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Second, As a game preserve for the breeding and protection of game;

Third, As a forest reserve.

In case the said tract of land shall be abandoned as a per- When manent encampment and maneuvering ground for the State abandoned. militia, the land shall revert to the donor or donors in fee simple, but in case of such reversion, the State shall have the right to take and remove therefrom, any building or other State property that may have been constructed or placed thereon by it, or to sell the same as may be deemed advisable by the board or body having control thereof. The State shall not be deemed to have abandoned said lands or any part thereof by reason of holding any encampment of the said militia at any other place within or without the State when the assembling of such militia elsewhere has been ordered by the President of the United States, the war department or other federal authority having jurisdiction of such forces, or when the safety or the health or lives of the State militia might be prejudiced or endangered by reason of the prevalence of disease or fire in or near said county of Crawford. No abandonment shall be deemed to be complete, unless the proper military authority of the State in time of peace shall have refused or failed for five successive years to hold a camp of instruction on said tract of land.

As a further condition in the acceptance of the gift of said Timber, retract of land, the donor or donors thereof shall be permitted moval, etc. to cut and remove from said land all merchantable timber for and during the period of five years next after the execution and delivery of the deed conveying said lands to the State of Michigan. All other timber on said lands shall be the property of and be protected by the State. Nothing herein shall be construed as prohibiting the cutting, removal and use of so much of said timber as may be necessary for military purposes, and in the protection of game or in the bettering of forestry on said lands.


SEC. 4. The Quartermaster General shall have the control Control of and management of said lands under the supervision of the State military board. The State Game, Fish, Fire and Forestry Warden shall have charge and oversight of the game, fish, fire and forestry interests on said lands, and hunting thereon shall be prohibited. Said military board shall make and adopt such rules and regulations for the maintenance and control of said lands as may be deemed necessary or advisable. It may appoint a general caretaker of said lands Caretaker. and provide suitable lodges or dwellings thereon for the use of such persons or officials as may be necessary in the enforcement of the general land, game, military or forestry laws of the State on said land. The salary of the general caretaker Salary. shall not exceed one thousand dollars per annum, to be paid out of the general funds of the State in the same manner as other State employes are paid. Such caretaker shall be provided living quarters near the military buildings constructed

Title, etc., who to examine.


on said lands, and shall at all times be subject to the orders of the military board and removable by a majority thereof, and shall have the power and authority of deputy State Game, Fish, Fire and Forestry Warden.

SEC. 5. The Attorney General or such of his assistants as he may designate therefor, shall examine the title to all of said lands, and the deed thereto from the donor to the State, and such deed shall not be accepted without the certificate of the Attorney General or his duly authorized assistant, that such title has been examined and that the conveyance is sufficient to vest in the State a good and sufficient title thereto free from liens or incumbrances.

SEC. 6. For the purpose of erecting necessary buildings for the use of the quartermaster general, procuring water for the use of the State troops and for other necessary purposes as deemed advisable by the military board in connection with the use of said tract of land as a camping site and maneuvering ground, there is hereby appropriated out of the general fund of the State treasury not otherwise appropriated the following sums:

First, For immediate use in preparation for the annual encampment of the Michigan national guard for the fiscal year ending June thirty, nineteen hundred fourteen, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars;

Second, For the fiscal year ending June thirty, nineteen hundred fifteen, the further sum of fifteen thousand dollars. All of which sums shall be expended under the direction of How paid out. the State military board. The several sums appropriated by the provisions of this act shall be paid out of the general fund in the State treasury to the Quartermaster General at such times and in such amounts as the general accounting laws of the State prescribe, and the disbursing officer shall render his accounts to the Auditor General thereunder: Provided, That the State military board may obtain money under this section before July first, nineteen hundred thirteen, in such amounts as it may, by requisition, certify to the Auditor General are necessary for immediate use, which amounts thus advanced shall be deducted from the total amount when the appropriation becomes available.


Tax clause.

SEC. 7. The Auditor General shall incorporate in the State tax for the year nineteen hundred thirteen, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, and for the year nineteen hundred fourteen, the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, which, when collected, shall be credited to the general fund to reimburse the same for the money hereby appropriated.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.
Approved May 2, 1913.

[No. 173.]

AN ACT to establish a farm colony for the humane, curative, scientific and economical treatment of epileptic persons, exclusive of insane and idiotic persons, to be known as the "Michigan farm colony for epileptics," to regulate the procedure for admission thereto and to provide for the management and control thereof and making an appropriation therefor.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

SECTION 1. There shall be established in this State in a Farm colony for epileptics. suitable rural community, a farm colony for the humane, curative, scientific and economical treatment of epileptic persons, exclusive of insane and idiotic persons, to be known as the "Michigan farm colony for epileptics."

select site.

SEC. 2. The Governor shall appoint, upon the passage of Commission to this act, three commissioners for the purpose of selecting a suitable site and erecting thereon buildings for such colony, furnishing and putting the same into operation. The Governor and the secretary of the State Board of Corrections and Charities, shall be ex-officio members of such commission. The members of such commission shall receive no pay for their services under this act, except their actual traveling and necessary official expenses, which shall be allowed by the Board of State Auditors.

