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the conduct of the populace towards the Bureau de Pusy, his declaration previoully
French embaffy; 2ğı --Second letter on to his release from prison, 4-His lacet
the same subject, 292—Third letter, 293 to General Buonaparte, 6
---His note to the Emperor on the same
subject, ibid.--His letter to the French
minister at Ratisbon on the same subject,

Cardinal Secretary of State, his letter to the
Berne, Canton of, their reply to the demand Marquis of Maffini respecting the dir-

of the Executive Directory of France for turbances al Rome, 103–His letter to
the departure of Mr. Wickham from the ambassador Buonaparte on the same
Switzerland, 117-The city of Berne subject, 106
taken by General Brune, 136

Cartel for the exchange of prisoners of war
Berthier, General, his speech upon taking between Great Britain and France, 338

poffefsion of the Capitol at Rome, 109- Cisalpine republic, limits of, defined by
His address to the Romans on the designs General Buonaparte, 7-Letter from the
of ill-disposed persons, 112–His procla- minister for foreign affairs relative to the
ination upon the establishment of a repub- acknowledgment of the republic, 1-Pro-
lican form of government at Rome, 116 clamation of the Executive Directory re-
-His proclamation to the Cisalpines, specting the maintenance of public order,

13- The Council of Elders refute to
Brune, General, his proclamation to the ratify the treaty with France, 148

Sardinian insurgents, 93–His letter to Treaty of alliance with France, 1-Of
the Sardinian ambassador to the Cisalpine commerce with France, xi.
republic, 94-His letter to the Directory Classen, Mr. his letter upon the decree of
concerning ilie capture of Bernie, 136 . the French legislature respecting neutral
Decrees the asembling of the represent thips, 290
atives of several parts of Switzerland to Colloredo, Count, his letter to the ambafía-
forin an indivisible republic, 142-Takes dor Bernadotte, in answer to his note to
leave of the army of Italy, 548

the Emperor on the disturbances 2!
Buonaparte, ambassador to the Court of Vienna, 294

Rome, his letter respecting the disturb- Convention, additional, to the treaty of peace
ances at Rome, 97-His letters to the between the Duke of Wurtemberg and the
Cardinal Secretary of State for affiftance, French republic, vi.
105, 106

Council of Five Hundred, report to, on the
Buonaparte, General, his instructions re t reaty of peace between the Emperor and

specting the Cisalpine republic, 7-His France, 33—Their resolution on the car.
proclamation respecting the Ottoman sub- goes of neutral ships, 266
jects, ibid --His address to his foldiers, Credentials of Mellrs. Pinckney, Marshall,
13--His speech to his foldiers on the fête and Gerry, 181
of thc in Vendemiaire, 14--His letter
to the Directory respecting his letter from

the Dey of Tunis, 41--Ordered by the
Directory to take upon him the command Declarations of General La Fayette-of
of the army of England, 79- His ada General Latour Maubourg-of Bureau de
dress to the Pacha of Egypt on his expe Pury, previously to their release from im-
dition to Egypt, 438--Announces his prisonment, 2-Of the Sovereign Coun.
intention to enter Alexandria, 439–His cil of Berne to defend their country, 121-
address to the people of Egypt upon the Of General Menard to Colonel De Weiss,
conduct of the Beys, ibid.-Orders all to disband his troops, 127_Of Pruffia,
persons guilty of pillage to be shot, 440~ respecting the ceffion of the left bank ef
His convention with the Mufti of Alex the Rhine, 315-Of Pruffia, respecting
andria respecting the conduct to be ob. Ehrenbreitstein, 337-Of the Mufti of
served by the inhabitants to the French, Alexandria, respecting the conduct to be
442-Orders the Turkish failors who observed by the inhabitants and the French
were flaves in Malta to be set at liberty, army, 442
443_Orders the names of French fol. Decree, for afsembling an army, to be called
diers killed to be engraved on Pompey's the Army of England, zóRespecting
Pillar, ibid.-His address to the Cheiks of neutral ships and their cargoes, 66-For
Cairo, ibid. His proclamation to the forwarding the naval operations at Brett,
people of Cairo on the motives of his ex for the expedition againit England, 78-
pedition, 444–To the Pacha of Cairo, Direeting General Buonaparte to take
ibid. To the Pacha of Cairo, stating that · upon him the command of the army of
it is his design to secure to him his rcvce England, 79-Of the Council of Soleure
aues, 549

to defend their liberties, 128


Decree for holding the congress at Rastadt,
305--For deposing the Grand Vizier, 451

