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Bond of


Medical superintendent.

and sworn to by the officer making the same and certified as correct by the board of control after due examination thereof, one copy of which shall be made and recorded in a proper book to be kept for that purpose in the office of the superintendent of the colony, and the other shall be filed in the office of the Auditor General on or before the first day of November of the year when made and a summary thereof shall be published in the biennial reports of the institution.

SEC. 17. The treasurer of said board shall be required before entering upon the duties of said office to give his bond to the people of the State in the penal sum of ten thousand dollars, with two or more sureties, or corporate surety, to be approved by the Auditor General, conditioned for the faithful performance of the duties of his office and to properly account for all moneys received by him as such treasurer. He shall have the custody of all moneys and other securities and obligations belonging to said colony. moneys shall be disbursed only for the use of such colony in such manner and method as the board of control may direct. The treasurer shall keep full and accurate account of the receipts and payments and render statements in the manner provided for by the general accounting laws of the State. He shall also render an account to the State of his books and of all the funds and other property in his custody whenever required so to do by the board of control.

SEC. 18. The board of control shall appoint a medical superintendent who shall be a competent, well educated and experienced physician, familiar with the treatment and care of epileptic persons and shall fix his compensation. He shall be the chief executive officer of the colony and may be removed for cause by said board. Subject to the by-laws and regulations established by the board of control, he shall have the general superintendence of the buildings, ground and Assistants, etc. farm, together with the furniture, fixtures and stock.



shall appoint, with the approval of the board of control, such and as many assistants and attendants as the board of control may think necessary and proper for the economical and efficient performance of the business of the colony and shall prescribe their several duties and fix with the approval of the board of control their compensation and may discharge any of them at his sole discretion, but in every case of discharge, he shall forthwith record the same with reason under an appropriate head in one of the books of the colony. He shall maintain discipline among all who are employed in the institution and enforce strict compliance with his instructions and uniform obedience to all the rules and regulations of the colony.

SEC. 19. The board of control shall appoint upon the nomination of the medical superintendent a steward. The steward under the direction of the medical superintendent shall be accountable for the careful keeping and economical use of all furniture, stores and other articles provided for the

colony, and under the direction of the medical superintendent shall:

First, Make all purchases for the colony, preserve the orig- Duties. inal bills and receipts thereof, and keep full and correct accounts of the same and copies of all orders drawn by himself upon the treasurer;

Second, Make contracts in the medical superintendent's name with the officers, attendants and assistants and keep and settle their accounts;

Third, Keep the accounts for the support of patients and expenses incurred in their behalf, and furnish the treasurer quarterly and at other times when required by the medical superintendent or board of control, statements of such as fall due:

Fourth, Report to the treasurer monthly the names and amounts due and in arrears from private or partially private patients;

Fifth, Have general oversight and charge of all the industrial departments of the colony and of its farming operations, and of such other business as may be prescribed by the by-laws or directed by the board of control.

SEC. 20. Patients are divided into two classes:

Patients, how

First, Public patients who are epileptic and are kept and classified. maintained at the expense of the State or partially at the expense of the State as hereinafter provided;

Second, Private patients who are feeble minded or epileptic

and are kept and maintained without expense to the State.


SEC. 21. Persons who are epileptic but not feeble-minded Voluntary may be admitted as voluntary patients without order of the court if their support is provided from private means.


SEC. 22. Persons who are epileptic and are in indigent Indigent, etc., circumstances, may be admitted upon the order of the probate court as hereinafter provided.

SEC. 23. Petition for the admission of a person to the Petition for admission, Michigan farm colony for epileptic persons may be made by who may the father, mother, husband, wife, child, brother or sister of make. such person, or by the guardian of such person, or by a superintendent of the poor of the county, or supervisor of the township within which said person resides, and directed to the probate court of said county. Such petition shall What to contain, together with other necessary allegations, to confer contain. jurisdiction upon the probate court, a statement of the facts upon which the allegation as to epilepsy is based, and because of which the application for the order is made. Upon Hearing. filing of such petition with the court the court shall fix a day of hearing and shall give notice thereof to the person alleged to be epileptic and to his next of kin if they are within the county; to his guardian, if he has one; to the person in whose custody he is at the time of making the petition and to the prosecuting attorney of the county. Such notice shall be Notice of. served not less than three full days before the time of hearing upon the persons to whom notice is directed, and the

May demand jury.

Private patient, when admitted as.

