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Examination by commissioner.

Preliminary certificate, when valid.

been initiated; nor until there has been submitted to the Commissioner of Insurance, under oath of the president and secretary, or corresponding officers of such society, a list of such applicants, giving their names, addresses, date examined, date approved, date initiated, name and number of the subordinate branch of which each applicant is a member, amount of benefits to be granted, rate of stated periodical contributions, which shall be sufficient to provide for meeting the mortuary obligation contracted, when valued for death benefits upon the basis of the National Fraternal Congress Table of Mortality, as adopted by the National Fraternal Congress August twenty-three, eighteen hundred ninety-nine, or any higher standard at the option of the society, and for disability benefits by tables based upon reliable experience, and for combined death and permanent total disability benefits by tables based upon reliable experience, with an interest assumption not higher than four per cent per annum; nor until it shall be shown to the Commissioner of Insurance by the sworn statement of the treasurer, or corresponding officer of such society, that at least five hundred applicants have each paid in cash at least one regular monthly payment as herein provided per one thousand dollars of indemnity to be effected, which payments in the aggregate shall amount to at least twenty-five hundred dollars; all of which shall be credited to the mortuary or disability fund on account of such applicants, and no part of which may be used for expenses. Said advanced payments shall, during the period of organization, be held in trust, and, if the organization is not completed within one year as hereinafter provided, returned to said applicants.

The Commissioner of Insurance may make such examination and require such further information as he deems advisable, and, upon presentation of satisfactory evidence that the society has complied with all the provisions of law, he shall issue to such society a certificate to that effect. Such certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the existence of such society at the date of such certificate. The Commissioner of Insurance shall cause a record of such certificate to be made and a certified copy of such record may be given in evidence with like effect as the original certificate.

No preliminary certificate granted under the provisions of this section shall be valid after one year from its date, or after such further period, not exceeding one year, as may be authorized by the Commissioner of Insurance, upon cause shown, unless the five hundred applicants herein required have been secured and the organization has been completed as herein provided; and the articles of incorporation and all proceedings thereunder shall become null and void in one year from the date of said preliminary certificate, or at the expiration of said extended period, unless such society shall have completed its organization and commenced business. as herein provided. When any domestic society shall have

discontinued business for the period of one year, or has less than four hundred members, its charter shall become null and void.


Every such society shall have the power to make a con- Constitution, stitution and by-laws for the government of the society, the admission of its members, the management of its affairs and the fixing and readjusting of the rates of contribution of its members from time to time; and it shall have the power to change, alter, add to or amend such constitution and by-laws, and shall have such other powers as are necessary and incidental to carrying into effect the objects and purposes of the society.

SEC. 13. Powers retained-reincorporation-amendments. Amendments Any society now engaged in transacting business in to articles, etc. this State may exercise after the passage of this act all of the rights conferred thereby, and all of the rights, powers and privileges now exercised or possessed by it under its charter or articles of incorporation not inconsistent with this act, if incorporated; or, if it be a voluntary association, it may incorporate hereunder. But no society already organized shall be required to reincorporate hereunder, and any such society may amend its articles of incorporation from time to time in the manner provided therein or in its constitution and laws, and all such amendments shall be filed with the Commissioner of Insurance and shall become operative upon such filing, unless a later time be provided in such amendments or in its articles of incorporation, constitution or laws. SEC. 14. Mergers and transfers. No domestic society Mergers and shall merge with or accept the transfer of the membership or funds of any other society, unless such merger or transfer is evidenced by a contract in writing, setting out in full the terms and conditions of such merger or transfer, and filed with the Commissioner of Insurance of this State, together with a sworn statement of the financial condition of each of said societies, by its president and secretary, or corresponding officers, and a certificate of such officers, duly verified under oath of said officers of each of the contracting societies, that such merger or transfer has been approved by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the supreme legislative or governing body of each of said societies.


statement, examination.

Upon the submission of said contract, financial statements Financial and certificates, the Commissioner of Insurance shall examine the same, and, if he shall find such financial statements to be correct and the said contract to be in conformity with the provisions of this section, and that such merger or transfer is just and equitable to the members of each of said societies, he shall approve said merger or transfer, issue his certificate to that effect, and thereupon the said contract of merger or transfer shall be of full force and effect. In case such contract is not approved, the fact of its submission and its contents shall not be disclosed by the Commissioner of Insur


Annual license.


Foreign society.


SEC. 15. Annual license. Societies which are now authorized to transact business in this State may continue such business until the first day of April next succeeding the passage of this act, and the authority of such societies may thereafter be renewed annually, but in all cases to terminate on the first day of the succeeding April: Provided, however, The license shall continue in full force and effect until the new license be issued or specifically refused. For each such license or renewal the society shall pay the Commissioner of Insurance five dollars. A duly certified copy or duplicate of such license shall be prima facie evidence that the licensee is a fraternal benefit society within the meaning of this act.