Decree of the Batavian legiNature
against English merchandise, 454-Im-
perial decree respecting Ehrenbreitstein,

Decree of the Executive Directory respecting

letters of marque or reprisal in America,
529-Of the Dutch Chainbers respecting
thips captured, 544-Of the Helvetic

legislature respecting the French army, 545
Dey of Tunis, his letter to General Buona-

parte respecting the release of some Naves,

Doria, Cardinal, his proclamation upon the

approach of a French army against Rome,

against England, 78_Their message to
the Council of Elders respecting the expe-
dirion against Ottend, 84–Their medage
to the Council of Five Hundred respect-
ing the capture of Malta, 90-Their
message respecting the disturbances at
Rome, 107—Their message upon the con-
duct of the government of Rome, 112
- Note to the government of Berne, re-
quiring the departure of Mr. Wickham

from Switzerland, 117–Their message to
• the Council of Five Hundred respecting

the Pays de Vaud, 121-Their order in
consequence of the resusal of the Cisalpine
Council of Elders lo ratify the treaty with
France, 148—Their meslage upon the
entrance of the French troops into Egypt,
342— Their decree respecting letters of
marque or reprisal in America, 529-
Their arrêté respecting the crews of thips,
549—Their second arrêté, deferring the
execution of their former one refpecting

the crews of thips, 550
Executive Directory of the Cisalpine republic,

their letter to General Brune respecting the

conduct of the Court of Turin, 92 .
Extract from the deliberations of the French

commission to the Leeward INands, I


Egypt-Buonaparte announces to the Pacha

his expedition to Egypt, 438—Warns the
commander of the caravan to commit no
hoftilities against the French, 439-Ad-
dresses the people of Egypt on the conduct

of the Beys, ibid. --Orders all persons
* guilty of pillage to be shot, 440-Decla

ration of the Mufti of Alexandria, on the
conduct to be adopted by the French, and
the people of Alexandria, 442—The
Turkish sailors, who were flaves in Malta,
are ordered to be fet at liberty, 443—The
names of the French foldiers killed, are
ordered to be engra ed on Pompey's Pillar,
ibid.-Address to the Cheik's of Cairo,
ibid.-Proclamation to the people of Cairo,
on the motives of his expedition, 444 -
To the Pacha of Cairo, ibid. -To the
Pacha of Cairo, ftating that it is the design
of the French general to secure to him his

revenues, 549
Elector Palatine, his letter on the views of

France, 308
Emigrants, report respecting them, 14
Emperor of Russia, bis proclamation for

protecting trade in the Sound against the

Directory of France, 83 '
Englilh prisoners in France ordered to be con-

fined, 79-Report to the House of Com.
mons on their treatment, 511
Executive Directory of the French republic,

their proclamation that the French army
be complete on the 6th Osober, 22-
Their proclamation respecting the invasion
of England, 29-Their decree for as
senibling an army to be called the Army
of England, 30- Their proclamation
against the English governmeni, 42--
Their message respecting a loan for the
invasion of England, 53–Their mesTage
respecting the seizure of English mer-
chandise, 58— Their proclamation respect-
ing the loan for the invasion of England,
59—Their decrce for forwarding the naval
operations at Brest for the expedition

Fleury, Citizen, his letter upon the declara.

tion of war by the Porte, 548
François de Neufchateau, his letter to the

commissioners of the Directory on being
appointed a Director, 16–His letter' to
the Spanish ambassador on the commerce

with Spain, 346
French republic, treaty of offensive and de-

fensive alliance with Sardinia, i.-Of
union with Mulhausen, ii.-Convention
with the Duke of Wurtemberg, vi.-Of
peace, and offensive and defensive alliance

with Switzerland, vii.
French prisoners in England, report upon

their treatment, 67 - Report to the
House of Commons on their treatment in
England, 511

Garat, ambassador to the Court of Naples

his speech to the King of Naples on pre-
• senting his credentials, 79--His specch to

the Queen of Naples, 82
Geneva is united to France, 147
Genoa declared in a state of hoftility with

Great Britain, 341
Gerry, Mr. appointed one of the American
ministers to the French republic, 168-
Instructions to him, ibid.--His creden-
rials, 181---Full powers, 182-Letter to
the foreign minister at Paris, announcing
the object of his mission, 183-Progress
of the negotiatiou, 184-Leiter to the


