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Lif and Dispofition of the Dutch Fleet on the 11th of Otober 1797.


Vice-Admiral Reyntjes Commander.
Cerberus, Captain Jacobson, 68 guns, 450 men.
· Delft, Captain Verdoon, 56 guns, 375 men.-- Taken.

Jupiter, Vice-admiral Reyntjes and Rear-admiral Meusen, 74 guns, 559 men.--Taken. .

Alkmaar, Captain Kraft, 56 guns, 350 men.--Taken.
Haerlem, Captain Wiggetts, 68 guns, 450 men.—Taken.
Munikkendam, Captain Lancaster, 44 guns, 270 men.—Taken.
Heldin, Captain Dumisnilde L'Eestrilie, 32 guns, 230 men.
Daphne brig, Lieutenant Fredericks, 18 guns, 98 men.

Admiral De Winter, Commander in Chief.
Wassenaer, Captain Holland, 64 guns, 450 men.Taken.
Batavier, Captain Souters, 56 guns, 350 men.

Vryheid (the Liberty), Admiral De Winter Van Rossem, 74 guns, 550 men.--Taken.

States General, Rear-Admiral Story, 74 guos, 550 men.
Leyden, Captain Musquetier, 68 guns, 450 men.
Mars, Captain Kalif, 44 guns, 400 men.
Waaksaamheid, Captain. Lieutenant Nicrop, 24 guns, 150 men.
Minerva, Captain Eilbracht, 24 guns, 150 men.
Galatea brig, Lieutenant Rivery, 18 guns, 98 men.
Atalanta brig, Lieutenant Plets, 18 guns, 98 men.


Rear-Admiral Bloys Commander.
Admiral Devries, Captain Zegers, 68 guns, 450 men.— Taken.
Hercules, Captain Van Ryfoort, 64 guns, 450 men.—Taken.
Brutus, Rear-adıniral Bloys, 74 guns, 550 men.
Beschermer, Captain Hinxtt, 56 guns, 350 men.
Gelykheid (the Equality), Captain Ruysen, 68 guns, 450 men.---
Ambuscade, Captain-lieutenant Huys, 32 guns, 270 men.---Taken.
Ajax brig, Lieutenant Arkenbout, 18 guns, 95 men.
Haasje (Aviso), Lieutenant llartenfeld, 6 guns, 35 men.

N. B. Another line of battle thip, reported to be taken, name uq-

Disposition of the Squadron, in the Order of Battle, on the 11th of QEtober

Richard Onslow, Esq. Vice-Admiral of the Red, Commander.
1. Ruffel, Henry Trollope, captain, 74 guns, 590 men.

2. Director, William Bligh, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.
· 3. Montague, John Knight, captain, 74 guns, 590 men.

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4. Veteran, George Gregory, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.

5. Monarch, Vice-admiral Onslow, Edward O'Bryen, captain, 74
guns, 599 men.
6. Powerful, William O‘Bryen Drury, captain, 74 guns, 590 men.
7. Monmouth, James Walker, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.
S. Agincourt, John Williamson, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.

Beaulieu frigate. Cutters–Rose, King George, Active, Diligent.

-Speculator lugger.

Adam Duncan, Efq. Admiral of the Blue, and Commander in Chief,

. &c. &c. &c.
9. Triumph, William Henry Effington, captain, 74 guns, 640 men.
10. Venerable, Admiral Duncan, William George Fairfax, captain,
74 guns, 593 men.
11. Ardent, Richard R. Burgess, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.
12. Bedford, Sir Thomas Byard, captain, 74 guns, 590 nien.
13. Lancaster, John Wells, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.
14. Belliqueux, John Inglis, captain, 64 guns, 491 men.
15. Adamant, William Hotham, captain, 50 guns, 343 men.
16. Ilis, William Mitchell, captain, 50 guns, 343 men.

Circe frigate-Martin floop.



