 30 feet broad; she is very well found in every thing as a privateer, and fails

I have the honour to be, &c. Viie-admiral Kingsmill, Cork.


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From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. 17, 1798.

Admiralty Office, Feb. 17. Extra&t of a Letter from Vice-admiral Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Vellels on the coast of Ireland, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated at Cork, the 9th inft.

I REQUEST you will lay before their Lordships the accompanying letter to me from Lord A. Beauclerk, giving an account of his having captured and brought in here Le Mars of Nantes, a new coppered ship privateer, mounting 16 guns and 220 men, Sir,

Dryad, Cork Harbour, Feb... I HAVE the honour to inform you, that on the 4th inst. at five A.M. Cape Clear N. E. twenty leagues, I captured Le Mars, a stout faft-failing privateer from Nantes, pierced for 20 guns, had mounted 12 twelves, 2 eighteens, and 2 twelve-pound carronades, with 222 men ; had been out 49 days, and not captured any thing.

I am, &c. Vice-admiral Kingsmill, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, Feb. 20, 1798.

Admiralty Office, Feb. 20. Copy of a Letter from the Right Hon. Lord Bridport, K. B. to Evar

Nepean, Esq. dated the 16th inft. YOU will herewith receive for their Lordships' information, a copy of a letter from Capt. Durham, of his Majesty's ship Anton, stating his having captured Le Jason ship privateer of Nantes, coppered, mounting 12 guns and 108 men.

You will also receive a copy of a letter from Captain Herbert, of his Majesty's fhip Amelia, dated the 14th instant, ftating his having captured La Branche d'Olive, a French merchant brig, laden with flour, beef, wine, and brandy; and with his having fallen in with a small convoy in the Passage du Raz, and captured Le Cultivateur de Rochelle brig, and an armed chasse marée; but the latter having struck upon a rock, he was obliged to destroy her. I am, Sir, &c. &c. &c.


My Lord,

Anfor, at Sea, Feb. 8. I BEG leave to acquaint your Lordship, that I have this day captured Le Jason French privateer of 12 guns and 108 men, belonging to Nantes, copper-bottomed, out two days, and made no captures.

I have the honour to be, my Lord, &c. &c. &c. Right Hon. Lord Bridport, K. B.

P. C. DURHAM. My Lord,

Amelia, Plymouth Sound, Feb. 14. I HAVE to inform your Lordship of the arrival of his Majesty's thip Amelia here this morning. Your Lordship will, from Captain Stirling, have heard of my parting from him in a heavy gale of wind on the 31st ult. As soon as the weather made it possible, I returned off Uthant, according to my orders. I made a night attempt to destroy a man of

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