French minifter, 209-Letter to the
French minister on the conduct of France
to the United States, and of the United
States to France, 222-Letter to the
French minister upon his reply to the de-
tailed letter of the American ministers,
399–His letter to the American Pre-
fident on the state of affairs at Paris, 427
He is requested by the French minister to
resume the negotiation, 428-He declines
resuming it, ibid.-Instructions to him,
430-Corespondence between him and
the French minister upon the publication
of the particulars of the negotiation, 431
to 434-Letter to him from Hauteval on
the negotiation, ibid.-His letter to the
minister for foreign affairs, in answer
to the minister's letter respecting the nego-

tiation, 536
Guillemardet, his speech to the King of

Spain on presenting his credentials, gim.
His speech to the Queen of Spain, ibido

requiring all persons to remain within
their houses during a specified period, ibid.
Proclamation respecting persons secreted in
Cork, 355- Proclamation requiring lifts
of arms to be given in, ibid.—Notice
respecting pikes, 356_Dr. Troy's ad-
dress to the Roman Catholics respecting
the rebellion, 357–Proclamation to the
insurgents in Down, inviting them to
return to their duty, 359-Orders to pre-
vent free quarters, and houses being set
fire to, 360- Proclamation of the Wer.
ford insurgents for the apprehending of
certain magistrates, ibid. The adjutant
general of the French army's letter, 361
-Proclamation of the French general for
establishing a provisional government in
Connaught, ibid. --Proclamation of Gen.
St. John, inviting the laying aside the
distinguishing badges of the different reli-
gious sects, 362-Notice respecting per-
sons secreted in the county of Down, tid.

-Agreement between the Irish govern-
ment and the fate prisoners, 363-Of
General Nugent, 364-Proclamation to
various inhabitants of Mayo, promising
them pardon on conditions, ibid. -Report
to the Irish House of Commons respecting
the rebellion, 365–To the Irish Houle
of Lords on the same subject, 384

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Instructions to the commanders of British

ships of war, 41
Instructions to Meffis. Marshall, Pinckney,

and Gerry, the ambassadors to the French

republic, 168
Ireland Proclamation of the Lord Lieute-

pant on the breaking out of the rebel.
Jion, 347-Notice issued by the Com-
mander in Chief respecting the difturb-
ances in Kildare, and concealed arms,
348-Notice to the inhabitants of the
Queen's County to place lifts of persons
refiding in cach house, on the doors of
Such houses, 349—Notice issued at Lime-
rick respecting arms, and disturbances,
350-Notice requiring the people of Con-
naught to deliver up their arms, 351–
Proclamation by the high Sheriff of Tip-
perary ordering all emigrants to return,
ibid. --Orders respecting subscriptions of
money, 352--Proclamation of the Lord
Mayor of Dublin respecting feditious per-
fons fecreted in that city, 353-Letter to
the Lord Mayor of Dublin upon the con-
Spiracy far seizing Dublin, 351-Notice

La Fayette, General, his declaration pre-
v iously to his release from prison, 2-His

letter to General Buonaparte, 6
Leeward Islands, French commission to, 1
Letters from the Cisalpine minister for for

reigu affairs, to the President of the Data-
vian Convention, 7-Letters from Noel
to the minister of police, 9-Of François
de Neufchateau to the commissioners of the
Directory, on his being elected a Direc-
tor, 16_From the Helvetic body to the
Cisalpide republic, 21--From the Arch-
bishop of Mechlin respecting the oath
against royalty, 22-From the King of
Prussia to the Executive Directory on his
accesfion to the throne, 40~From Buc-
naparte to the Directory, respecting the
conduct of the Turkish government, 47

From the Dey of Tunis to General
Buonaparte, respecting the release of fome
Alaves, ibid. From the minister of foreign
affairs to the diplomatic and confular
agents of the republic, respecting the
Court of London, 54-From General
Hatry to the commander of Manheim,
respecting the rcfiftance opposed to the