Venerable, off Orfordness, 08. 15, 1797. IN addition to my letter of the 13th instant, containing the particulars of the action of the 11th, and which I have not been able to send away until this day, I have to acquaint you, for the information of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that, from the wind continuing to blow on the Dutch coast, the ships have had great difficulty in keeping off the shore, and that we have unavoidably been separated. On Friday last the wind blew strong from the W.S.W. to the W.N.W. and continued so to do until Saturday morning; it then shifted to the north, when I made the signal to wear, stood to the westward, and fortunately anchored here last evening, the Venerable being so leaky, that, with all her pumps going, we could but just keep her free. This morning I observed the ships named in the margin * at anchor near us, three near the Kentish Knock, and three in Hosley Bay. The wind is at N. W. and much against the disabled fhips; I have therefore sent the Lancaster and Beaulieu out, to render them assistance.

Sir Thomas Williams, in the Endymion, who joined me the day after the action, I also sent in shore, to keep by and assist the disabled fhips; and I am informed that, in the course of the night, he fell in

• Monarch, Powerful, Lancaster, Beaulieu.

(9) with a Dutch ship of the line off the Texel, and had engaged her, but I have not heard the particulars.

I am, Sir,

Your most obedient humble servant, Evan Nepean, Esq.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, O&t. 28, 1797.

Admiralty Office, October 28. Copy of a Letter from Captain Charles Rowley, Commander of his Majesty's

Ship Unité, to the Right Honourable Lord Bridport, K. B. dated at Sea, the grh infant.

My Lord, I HAVE the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that, in latitude 46 deg. 10 min. north, and longitude 5 deg. 35 min. west, I captured the national corvette Decouverte, of 14 guns and go men, commanded by Monf. Martineneq, Lieutenant de Vaisseau, four days from Nanti, charged with secret dispatches, which he threw overboard, with ten of her guns, in the chase.

I have the honour to be, &c.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, O&t. 31, 1797.

Admiralty Office, October 31. Extrait of a Letter from the Right Hon. Admiral Lord Bridport, K. B. to

Evan Nepean, Esq. dated on board his Majesty's Ship Royal Georze, at Sea, the 26th of October 1797. HEREWITH you will receive, for their Lordships' information, the copy of a letter from Captain Yorke, of his Majesty's fhip Stag, stating his having destroyed Le Cocyte French lugger privateer.


Stag, at Sea, October 4, 1797. I HAVE the honour to acquaint you, that, on the 30th of September, his Majesty's fhip Stag fell in with and destroyed Le Cocyte, French lugger privateer, of four guns and thirty men, off Plymouth, out ten days from Morlaix, without taking any thing.

I have the honour to be, &c.

JOS. YORKE. Admiralty Office, Oktober 31. Copy of a Letter from Captain James O'Bryen, Commander of his Majesty's

Sloop Childers, to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated Plymouth, O&ober 28, 1797.

Sir, I HAVE the honour to acquaint you with my arrival here with Le Furet, French scbooner privateer, mounting four four-pounders, pierced for fourteen, carrying fifty men, a remarkable swift failer; the was captured by the Triton, Childers in company, on Tuesdiy the 24*b, between the

Vol. VII.

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Ide of Bas and Alreverak, on her return to Treguier, after a three weeks Cruise, during which she had made but one capture.

I have the honour to be, &c.


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From the LONDON GAZETTE, Nov. 11, 1797.

Admiralty Office, Nov. II. Copy of a Letter from Admiral the Earl St. Vincent, Commander in Chief of

his Majefty's Ships and Vessels employed on the coast of Portugal, to Evan Nepean, Esq. datod on board the Ville de Paris, in the Tagus, Oxeber 27, 1797.

Sir, I ENCLOSE herewith copies of letters I have received from Captain Downman and Captain Pierrepont, giving an account of the capture of two of the enemy's privateers by his Majesty's floops the Speedy and King's Fisher.