SEC. 16. Admission of foreign society. No foreign society now transacting business, organized prior to the passage of this act, which is not now authorized to transact business in this State, shall transact any business herein without a license from the Commissioner of Insurance. Any such society shall be entitled to a license to transact business within this State upon filing with the commissioner a duly certified copy of its charter or articles of association; a copy of its constitution and laws, certified by its secretary or corresponding officer; a power of attorney to the commissioner as hereinafter provided; a statement of its business under oath of its president and secretary, or corresponding officers, in the form required by the commissioner, duly verified by an examination made by the supervising insurance official of its home state or other state satisfactory to the Commissioner of Insurance of this State; a certificate from the proper official in its home state, province or country, that the society is legally organized; a copy of its contract, which must show that benefits are provided for by periodical, or other payments by persons holding similar contracts; and upon furnishing the commissioner such other information as he may deem necessary to a proper exhibit of its business and plan of working, and upon showing that its assets are invested in accordance with the laws of the state, territory, district, province or country where it is organized, he shall issue a license to such society to do business in this State until the first day of the succeeding April, and such license shall, upon compliance with the provisions of this act, be renewed annually, but in all cases to terminate on the first day of the succeeding April: Provided, however, That license shall continue in full force and effect until the new license be issued or specifically refused. Any foreign society desiring admission to this State, shall have the qualifications required of domestic societies organized under this act, and have its assets invested as required by the laws of the state, territory, district, country, or province where it is organized. For each such license or renewal the society shall pay the commissioner five dollars. When the commissioner refuses to license any society, or re

vokes its authority to do business in this State, he shall reduce his ruling, order or decision to writing and file the same in his office, and shall furnish a copy thereof, together with a statement of his reasons, to the officer of the society, upon request, and the action of the commissioner shall be reviewable by proper proceedings in any court of competent jurisdiction within the State: Provided, however, That nothing Proviso. contained in this or the preceding section shall be taken or construed as preventing any such society from continuing in good faith all contracts made in this State during the time such society was legally authorized to transact business herein.

SEC. 17. Power of attorney and service of process. Service of Every society, whether domestic or foreign, now transacting process, etc. business in this State shall, within thirty days after the passage of this act, and every such society hereafter applying for admission, shall, before being licensed, appoint in writing the Commissioner of Insurance and his successors in office to be its true and lawful attorney, upon whom all legal process in any action or proceeding against it shall be served, and in such writing shall agree that any lawful process against it which is served upon such attorney shall be of the same legal force and validity as if served upon the society, and that the authority shall continue in force so long as any liability remains outstanding in this State. Copies of such appointment, certified by said Commissioner of Insurance, shall be deemed sufficient evidence thereof and shall be admitted in evidence with the same force and effect as the original thereof might be admitted. Service shall only be made upon such attorney, must be made in duplicate upon the Commissioner of Insurance, or, in his absence upon the person in charge of his office, and shall be deemed sufficient service upon such society: Provided, however, That no such service Proviso. shall be valid or binding against any such society when it is required thereunder to file its answer, pleading or defense in less than thirty days from the date of mailing the copy of such service to such society. When legal process against any such society is served upon said Commissioner of Insurance he shall forthwith forward by registered mail one of the duplicate copies prepaid and directed to its secretary or corresponding officer. Legal process shall not be served upon any such society except in the manner provided herein. SEC. 18. Place of meeting-Location of office. Any do- Meetings, where held. mestic society may provide that the meetings of its legislative or governing body may be held in any state, district, province or territory wherein such society has subordinate branches, and all business transacted at such meetings shall be as valid in all respects as if such meetings were held in this State; but its principal office shall be located in this State.


Personal liability.

Waiver of

provisions of

Benefit, etc., not attachable.


to constitution, etc.

Annual report.

Proviso, report of valuation.

SEC. 19. No personal liability. Officers and members of the supreme, grand or any subordinate body of any such incorporated society shall not be individually liable for the payment of any disability or death benefit provided for in the laws and agreements of such society; but the same shall be payable only out of the funds of such society and in the manner provided by its laws.

SEC. 20. Waiver of the provisions of the laws. The constitution and laws of the society may provide that no subordinate body, nor any of its subordinate officers or members shall have the power or authority to waive any of the provisions of the laws and constitution of the society, and the same shall be binding on the society and each and every member thereof and on all beneficiaries of members.

SEC. 21. Benefit not attachable. No money or other benefit, charity or relief or aid to be paid, provided or rendered by any such society shall be liable to attachment, garnishment or other process, or be seized, taken, appropriated or applied by any legal or equitable process or operation of law to pay any debt or liability of a member or beneficiary, or any other person who may have a right thereunder, either before or after payment.

SEC. 22. Constitution and laws-Amendment. Every society transacting business under this act shall file with the Commissioner of Insurance a duly certified copy of all amendments of or additions to its constitution and laws within ninety days after the enactment of the same. Printed copies of the constitution and laws as amended, changed or added to, certified by the secretary or corresponding officer of the society, shall be prima facie evidence of the legal adoption thereof.

SEC. 23. Annual reports. Every society transacting business in this State shall annually, on or before the first day of March, file with the Commissioner of Insurance, in such form as he may require, a statement under oath of its president and secretary or corresponding officers, of its condition and standing on the thirty-first day of December next preceding, and of its transactions for the year ending on that date, and also shall furnish such other information as the commissioner may deem necessary to a proper exhibit of its business and plan of working. The commissioner may at other times require any further statement he may deem necessary to be made relating to such society.

In addition to the annual report herein required, each society shall annually report to the commissioner a valuation of its certificates in force on December thirty-first, last preceding; excluding those issued within the year for which the report is filed, in cases where the contributions for the first year in whole or in part are used for current mortality and expenses: Provided, The first report of valuation shall be made as of December thirty-first, nineteen hundred fourteen. Such report of valuation shall show, as contingent liabilities,

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