French taking poffeffion of the Tête du Gerry, to resume the negotiation at
Pont at Manheim, 76-From the Pruf. Paris, 428----Mr. Gerry's answer to
fian minitter at Paris to the Regency of the French minifter, declining to re-
Cleves, that the organization of their pro sume it, 429-Of Hauteval, to Mr.
vince by the French is to be discontinued, Gerry, on the negotiation, 434-Of
78--From the Cisalpine Directory to Gene General Washington, accepting the
ral Brune, on the conduct of the Court of command of the American army,'436
Turin, 92-From General Brune to the - Of the Pacha of Albania, to Ciri-
Sardinian minister, 94-From the am zen Bruyere, on the capture of
bassador Buonaparte to the minister for Malta, 445–To Mr. Gerry, respect-
foreign affairs, respecting the disturbances ing the negotiation, 530-To Mr.
at Rome, 97-From the Cardinal Secre Gerry, on his departure from Paris,
tary of State to the Marquis Mafiimi, re 540 - From the French consul at bu-
lative to the disturbances at Rome, 103 charest, on the declaration of war by
From the Spanilh minister Azarra to

the Porte, 548
Buonaparte, 104-From Talleyrand Perio Ligurian government required to mut
gord to Buonaparte, on the disturbances at its ports against the Engliin, 346
Rome, 107–From Mr. Ochs to the peo- Ligurian republic, letter of her minis.
ple of Bafle, upon the Swiss revolution, ter of war to the minister for foreign
118_To the Directory from General affairs, 150--Answer of the minister
Brune conceroing the capture of Berne, for foreign affairs, 151
135-From General Schauenbourg to the Lucerne, canton of, declaration againft
Directory, 139- From the Ligurian mi the interference of France, 127
nister of war to the minister for foreign
affairs, 150-Answer of the latter, 151
-From the Spanish minister to Mr.

Pinckney, on the report of the latter
upon the proceedings of Spanish officers, Manifesto of the citizens of the country near
in relation to the ports occupied within Base to the burgeffes, requiring the re-
the limits of the United States, 1534 foration of rights, 120_Of ihe Otto-
From the American ministers at Paris to man Porte, declaring war against France,
the French minister, 209-On the con-. 446
duct of the United States to France, and Marshall, Mr. appointed one of the Americ
of France to the United States, 222 can ministers to the French republic, 163
From the French minifter, in answer to the -Instructions to him, ibid.--His creden-
detailed letter of the American minifters, tials, 181–Full powers, 182-Letter to
275-Of Bellamy, of Hamburgh, on the foreign minister at Paris, announcing
the American negotiation, 283-0f Mr. the object of his mission, 183– Progress
Claffen, on the decree of the French of the negotiation, 184--Letter to the
legislature respecting neutral ships, 290 French minister, 209-Letter to the
-Of Bernadotte, on the conduct of the French minifter, on the conduct of the
populace at Vienna towards the French United States towards France, and of
embafly, 291 and 292--Of Baron de France towards the United States, 222
Thugut, in answer to the letters of Ber -Letter to the French minifter, upon
nadotte, 293-Of Count Colloredo, in an his reply to the detailed letter of the Ame-
swer to the ambassador Bernadotte's note rican minifiers, 399--Returns to Arre.
to the Emperor, 294–Of the ambassador rica, 42;-Inftructions to him, 430
Bernadotte to the French minifler at Ra. Mauhourg, General Latour, his declaration
risbon, on the disturbances at Vienna, 295 previously to his release from prison, 34
-Of Trouvé to the two Cisalpine coun His letter to General Buonaparte, 6
cils, on the fituation of the Cisalpine re- Menard, General, his declaration to the
public, 296_Of the Elector Palatine on Swiss Colonel Weiss, to dilband his
the views of France, 308-Of Belleville troops, 127
to the Ligurian government, requiring all Mengaud, his address to the inhabitants of
the ports to be shut against the English, the dependencies upon the old bilhopric
346—To the Lord Mayor of Dublin, on of Balle, 130
the conspiracy for seizing Dublin, 354 Minister for foreign affairs, his letter to the
of the adjutant-general of the French ambassadors and consuls of the French
army in Ireland, 351–Of the American republic, respecting the conduct to be
ambassadors at Paris to the French miuis adopted by thein, 54
ter, upon his answer to their detailed letter, Memorial of the Porte on the invasion of
399-Of Mr. Gerry to the American Egypt by the French, 445
President, on the fate of affairs at Paris Message from the Directory to the Council
427-Of the French minister to Mr. of Five Hundred, respecting the opening