SEC. 3. Said commissioners shall before entering upon the Oath of office. duties of their office take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office and file the same in the office of the Secretary


of State. They shall also at their first meeting appoint from Secretary and their number a secretary and treasurer; said treasurer shall bond. give bond to the people of the State in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, by corporate surety with at least two sureties, to be approved by the Governor, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties required of him, and to properly account for all moneys received by him under this


SEC. 4. Said commissioners shall proceed with all conveni- Site. ent speed to select and secure a suitable site of not less than one thousand acres and cause to be constructed thereon the necessary buildings and fixtures for said colony. In the selec-· tion of such site they may take into consideration any proposals to donate land or other aid therefor.

SEC. 5. The deeds for such site shall be duly executed to Deeds. the people of this State and shall be deposited with the Auditor General.

SEC. 6. Said commissioners shall prepare and adopt plans Plans, prepafor the grounds, buildings and fixtures required for such col- ration, etc. ony of such forms, styles and dimensions as will when com


Erection, etc., of buildings, proposals.


etc., appointment.

Notice of completion.

Board of control, appointment, etc.



Body corporate.

pleted come within the appropriation therefor: Provided, That such plans shall provide for what is known as the "cottage plan," and that cottages for female inmates shall be grouped together and at suitable distances from the cottages provided for male inmates, which shall also be grouped together.

SEC. 7. Said commissioners shall, as soon as they have secured such site and adopted such plans, proceed to advertise for proposals for the erection and furnishing of such buildings, and are empowered to make contracts with such builders as shall make proposals most conducive to the interests of the State, taking into consideration the price, the time of performance, responsibility of the contractors, and the security offered for the faithful performance of their work.

SEC. 8. Said commissioners shall have the power to appoint an architect, superintendent and other necessary agents and assistants, and to fix the compensation for their services, subject to the approval of the Governor. Said commissioners shall also have control and government of said institution until they shall be succeeded by the board of control, hereinafter provided, to be appointed and confirmed during the session of the Legislature next succeeding the completion of said institution with the same powers and duties as are given to said board of control hereinafter provided.

SEC. 9. When said institution shall be completed and ready for the reception of inmates, said commissioners shall make under their hands a certificate thereof which shall be transmitted to the Governor who shall thereupon give public notice that said institution is completed and that inmates will be received therein.

SEC. 10. The general supervision and government of said colony shall be vested in a board of control, which shall consist of five members to be appointed by the Governor, by and with the advice of the senate, who shall hold office, one for the term of two years, two for the term of four years, and two for the term of six years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified. Said respective terms of office to be designated in their several appointments and thereafter their successors shall be appointed for the full term of six years, or until their successors are appointed and qualified. Their commissions shall by their terms expire on the first day of February. Whenever any vacancy shall occur in said board, the Governor shall appoint some suitable person to fill such vacancy, who shall hold office until the close of the next session of the Legislature, or until such vacancy shall be filled as hereinbefore provided. Members of said board shall be subject to removal by the Governor for misconduct or neglect in office upon cause shown and opportunity to be heard.

SEC. 11. Members of said board of control shall constitute a body corporate under the name and style of "The Board of Control of the Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptic Persons," and shall have the right to use a common seal.

SEC. 12. It shall be the duty of the members of said board Annual meeting. to meet annually at said colony on such day as they shall determine and establish for their annual meeting in each year and at such annual meeting they shall elect a president, secretary and treasurer of their own number to hold their offices for one year or until their successors are elected. It shall also be the duty of said board to meet at least once in each month on its own adjournment and oftener if it shall be deemed advisable.

SEC. 13. The members of said board shall before entering Oath of office. upon the duties of their office take and subscribe their constitutional oath of office and file the same with the Secretary of State.

SEC. 14. The members of said board shall receive no com- Expenses. pensation for their services under this act but shall receive their actual and reasonable expenses when incurred in the performance of their duties, which shall be paid by the State Treasurer on the warrant of the Auditor General on the rendering of their accounts out of money to the credit of the general fund not otherwise appropriated.

SEC. 15. The government and the sole and exclusive con- Government. trol and management of the colony shall be vested in said board of control. It shall establish a system of government and make all necessary rules and regulations for enforcing discipline, for imparting instruction, for preserving health, for the proper employment, and for the physical, intellectual and moral training of the inmates.


to show.

SEC. 16. The board of control of said colony shall on or Statement to before the tenth day of November preceding each regular ses- what to insion of the Legislature, make out and present to the Governor clude. a detailed statement of the operation of the colony for the two preceding fiscal years closing on the thirtieth day of the preceding June, which shall include the report of the superintendent for such period and a report of the treasurer of all receipts and disbursements made during the same period, which report shall be furnished the State printer for publication by the fifteenth day of November of the year when made. Such report shall show for such biennial period in detail the Report, what number and name of the superintendent, officers, teachers and all other regular employes and the salaries or wages paid to each and the length of the rest or vacation allowed to each per year, and what, if any, emoluments are allowed and to whom. Said board shall also cause a full and accurate inventory, in duplicate, to be taken at the close of each fiscal year next preceding the regular session of the Legislature by the officers in charge, which shall specify the number of acres of land and the value thereof, the number under cultivation and the improvements made, the number, kind and value of all buildings, the various kinds of personal property and the value thereof, the amount of income derived from the work of inmates, and a fair and impartial summary of the economic conditions of the colony. This inventory shall be signed

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