Public patient.


court may appoint one or more competent and disinterested physicians to examine and report upon the condition of said epileptic person, and shall institute an inquest and take proofs in writing as to the financial circumstances and residence of the patient, and of the relatives who are legally liable for his support and shall fully investigate the facts in the case before making an order of commitment, and if no jury is demanded, the judge of probate shall determine the question of whether such person is epileptic or not and whether or not it is necessary or for the best interests of said person to be committed to said colony. If said alleged epileptic person, or his guardian or next of kin, shall so demand, a jury of six freeholders having the qualifications of jurors in courts of record, shall be summoned to determine the question of whether such person is epileptic, and such jury when summoned shall be selected in the same manner as is provided for by law in the case of insane persons and they shall receive the same fees for attendance as are allowed jurors in the circuit court. If such person shall be found to be epileptic and the court shall determine that it is necessary and for his interests that he be committed to the Michigan farm colony for epileptics, an order shall be entered of record by the court. If at the time of or before the making of such order, a bond in the penal sum of one thousand dollars with sufficient sureties to be approved by the judge of probate, running to the people of the State of Michigan and conditioned for the payment of the support and maintenance of the patient in the manner prescribed by law, shall be delivered to the judge of probate, admission shall be ordered as a private patient; otherwise as a public patient, but if as a private patient the court shall fix by order the amount which the patient, or his guardian, or the person legally liable for his support, shall pay to the State Treasurer for his support and maintenance. And if the judge of probate shall determine that the patient is in indigent circumstances, and that there is no one legally liable against whom his support can be enforced, he shall be committed as a public patient. The bond when given and approved shall be transmitted by the judge of probate to the superintendent of the colony and the surety or sureties upon said bond shall be required to justify their responsibility anew at any time when so required by the court, or the principals may be required to give a new bond in place of the original which when approved shall likewise be transmitted to the superintendent. In the order of commitment the court shall designate a proper person or persons to take such epileptic person to said colony, who shall each receive the sum of three dollars per day and necessary actual expenses, which, together with all court expenses, shall be borne by the county from which the patient is sent.



SEC. 24. Certificates that a person is epileptic, when Ph made by physicians appointed by the probate court in the county where such epileptic person resides, shall be under oa oath. The physicians must be permanent residents of the State, duly registered according to law, of good standing and shall not be related by blood or marriage to the alleged epileptic person nor to the person applying for such certificate, nor shall such physicians be officers or employes or attending physicians of the colony. The qualifications of such physicians shall be certified by the clerk of the county and said certificates shall be in the usual form as provided by law in the case of insane or feeble-minded persons. Physicians Ex are empowered to go where such epileptic person may be and are required to make such personal examination of him as to enable them to offer an opinion as to his mental condition and no certificate shall be made except after such personal examination. Each physician making such examination and certificate shall, regardless of whether he finds such person epileptic or not, be entitled to receive for such service not to exceed the sum of five dollars, and ten cents per mile for travel necessarily performed in going to the place of such examination. SEC. 25.

The order for admission shall be substantially Ord in the following form:







At a session of said court held in the Probate Court

[blocks in formation] said county, on A. D., 19....


Judge of Probate.

In the matter of

An epileptic person.

This day having been appointed for the hearing of the petition of.

..praying that said may be admitted to the Michpatient,

igan Farm Colony for Epileptics as a and due notice of the hearing of said petition having been given as required by law and as directed by the court; upon hearing, it appearing that said person is a resident of the county of...... .State of Michigan; and

it further appearing from the certificate of the physician duly appointed to examine said person and after a full investigation of said matter with.. the verdict of a jury, that said........... an epileptic

person and is in need of care and treatment at the Michigan Farm Colony for epileptics:


How admitted.

Proviso, indigent patients.

Expenses of public patients, payment.

Duty of prosecuting attorney.

IT IS ORDERED that said....

admitted to the said Michigan Farm Colony for Epileptics

as a....

....patient, and

is hereby designated to take .to said Michigan Farm

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that.... be and.... said.. Colony for epileptics, with full power and authority for that purpose.

Judge of Probate.

If the order for admission is as a public patient, and it shall appear from the proof taken in writing as aforesaid that the patient has an estate out of which the State may be reimbursed for his maintenance, the court shall direct in said order for admission the payment out of said estate of the whole or such part of the cost of maintenance of said patient as he shall deem just, regard being had to the needs of those having the legal right to support out of said estate, which said order shall remain in full force and effect unless subsequently .modified by the court as provided in this act, and until the patient shall be discharged from said colony. Whenever an order is made committing any patient to said colony, a copy of such order shall be forthwith transmitted to the medical superintendent of said colony, who shall endorse thereon the date of receipt and file the same in his office. Patients shall be entitled to admission in the order in which the copies of said commitments are received and filed: Provided, however, That preference shall be given to the admission of indigent patients so far as circumstances will permit.

SEC. 26. The State of Michigan shall pay the Michigan farm colony for epileptics all the expenses of keeping and maintaining public patients therein, including their clothing and all other expenses. An account of these expenses, verified by the oath of the medical superintendent, shall be sent to the Auditor General quarterly, who shall draw his warrant therefor on the State Treasurer, who shall pay the same out of any moneys appropriated for that purpose, if there be any, and if not, then out of the general fund. Every public patient, if he has estate sufficient for that purpose, and if not, then such of his relatives as are legally liable for his support, shall be liable to the State for all expenses paid by it on his behalf. The relatives legally liable for his support, as provided in this act, shall include the father, mother, husband and children of the patient.

SEC. 27. The prosecuting attorney of each county is charged with the duty of appearing for and representing the State in all proceedings to reimburse the State for the expenses which it may pay for a public patient and to subject the estate of the patient and his relatives who are legally liable for his support, to the payment of such expenses,

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