of a loan for the invalion of England, 53 arms, 351---requiring all persons in

From the Directory to the Council of Dublin to remain within their houses
Five Hurdied, relpecting the seizure of during a specified period, 354-efpect.
En lith merchandise, 58--F.on the Exe ing pikes, 356-respecting perions secret.
cutive Directory, respecting the expedia ed in the county of Down, 362
tion against Oftend, 84-From the Exe-
cutive Dire&tory to the Council of Five
Hundred, respecting the capture of Mal-
ta, 20-from the Directory to the Coun Oath taken by the inhabitants of Zurich,
ol of Five Hundred, on the difiurbances to cftablish a conftirution without foreign
at Rome, 107-Fom the Directory to interference, 128-Form of cath to be
the Council of Five Hunded, on the ta'scn by the Swiss resident in Ruffin, 147
conduct of the government ut Romc, Ochs, bis letter to the peop.e of Bafle, on
12-Of the Directory, refpecting the the Swiss revolution, 118

Pays de Vaud, 12!-- From the Directory, Order of the Executive Directory, in con-
: refpecting their operations in Switzerland, sequence of the refufal of the C:falpine

143-04 the American President, upon Council of Elders to ratify the ticary wish
the subject of the diipatches from the France, 148-icfpecting subscriptions of
American minifters at Paris, 106-Froin money in Ireland, 352-Orders illued in
the American Prefident to the Congress, Ireland, to prevent houses being fct on
coinmunicating the dispatches from Pa fire, and free quarters, 360-to Colonel
ris, 168 Of the Directory to the Court Tate, preparatory to his landing in
cil of Five Hundred, on the leizure of Wales, 526-of General Brune, oa tak-
English merchandise, 219-Of the Ame ing leave of the army of Italy, 548
rican President, communicating to Con Ottoman Porte-Note respecting the occu-
gress the particulars of the laft interview pancy of Istria and Dalmatia by the me
between the American ministers and the perialists, 27
French minister, 267–Of the Directory,
announcing the entrance of French troops
into Egypt, 342-Of the American Pre-
fident, upon the return of General Mar. Parliamentary Papers, 551–Irish Parlia.
thall from France, 427-Of the Ameri ment, ibid.-Speech of the Lord Lieute-
can President, informing the Senate that nant on the meeting of Parliament, ibid.
General Washington had accepted the com. Morion by Earl Moira, for the adoption
manu of the American army, 436

of conciliatory measures, 553- Protest
Morge, his speech on presenting the treaty against the decision of the House on

of peace between the Emperor and France, Lord Moira's motion, ibid.—Sir Law.

rence Parsons's motion for a committee to
Mulhausen, republic of, her treaty of union inquire into the Itare of the country, ibid.
to Fransè, iii.

--Speech of the Speaker, on presentiug
the fupply bills, 554-Lord Glandore's
motion, to return thanks to his Excel-

lency, 555-- Mr. Vandeleur's motion,
Noel, his letter to the minister of police, 9 respecting orders to general officers, ibid.
Note froin the Ottoman Porte, respecting Message from the Lord Licutenant, re-

else occupying of Istuia and Dalmatia by specting the disturbances, 556 --Address
the Imperialists, 27--From the Execu of both Houses, in consequence of the
tive Directory to the Government of mestuge, 557-Meffage icfpecting the re-
Berne, requiring the departure of Mr. bellion, 558-Address, in consequence of
Wickham from Switzerland, 117-Of the message, ibid. ---Message, informing
the French minister to the State of Berne, Parliament of his Majesty's intention to
requiring the dismillal of the ancient ma. grant a general pardon, 559---Address, in
giftrates, 126-Of the ambassador Ber answer to the mesTage, 60–His Excel.
nadotte to the Emperor, upon the dil. lency's speech on prorogising the Parlia-
turbances at Vienna, 293

ment, 561 '
Notice issued by the commander in chief in British Parliament, $63--Address of both

Ireland, respecting the disturbances in Houses upon the negotiation, ibid. A.
Kildare and concealed arms, 348--to the mendment moved to the address by Sir
ir: habitants of the Queen's County, to John Sinclair, 564-His Majeity's an-
place lists of persons reliding in each house Iwer to the address, 565-Motion in the
on the doors of such houses, 349--No House of Commons by Mr. Nicholls,
lice ilued at Limerick, respecting arms respecting salaries and fees, ibid. Mellage
and disturbances, 350-—-rcquiring the from bis Majesty respecting the prepara-
people oí Connaught to deliver up their tions for invasion by France, ibid. --Ad.


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