I am, &c.


My Lord,

Speedy, off Oporto, Sept. 18, 1797. I HAVE the honour to inform you, that on the 13th inst. his Majesty's floop Speedy captured the Palma, a Spanish schooner privateer, off Ville de Conde, mounting two three-pounders and four swivels, with twentyeight men. She had been eight days from Vigo, and had not taken any



My Lord,

King's Fisher, Sept. 16, 1797. I BÉG leave to acquaint your Lordship, that yesterday morning, off Camina, I fell in with and captured the French lugger privateer L'Espoir, mounting two carriage guns and four swivels, and manned with thirtynine men; out thirteen days from Rochelle, but had not made any capture.

I have the honour to be, &c.


Admiralty Office, Nov. 11. Copy of a Letter from Captain H. Digby, Commander of his Majesty's Ship

Aurora, to the Earl St. Vincent, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Ships and Veffels employed on the coast of Portugal, dated at Sea, ike 7th of September 1797.

My Lord, I HAVE the honour to acquaint you of the capture of L'Aigle French privateer, mounting twelve guns, and feventy-seven men, commanded by Louis Daroche, nine days from Rochelle ; had taken nothing.

I have the honour to be, &c.

H. DIGBY. Copy of a Letter from Captain Tyler to the Earl St. Vincent, dated on board

his Majesty's Ship L'Aigle, Tagæs, September 7, 1797. My Lord, I HAVE the honour to inform your Lordship, that on the zoth of July last, off Cape Finisterre, the Boston in company, we captured a French


lugger, called the Hazard, of eight guns and fifty men, belonging to Bayonne, and last from Corunna; made no captures. August the 13th last, I captured the French lugger La Manche, eight guns and eight swivels, and forty-nine men, belonging to Nantes; out thirteen days, made no captures. On the 17th of the same month, observing two veffels working into the Bay of Lax, I ordered the lugger to cut them out. The weather not proving favourable, one of them, a brig laden with rice, could not be brought off. I took the rice out, and burnt the vessel. The property was Spanish, bound for Corunna.


Sir, His Majefty's Ship Aurora, River Tagus, Sept. 17, 1797. I HAVE to acquaint you that I captured, on my way to Lilbon, on the 15th instant, L'Elpiegle, French privateer brig, mounting fourteen guns and fixty men, from Rochelle, commanded by Jean Henry Knell; had taken in the morning a Portuguese brig, from Lisbon, bound to Oporto, which the had sent to St. Lucar.

I am, &c.


Copy of a Letter from Admiral the Earl St. Vincent, K. B. to Evan Nepean,

Ejg. dated Ville de Paris, off Cadiz, October 5. YOU will receive herewith a letter from Lord Henry Paulet, captain of his Majesty's ship Thalia, acquainting me with his having, on the 10th ult. captured L'Espoir French corvette, of fixteen guns.

I am, &c.



Thalia, at Sca, September 11. YESTERDAY evening, being in latitude 34 deg. 27 min. N. and lontgitude 29 deg. 40 min. W. I captured the French national corvette L'Espoir, mounting fixteen fix-pounders, and having ninety-fix men; the comes from Cayenne, and was cruifing with another corvette, which was taken the zoth ult. by an English frigate.

Earl St. Vincent, Commander in Chief, &c. H. PAULET..

Admiralty Office, November 11. Copy of a Letter from Captain Gore, Commander of his Majesty's Ship the

Triton, to Admiral Lord Bridport, dated at Sea, October 23. My Lord, I HAVE the honour to inform your Lordship, that I this day chased and captured, close in with Alreverak, the Furet, French schooner pri. vateer, mounting four guns, four-pounders, but pierced for fourteen, having fifty-three men on board; twenty-three days out from 'Treguier, and had only taken the Denton English brig, laden with coals, which was retaken the next day by his Majesty's ship Jafon.

• I have the honour to be, &c.


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